Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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08/15Last Chance for Access CDs
Hey folks. If youre interested in getting a copy of your Microsoft Access lessons sent to you on CD, this is your LAST CHANCE. We still have the ability to mail out ONE kind of our Access CD, which contains the Beginner levels (1-9) and Expert levels 1-22. Thats all. The higher-end Expert levels, Advanced, and Developer levels are not available on CD (download only). So... if you are interested, the cost is $12.99 for US customers, and $19.99 for everyone else. Thats JUST the cost of the CD [more...]
08/01Customer List Form Template
I added another new template today. Its a customer list template. Again, if youve taken most of my classes, you wont benefit from it. This is another small template to use in future classes, and for new users who dont know how to build something like this. CUSTOMER LIST FORM TEMPLATE Ive got a couple more to go: contacts, a main menu, and an order form. I need these before starting Developer 14. [more...]
08/01New Template Access Customer Database
Ive been working on some new basic Access templates. This one is just a real simple customer database. It includes a customer table and form. If youre one of my advanced Access users, you probably wont benefit from it, but if youre new to Access, this is a great place to start. Short, sweet, and simple. Heres a link to download and watch the tutorial: CUSTOMER DATABASE TEMPLATE I decided to put this together because I often need to show examples in my classes of how to do certain things [more...]
07/30Microsoft Access Developer 13
Access Developer 13 continues our in-depth study of Visual Basic for Applications programming with Microsoft Access (Access VBA). Contents include: - Search Between Dates - Before, After, Between Date Search - Select Case Control Structure - Tuition With Multiple Options - Billing on Grade Level - Variable Discounts Applicable - Same as Products w Different Features - Multi Field Index / Composite Keys - Pricing Wizard Form - Lots more Click here for more information on [more...]
06/20TIP: Validation Rules in Access
New Tip Video: Learn how to create validation rules to set limits for data entry in your Microsoft Access databases. VALIDATION RULES in [more...]
04/30Web Site Should Be Fixed
OK folks. Ive finished migrating all of the critical databases over to SQL Server. We should be good to go. There are still a few small ones that I need to convert, but theyre not mission critical. The user logon database is finished. Now, I only imported records from customers who have placed an order since Jan 2018, so if you havent placed an order since then, you need to contact me and I will manually upload your account. I had over 600,000 records that I would have needed to import in [more...]
04/30Working on Web Site Today
Hey folks. Im working on the web site today to try to once-and-for-all fix the user logon problem. We may go up and down today but hopefully Ill have it working in a few hours. Fingers crossed. [more...]

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