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Sat 2/11
Visual Basic ForumCreating a file by Kevin Robertson : Alex, The file needs to store passwords so I don't think a database would be a good option. Reply from Alex Hedley: Are there many? What are their purposes? You could encrypt them and store them in the app.config
Sat 2/11
Visual Basic ForumCreating a file by Kevin Robertson: Alex, I am currently working on a security application using VB 2015 and need to create a file that only my program can write to and read back into the program. What is the best way to go about this? Reply from Alex Hedley: Hi Kevin, What's the ultimate goal? Can you not store the data in a database, that way you can set  more...
Mon 1/30
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Relationship Seminar Inquiry by REMUS A: Hello, just want to ask about this Access Relationship Seminar. I'm currently going through the series of Access Learning, Beginner and expert, then i came accross this Access Relationship Seminar. Are the topics in the relationship seminar included in the Access Series ( Beg,Expert, Advanced? or on  more...
Sun 1/22
iOS App for 599CDNew Build by Alex Hedley: Build (1.0.17) has been sent out.
Fri 1/13
Microsoft Access Forumhow to increase a number by 1 by Michelle : hello everyone I am trying to fix up a database by rewriting it because something has gone wrong somewhere by the original writer my problem is I need to increase a number which displays on the form each time I add a new record currently it is using you auto number to do this Hope to find someone out there who may be  more...
Fri 1/13
Access Advanced 2 is FinishedAccess Advanced 2 is Finished by Edward R: Always look forward to your newest lesson. Happy New Year!!
Thu 1/12
Microsoft Access ForumIs it possible to use color indicators in Access by Masih O: Is it possible to use color indicators in Access? For example green light instead of Active checkbox or red light instead of Inactive and so on... Reply from Alex Hedley: You could have a textbox on the form and set the background colour based on the value of the textbox, toggle  more...
Thu 1/12
Access Advanced DateTime SeminarHow can I default a Date time field to a PM time v by Jim Ogier: How can I default a Date/time field to a PM time value? 99 percent of the date time entries are a PM time and it would save much time to default to PM. Thanks Jim O Reply from Alex Hedley: =Now() Or =Date() + x amount of hours to make it into a PM value.
Thu 1/12
Microsoft Access ForumGetting values from a Spreadsheet by Nicholas S: I have a stock database and two fields are stock number and quantity in stock. The physical stock-taking is done on a spreadsheet and I would like to maintain a link between my exisitng database and the spreadsheet. So some how I need it to match the stock number and update the quantity in stock field. Any ideas  more...
Wed 1/11
Microsoft Access ForumDMax by Michelle : hello everyone is there a way of having an auto number and a number e.g. for your client which would increase by one each time you add a new record and show on the field at the moment when the database was started the auto number was assigned to the customer ID and I want to be able to changes as I do not have to worry about the auto number if I delete a record I fought  more...
Tue 1/10
Access 2013 Runtime ReleasedAccess 2013 Runtime Released by Lester G: How did i set up trusted files in runtime Reply from Alex Hedley: You could put the file in an already trusted location: %LocalAppData%
Tue 1/10
Microsoft Access Advanced 1Microsoft Access Advanced 1 by Ngala Elvis F.: I really enjoyed the lessons i watch on youtube microsoft access 2013 tutorial level 1 part 00 to 12. and i wish to continue. Reply from Alex Hedley: You can Order more.
Mon 1/9
Microsoft Access ForumHow to autofill fields in 2 linked tables by Terry McKnight: I have a table with employees. Names, addresses, etc. I have a 2nd table with the 1100 phone numbers and extensions the company owns in it. An employee can have multiple phone numbers so it is a 1 to many. I need to be able to look up the phone table to assign numbers to an employee, but I  more...
Mon 1/9
Microsoft Access ForumSharing Databases by Fran b: Hi Once I've finished the course, I will be setting up a database that will be put on a shared drive for 3 members of the office to use. How do I ensure that the 'Security Warning' does not come up each time? Do I need to set up just one trusted folder on the network, or separate ones on each computer? Thanks. Reply from Alex Hedley: Have  more...
Fri 1/6
Microsoft Access ForumLACCFB LOCKED IS IT A BUG by Jonathan S: I am using Access 10 on a LAN. Even though no other user is logged on the LACCDB stays locked meaning I cannot get in to edit the database. Is this a bug? Any ideas how to fix? Reply from Alex Hedley: You could delete the lock file.
Fri 1/6
Microsoft Access Forumloan amortization template by Brendan: Was wondering if anyone had copy of the template here for 64 bit version of access? Reply from Alex Hedley: Is there a reason you have 64 bit installed? See this blog post.
Wed 1/4
Microsoft Access ForumGoogle Calendar Integration by Eddie P: Anyone done anything with API's for google calendar? Reply from Alex Hedley: You'd need an API key from Google first. What are you wanting to do?
Wed 1/4
Access Database Security SeminarListbox by Dan Gettinger: Disregard my previous question. Figured it out. Needed to add the relationship between the StatusT and the ServiceT.
Wed 1/4
Microsoft Access ForumCustomer and Order by Teresa T: I built 2 forms. One customer and one table form. Both are pulling from respective tables. On the customer form I placed a command button that links to the order form for that contact. Customer ID is an auto # and relationship to both tables is one to many. My order form does not link to the customer. Does code need to be written to make this  more...
Wed 1/4
Access Database Security SeminarListbox by Dan Gettinger: When I create the QUERY for the list box as you have done, I end up with a line for each status. Any idea why and what I need to change? Using Access 2013 if that matters. Reply from Alex Hedley: Why would there not be one for each Status?

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