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Thu 7/24
Microsoft Access Forummake a person feel bad by Kathleen: I'm looking for a forum that does not make a person feel bad for asking for help. I hope this is the place. Thanks.
Thu 7/24
Access: Many-To-Many RelationshipsAccess Many To Many Relationships by Mustafa Hatim: Thank you for showing me about many to many relationships.I am trying to create an inventory database in access and your videos are very helpful
Wed 7/23
Microsoft Access Expert 24Master copy by James Gray: Rick, This would be a great way to have all the members of our volunteer EMS staff sign up for their standby time right? I could just upload the ManningT to the web, have them use the database through a form designed specifically for sign ups and it would then be just like me doing it from the "master" copy. Am I thinking straigt?
Wed 7/23
Access 2010 Beginner 2Start autonumber other than at 1 by Susan Holbrook: Can the automatic number ing be set to startt from 100? Sue
Wed 7/23
Updated Production ScheduleExpert Advanced Access 2013 by Eirik: How many expert series will you make before you move on to converting advanced and developer access to 2013? I know there is no dates and a floting plan because you work after the waiting list, but what is your thought here?
Tue 7/22
Microsoft Access Expert 24Access and SQL server databases by Robert Miller: Richard, I have been waiting for a LONG time for this lesson on SQL server databases! Thank you so much! I have a question: Is it possible to set all this up and then share a version of the Access database with someone that does not have Access on their machine? I know a few people that have MS Office but not  more...
Tue 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumTruncating Data within a field by Kevin B: You should be able to use the same type of function in the field on the form its self so no modification to table data would be needed.
Tue 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumCreating an automatic siblings form by Mark T: I'm currently creating a swimming school database and would like some help in creating the relationships between the siblings in our swim school. On the pupil form I would like it to tell me if they have any siblings in the school and who they are. How do I go about setting up the relationship and can I use their  more...
Tue 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumContinuous Form Field Back Color by Willem: Richard, in a continuous form i want to click on one record and have the one field change the background colour to highlight it. When I use the code: Field.BackColor = vbYellow it changes the background on all the records. Is there a code to say only for the record with focus?
Mon 7/21
Microsoft Access ForumCourses Wish List by Uriel Ramirez: Not exactly what I want, I would like to have a wish list of courses so If i see a course that I want but can afford it then, I just put it there until I can.
Mon 7/21
Microsoft Access ForumFinding Duplicates by Brent: I found the old post from ages ago ignore the last question unless you can add any more information.
Mon 7/21
Microsoft Access ForumDuplicates by Brent: Is there a topic that covers finding duplicate records where two or more fields are identical?
Sun 7/20
Microsoft Access 321Microsoft Access 321 by Alan L: OK, so I know 5 years have gone by since the last post on this forum. I have been trying, for hours, to figure out why I am getting a Run Time Error 6 Overflow when I try to delete items. I am fairly certain I followed your code verbatim except that I am trying to adapt it to a different set of records. Private Sub DeleteSelected_Click()  more...
Sun 7/20
Access 2010 Beginner 2Comment by Jim Ewin: In Access Lesson 2 Beginner 2 in for design view. How do I turn on my gridlines. I have the square blocks but no dots??? Thanks
Sun 7/20
Microsoft Access Expert 7Comment by avrom s: Hi Richerd! Thanks for all your teaching! I m putting in a lot hoers in your lessons & thanks god I m getting great Knowledge in access. I sent you a question, & i got the answer between the rows of your lesson. I m up to expert classes, at the 2nd lesson, i did everything exactly as explained in the lesson, but when i brought in the sub form in the big form it didn't work, i  more...
Sun 7/20
Microsoft Access ForumControl Audio Output by Kevin B: I'm looking for some VBA to select the audio output between my computer Speakers and Headset. Anyone have any ideas or did I finally find something Access VBA can't do?
Sat 7/19
Microsoft Access ForumInstructional Label Inside of Text Box or ComboBox by simon b: Have not tried this with bound form fields but here is the example I used to test the code. 1. Create a form called InstructionF 2. Create 4 unbound text boxes called NameTxt, DateOfBirthTxt, AgeTxt, GenderTxt. Delete the labels. 3. Create a label on the form called  more...
Sat 7/19
Microsoft Access ForumTruncating Data within a field by David S: First, and most important, make a copy of the table in case everything goes wrong. Then use an update query and the Left(String,NumberofCharacters) function. Use Left([StringName],Len([StringName])-NumberofCharacterstobeCutOff). Try it first in an ordinary query to see that it gives the right result, then change the  more...
Sat 7/19
Microsoft Access ForumCourses Wish List by Uriel Ramirez: Is there a wish list? Sometimes I see a course a want but forget about it? is there a wish list on the site just like the one in Amazon?
Sat 7/19
Updated Production ScheduleDatabase Distribution Seminar or mini Seminar by Uriel R: It would nice if you could make a database distribution/deployment seminar or mini seminar. The material on your classes is great, the way you teach and record your videos is very professional and easy to follow, not to mention when you leave "mistakes" in so that we can understand related  more...

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