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Fri 12/2
Microsoft Windows ForumMicrosoft Windows Forum by Dan Hiles: Windows 10
Thu 12/1
Microsoft Access ForumList Box by Robert R: I have a list box that works fine when I get info from a table but if I use a query it says not responding and times out. I believe it will not work with a value list so what are the alternatives? Thanks
Wed 11/30
Microsoft Access ForumGrid Lines V Grid Dots by Richard O: Good Day Alex Thank you for your reply. Yes, I had checked your tip on Grid lines. I have since checked Access 2016 with Windows 10 on another machine and certainly can see the grid dots with that system and larger monitor. So I must conclude that the problem is with my laptop screen. Your help is appreciated. Best regards Richard
Wed 11/30
Microsoft Access ForumSQL Server by Jack Boulier: I am attaching to a SQL SERVER with multiple tables. My problem is the query times out even though I have increased the time out to over five minutes. I am having to modify the SQL query to comply with MS ACCESS. Do you have a class covering the topic? Reply from Alex Hedley: more...
Tue 11/29
Microsoft Access ForumACCESS by Steve Taylor: I am using Access 2016. I am using a LockBoundControls code created by Allen Brown he has published on his Access Help Site. The code is in the OnLoad Property of all of my forms. I have had no problem with it running until this last structure update I did. I did not change anything in that LockBoundControls code, nor did I change anything that referenced it. But  more...
Mon 11/28
Microsoft Access Forumis not null by Stefan: I think the function is "Not IsNull" rather than Is Not Null. Try it Reply from Alex Hedley: IS NOT NULL would be used in a Query. NOT IsNull(FIELD) could be used also.
Mon 11/28
Access Work Order Seminar4 47 would a locationID be helpful to track the em by Matt: 4:47 would a locationID be helpful to track the employee Location Reply from Alex Hedley: Sounds like a good idea, if you've got a lot of locations and want to store other information against it.
Mon 11/28
Microsoft Excel ForumMacro by Richard L: Thank you, There are a lot of cool templates and if Rick wants to do a seminar on how to make cool spreadsheets, I'm intereste.
Mon 11/28
Microsoft Access ForumOn Double click open a specific form by David B: So far this did not work error message = : "...refers to a form that does not exist" Reply from Alex Hedley: You'd need to change the Formname and Listbox
Mon 11/28
Microsoft Access ForumMoving data using excel by Brauna R: Thanks for your response. I only have 5200 records, some long text fields but no images. I didn't think that would be an issue. I think I have to rebuild by database because somehow, one day, all my tables disappeared from the navigation pane and finally, when I found a way to bring them back, they were faded - just like the system  more...
Mon 11/28
Microsoft Access ForumOn Double click open a specific form by David B: which ID are you referring to? In the list of forms there is an ID for each field. Is that what you mean? Reply from Alex Hedley: Yes
Mon 11/28
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Calender by MICHAEL J: I have just been following Access Calendar and have run into a problem. Everything was working fine until I selected the triple state option. When I click on the Show Closed Items button it does not work. If I don,t use triple state it works but only changes from Open or all items. I have watched the tutorial several times and i have found no errors.  more...
Mon 11/28
Microsoft Access ForumCombobox by MICHAEL J: Thanks Alex I can see how that would work for me, I,ll give it ago
Sun 11/27
Microsoft Access ForumData in Combo box and query by Yasir Abbas: Thanks for reply. But when I run a query for specific sales person, I have to mention his "ID" instead of his name. I want Access to Save SalesPerson's name instead of ID. Is it possible? Reply from Alex Hedley: That's not the advised way. Why not create a Form and set the data to your Query with a parameter,  more...
Sun 11/27
Microsoft Access ForumOn Double click open a specific form by David B: How do I build a macro so on dblclick it opens the form associated with the form name in my list? Reply from Alex Hedley: Are you storing the ID in the List too? [ID] = Forms!FORMNAME!LISTBOXNAME
Sun 11/27
Microsoft Access ForumMoving data using excel by Brauna R: Hi, I am having real performance issue with a database and am in the process of rebuilding, using excel to move data. On one table I am getting an error message: "Subscript out of Range". I have checked to ensure that the data type and field lengths are the same. Any ideas? Reply from Alex Hedley: How big is it  more...
Sun 11/27
Microsoft Access 326Ship Order locked by Khalid Ahmed Sheikh: sir i need type of form please help me solve this problem Reply from Alex Hedley: What help?
Sat 11/26
Microsoft Access ForumLoan Schedule VBA by Ed B: I am working on the loan amortization from your seminar. I have gotten to a roadblock. On the calculate button I have this VBA code as shown in the video.
Private Sub Command18_Click()
   If MsgBox("Are you Sure? This will erase all payment data and create a new payment schedule!", vbYesNoCancel) <> vbYes Then
End If
Exit Sub

    If  more...
Sat 11/26
Microsoft Access ForumAdvanced Level 2 by Dennis Owens: Any help on the question that I asked? Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you created a Form that lists all your current data? You could create a query that has a condition of the year and only show that year. You can have a Form open in Add mode so you don't see older data. It all depends on your setup.
Sat 11/26
Microsoft Excel ForumMacro by Richard L: It is a template called the "To Do List" on 2016 Excel. But I can't seem to find out what is being done. all I know is if you double click on that cell a check mark appears and all the cells in that row are formatted with a strikethrough format. Reply from Alex Hedley: I'll take a look into that template.

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