If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Fri 9/21
Microsoft Access ForumEmail to SMS Gateway Text Messages by Eduardo B: Great Thank you I was thing more on the terms of using a commercial account as TWILIO. I have some code that they provided. Sending texts is very cheap. regards
Wed 9/19
Microsoft Access ForumMake Table Error Message by Karen R: Hi Alex, There is long text field called CustomerNotes in the table. Will I need to remove this before being able to continue?
Tue 9/18
Microsoft Access ForumExcel Calculations on Access by jannette j: I have several Excel Equations and formaulas to put in access. One of the equations or excel formulas is this =IFERROR(SUM(COUNTIFS('Import Report'!E:E,{"CM","MMNRO","MMROI","PMCM","PMINS","PMOR","PMPDM","PMREG","PMRT"},'Import Report'!K:K,">="&(A2-1/24),'Import Report'!K:K,"<"&(C2+23/24),'Import  more...
Mon 9/17
Microsoft Access ForumEmail to SMS Gateway Text Messages by Richard R: Q: I just completed your Access Email Seminar and I really enjoyed it. I'm putting it to use. I would like to see a seminar/course doing the same thing but with TEXT MESSAGING. I found texting is a lot more efficient than emails for URGENCY. ie: "John, your account is overdue $45 Please avoid disconnection. If you  more...
Mon 9/17
Microsoft Access ForumUnicode Compression IME Mode by Richard R: Q: What is Unicode Compression, IME Mode, and IME Sentence Mode for short text fields in Access tables? Do these settings ever need to be modified? A: You basically never need them. The first has to deal with how characters are compressed when stored in the table, and the second two have to deal with foreign (Asian)  more...
Mon 9/17
Microsoft Access ForumConnection to SMTP Servers by Eduardo B: I am having trouble connecting to SMTP server to Send email with out Outlook. Im using Godaddy with smto.office365.com for SMTP and Port 587 as instructed. I am also trying gmail with smtp.gmail.com port 465 with no success. Did somtheing change in CDO method? Any advice?
Mon 9/17
Microsoft Access Email SeminarSending email with SMTP by Eduardo B: This reply is probably outdated from 2015. It is 2018. Something changed
Sun 9/16
Microsoft Access 322Comment by John Hubbard: please disregard last question. sorry thanks
Sun 9/16
Microsoft Access 322Comment by John Hubbard: Richard Please help - clicking logon button brings Compile Error: variable not defined. Followed everything in video - I thought. your help is greatly appreciated
Fri 9/14
Microsoft Access Expert 8Enforce Referential Integrity by Ida H: I am having a problem with Enforcing Referential Integrity. I have watched the video Expert 8 Lesson 5 Several times and can not seem to find my problem. I have set my relationships per the video for the CustomerT, OrderT and OrderDetailT. However, when I hope my OrderDetailForm it still allows me to add a record even  more...
Thu 9/13
Microsoft Access Forumconvert excell calculations to access by jannette j: i have a table with the following fields. I have excel calculation That i need to put in access but dont know how any ideas would be great. for the caculations i need to put this in access (%) PM Compliance [>95%] Staus (COMP or FCOMP)) And ActLAborHours(>0) And ActStartDate  more...
Thu 9/13
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Michael R: Can I create an action button on a form that will allow the specific form to be emailed to a customer?
Mon 9/10
Microsoft Access ForumMaking corrections in table by Charlotte K: In trying to replace the number of an item in a table with the correct number the table would not accept it. Also it would not accept correction in words. Help, please.
Wed 9/5
Access Relationship SeminarComment by jannette jones: i have a workOrdeT that has rhe following fields WorkOrderId PK WorkOrdeNum Description Location WorkType WorkOrderStatus LFCAssetDept TargetStartDate ScheduledStartDate ActualStartDate ActualLAborHours LFCPostAudit LFCAuditSupervisor EstimatedLaborHours AssignedGroup StatusDate ReportDate LFCAuditComments My second table TechT TechID  more...
Wed 9/5
Microsoft Access ForumMake Table Error Message by Karen R: Hi, yes as above, my Customer Notes field is set to Long Text.
Sun 9/2
Microsoft Access ForumSend email using VBA by Tom D: I'm using late binding to send an email. Using the Set olEmail = olApp.CreateItem(0) the .VotingOptions show up in the displayed email, but not on the email received by the recipient. I can use a template to get around this problem, but that adds baggage. What am I doing wrong?
Sat 9/1
Microsoft Access 321Comment by Jeffrey Ervin: Sorry, ignore my last post regarding syntax error 3075. I had not finished lesson 5 where you fixed this issue.
Sat 9/1
Microsoft Access 321Comment by Jeffrey Ervin: Hi At time index 3:50 were you add the line of code Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT * FROM CustomerT WHERE CustomerID=" & CustomerList) I get the following error: run-time error 3075 syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'CustomerID=' after double clicking from the list box. Now the strange thing is, this worked fine the first time I went  more...
Sat 9/1
Microsoft Access ForumHelp with database by Neven M: Thanks a lot. I have created a junction table GenerationT with Three foreign keys: School, SchoolYear and Grade. Neven
Sat 9/1
Access Loan Amortization SeminarLoan Amortization by June C: So I have to purchase another course to cover a topic that falls under loans?

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