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06/20TIP: Validation Rules in Access
New Tip Video: Learn how to create validation rules to set limits for data entry in your Microsoft Access databases. VALIDATION RULES in [more...]
05/31Quick Update
Hey folks. Just a quick update. I was expecting to have Dev 13 released earlier this week, but as seems to be tradition, Ive come down with a bit of a cold. Cant really record video when Im sniffling every other sentence. Ive done it before and some of you have called me out on it. LOL. Im feeling a lot better today, so hopefully I can get this class finished over the weekend. Ive got a LOT of material to get through over the next dozen or so courses. Coming very soon. Im also making new [more...]
04/30Developer 13
Oh, and for those of you who have been asking, yes, Access Developer 13 is up next. Stay tuned... [more...]
04/30Web Site Should Be Fixed
OK folks. Ive finished migrating all of the critical databases over to SQL Server. We should be good to go. There are still a few small ones that I need to convert, but theyre not mission critical. The user logon database is finished. Now, I only imported records from customers who have placed an order since Jan 2018, so if you havent placed an order since then, you need to contact me and I will manually upload your account. I had over 600,000 records that I would have needed to import in [more...]
04/30Working on Web Site Today
Hey folks. Im working on the web site today to try to once-and-for-all fix the user logon problem. We may go up and down today but hopefully Ill have it working in a few hours. Fingers crossed. [more...]
04/21Update on Web Site Upgrade
As some of you have noticed, Ive been having problems with the web site recently. Even though the site itself works, the problem has been preventing people from logging on and viewing their courses. The cause is somewhat my fault. I built this site back in 2002 using an Access database as a back-end for the customer data, and it has worked FANTASTICALLY for 15+ years. However (and I talk about this in my classes) once an Access database gets to a certain size, it starts to become [more...]
11/20Microsoft Access Developer 12
Access Developer 12 continues our in-depth study of Visual Basic for Applications programming with Microsoft Access (Access VBA). Were continuing on with the Test Taker database and the Universal Dialog Box that we started in Developer 9. If youre serious about building quality databases with Access, and you want to learn how to automate your database with VBA, then dont miss out on this course. Contents include: - Universal Dialog Box, Parts 2 & 3 - Add OK, Cancel Buttons - DoEvents in [more...]

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