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Sat 6/30
Microsoft Access Forumhelp with reports by Laurie V: I created a table in a table and it works very well. When I run a report from it, it gives me the customer ID number instead of the name associated with it. I need the name, that's in the second column. I how do I get the name to appear in my report? Thank you.
Sat 6/30
General Discussion ForumEmail by Ken N: as I send emails with attachments I wanted the comment line to have the first name of the customer followed by Please read the attached file. This would translate to Paula, please read the attached file. Automatically adding the name wasn't a problem adding the text throws up an error. So I then created a message field but it doesn't appear automatically and even when found  more...
Mon 6/25
Access Imaging SeminarComment by Frits de Beer: Launching the CD DLL is prevented on my desktop. Access yells at me that CD DLL is apt for 32-bits systems. I work on a 64-bits Windows10 desktop. What can I do?
Mon 6/25
Microsoft Access Email SeminarComment by Sean Kelly: What if I want to use the replace function, but not send the email to a group of people, just one? Is there a code for that? I don't want the code to loop through multiple people when I replace information for a particular recipient.
Fri 6/22
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Dennis O: What lesson covers a report that the form has a drop down menu title "Show" Paid Only, Not Paid Only, Invoice Only, etc. "Sort" By Order Date, Order Total, Amount Due, etc. with a text box saying "SELECT * from ? by ? etc.
Thu 6/21
Microsoft Access ForumTriple State Checkbox by Richard L: I have a triple state check box that defaults to unchecked. Once clicked it goes to null first then checked. Is it possible to go to checked first then null?
Wed 6/20
Access Search SeminarmultiTable List box by jannette j: Private Sub RequeryProjNoList() Dim WH As String Dim SQL As String WH = "" If ProjectNo <> "" Then If WH <> "" Then WH = WH & " " & AndOrCombo & " " WH = WH & "ProjectNo LIKE '*" & ProjectNo & "*'" End If If Technician <> "" Then If WH <> "" Then WH = WH & " " & AndOrCombo & " " WH  more...
Mon 6/18
Access Search SeminarComment by jannette jones: On Lesson 2o i cant seem to get the add button to add the project No to the list box my code is bellow. Private Sub cmdAdd_Click() Dim SQL As String Dim CID As Long On Error GoTo ErrHandler If IsNull(Forms!frmPLCProject1!ProjectID) Then MsgBox "No current customer record open" Exit Sub End If ErrHandler: MsgBox Err.Number  more...
Fri 6/15
Access Search SeminarComment by jannette jones: I have designed a search for that i use to search a ProjectNo and the search function works perfect but i have ADD button that adds a value to the list box so i can search that value on a fly. but it doesnt add the value to the list box im not sure why. the code for the the Add button is as follows. Private Sub cmdAdd_Click() Dim SQL As String Dim CID As Long  more...
Fri 6/15
Access Search Seminarmicrosoft Access seach lesson 19 by jannette j: When i go through the leson evererything works except when i click on the listbox data it just opens a blank record. i have went through the lesson 3 times not sure what i am missing and ideas on what i am missing.
Thu 6/14
Access Search SeminarComment by jannette jones: when i add the double click event and select a customer name a blank form pops up i know that that customer has a record. Do you have any ideas why this is occuring
Thu 6/14
Visual Basic ForumVscroll in VB 2012 by Kevin Robertson: I am attempting to add a spinner button using the vscroll control in vb 2012 to change a numeric value in a label. How do I determine which button is clicked on (up or down)?
Tue 6/12
Access Imaging SeminarComment by Jacob Swinney: I dont understand how to input the addendum posted on 7/29/2013
Tue 6/12
Access Imaging SeminarComment by Jacob Swinney: My images are being displayed 90 degrees counter clockwise. in order for them to be displayed properly they need to be turned 90 degrees clockwise. I attempted to rotate them in the file location but it did not do anything when i reloaded the form. any experience in the photos being rotated within access.
Tue 6/12
Access Imaging SeminarComment by Jacob Swinney:  Dan on 10/15/2012: Hi Richard, Great tutorials! I am having a problem though. In video 12 at 7:00 minutes you discuss the code for the image button. However, my image button causes an error with the "LaunchCD". It works ok if I follow it with just "Me". If I add the optional path to begin looking, I receive the error "Wrong Number of Arguments or Invalid Property Assignment."  more...
Mon 6/11
Microsoft Access ForumPrint using yes no DataType by Ingrid : Hello, I have a form with a yes/no checkbox, I would like to be able to print the reports for all the records that have been check. The print button can open the record and print 5 copies but I also would like to only print the records that have been selected. DoCmd.OpenReport "CertificatR", acViewPreview,  more...
Fri 6/8
Microsoft Access Forumstring concatenation by John M: I am having a small problem. I am trying to use a list box to show a list of forms, when you select a form from the list it will get the Record Source from that form. Here is the code: Private Sub List0_AfterUpdate() Dim stFrmName As String Dim stRECSorce As String Dim myName As String stFrmName =  more...
Thu 6/7
Microsoft Access ForumMacro Open Form Where Condition by Richard S: Hi folks, Is it possible to have a compound "Where" when creating a command button to open a form ? The example in Advanced 1, Lesson 3 is a good starting point. The condition is a simple "CustomerID=" & [CustomerID]. Is it possible (and how would you code) to have two conditions, such  more...
Thu 6/7
Microsoft Access ForumQuestion regarding Headers by Elaine K: I have a report that was created with headers. I added extra columns to the report. The underline of the header did not expand to include the new columns. How can I do this.
Sun 6/3
Microsoft Access ForumMouse right click stopped working by Gioia H: I had this problem. My fix was under File>Options>Current Database> Then under the section Ribbon and toolbar properties I had to make sure both the allow menus option were clicked. Then my users could right click and cut & paste, etc.

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