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Mon 1/21
Access Web Data Sync SeminarMobile Wunderground Code by Kristin Williamson: Taking this seminar in 2019. Doesn't look like the mobile wunderground code works anymore. Do you have any updated code? Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you tried applying the principles to another page on the site? For instance "" and parse the page in the same way, just find  more...
Sat 1/19
Microsoft Access ForumLock Table by Normand G: On my Call Back Form, when I click on Open Customer Button, this pops up: You tried to lock table while opening it, but the table cannot be locked because it is currently in use. Wait a moment, and then try the operation again. Reply from Alex Hedley: Is the Customer Form already open?
Fri 1/18
Access Tip: Open Form to Specific RecordForms to specific size by Dana M: I have a vague recollection of a DoCmd.Run acCmdSizetoFitForm... I know I learned it from you, but I can't recall which video course it was associated with. Our company is stick and staying with MSAccess 2007 - we have older Windows XP & Windows 7 that work perfectly well for all our needs. I would love to find courses from you that  more...
Wed 1/16
Access Open Other Programs SeminarWindows Explorer by Richard L: No, unfortunately. These don't stay for long. I was hoping there was a code.
Tue 1/15
Microsoft Access ForumUpdate to 320 thru 323 by Richard S: Hey Richard, Any thoughts on when you plan to update/refresh the 320 thru 320 courses ? Hope all is well & till later, Rick Stockstill
Mon 1/14
Access Database Security SeminarCtl ControlType by Sue Bartlett: Gosh.... missed the "e" in textbox
Mon 1/14
Access Database Security SeminarCtl ControlType by Sue Bartlett: Hi Richard, I'm running Office 365 and coding this. It keeps "gagging on the Ctl.Locked and Ctl.Backcolor when I try to run it. Is there a change in the VBA code now? I THINK I checked my code against yours and it looks the same. For Each Ctl In Me If Ctl.ControlType = acTextBox Or Ctl.ControlType = acComboBox Then  more...
Sat 1/12
Microsoft Access Forumseminar on accdb deployment by Rajan A: HI, I request you to make a seminar on deployment of access projects. This will help your students very much. Rajan
Wed 1/9
Microsoft Access ForumBilingual by Normand G: We need to somehow have a bilingual system... we have both French and English customers. How do we go and do this? Thanks Norm
Tue 1/8
Microsoft Access ForumLooking for an Access pen Pal by Roy Zanca: Hello, I m an Access enthusiast not looking for a pen pal but an Access Pal to talk through some of our 599 Access Training Challenges. I m sure we all agree It s always helpful to have a phone visit when Access Challenges arise. If you feel as I then please email Roy At
Thu 1/3
Access Open Other Programs SeminarWindows Explorer by Richard Lanoue: My Problem: Some folders I open with the Shell command I'd like to have an Extra Large Icon View and sort alphabetically. Some folders I'd like to have when opened, List view and sorted Last Date Modified Desc. Since these files are on an external drive, the setting I set them to, do not stay for very long. Is there and Can you show me some  more...
Mon 12/31
Microsoft Access ForumUppercase by Sunil: Thanks Alex..
Thu 12/27
Microsoft Excel ForumSubtract Days by Daisy B: Is there a way to have a spread sheet subtract days... for example. I enter a date and I want it to count the data for 180 days then on the 181 day, it should stop counting. Reply from Alex Hedley: Do you have an example? You enter a date in a column. You want the next column to calculate 180 prior to that?
Mon 12/24
Microsoft Access ForumBeginner Level 7 by Normand G: I am starting Beginner Level 7 and now when I open my CusomerF I have a "Enter Parameter" that opens and asking for "CustomerTFaxNumber". I do I get ride of this? Thank Norm Reply from Alex Hedley: Does 'CustomerTFaxNumber' exist in your Table/Query?
Sat 12/22
New ReleasesNew Releases by Anthony N: i was interested to see what new release there were out ther, Reply from Alex Hedley: The Home page has a "New Releases" section which is kept up to date. The Blog has a "News" section.
Tue 12/18
Microsoft Access ForumFit to Screen by Joseph M: Any chance of getting a future session on using some of the new fields in Access for screen adjusting? Looks like the tools are there and it would be great to get some education. Reply from Alex Hedley: Which New Fields do you speak of? What's new in Access  more...
Thu 12/13
Microsoft Access ForumSplit database and network interuption by Karen R: Hi...Just to reassure, I have had the same problem since our IT department moved our networked drives into the Cloud over 12 months ago. It used to happen as frequently as eight times a day so very frustrating. It has nothing to do with your database being encrypted and locked or with a backend/front end  more...
Wed 12/12
Access Imaging SeminarUpdatePicture function by Jacob Swinney: I am not able to get the UpdatePicture function in my VBA code to fire everytime that it should. The only time that it updates is when I make a change to the field holding the file name. I.E. if i were to select a new picture via the command button, or if I erase a character in the field and replace the character with the deleted  more...
Sat 12/8
Microsoft Access ForumUppercase by Sunil S: How can I make first letter uppercase in my field data, for eg. FirstName field, irrespective of, in whatever case, I type in that field. Reply from Alex Hedley: You can add Formatting on the Form StrConv
Wed 12/5
New ReleasesForm Border and Title by Scott S: Richard: I have been searching on how to customize the forms (as you have done) where the form title is centered, and the border is visible (and colored) - uDialogF form for example.

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