Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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Sat 6/24
Microsoft Access ForumRealtime Live Currency Exchange Rate by Ronny H: Hi there. Is there a way to build a function that automaticly download and calculate realtime online currency exchange rates? For example: I want to create a table that say "I bought this item in 2001 for $21. In 2001 this was about 190 Norwegian Krones (NOK). The items todays walye is $21 * to todays  more...
Fri 6/23
Microsoft Access ForumFirst In First out Query by Adrian K: I'm trying to write a query to identify the next item in a First In First Out system for the use of material with an expiry date. The material will have a unique Lot Number but there maybe multiple Rolls of the material each roll has a unique roll number. All of the material in the Lot will share the same expiry date. There may  more...
Fri 6/23
Microsoft Access 223Sort my OrderID descending in a form by Cheryl Hokanson: I want to sort my OrderID descending in a form. I wrote my row source as: = SELECT [OrderT].[OrderID] FROM [OrderT] ORDER BY OrderT.OrderID DESC The error message is: The syntax of the subquery in this expression is incorrect. Check the subquery's syntax and enclose the subquery in  more...
Fri 6/23
Microsoft Access ForumDate Problems by John M: using variables to hold the value then setting the values in the forms based on the variables. I apologize for having posted this problem as it was a programmers error (mine) while checking the variable I used for the dates holder, just now, I realized there was a typing error in the variable I used to set the value in problem form. I corrected the typing  more...
Thu 6/22
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Beginner Level 5 session 1 by Ronny H: I have tryed again, but I cannot get this function to work properly. Can anyone help me to find out what is wrong here: IN ("NY","PA","TX","CA") I also tryed to tabbing for it to autocomplete, but it still doesn't work. Is there anyway to post a screenshot in this forum for you to see? Reply from Alex  more...
Thu 6/22
Microsoft Access ForumSharing with multiple locations by Gioia H: Does anybody have experience sharing an access database with multiple locations? We tried hosting it on our server and having users VPN and use it but it's as slow as molasses. Somebody suggested using share point is that even possible? Reply from Alex Hedley: - more...
Wed 6/21
Microsoft Access ForumReturn without gosub by Bea A: I get "syntax error" when I click on compile Reply from Alex Hedley: Does it go to a particular line in one of your files?
Sat 6/17
Microsoft Access ForumReturn without gosub by Bea A: How to recompile in the VBA window? Reply from Alex Hedley: Open your MS Access database Press CTRL+G (or ATL+F11) to enter the VBE (Visual Basic Editor) On the Standard Toolbar, Goto Debug -> Compile "YourDatabaseName"
Sat 6/17
Microsoft Access ForumActiveX Controls by Tiziano F: How can I add "Adobe PDF Reader" to the list of ActiveX Controls? I want display pdf files in a form. I'm using Access 2016. Kind regards. Reply from Alex Hedley: Do you have Adobe installed on the machine?
Sat 6/17
Microsoft Access ForumDcount with 2 variables by Steve: Works great. Thanks for the solution and advice. Reply from Alex Hedley: Glad I could help :)
Fri 6/16
Microsoft Access ForumRacing Table Design by David L: Thanks, Alex! This was very helpful, but way ahead of where I am in my learning. Still working on the beginner lessons! The tasks I have laid out are: 1. Create tables to store the race results- looks like my Results Table, Race Table, and Drivers Table are coming along appropriately. 2. Create a form to enter new race results. 3.  more...
Fri 6/16
Microsoft Access ForumODBC by Lester G: I was thinking that I might need to relink the tables? and I have no I idea how to do that. Reply from Alex Hedley: If memory serves the Security Seminar shows how to link Tables with code.
Fri 6/16
Microsoft Access ForumReturn without gosub by Bea A: Nothing changed. I have now unlinked the table and made a new combo and it worked. After closing the data base and opening and trying again, I get the no sub again. Evidently the combo box gets corrupted when I close the data base. Reply from Alex Hedley: If you compile the db in the VBA window does it produce an error?
Fri 6/16
Access Tip: Download Images from WebTip Page by Alex Hedley: Added as a Tip page for easier searching.
Fri 6/16
Microsoft Access ForumDownload Images Tip by Willem E: Hi Alex, You posted the VBA code to scrub a webpage for all the weblinks and then download the images about 5 years ago. I cannot find it in the search, can you post it again? Reply from Alex Hedley: Access Tip: Download Images from Web more...
Thu 6/15
Microsoft Access ForumRacing Table Design by David L: I am a new Access user building a database to track results of auto races. So far, there are 18 races, each with 43 entrants (out of a pool of 58- since not every driver qualifies for each race). My question is- how should the table by designed to store the results? I am assuming that there will be one table to store the races, another  more...
Wed 6/14
Microsoft Access ForumODBC by Lester G: How do I use ODBC in Access 2013 Runtime Reply from Alex Hedley: Why is runtime the factor? If you create your db in Access then ship it and a user has Runtime not full version it should still work.
Wed 6/14
Microsoft Access ForumDate Problems by John M: I am having a problem with dates in a project. I have it set to enter a date into a separate form and then the entry is shown in another form. All date fields have the same formatting. what happens is an entry into the second form say 06/16/2017 when it goes to the other form I see 1/15/1900 or 12/7/1899.what is wrong? thanks in advance Reply from Alex  more...
Tue 6/13
Microsoft Access ForumShort Text to Long Text by Timothy A: Is there a method or control that will enable selecting long text items from a list into a text box on a form? Reply from Alex Hedley: what is your list? is this a textbox within a continuous form, a listbox? You can reference any control and tell it to show in another control in a button click.
Mon 6/12
Microsoft Access ForumDcount with 2 variables by Steve: =DCount("*","TrainingT","CourseLookupID=" & [CourseScheduleID] And "OJ=" & "True") I am trying to count all the records Where the course ID match & OJ= True. This codes shows all the values in the TrainingT. All records in the table are marked true, so far. Reply from Alex Hedley: Your quotes need  more...

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