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Fri 10/17
Microsoft Access ForumSorry for the Lack of Posts by Richard R: There are currently over 150 posts waiting to be verified in the Forums. I know... I know... I've been REAL busy lately and just haven't had the time to approve them. I like to keep our Forums moderated because I do get a TON of spam (people posting ads) and nonsense/garbage that needs to be weeded out. I can't stand reading  more...
Sat 9/20
What Access Topics Do YOU Want?What Access Topics Do YOU Want by Genet Pinna: Statistical analysis such as calculating median, mode and ...
Sat 9/20
What Access Topics Do YOU Want?What Access Topics Do YOU Want by Jeff P: I have tried to find this in your existing topics, And I don't know how 2013 handles it, but there isn't much information out there on Themes. I'd like more information on this feature and maybe other ways to make your DB look different.
Fri 9/19
Access Calendar SeminarDate picker open by Lynda Chase: Hi Richard I am using Access 2010 - Is there a way to have the date picker control permanently open on a form. SO when you open the form, the datepicker automatically opens so you can click on the date you want? Thanks
Fri 9/19
What Access Topics Do YOU Want?Reports and Charts by Yassin M: Hi, I would like to know which of your Access topics cover Reports and Charts generation based on dates range using Access 2014. Thanks for a great job.
Fri 9/19
Microsoft Access Email SeminarMicrosoft Access Email Seminar by Kaylen D: Lesson 1, I tried both the macro button and the vba method to open a specific report for a record in a form but getting the same error Runtime 3211: the database engine could not lock table 'tblContacttypes' because it is already in use by another person or process". Fyi, the form has two subforms attached to it.
Fri 9/19
Microsoft Access Expert 7Only one group by A Silva: Going back to the group example. I would want to force the user to only insert one customer in a certain group once. The way it was explained in the lesson, Rick, for example, can be putted to times in Harware. Is there a way to eliminate from the options the ones that are already selected for that particular user? Thanks,
Fri 9/19
Microsoft Access Expert 10Comment by Raymond Trussell: using the dlookup I get the correct info on the screen but it is not in the table for that screen text box. Why is it not in the table as a combobox does is?
Fri 9/19
Microsoft Access ForumDynamically Resize Form Fields by David: Your excellent tip on dynamically resizing form fields, has greatly simplified the cramming of more information into one line in a continuous form, but can you please advise which vba method should be used to resize the height of the line? If the form field is resized in both width and height, the line height in the  more...
Fri 9/19
Microsoft Access ForumInserting a record by Aaron H: Is it possible to insert a record into a continuous form between other records? Or would this require coding.
Thu 9/18
Access 2010 Beginner 4index the NumEmployees and Discount Rate by Joe Beniacar: Hi Richard, Why would you not want to index the NumEmployees and Discount Rate fields in this Customer Table, too? (conceptually)
Thu 9/18
Microsoft Access Expert 16I would like to copy multi fields from one table t by Scar: I would like to copy multi fields from one table to another table with the selection from only one combobox. where can I find info on this.
Thu 9/18
Microsoft Access ForumNZ function fails in report by Peter Brooks: I have a report that extracts data from a table on a job by job basis. When the data is collected I have to make a number of calculations where a number of fields will contain a currency value, but some will will be Null, (Given how the customer uses the program these must be Null and not 0). I am using the NZ function  more...
Thu 9/18
What Access Topics Do YOU Want?How to move Access to Azure by Gary Samuels: I've moved an Access/SQL database to the Azure Cloud. I have setup Azure Storage with public containers to hold documents and images which are displayed in a form or opened by hyperlink with the associated application. Downloading isn't to hard but how the heck do I upload using only VBA?
Thu 9/18
Microsoft Access ForumRules Engine by Gerald W: I need to build a rules engine database. I have search the internet for an example DB, however,I cannot find anything on the subject. Right now we have a buch of excel workbooks with business rules and control over the updates to the rules, who changed the update, when it was lasted updated, or any other nformation such as messages that should present when a  more...
Wed 9/17
Access 2010 Beginner 3Date Function by Joseph Beniacar: Hi Richard, Would the DATE() function update the cell with the new date "each" time you close it down and reopen it another day?
Tue 9/16
Microsoft Access Expert 11Open Form Multiple Conditions by Alex Hedley: If [ContactID] and [CustomerID] are on [ContactF] then when you open the form [CommunicationF] have their "Default Values" set to =[Forms]![ContactF]![CustomerID] and =[Forms]![ContactF]![ContactID] Alex
Tue 9/16
Weekly Access HangoutWeekly Access Hangout by lauro c: weekly access hangout is a great idea but since we are all busy and our time frames may not fit, you can do so Rich on your own convenience and just post it.. if you can staggard the time at different time of the day based on previous subcribers' recommendation and just post the time. Then you can probably save the encounters as an archive  more...
Tue 9/16
Microsoft Access Expert 11Open Form Multiple Conditions by Lynda C: Hi Richard There are three forms involved here. My CustomerF - which has all my customer info My ContactF - which shows people and their positions within the relevant CustomerF e.g Esme Cole - Sales Manager, Keith Cole - Property Manager etc and then I have my CommunicationF - which reports all communication  more...
Tue 9/16
Microsoft Access Expert 11Open Form Multiple Conditions by Lynda C: Hi Again, I mean when I am on the customers contact form, I want to click a button, that opens the CommunicationF, and have both the ContactID and CustomerID fields populate with the relevant details from the ContactF.

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