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Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumRules Database by Gerald W: I am designing a rules database and need some pointers in getting started. If I have several different field names from different UI's should I group all of the fields into one table? For example: tblFieldNames would contain all the possible fields names of every UI or should I break the fields names into different tables by the system they represent? I  more...
Thu 1/29
Access 2010 Beginner 7Search for Customer by Julio Perez: Is there a way to create a form that you can add info to update the main table? By searching a specific customer, and just adding the details in the form? Reply from Alex Hedley: You could use this TIP.
Thu 1/29
Access 2010 Beginner 7Split across forms by Julio Perez: What if our data is large and we have to separate it into 3 different forms, how do you link all 3 forms to the same customer? Without having to requery each form. And have it update the master table with any notes or changes. Reply from Alex Hedley: Not that I like them you could use the new nav forms or use a tabbed control
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumField Table Name by Harry Mullin: I create a TID ("Table ID") field for each table and a TableT to list and describe all tables. The log function then references the TID and the field name which reliably references what I need.
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumScreenshot by Willem: How to take a screenshot and save it as bitmap. Richard maybe you can make a quick seminar about it? Option Compare Database Option Explicit Private Declare Sub keybd_event Lib "user32" (ByVal bVk As Byte, ByVal _ bScan As Byte, ByVal dwFlags As Long, ByVal dwExtraInfo As Long) Private Const VK_SNAPSHOT = &H2C Private Declare Function OpenClipboard  more...
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumExcel Functions in Access by Selby H: Dear Richard, Is it possible to use the Trend Function and others from Excel using both the Excel Reference Library and also using VBA?. Would make a great seminar, Using Excel Functions in Access All the best, Thanks so much for your knowledge on topics you cover. I have learnt so much from you. Excellent. Regards Selby Halfpenny  more...
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumField Table Name by Kevin: The log records any changes or additions made to the DB (deletions are recorded elsewhere). I want administrators to be able to associate every change to back to the table the information is stored at. Reply from Alex Hedley: I don't think there is a way to find out the Table a Field is linked to since each Table could have the same Field Names  more...
Wed 1/28
Microsoft Access ForumDLookup by Sonia: Seed, thank you. I will give that a try. At this point I have tried everything.
Wed 1/28
Microsoft Access ForumVBA instead of Macros by Norm: Alex I am sorry I didn't make it clear to you my question. My question was after I made the change you gave me it did produce VBA but no code all I got was this: Private Sub Add_Click() End Sub I tried to convert a Macro and it did but the converted code didn't work, this is what I got: Ambiguous name detected: Ctl_Add_Click Reply  more...
Wed 1/28
Access 2010 Beginner 6Zoom in on Form by Phil: I'm on A2010 and working with a form in Design View. I would like to zoom to see my placements better (as you do from time to time during the course) but cannot find a zoom utility. An online search suggested shift + F2 but this did nothing. Another suggested changing display resolution but that seems silly. Can you advise? Thanks in advance. PT  more...
Wed 1/28
Microsoft Access ForumField Table Name by Kevin: I'm creating a "Log" form my DB. One of the items I want to record is the name of the table the particular field is related to. Reply from Alex Hedley: To get a better understanding of what you need can I ask why? Are you wanting to dynamically work out the Table given the Field name?
Wed 1/28
Microsoft Access ForumDLookup by Syed Ehtesham H. Shah: Sir I always use this in my projects, if u give the same name to ur textbox or combobox as u give it to ur field in table the Dlookup can't work unless we change the name of textbox or combobox other than field name and here one thing "&" sign never works in Dlookup formula case thats why I always change textbox name other than field name if i do it will  more...
Wed 1/28
Microsoft Access ForumCall function update text box by Simon R: sorry the fist 3 line should be Public Function PCase(FeildName) Dim FixedText As String FixedText = StrConv(FeildName, vbProperCase) the end of this sub should update the text box but dose not i know the code is running right as the msgbox display the the right thing(msgbox well be Removed) Reply  more...
Tue 1/27
Microsoft Access ForumVBA instead of Macros by Norm: Thanks Alex, it worked except it didn't generate any code, just a place to enter the code. As you already know the macro generates the code. is there any way the code can be generated in the VBA Reply from Alex Hedley: Ah sorry thought you meant you want to use VBA instead of Macros. If you want to convert an already made Macro to  more...
Tue 1/27
Access Calendar SeminarAbbreviatate by Timothy Holm: My calendar is up and running and works great! Thanks for that, but I had to change my forms a bit and now its annoying me... The issue: I have so much info I want on the calendar I had to abbreviate for example. I have a customer like Access Learning Zone on my Form / Database, in order for it to fit on the calendar I would abbreviate it as "A" ....  more...
Tue 1/27
Access 2010 Beginner 2How do we make the screen smaller by Julio P: the db I am creating only has 4 buttons per form, so when you open the form you see all this etra blank space. How can we make the form open just in the size we want it to show? Sort of like setting up a print area in excel. Reply from Alex Hedley: Lesson 6 explains the difference between Overlapping Windows  more...
Tue 1/27
Access 2010 Beginner 2How do we make the screen smaller by Julio Perez: When creating a form, how do we make the screen smaller to adjust to the information on the screen and not all the empty space. Reply from Alex Hedley: I'm not sure I understand the question Do you want to fit the content into the form?
Tue 1/27
Microsoft Access Forumcharting in a report by Chris J: I've gotten the same advice, and the easiest way I could figure to do that was to cut and paste it over. Two other methods, at least to my limited knowlege... 1) Export from Access. Access allows me to export to a specified Excel workbook, but not into a specified cell location. It wants to overwrite the entire Excel workbook. 2)  more...
Tue 1/27
Access 2010 Beginner 9Add Existing Properties by Steve Reed: Never mind, I had to bring one over first, and then I was able to bring the others over.
Tue 1/27
Access 2010 Beginner 9Add Existing Properties by Steve Reed: Level 9, Lesson 1 When I click on "Add Existing Properties" and get the Field List, I can highlight, but I cannot drag the items over into my Form?? Reply from Alex Hedley: Do you mean Add Existing Fields? What is showing in the Field List in the Property Sheet? Have you set the Record Source of the Form to your  more...

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