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Fri 6/7
Microsoft Access ForumSmall Office Networking Class by Richard R: I'll be covering setting up a network in a future Windows class. Setting up your Access database on a network will be coming up soon.
Fri 6/7
Microsoft Access ForumBetween Dates by Richard R: Use the BETWEEN keyword. Covered in Beginner 3.
Fri 4/19
Customer TestimonialsKid in a Candy Store by John Davy: I started watching the SQL 3 videos as soon as I downloaded them. I love them! I am like a kid in the candy store with your videos. I worked for the state education department for 30 years supervising teachers and you are the best I have ever seen. You are smart. You are masterful with Access. Most importantly - you are a great teacher! You  more...
Tue 3/12
Microsoft Access Developer 12Microsoft Access Developer 12 by Richard R: test
Sun 2/24
Microsoft Access ForumSmall Office Networking Class by Anna: I'm attempting to introduce and integrate Access into a friend's business. Immensely enjoy your lessons and would appreciate if you can find time to instruct how to set up a network environment. Thank you! Anna
Sun 2/24
Microsoft Access ForumBetween Dates by Pete B: I built a database in which every record has a date of birth (European notation: dd-mmm-yyyy) What query criteria must I use to show all dates of birth for one specific year?
Sun 2/24
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Pete B: Very helpful!!
Tue 2/19
Microsoft Access ForumLock Table by Normand G: Yes the CustomerF is open.
Mon 2/18
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2013 by Nelson W: SELECT DividendsT.ASX, DividendsT.DivDate, DividendsT.DivShares, DividendsT.[DivRate$], DividendsT.Unfranked, DividendsT.[Franked$], DividendsT.FrankingCr, DividendsT.DivRecd FROM DividendsT WHERE ((DividendsT.DivDate) Between [Start Date] And [End Date]) ORDER BY DividendsT.ASX, DividendsT.DivDate;
Mon 2/18
Microsoft Access ForumSalesRep Email Address by Normand G: I have a SalesRepID on the CustomerF I need to send a PDF by Email to him... I can I do this? I already have an Email address on the EmployeeT. Many thanks.
Sun 2/17
Microsoft Access ForumWizard by Susan W: I just did some terms ing and it seems to be working okay now. I'm sorry, I should have let you know.
Sat 2/16
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Short Text Field Size by Gerald Y: In Access Beginner 3, Field Properties 1, where we talk about wasted space: It should be noted that for data in a text field, Access does not reserve space beyond what is necessary to hold actual values. See at the bottom of  more...
Thu 2/14
Microsoft Access Forumdivide two queries to get percentage by jannette j: want to join two queries so i can take the count of one query and divided by another query to get the percentage of work orders that were completed. the numerator query: [code]SELECT Count(MaximoReport.WorkOrder) AS CountOfWorkOrder FROM MaximoReport WHERE (((MaximoReport.WorkType) In  more...
Tue 2/12
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by david P: In Exper7 we learned about ManytoMany relationships. I am wondering if that relationship will work using the same table. Such as a CompanyXCompany. The reason I ask is how to perform a partnership with a company in CompanyT and a Partner from the same CompanyT. If I select a partner from the sub form, I would like to see the reverse show  more...
Tue 2/12
Microsoft Access Forumjoining queries to one by jannette j: i need to get some help with a doing some calculations with a lot of criteria into percentages.I have many of queries were simply to come up with a number that is a count of records with a specific criteria, to be used later in a calculation. Because those criteria are so lengthy, and change with each variation of the data i use  more...
Sun 2/10
Access Work Order Seminardbl clk by Matt: 10:40 you don't need to check because your picking a Value when you dbl clk the list box so can't eliminate the IF statement in the dblclk event? Reply from Alex Hedley: If memory serves its because you can double click a list box without actually having a selected/highlighted value so this is in place to make sure a value is passed to the necessary part.
Mon 2/4
Microsoft Access ForumDrop Down by Keith A: DROP DOWN List made by field lookup wizard works great. But.... If I try to do a query on using that field as a filter - it won't work as the value is a number - not the text from the list. Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you tried using the .Column property to get the value you need?
Mon 2/4
Microsoft Access ForumJoin Queries by jannette j: I have 11 queries that each of the quers have two one for numerator and another for denominator how can i combine all to create a crosstab query for a report.
Sun 2/3
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2013 by Nelson Wallace: I think I am almost passed my use by date when it comes to learning but I am enjoying the challenge. I have come to a standstill while developing a program to keep track of my dividends on a financial year basis to tax purposes. By the way I am in Aus so we use En date format not US. The problem is although I have the ticker code as the first field. And  more...
Fri 2/1
Microsoft Access ForumJoin Queries by jannette j: i have two queries I want to join so i can get the percentages from each department of completed work orders but not sure how to go about it. I know i want a join and a crosstab query so i can display the results in a report. The first query calculates the numerator,
SELECT Count(MaximoReport.WorkOrder) AS CountOfWorkOrder,  more...

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