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Thu 4/28
Microsoft Access ForumI have a list of drug names even in excel or acc by Georgantoni: I have a list of "drug names" even in excel or access. The "drug names" appear in one or more .doc .pdf .ppt files in one or more source directories. I need a way to search the files recursively and return the path(s) of the file(s) that contain the "drug name" specified in  more...
Wed 4/27
Microsoft Access ForumReference Error Message by Peter: Thanks
Wed 4/27
Microsoft Access ForumBeginner by Karen M.: I went through the wonderful Beginner Tutorials and really appreciate the videos. I was going to sign up for the Level 2, but it didn't sound like it covered what I needed at this point. I've built a Table and form, but I want to tweak a few of the fields, such as have two lines per selection in a drop down box. The second line is to explain the selection, such  more...
Wed 4/27
Access 2010 Beginner 4Indexing If you have a database with 32k records by Gary Wiles: Indexing: If you have a database with 32k records and a last name field is not indexed. Can I change the property to indexed (Duplicates ok) and the database will index? How long would the indexing take? Reply from Alex Hedley: Probably depends on the power of your  more...
Wed 4/27
Microsoft Access ForumOpen a form and start at search box at bottom by Francis M: I am looking for how to have my form open and have the cursor be in the search box as a default. Reply from Alex Hedley: CONTROL.SetFocus
Wed 4/27
Access 2010 Beginner 9Copy Form to Report by james lai: Hi Rich. I have a special design a layout on my Forms. But when i copy and past that design into new Report, I notice that all fields are not in the fields like shown in the Forms. Do i have to redone the Reports like i am doing on the the forms? Thanks Regards James Reply from Alex Hedley: Some formatting copies over  more...
Tue 4/26
Microsoft Access ForumUpdate sub form when back active form by Ubaldo M: Using combo box to find specific record in form (form #1) that extends to sub-form in bedded. When I click inside sub-form on button that opens another form (form #2) and later close this form (form #2), when it returns still get the combo box with correct selection, but sub-form data goes back to first  more...
Tue 4/26
Microsoft Access ForumWhat happen to tech support by Brent Rinehart: Tech support hasn't contacted me in three business days asking for little help how can I get in touch for some help willing to pay some money.sent my database and info to Reply from Alex Hedley: There's a message on the Tech  more...
Tue 4/26
Access Calendar SeminarThe color for greying out non month date is washed by Jim O: VBRed shows up as Black. Jim O Reply from Alex Hedley: are you passing it vbRed as a keyword or "vbRed" in your code?
Tue 4/26
Access 2010 Expert 1Relationship by Alexandra George: I have a many-to-many relationship set up with a join table: I have ConsultantT and VendorT which are linked in ConsultantXVendorT (with fields ID, ConsultantID, and VendorID). I used the relationship window to set up explicit one-to-many relationships between ConsultantT and ConsultantXVendorT as well as VendorT and ConsultantXVendorT. Now, I am  more...
Tue 4/26
Word 2007 Basic 2Computer novice by Fackson Mashuda: I am a computer novice but your computer basic 1 lessons were so helpful to me, I am here in Africa, Zimbabwe but the problem is I don't know the way forward to get the next lessons. Reply from Alex Hedley: You can Order more.
Sun 4/24
Microsoft Access Expert 24SQL Server database by Dennis Owens: After setting up the SQL Server database does the other person using this needs Access loaded on their computer? I am using Access 2016, using an earlier addition should also work, right. I too would like to see more on this subject of SQL Server database. Reply from Alex Hedley: If you want them to connect to your SQL Instance  more...
Sun 4/24
New Videos SoonNew Videos Soon by William J: I would like to know what lesson talks about drop down menu Reply from Alex Hedley: See this list: Combo
Sun 4/24
Access Calendar SeminarThe color for greying out non month date is washed by Jim Ogier: The color for greying out non-month date is washed out. If I pick a light blue and insert the code I get a very washed out value (&HD1EAF0). Changing to a darker color (&H3B8194) still shows up as washed out. Any way around this? I am using Access 2010. Jim Ogier Reply from  more...
Sat 4/23
Access Calendar SeminarDate is unbound by jeff horvate:  I am using access 2013 my Date is unbound. My Day is bound Control can t be edited it s bound to unknown field, time stamp 3:47 Reply from Alex Hedley: Which Field is Day bound to? Does it exist in the RecordSource?
Sat 4/23
Microsoft Access 306Amend your example by simon b: Best way forward is to write a custom function to perform the task and call it from your query, this is less prone to error that multiple IIF statements and easier to update as things change Reply from Alex Hedley: Good idea
Fri 4/22
Microsoft Access 306Amend your example by Spiros Poulis: I am trying to figure out how to amend your example if the commission is progressive. For example for $650 the commission is (50*2%+50*2.5%+400*3%+150*3.25%). Is it possible or i must use multiple IIFs()? Reply from Alex Hedley: Anything is possible :) You can nest IIFs but it can get messy.
Thu 4/21
Microsoft Access ForumReference Error Message by Peter: I am using office 2010 on a windows 7 Professional computer. Reply from Alex Hedley: Try a reboot, then a repair of office? Sounds like the DLL has either been removed or changed by something else.
Thu 4/21
Microsoft Access Email SeminarComment by James Gray: It looks like the statement for adding attachments in now Msg.AddAttachment filename instead of Msg.Attachment.Add filename. Maybe a change in CDO language in new Office 365?
Thu 4/21
Visual Basic ForumVisual Basics Is there a link for a free download by Lynne F: Thank you for the information. If I have finished the Access Beginer course and the Access Advanced course should I continue with the Developer course or the Advanced Microsoft course? (I am brand new to VBA) Reply from Alex Hedley: The Advanced 300+ more...

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