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Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access Expert 5Compile Error by Stefanie M: Thank you Richard, I had the form named CustomerDetailsF instead of CustomerF.
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access ForumDatabase overhaul by Kathleen: I have been tasked with adding more data fields in a database that is currently in use. The end users currently query data by date range and record number. Can anyone suggest the best way to go about adding data fields to an already established table, then updating the queries, reports, append/deletes for the archives? Thank you in advance.
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access ForumSecret Keyboard Shortcut to Open Secret Interface by Kathleen: Thank you for your response. I'm okay with having a separate accde, too. I appreciate your input on this. Now for some tougher (for me) questions...
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access Forummake a person feel bad by Kathleen: Thank you for welcoming me. These replies have put my mind at ease. I appreciate it.
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Excel ForumLoop through worksheets by Alex Hedley: I don't think you can set a Validation on a Range, you have to do it on a single Cell. You could write a function that does it for a cell and pass in a range to do it to each one. Dim ws As Worksheet Dim range1 As Range, rng As Range 'change Sheet1 to suit Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1") Set range1 =  more...
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access ForumUser Photo Upload by Michael D: OK awesome. Honestly this project is much more overwhelming than I imagined. I know you have a tech service, is there a way for me to talk with you guys to talk about my plan and how I would go about completing this thing. As always thanks for the quick response and excellent lessons. - Mike
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access ForumUser Photo Upload by Michael D: Thanks for the quick response Richard. If there any direction you could point me in to figure this out. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access Expert 16Junction Table by Richard W: Primary Key. I figured it out. In the original tables, one was a Primary Key but in the junction table it was not. I got it done.
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access Expert 14Many To Many Update Queries by Richard W: I did it myself. No inter!! I'm "on vacation" (ha). I had imported both the schools and teachers into separate tables. I then exported them in to separate Excel spreadsheets with the ID numbers, I matched the names up (with some effort), changed the numbers by hand and reimported them into Access. No perfect, but I am  more...
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access Expert 12Have I Used An Object by Richard W: Believe it or not, I actually discovered that myself on the interim!!
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access ForumDeleting Records by Willem: Hi Piet, I am guessing you are referring to the employees who start putting new data on the exiting record. If this is the case i would suggest you do the following. Add a "Edit" button and add in the VBA code: on click event 'Add every field you want to unLock Field1.Locked = False Field2.Locked = False Add a "Save" button and add in  more...
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access ForumMany to Many Query by Rob Russell: Hi Richard, I wonder if you can help me with an Access 2002 question. I have constructed a simple database using 3 tables to show a list of non-human handedness. Table 1 is a list of species, table 2 is a list of academic papers supporting handedness in species & table 3 is a link table connecting species to papers. I would like to be able to  more...
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access ForumDate Range with Null Search by Richard R: I received a question from Cesar today: CESAR: hi, i need help with the calendar seminar, i created a textbox for a query like a startdate but, i want to show only register that i need for this i put in the properties: SELECT CalendarID, apptime, Description, Hours FROM CAlendarQ WHERE Description =  more...
Tue 8/26
Microsoft Access ForumProduct Ingredient Relationships by Richard R: I had a good question from Yvonne today, and I thought I'd share it with everyone: YVONNE: I am in the process of correcting an existing database. I have a ProductT: ?product number, product description, batch size RawMaterialT: raw material number, raw material description IngredientT: ingredient  more...
Mon 8/25
Access 2010 Beginner 3Access is showing the wrong date when I use date by Chris Thompson: Jafar, The time and Date is read from your Computer - I am sure you have checked for the correct time and date. What are you getting as an example of "the wrong date". Is this within VBA code or in a field within a form or report? If you are using any kind of format  more...
Mon 8/25
Microsoft Access ForumImport from Excel by Janna: I am currently working on importing an excel spreadsheet into a database, and I have a combo box set up for "donor type" in the db, but the data in the spreadsheet is not importing into the combo box field, when it imports, the field is blank. Can someone help me figure this out?
Mon 8/25
Access 2010 Beginner 9Database Operator by shawn mccune: This may be repeating but will beginner and expert classes give you the expertise to work in the field as a database operator? I assume so or is it better to on to advanced and then develper? shawn
Sun 8/24
Microsoft Access Expert 5Compile Error by Stefanie M: I am having difficulties Customizing the send email macro. I set the comand: =forms!customerF!email as described. However I am getting the message: The form referenced May be closed or may not exist in this database. DB may have encountered a compile error in a Visul module for the form. Please help
Sun 8/24
Access 2010 Expert 1Problem with a relational combo box by Richard Wilson: Problem with a relational combo box. I am trying to make a "FullName" in a query witn a prefix (Mr, Mr & Mrs, Dr, etc) FNames and LName. I have been able to do combo boxes before with no problem. Now they are showing up with the number. I set the field size to 0 but no dice. I am storing the result of  more...
Sun 8/24
Microsoft Access ForumUser Photo Upload by Michael D: I am looking to have a multiple user online database. I want my users to have the ability to upload photos of themselves onto the database. I was not sure what class this would be convered in. Thanks as always, - Mike

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