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be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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Sat 8/12
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Neil R: Hi, Converted my graphs to the MS Access internal Graph.Chart.8 recently. Initially no problems bit now although the data is visible in Design View cannot see it in Form View. Have there been any MS Access updates that would cause this? Using MS Access 2010. Regards and thanks Neil Reply from Alex Hedley: more...
Fri 8/11
Microsoft Access Email SeminarLesson 21 BulkMailF by Kristin Williamson: Regarding Lesson 21 - BulkMailF Total # of Emails in the OnOpen event does not work. It always returns the total number of people in CustomerT. This is because the default MsgRecordSource = CustomerT. I remove the default and get an error. Your sample DB also has the same error - any ways around this? Reply from Alex  more...
Thu 8/10
Microsoft Access ForumINSERT Error by Julius D: I just completed watching Access Developer 3; I created a label to quick add a location as per video # 4. But i kept getting a run-time error 3192 everytime I execute the command and it is location on the following code that I created. DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO VehicleTripLocationT (VehicleTripLocation) " & _ "VALUES (""" & Location & """)" The  more...
Thu 8/10
Microsoft Access ForumMore FIFO issues by Adrian K: I have a query which has 10 fields, 3 of which I want to Group by First. The object being, to automatically find the next roll of in date material, with the nearest expiry date and add it to a part manufacturing document. There may be multiple different materials for each part and multiple rolls in a lot. The fields are: Expiry Date (Date  more...
Wed 8/9
Visual Basic ForumArrayList Object by Kevin R: I need to store the values of a list of in VB2012 for later use. How do I use the ArrayList Object? Thanks! Reply from Alex Hedley: If this just while running the program or do you need to save it to disk?
Dim list As New ArrayList


For Each num In list
Tue 8/8
Microsoft Access ForumLibrary References Disappearing by Richard R: Good morning, Richard.... I seem to keep running into problems with the reference library. Videos that we've watched and then followed, using a particular reference from the library somehow gets changed. For example, the video that shows us how to create a calendar and schedule events. At some point the picture of the  more...
Tue 8/8
Microsoft Access Forumcompartibility issues when migrating to Access 201 by MUBEEZI M: Hi Rick/Alex, I decided to move from Access 2007 to 2016 but i have run into a lot of issues. 1. An ACCDE created using Access 32 bit 2016 cannot be opened by a 64bit Access 2016. But this was easy to fix. 2. Some data types in Access 64 bit dont exist in Access 32 bit (Like  more...
Mon 8/7
Microsoft Access ForumReverse code a value by David B: I am a psychologist and I want to keep track of questionnaires that my patients fill out - item level of detail. Many surveys have items that are reverse coded. That means on a survey that asks for a 1-5 rating, some questions will be worded in the opposite direction to catch inconsistent response styles. EG 1=5, 2=4, 3=3, 4=2, 5=1. In  more...
Sun 8/6
Microsoft Access ForumFailed Sub Form Relationships by Craig: Hi, I have 3 tables each joined by 1-M relationship. When I add the 3rd tbl to a master form as a sub form it does not see the relationship between it and the 2nd tble? I have verified the join between the 2nd & 3rd tables is valid and works when just these 2 tables are added as form - subF? Any advice much appreciated,  more...
Sun 8/6
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access 2016 DLookUp not showing result by Barbara M: Hi, I'm having a problem with any DLookUp shown in the course. It does show blank records instead of values. I've tried even downloading the example from website and it still doesn't work. Someone came across this problem before? Reply from Alex Hedley: Do you have the  more...
Fri 8/4
Microsoft Access ForumVBA for query by Eric M: A few days ago I posted a problem: I want a command button to use a saved query. At one point I found VBA code to open the query. Now; 3 fields in the results are check boxes. I want to fill 3 text boxes on my form(one for each field) if any of the queried records have a check in that field. *I know some VBA code so I'm not looking for an advanced user  more...
Fri 8/4
Microsoft Access ForumCombobox by Patrick V: In Expert 9 Lesson 3 (and other places) a combo box is built with 4 fields (ProductID, ProductName, UnitPrice, Taxable). The first (ProductID is hidden, that's ok), but how come in the form only the ProductName field is shown? The other fields are shown only when clicking on the button, but for existing records, only ProductName is shown. What feature defines  more...
Thu 8/3
Access Imaging SeminarMultiple Pictures by Won Duk Paik: Hi I would like to add the 2 or more data of employee picture (for example, employee picture front, employee picture left and would like show it on the form. do you have any VBA source to make this form? Reply from Alex Hedley: The course shows how to bind a field to a image source, why not just create a copy and bind to another new  more...
Tue 8/1
Microsoft Access Forum64 bit Access cant open 32 bit Access by MUBEEZI M: Hi Rick, Alex, Today i ran into one of those crazy scenarios. One of my clients has Access 2013 64bit installed on their computer. An now, the Access database i created in 32 bit cant open on his computer. I dont know why i have been "asleep" on this one. But i have to somehow convert the database to be  more...
Tue 8/1
Microsoft Access 307Does this also work on numeric fields by Kenny Nelson: Does this also work on numeric fields? Reply from Alex Hedley: Which option?
Mon 7/31
Access Developer 2 and 3 ReleasedAccess Developer 3 Released by Dennis O: Once again I am not able to view Access Developer 3 lesson. This happened with Developer 1 and then Developer 2 and now Developer 3. I took all of the Access 300 series and I am supposed to have the Access Developer lessons free each time a new one is released as an update.(301=Developer 1, 302 = Developer 2, 303 = Developer 3,  more...
Sat 7/29
Microsoft Access ForumPopup issue and Access 2010 issue by Gregory C. S: The six tabbed forms were massive, many with several tabbed subforms, filling 1920x1200 screens with very little white space. So, yes the 6 forms were much denser than what normal folks use and could cause memory problems, I decided. Compacting and repairing, almost daily, kept the database healthy for over 6  more...
Fri 7/28
General Discussion Forume mail by David R: I have sent multiple e-mails in the past 2 weeks about Access Developer class upgrades and partial purchase order receiving and have not gotten a response. Has anyone else had any luck? Reply from Alex Hedley: After each new class is released, a week later an email is sent out which gives you the choice to get the free upgrade or save it for a later lesson. D3  more...
Fri 7/28
Microsoft Access ForumUsing a Query as a Recordset by Eric M: I have: a command button(CrtLtrB) on a form(Qa11F) a query(TheQueryQ) that filters records from entries on (Qa11F). (TheQueryQ) has a Check box field(LevelSs) I need VBA for (CrtLtrB) to: Filter records using (TheQueryQ) and then tell me if any of those results have the check box(LevelSs) checked. This is what my code  more...
Thu 7/27
Access Search SeminarIn the SQL statement I have doesn t have a WHERE i by Richard Lanoue: In the SQL statement I have doesn't have a WHERE it has a HAVING. I'm having difficulty trying to write script for it but it doesn't take. can you do an addendum to this lesson for HAVING conditions? Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you searched more...

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