If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Sat 3/28
Microsoft Windows ForumComment by MICHAEL J: After following the recommendation to open Windows Defender in the Windows 8 tutorial I have a recurring problem. 1/ Defender keeps closing down 2/ It will not complete a update 3/ It will not complete a scan I have deleted the anti virus program I was using but still the same problem. Has anyone else had this problem and What should I do to fix this problem.
Sat 3/28
STILL Working on Windows 8.1STILL Working on Windows 8 1 by Ann Cooney: I would be interested in being notified when windows 8.1 tutorial is complete Regards Ann (:
Sat 3/28
Microsoft Access ForumDate displaying incorrectly by Ross B: When I installed MS Office Access was installed, I don't know how to install Access on its own from the package that I downloaded from the web - I have subscribed to MS Office 365. Reply from Alex Hedley: You'd need to uninstall all of office then reinstall again. Check it's up to date first and apply any updates before  more...
Fri 3/27
Microsoft Access Expert 17Course Ideas by Michael: Richard, Since you are always encouraging us to send you ideas for future courses, here are a couple of ideas for your consideration. First, you might consider putting together a seminar on queries with particular emphasis on multiple table queries and all the things that can go wrong. We've used multiple table queries throughout the Expert series, but I  more...
Fri 3/27
Access 2010 Expert 1Access 2010 Expert 1 by Alex: I've emailed customer support but was hoping someone could lend a hand before I pull my hair out. This tutorial was extremely helpful but I just can't accomplish what I'm aiming for. I have multiple tables to include a junction table; employees, their training dates, & their due dates. I want to create a form for the end user that uses a combo  more...
Fri 3/27
Microsoft Access ForumDate displaying incorrectly by Ross B: I'm using Access 2013 Version 15.4605.1003. If I uninstall and reinstall will that affect my personal setting and db files? Reply from Alex Hedley: The db files don't get changed when you re-install. You will likely need to add back in your personal settings.
Fri 3/27
Microsoft Access ForumBest Access textbook by Dale F: Thanks, d
Fri 3/27
Microsoft Access ForumHidden Macro by Derek Kong: I am an idiot. I should have done that from the beginning, as it only took about 10 minutes to create a new form. Reply from Alex Hedley: It would be handy to figure out incase it happens again, you might have a complex Form what wouldn't be too easy to re-create. I don't use Macros so it's not something I've come across before.
Fri 3/27
Microsoft Access ForumSelStart SelLength by steve: Hi guys i have a field called comments on a form called form1 on this form is a button that has this this code on it's on click event strLine = Format(Now(), "dddd d""" & IIf(Right(Day(Now()), 2) \ 10 = 1, "th", Nz(Choose(Right(Day(Now()), 1), "st", "nd", "rd"), "th")) & """ mmmm yyyy hh:mm:ss Am/PM") & " - " & UserFullName & "----------" &  more...
Thu 3/26
Access 2010 Expert 3Show All Contacts by Chris Needham: My contact form, record source is contact. I know they are there but when I stretched the notes field at the bottom, I have to tab to see other contacts. Reply from Alex Hedley: Is this a Continuous Form?
Thu 3/26
How are my courses deliveredHow are my courses delivered by BRIAN SHULTS: I like your training lessons. I am brand new to Access though I have worked within the program before. Now I want to learn how to build a database to do what I need. Reply from Alex Hedley: Check out the list of courses.
Thu 3/26
Microsoft Access ForumReport built on Query by Charlotte: This should be an easy one for you. I want to build a report based on a query, but Only the tables are listed. How do I get the list of queries to select from? Where do I click? Reply from Alex Hedley: Is this using the Wizard? You can just highlight the Query from the Navigation Pane on the left hand side. Then just hit  more...
Thu 3/26
Microsoft Access ForumDate displaying incorrectly by Ross B: This is my Access date: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6sm36duxrvgie2m/Access%20Date.jpg?dl=0 Access Datemore...
Thu 3/26
Access 2010 Expert 3The major difference between Access 2010 and 2013 by PIERRE F BOIVIN: The major difference between Access 2010 and 2013 is the removal of the pivot table and chart from the 2013 version. Could you please talk about the ways to get these features dealt with in another way so the work can still get done. Regards, Pierre Reply from Alex  more...
Thu 3/26
Microsoft Access ForumBest Access textbook by Greg: Access Inside Out - great help
Thu 3/26
General Discussion ForumGeneral Discussion Forum by Darrell B: I use Paper Port software that uses pdf viewer plus 7.1 Reply from Alex Hedley: Are you saving the PDF first? Does it open fine on your end before sending it?
Thu 3/26
Microsoft Access ForumButton and Combo box by vicki H: The Else statement worked. I had tried that but put the OpenForm in the wrong place. Thanks so much for your help! 1 more question. which takes priority, the build event or the VB code? When I change orer in Build event then "View Code". It doesn't seem to match.Thanks again! Reply from Alex Hedley: You can only pick from 1 of the  more...
Thu 3/26
Microsoft Access ForumDate displaying incorrectly by Ross B: I have taken a screen shot of the format Access Date as well as my Control Panel Region Date Format so that you can see that they are not the same. Access changes some of the year formats from 2015 to 15316 which doesn't make any sense to me. How can I show you these images? Reply from Alex Hedley: Can you host the image  more...
Wed 3/25
Microsoft Access ForumButton and Combo box by vicki H: I did add the End If statement and it still opens the form before selecting the event.
Wed 3/25
Microsoft Access ForumButton and Combo box by vicki H: I did add the End If statement and it still opens the form before selecting the event. I think I may need to go through some more lessons to help myself on this. :-) I am at expert13 and thought i was ready to start building this db. thanks for the help Reply from Alex Hedley: I missed that this was your button click, you need an if  more...

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