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Mon 4/15
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Patrick V: Clicking on a combobox in a continuous subform should set focus to the record holding the combobox, but it does not. It simply sets the focus to that record, and I have to click a second time before the on-click event is executed. Why ?
Tue 4/9
Microsoft Access ForumComplicated Reports by Richard W: I am trying to print a report that works in Aaccess, BUT is now formatted to my liking. Therefore, I want to print it in Word (wish it were WordPerfect). My problem is that that there are about 85 "people" many of whom have more than one address, and all of whom have more than one telephone and more than one email. Using the "do not show  more...
Sun 3/31
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Patrick V: In the OrderDetailT table, we keep the ProductName as a field. Is this not a violation of the relational database concept? Rather than copying the ProductName from ProductT into OrderDetailT, can we use a DLookUp in the OrderDetailF to display the ProductName?
Sat 3/30
Microsoft Access ForumCounting a multi field value by Isabel I: I'm making a report. I want to count number of consultations but there are 3 different types (Atty, pro per, and ECCT). How can I add a "Total Consultation" box to a report which shows the total number of "atty" consultations and "pro pers" consultations (but excluded ECCT)?
Thu 3/28
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Susan W: I purchased Access 2010 courses. I am assuming that they are still beneficial to me even though it is not the most updated version available. What is your opinion??
Fri 3/22
Microsoft Access ForumSubform requery by Brandon J: Hello, sir. I have a subform set up as a continuous form. On this subform I have the fields [Description], [Price], [Quantity], and [LaborTime], in that order, from left to right. I have a requery event set up to run on the after update event of the [Price] field that sets the focus to the [Quantity] field. Then, an after update event of the  more...
Wed 3/20
Access Tip: Salary HistoryAccess Tip Salary History by Dwayne: This tip works great to find the employee's current salary. I know also that you can use the Min function to find the employee's starting salary. But, my question is how would you find employee #2's middle salary? I have a database where we track salary over the entire year and in some cases the employee may be promoted/demoted  more...
Tue 3/19
Microsoft Access ForumCommon Dialog DLL by Richard L: My computer at work was updated. The database I created used the Common Dialog DLL in your imaging seminar. To get rid of the compile error, I had to type PtrSafe in the declarations. Now when I used the Launch CD function to open up MS popup window to select a file I want to choose, I get an error message. How do I fix this?!?!?!? Also there  more...
Fri 3/15
Microsoft Access ForumTest Results by jannette j: I dont know if this can be done but i have QE test that is tested on a daily basis if the location gets a Positive hit for listeria it gets tested for 14 days. In that 14 days it hits positive it tested 14 days straight that the results must be negitive if the test hits positive again we go back to test at day one again. Is there a way tyo write this in  more...
Fri 3/15
General Discussion ForumTheater by Nicholas M: Is there a way to speed up the video content in the theaters so I can listen at 1.25x or 1.5x speed in a similar manner to most podcasts or YouTube? Thanks
Fri 3/15
Microsoft Access ForumDate ranges and with multiple date entrys by David W: Joe is an employee who uses the company van. He checks it out over 2-3 days (Date range?) over 6-8 times a year. How can I keep track of Joe's usage and, of course, others who would use this van?
Fri 3/15
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by David W: Need Help. How do you add date ranges with a specific individual. For Example, Joe Jones used a company car off and on for several days over the last year. How can I keep track of date ranges (calculate them) and add multiple date ranges to Joe Jones?
Thu 3/14
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by david P: Hi, You spoke with going over recordsets in developer levels but I seen no evidence of that and I have taken 1-12? Please advise
Wed 3/13
Access Imaging SeminarComment by Richard Lanoue: I had to use PtrSafe in my Declaration on the code because it wouldn't compile. Now that I get the error message to go away. When I click to launchcd I get mesgbox file not selected. the browser doen't open a window for me to select a file to go to. Pleas advise. It worked on my old computer and now that I got an upgrade it doesn't work. What do I do?
Wed 3/13
Microsoft Access ForumUnexplained Tables by MICHAEL J: I have some unexplained tables appear in the navigation plain. There are 12 in total and all begin with MSys, for example MSysAcessStorage, MSysACEs and MSysNameMap. They are all grayed out but I can open them but not delete them. Can anyone explain what they are and how they got there. I have even created a new Db and these tables are there  more...
Tue 3/12
Microsoft Access Developer 12Microsoft Access Developer 12 by Richard R: test
Sat 3/9
Microsoft Access ForumNew Computer by Richard L: I got a new computer from work and when I try to access my dbase, I get this error. Compile error: The code in this project must be updated for use on 64-bit systems. Please review and update Declare statements and then mark them with the PtfSafe attributes. When I delete my modules (Common Dialog and Shell exec) it works but I don't have that  more...
Thu 3/7
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Brandon J: Is Mr. Rost okay? I d love to learn about loops and recordsets and continue our other projects we ve been learning in class. I pray him and his family are well.
Wed 3/6
Access Imaging SeminarComment by jannette jones: i also want to add a button that allows the user add a attachment. Any advice on how do that
Wed 3/6
Access Imaging SeminarComment by jannette jones: I can not seem to get my next or previos buttons to work on the attachments my code is the same. Option Compare Database Option Explicit Private Sub Form_Current() aCount = PicAttachments.AttachmentCount aFileName = PicAttachments.FileName End Sub Private Sub NextButton_Click() PicAttachments.Forward End Sub Private Sub PrevButton_Click()  more...

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