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Sun 5/17
Microsoft Access ForumExpert Level 1 by Neetiay A: Hi there, I just watched the Expert Level 1 training and I don't understand the benefit of the cusomer ID relationship. The method I used for my database was to create a combo table which lists all the company names. Then for each table of data I have that requires the company name field, this is selected from the combo list from the combo  more...
Sat 5/16
Microsoft Access Forumneed professional help by Derek Kong: I have created an access data base that I plan to sell, but it needs a lot of tweaking to get it to a professional level for sale. Can anyone recommend a professional Access developer that could help me? Reply from Alex Hedley: You can submit either a TechHelp  more...
Sat 5/16
Microsoft Access Forumcalculated field from two tables fields by Derek Kong: I have two tables (invoice) and (payments)The both have calculated fields with totals. I need to create a field with balance after invoice total less payments total. Reply from Alex Hedley: You could just create another Query with these joined and have another Calculated Field that is the  more...
Sat 5/16
Access Work Order SeminarRecordsetClone and Bookmark by Anne Cowden: Thanks Alex, I tried both of your suggestions but still got the same error. What I did find was that if I enter a duplicate order number straight into the WorkOrder Form it opens up the warning and when I click on ok, takes me to the original record, which is exactly what I wanted, so the code is working  more...
Sat 5/16
Microsoft Access Expert 21Drag Drop Objects by Michael: Hi Alex, I am not able to open two Access databases simultaneously. When I try to open a second database, Access opens it but then when I try to switch back to the first one I can't find it. I am guessing Access closed it. Is there a settings adjustment that I need to make somewhere? (Other than my brain, of course...hahahaha.) Thanks in advance  more...
Fri 5/15
Microsoft Access ForumCharts in Access by Jason: I'm developing an application for a company. We are logging safety incidents. I simply want to make a little line graph available on the welcome screen. Or if necessary provide a link to a tab that runs the numbers. If if we're just for my curiosity, I could export and make a chart. I want to make real time changes available. Reply from Alex  more...
Fri 5/15
Access 2010 Beginner 3Input Mask Property by Brenda Peterson: Around 4:39 you said to press f1 and it does not take me to the TextBox.InputMask Property. What is another way to get to this information? Reply from Alex Hedley: You can open up the Property Sheet by double clicking where the rulers meet in Design View. You can then select the Textbox and go to the Input Mask Property from  more...
Fri 5/15
Microsoft Access ForumCombo box query from two separate tables by Neetiay Abbott: The tables have all the same fields except the company table has company name, reg number etc whereas the individual table has first name, last name. The type field is in both tables to allow the user to query the data for year end dates and filing deadlines which only apply to companies and  more...
Fri 5/15
Microsoft Access ForumCombo Box by randy r: Every time I build a report with a combo box, I always get the AutoID number instead of the value from the text field. When I look at my tables all the text fields for which the combo box's are connected to will only show the AutoID numbers.I am using "support tables" with an AutoID as the key field.Is there anyway to get text from the combo box to display versus  more...
Fri 5/15
Microsoft Access ForumCombo box query from two separate tables by Neetiay: Hello, Here is what I have: One table for company client data (Limited). One table for individual client data (individual). To assist with queries in the future I created a combo box in both the above tables for the user to identify whether the record is for an individual or a limited  more...
Thu 5/14
Microsoft Access Forummerging access 2013 table with wordperfect 10 form by Charles B: I was debating doing the same thing but I just don't like Word. My office has been using Wordperfect for 20 years. As a word processing program WP is a superior product in my view.
Thu 5/14
Microsoft Access Forummerging access 2013 table with wordperfect 10 form by Charles B: Here is the work around . First, create a query to select a specific record in my access table(s), then turn that query into a Make Table Query which will make a table that I call MergeTable. I then create a macro in wp 10 that will perform a merge with the forms I created in  more...
Thu 5/14
Microsoft Access ForumMulti addresses by Harry Mullin: To handle: "such as Home, Business, Trading, Bankers etc" which can change over time I create two tables XCatT and XUpT. Create a category in XCatT "Address Type" and link it to a foreign key (FK) in XUpT. Then enter the various address types as records in XUpT. Apart from the Primary Key and FK, I have the following fields in XUpT: ShowName  more...
Thu 5/14
Microsoft Access ForumSub Form Combo Box by Ramona W: Is it possible to have a combo box determine what subform to open on parent form? Eg. RequestF contains requesttypecombo. then you have a subform on the requestF. You have 3 subforms (New, Terminate, NameChange). If I choose terminate from the combobox on the requestF, can you write code so that the correct subform (terminate sub form)  more...
Thu 5/14
Microsoft Access ForumHidden Fields by Ramona W: I have a RequestTypeCombo on my RequestF containing various fields. I wanted to pick from requesttypecombo and make the fields that were not needed invisible. So I wrote the code and tried it in the after update and then in the one click events as well. The event worked using either event, when initially selecting from combo, however when I reopen  more...
Thu 5/14
Access Work Order SeminarRecordsetClone and Bookmark by Anne Cowden: Hi Richard/Alex I have set up a field within my WorkOrderF called OrderNumber which is indexed and set to no duplicates. I want to prevent users from entering a duplicate number but if they do I want them to be taken to the original record. I have the following code in the before update event: Dim SID As String  more...
Thu 5/14
Microsoft Access ForumRefresh by Ramona W: I have a problem list form that has a StatusCombo and a ProblemListBox. Listbox is based on ProblemListQ. So when I choose a status, it only shows the appropriate records. (Works awesome) Then I created a command button to show ALL PROBLEMS based on AllProblemsQ. (Works great) Here is the code for the button. ProblemListBox.RowSource = "SELECT [ProblemID],  more...
Thu 5/14
Access Work Order SeminarBillable Hours by Clay FULGHAM: I'm using Access 2015, for some reason the Billable Hours calculation at 3min 19 seconds in this lesson (CalculateBillableHours) was giving me an entirely different result than in the video, I used the DateDiff function "n" /60, and now it works like a champ. Thought I'd share. Reply from Alex Hedley: Thanks for sharing
Thu 5/14
Access 2010 Beginner 2Overlapping Windows by BRIAN S: Current Database / Document Window Options/ Overlapping Windows selected. The windows do overlap properly while open but size and position are lost when saved, closed, and then reopened. Reply from Alex Hedley: My only other suggestion is checking windows updates, if they are up to date a repair on office, then maybe uninstall  more...
Thu 5/14
Access 2010 Beginner 2Overlapping Windows by BRIAN S: When I open the window again it is back to full screen no matter what size or position it is in when saved. Reply from Alex Hedley: Sounds like it has changed to Tabbed Documents, go to Access options and check there.

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