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Fri 6/26
Microsoft Access ForumSend Emails from Access to Outlook by Colin M: I need to do a very simple thing, and and am not sure what the code is. Any help is appreciated. I wish to create a command button on an access form that when clicked will: 1) retrieve from fields on the form the contact's first and last name and email address; 2) open Outlook, if not already open; 3)  more...
Fri 6/26
Microsoft Access ForumSQL Security Seminar Addendum by Uriel R: I have used the SQL seminar and Security Seminar for a year or so, they are great and cover a lot, however, I think they should cover one very specific topic: SQL injections. I saw a reference to them in a web security seminar and I wonder how it can affect my databases (I do use SQL for a lot of things). A Video addendum  more...
Fri 6/26
Microsoft Access ForumField content of a table last record by Tiziano F: I have 2 unlinked tables: ProtocolT and ProjectT. In a report based on ProjectT I need to add the content of a field of the last record of ProtocolT. This field is named Update and his content looks like A1,A2,B1,C1,C2,C3,D1,... What is the syntax to recall this string inside a text box in the report?  more...
Thu 6/25
Access 2010 Beginner 7Form Properties by Ian Jemmett: Hi Richard. When I went into the form properties and turned off add, delete & edit, saved the form, closed the form & reopened something else changed. when I click in a first name or a company field I get what looks like a scroll wheel on the right (grey, with up and down arrows). Nothing happens when I click one of the arrows but I can't see how I  more...
Thu 6/25
Microsoft Access ForumMissing Records by Molly B: I'm sure this has been answered somewhere but can't find it, so thanks for your patience with a beginner! I've created a table, then a query, then a form based on that query. I added a new record to the original table which also needs to be in the query and form. How do I update the form list to include it? I thought it would happen automatically, but  more...
Wed 6/24
Yes, I'm still alive. :)Yes I m still alive by William D: These are the best instructional tutorials you can find. I even bought the Unlocking The Secrets of Microsoft Office and returned it. It was nothing compared to this.
Wed 6/24
Microsoft Access ForumRelationships Impractical Am I missing something by Alex C: Do I really need to reference (by hand) every parent ID to the appropriate field in the child table? This seems really impractical for a database of 1500 customers, each of which will have multiple sold orders, unsold orders, contract change records, and correspondences. Is there any way  more...
Tue 6/23
Microsoft Access ForumAccess downnload by templer: Thanks for your videos. Please what is the best web to download access 2012? Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: You can buy it from Office with a 365 subscription
Tue 6/23
Four New Access Handbooks OnlineFour New Access Handbooks Online by Abubakar: I would like to subscribe to get news updated Reply from Alex Hedley: You can subscribe to the blog via rss
Tue 6/23
Access Calendar SeminarCalendar Control workaround by Diane Berdine: Have you discussed a work around for access 2010 users who do not have the calendar Control option? Reply from Alex Hedley: /tips/access/calendar-seminar-addendum/
Tue 6/23
Yes, I'm still alive. :)Moving by Arthur S: Hope you enjoy the new location. Moving is hectic at first but everything falls into place.
Tue 6/23
Microsoft Access ForumACCESS by RICHARD A: I want to know if it is possible to CHANGE the FONT STYLE in ACCESS as in WORD & EXCEL. And how is it done? Thanks! Richard. Reply from Alex Hedley: Is this for your Datasheet view in a Table/Query or on your Forms/Reports?
Tue 6/23
Microsoft Access ForumContinuous Form and List Box by Richard L: If I create a single form with navigation buttons and cycle through the records, the list box updates no problem.... if I want to make it a continuous form, it won't update.... Also, whats weird is if I make the listbox a doubleclick event to open a form I get a Run-Time 3075 missing operator error and I shouldn't???  more...
Sun 6/21
Microsoft Access ForumLimiting Search by Tanya: I have a table with 400 records. I'm trying to pull up 50 records of customers with a certain product. I know how to sort and filter my data, but I'd like it to only limit to 50 customers. Do I need to create another table or query to run this information? Reply from Alex Hedley: You'll want the TOP keyword as shown in  more...
Sun 6/21
Microsoft Access ForumFunction Keys on Keyboard by Joseph M: Actually what I was asking is for integrating my database controls with the keyboard. Let's say Instead of clicking on the screen to run a query or kick off a report, I could press the F3 key and it would run my query or report. Reply from Alex Hedley: Private Sub YourTextBox_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)  more...
Sun 6/21
Microsoft Access ForumOLE issue by Udo S: What I seen on the Form is a small icon. What I see in the underlying table is "package" Reply from Alex Hedley: So are you using the attachment field type and not just storing a path to the image?
Sun 6/21
Microsoft Windows ForumVHSDVD by Selby H: Dear Alex, To let you know that I managed to work out how to record to a VHSDVD combo machine. Thank you for your help. All the Best. Selby Halfpenny
Sun 6/21
Access 2010 Expert and 2013Access 2010 Expert and 2013 by ivan kiyengo: i have finish level one of access 2010, and i want to proceed to level 2 . how should i proceed . Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: The outline is here. You can order it more...
Sun 6/21
Microsoft Windows ForumVHSDVD by Selby H: Dear Richard, Can you help me. I have a VHSDVD player combo machine and want to burn a DVD from the computer so it plays on this machine. Do you know the format that I need. Does AVI and MP3 format just play the audio?. I need the video and audio format. Can you tell me please. All the best. Regards Selby Halfpenny Reply from Alex Hedley: Some players allow  more...
Sat 6/20
Microsoft Access ForumContinious Forms by Richard L: I have a continuous form with a list box that shows results for each record...The results on the list don't change... not unlike the photo problem I had earlier. That I chnge the frame to photo as a control source but what do I do with list boxes.. why don't they update and change? It just keys on to the first record and applies it to all  more...

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