If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Sat 10/21
Microsoft Access ForumZoom by Gary W: Doesn't seem to work for me; it could be because I am using access through a Citrix receiver connection from an iMac. Thank You Reply from Alex Hedley: You could add a button or an event that runs DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdZoomBox
Fri 10/20
Microsoft Access ForumZoom by Gary W: How do you zoom in? one of the instruction videos showed zooming in while in design view; I cannot find how to do this. Reply from Alex Hedley: Access Beginner 1 06. Entering Data, Part 1 (11:09) SHIFT-F2 to open Zoom window
Wed 10/18
Microsoft Access ForumRacing Table Design by David L: The next task is to award points for the drivers in each race. First place gets 46 points; second gets 42, third gets 41, etc. In Excel, I used a VLOOKUP table so that each placement would be matched with the appropriate point total. Is there a similar feature in Access? Reply from Alex Hedley: more...
Wed 10/18
Microsoft Access Forumhelp with a Query Criteria by MICHAEL J: Hope i can explain what I want to do. I have 2 Tables, IncomeT and ExpenseT In both Tables I have a Date Field [IncomeDate] & [ExpenseDate]. After bringing in the fields on the query I want to create a report that would group record between a range of dates that match in both tables. Example Income from Nov 1 to Nov 5 and  more...
Tue 10/17
Microsoft Access ForumVB dot NET by Samuel M: Dear Rost, All VBA module you thought as , can we use those module in VB.NET ? I mean those module you create separetly and usually you call them in forms controls . you know that I have been waiting for lomg time your promise to make videos on VB.Net but I guest that you do not care about. also tell me if there is a equivavalant in VB.Net for DLook Up ,  more...
Sun 10/15
Microsoft Access ForumRelationships by John M: In my Expert Level 4's FamilyMemberF with Michele, Richard III and Lauryn on it, when I drag this into CustomerExtendedF it will not show any detail. Only one new record {empty} is available. I have inserted the cousin which was successful. Any ideas where I've made a mistake? Reply from Alex Hedley: Did you setup the Link Master/Child fields? It  more...
Sun 10/15
Microsoft Access ForumScroll Bar in Form View by Ross L: Yes, it happens in every continuos form. I have also noticed know that it is happening on another Access database that I had built and hadn't used for a while. Reply from Alex Hedley: Might be worth checking the MS Forum and see if anyone else has noticed this, sounds like a change in the overall Access app.
Sat 10/14
Access Loan Amortization SeminarAccess Loan Amortization Seminar by Maryann Beach: yes all my tables have been moved to SharePoint lists
Sat 10/14
Access Loan Amortization SeminarAccess Loan Amortization Seminar by Maryann Beach: yes Reply from Alex Hedley: Is the form "LoanF" open? (Forms!LoanF!LoanID) Does LoanId have a value?
Sat 10/14
Microsoft Access ForumForm not saving by MICHAEL J: I have solved the problem the record source on the date had a Select statement, changed it to the table and now OK Reply from Alex Hedley: Great to hear it's working, thanks for letting us know.
Sat 10/14
Microsoft Access ForumProblem with next record command button by MICHAEL J: yes I did think of that and made sure I was using the form but it made no difference Reply from Alex Hedley: On a form with no subforms do the record selectors work correctly?
Sat 10/14
Microsoft Access ForumThe instructions in the video for Access Beginner by Adele C M: The instructions in the video for Access Beginner 2, Video 4, do not match Access 2013, regarding Background color on the CustomerF form. Reply from Alex Hedley: What is the instruction? Do you have a timestamp?
Thu 10/12
Access Loan Amortization SeminarAccess Loan Amortization Seminar by Maryann B: I have completed a database using this seminar and it was working perfectly until I put the tables on SharePoint. Now on the ClientF form when I click on the "Add New Loan" button I get an error "Invalid use of Null". Why is it giving me this error? when I click on debug it takes me to this vba code and points to the  more...
Thu 10/12
Microsoft Access ForumForm not saving by MICHAEL J: After creating a new record my form is not saving, but it is saving in the table. Its a large Db with over 3000 records but have not had a problem adding records until. Cannot not find a reason, any suggestions Reply from Alex Hedley: What do you mean, if the record is saving in the table then isn't it working?
Tue 10/10
Microsoft Access Forumfrom Access backend to SQL server by MUBEEZI M: Hi Rick/Alex, I sorted the issue. The SQL migration assistant was converting the the date fields into the DateTime2(0). This is a valid date data type in SQL server since 2008 but it is unknown by Access yet. Consequently, the Access front end was looking at this data as text. I have changed it to DateTime data  more...
Tue 10/10
Microsoft Access ForumEmployee Attendance Tracker by Gioia H: Awesome idea. Thanks Alex!!
Tue 10/10
Microsoft Access Forumfrom Access backend to SQL server by MUBEEZI M: Hi Rick/Alex, I migrated the backend to SQL server for one of my databases. Everything works fine. However, I have noticed that my linked tables, queries and forms now store dates in yyyy-mm-dd format yet typically here we use dd/mm/yyyy format. This is irrespective of the regional settings. The problem now is  more...
Tue 10/10
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Robert S: In the video Expert 1 Lesson 4 (Relational Combo Boxes) I Noted that the Filter box on the record line displays "NOT FILTERED" when the combo box is activated, however on my form (ContactF) the filter box displays "FILTERED" can someone explain why this is different? THanks
Mon 10/9
Microsoft Access Forumfrom Access backend to SQL server by MUBEEZI M: Hi Rick, Alex, I up-sized my back-end to SQL server. I encountered many challenges that i overcame except one. The date format in the SQL server is stored as yyyy-mm-dd. Yet in my environment, people are most familiar with dd/mm/yyyy format. So, when i link the queries from SQL server to the forms, it imposes the  more...
Sun 10/8
Microsoft Access ForumI created a database for a non profit organization by Sonia W: I created a database for a non-profit organization to keep track of ongoing donations. The database works fine to keep track of donations from individual donors. I have problem to record the donations if they came from multiple donors with the same address(husband & wife). For  more...

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