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-Albert Einstein
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Tue 3/21
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Kimberly: Hi Richard, I hope you can help me figure out how to go about designing this. Here is what I'm trying to do. I have CD's number 1-7 I have Libraries and each library has its own name (short Text) And I have Maps each map has its own name (short Text) and a group or maps makes a Library. For example Cd1 contains Library 1221 which  more...
Sun 3/19
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2010 by Mike Y: Thanks problem solved
Sun 3/19
Microsoft Access ForumCombine FirstName and LastName by Mike Y: Working on Access 2016. I want to combine the FirstName and LastName to a Query using the following: FullName: [firstName]&" " &[LastName] however it come up with a fault 'mismatch in expression' The FirstName is linked to a Combo box so do not how to fix the problem. Both filed are set to Short Text in the table.  more...
Sun 3/19
Asset Management Seminar Part 1Asset Management Seminar Part 1 by Jon Turner: I'm in agreement with all the elements you say you're looking at introducing but as with some other comments, I'd like to track signing out equipment to individuals in a 'temporary loan' subform/table. Also, I'd like to be able to tackle the servicing of assets and keeping servicing records. Thanks! Hope Part 2 is  more...
Sat 3/18
Microsoft Access ForumNormalization and repeating data by Richard W: I left out the SQL you requested. Problem is I don't know where to find it in a report. For the Member section the Data Sources is MemberQ, for the Address section it is AddressQ, etc. I do not know if this is responsive to your question but it is what I have. Reply from Alex Hedley: That would be it, but  more...
Sat 3/18
Microsoft Access ForumNormalization and repeating data by Richard W: I solved the problem in the report by basing it on the People (actually MemberT) with subreports for Address(es), PhoneNo(s) and Email(s). Of course the AddressT, PhoneT and EmailT each are linked to an AddressTypeT, PhoneTypeT & EmailTypeT. This works ok, but I need to insert other information before and after the  more...
Sat 3/18
Microsoft Access ForumData display on label in form by Gary Morrison: Alex I do not understand "domain functions" is used here. More help please. Thanks Gary Reply from Alex Hedley: Try Domain Aggregate functions in Expert  more...
Fri 3/17
Microsoft Access Forummanaging dates yearly by Bonnie S: I need to track addresses which change seasonally. So every year CustomerA needs their winter address from Nov to Apr, and their summer address from May to October. How would I handle this? I have tried various things unsuccessfully. I would like to at least track it by month, but preferably by a starting date and an ending date for  more...
Thu 3/16
Asset Management Seminar Part 1Part 2 by James Gray: Any ideas of timing for the second seminar? Seems like Rich is pretty busy lately and new courses are coming out pretty slowly.... Reply from Alex Hedley: I think Rich wants to finish the Macros for Advanced and release a few Beginner 2016 courses for Excel/Word etc. He does enjoy Access Seminars the most so hopefully will throw one in between. It's a bit  more...
Wed 3/15
Microsoft Access ForumNormalization and repeating data by Richard W: I have bought into normalization. I have a database with a "People" table. Since the People in some cases have multiple addresses, I have an "Address" table with the addresses and, where applicable, the multiple addresses. Same with "PhoneNos" and "Emails". Problem, when I try to construct a query to export to a  more...
Tue 3/14
Microsoft Access ForumOperation is not supported by Bonnie S: Alex, I solved the problem! The fields that were not updatable were bound. I had looked over and over at what I had changed when the problem occurred. Finally I saw it: in my union query, on which the form was built, I had recently added the same field from two different tables (the AddressT and the AddressContactJT). This was  more...
Mon 3/13
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2010 by Mike Y: I am a novice to Access. I have a database with two tables, one for the patients table, name address, and the other for recording visits table. I want the visits form to be populated from the patients with their name and address so eliminating having to type the name and address every time. I would like to use a combo box to select the name I need. I have  more...
Mon 3/13
Access Relationship SeminarClient Projects with Employees by Norma Killian: If I have a client that has multiple projects and each project can have multiple employees with different roles and status how would that be setup if I assign the original project and need to populate the information on one form and the employee(s) complete their portion on another form? Reply from Alex  more...
Sun 3/12
Microsoft Access ForumPrint multiple copies by Gregory G D: One of my many attemps Alex. I also tried using code in the report which didn't produce the desired results either. All I get is one copy SetTempVar Name CCount Expression = InputBox( How Many Copies? ) OpenReport ReportName MyReport View Print Filter Name Where Condition If [CCount] = 0 Then StopMacro End  more...
Sun 3/12
Microsoft Access ForumAccess by John M: I need the information deleted to satisfy a Policy of not holding personal information longer than is necessary.
Sun 3/12
Change to the ForumsChange to the Forums by Loretta L: what's new?
Fri 3/10
Microsoft Access ForumPrint multiple copies by Greg Davis: I've tried a macro and then code in the report and all I can get is one copy. Will keep trying should be something simple. I got the program to ask how many copies but only one prints. Reply from Alex Hedley: What code or macro are you using? Are you passing the number you enter to the code/macro?
Thu 3/9
Microsoft Access ForumOperation is not supported by Bonnie S: I am getting an message in Access that "the operation is not supported for this type of object." I am trying to change one or another of a combo box that used to accept a change. How do I troubleshoot this when I can't figure out what the operation is? Thanks a million. Bonnie Reply from Alex Hedley: Is this Field  more...
Thu 3/9
Access Imaging SeminarFilename by Dan Gettinger: How can I change the function to ONLY return the filename and not the full path? Reply from Alex Hedley: You could use some string manipulation. Remove file extension Find the last slash and then . and do a mid to get the filename.
Thu 3/9
Microsoft Access ForumMultiple Tables or Multiple Databases by James W L: I have multiple tables (200-300) to do. All will relate in one way or another for reports, forms, etc. Should I start a new database for each subject? or just have the one database..perhaps with payroll being a separate database for employees...? Reply from Alex Hedley: Depends on the size,  more...

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