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Sat 12/20
Custom Access Error MessagesCustom Access Error Messages by dit: sample code Reply from Alex Hedley: Dit if you click the link on the blog post it takes you to the page with the sample code on it.
Sat 12/20
Microsoft Access ForumVBA Screenshot by Alex H: Willem I've added a screenshot tip to help
Sat 12/20
Microsoft Access ForumHow to use a stored path by Robert: Hi Alex, Thanks to your answer, I was able to find a way to make this work: Forms(T4String).Controls(T6String) = CalcTempNo! T4String was the extracted Form Name and T6String was the extracted Control name. Robert Reply from Alex Hedley: Good thinking, glad you managed to work it out. This would probably make a good tip for  more...
Sat 12/20
Microsoft Access ForumHow to use a stored path by Robert: Hi Alex, Thank you, that does work as described. However the stored value also needs to include both the form and field. The calculator form would be used by different forms and by using: Forms!CustOrderF(T6String) = CalcTempNo, it doesn't allow the flexibility to use this with forms other than CustOrderF. What would you suggest there?  more...
Fri 12/19
Microsoft Access ForumMore Lesson by Piet n: Which lessons that I can order that related to the following: 1.AfterUpdate event 2.How To set Macros 3.How to safe my Database on my Email or Website only for the purpose of saving in case my laptop or computer stolen of broken and all my work gone Reply from Alex Hedley: Piet - There is a more...
Fri 12/19
Microsoft Access ForumMissing Record by MBONGA: Hello Rick/Alex I have a MainForm with 3 SubForms in it. There are 3 combobox in those SubForms.I have put for those combox Default values for each. whenever I leave the MainForm without having my mouse focused on those combobox in the SubForms Access does not pick and save the Default Values in the Table. I would like have Access submit the  more...
Fri 12/19
Microsoft Access Expert 7Is their away to get the same look as the lookup by Simon Randell: Is their away to get the same look as the lookup (tick box drop down Box) rather then using a sub form Reply from Alex Hedley: Simon I'm not sure what you mean, can you give an example?
Fri 12/19
Microsoft Access ForumHow Do I Set A Default Value in a Combobox by Colin M: Thanks. That works.
Fri 12/19
Microsoft Access ForumHow to use a stored path by Robert: Hi Alex, yes, one field is calculated on that form (it's a calculator - needed because it's a 8" touch-screen pad and the built-in keypads are too big); the other path is passed on from another form, so it deposits the calculated value to the right form (several forms will use the keypad form.) In short touch the control on CustOrderF  more...
Fri 12/19
Microsoft Access Expert 8Open Form and Find Specific Data by Patrick H: Hi Alex, Yes I've done a little research online and found that this seems to be a 2007 issue, so I am going to upgrade to office 365. I've tried it a number of different ways and it's very consistently not working. Pat Reply from Alex Hedley: Unfortunately 2007 was extremely buggy, I've kept away from it as  more...
Fri 12/19
Microsoft Access ForumTAB ordering for forms by Andrew V: I created a form for data input into a table. When pressing tab to move to the next field, it skips some field. I figured it was based on the field order from the table but after rearranging the fields (in the table) in the correct order to match the form, it was still skipping when pressing 'Tab.' How is the order of fields decided?  more...
Fri 12/19
Microsoft Access ForumHow to use a stored path by Robert: I'm trying to pass the value of a control on another form. I've temporarily stored both the path and value in 2 separate fields: CalcTempForm and CalcTempNo . CalcTempForm would have the complete path with field ie: Forms!CustOrderF!outStock1 and CalcTempNo 2004. I can transfer the value 2004 by typing in the full path, but can't use  more...
Thu 12/18
Microsoft Access Expert 11Homework by CHARLES FULGHAM: Mr. Rost, Thank you for all that you do, I'm learning so much! Quick Question: In Expert11, Video 6, at 23min48sec...we are assigned homework to create a Printable Time Sheet for Employees, Date, Time, TimeIn, TimeOut, Regular Time, Overtime, Overtime Rate etc. I cannot find where this homework was ever solved, as I have become stumped trying to complete  more...
Thu 12/18
Microsoft Access ForumHow Do I Set A Default Value in a Combobox by Colin M: I have an Order Form that I wish to have each new order record default to one of the choices, "UPS Ground", in my shipping Combobox. "UPS Ground" is ShipperID number "1" in my table. The combo box currently comes up blank of course when I select a new record. Here are some of the properties of the  more...
Thu 12/18
Microsoft Access ForumUploading Files To OneDrive by Anonymous: Hi Richard, I'm looking for how to upload files to OneDrive (not the local OneDrive folder) using VBA codes. A little research tells me I have to use REST APIs...The reason I want to do that is to be able to confirm that all files have been successfully uploaded before disconnecting from the internet cable. The users of my app  more...
Thu 12/18
Access 2010 Beginner 7Cant find the navigation button by EMMANUEL SEY: I am using MS OFFICE 7 i can't find the navigation button. Reply from Alex Hedley: Do you mean Windows 7? Is this the Navigation Buttons along the bottom of a Form?
Wed 12/17
Microsoft Access Expert 10Is there any way to have a series of combo boxes t by Shaun Marple: Is there any way to have a series of combo-boxes that filter each other so that there is a limited list in each? I want to use it for both querying and entering data. However, for querying, I am looking to connect all entries together for the exact query and, I am looking  more...
Wed 12/17
New Access Tip: Shell FunctionNew Access Tip Shell Function by Marc S: BINGO that was is it not the full path. Thank you, seasons greetings. Reply from Alex Hedley: Glad you got it working :)
Wed 12/17
Microsoft Access ForumYes No conditional border color change by Andrew V: I am building a form for work and have a "completed" field (yes/no criteria). I do not like having the little box just hanging at the bottom of the form but do not want it up at the top as it would be awkward given the context. It would be really cool to make the title box (next to the "yes/no" check box)  more...
Wed 12/17
Microsoft Access ForumTables by Eric : I have 5 tables based on locations Officers work. Some of my Officers work at multiple locations. I would like to have the database show me the total hours each officer is scheduled across all the locations on a single sheet. Can anyone help. I have tried to run the Query wizard. The only thing i have not tried is Macros.

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