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Wed 6/19
Microsoft Access ForumMenus by Steve O: I know that Access has switchboard and forms that you can put millions of buttons on to select what you want to do. I can also make a form with navigation tabs. Is there a setting that will make a "normal" menu like on nearly every other program? The File Edit Search View Etc., selections with their accompanying dropdown selections.
Tue 6/18
Microsoft Access ForumComment by John M: I am using a split form. The form contains eight dates which are the dates mandatory learning modules were completed. I have a code in the completed date which turns the back colour yellow when within 30 days of being out of compliance. The same If Statement turns the back colour red on the anniversary. The form gives an at-a-glance view of the statuses I need a code to update a  more...
Tue 6/18
Active Server Pages ForumActive Server Pages Forum by KELVIN W: I wrote my first ASP page in NOTEPAD and saved it as Default.asp but it would not open in Internet Explorer. It did open with Firefox but it didn't show the current time. I guess Firefox doesn't support ASP. Any suggestions?
Sat 6/15
Comment by Kirsten H: I was just logging on today to see what's up with Dev 13. Hope you're feeling better!
Thu 6/13
Microsoft Access ForumUpdate to 320 thru 323 by Richard S: Hi folks, I have inquired about this before, but did not receive any sort of reply. ANy thoughts on if/when the RECORDSETS courses (320s) will be "refreshed" ? Hope all is well & till later, Rick S. San Antonio, TX
Wed 6/12
Microsoft Access Forumprinting access forms by Lara P: How do I print just one form in Access instead of all of them?
Sat 6/8
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Calendar Seminar by KELVIN WILLIAMS: In lesson 10, the VB code for Command 4 was simplified by replacing "Reports!MonthlyCalendarR(S1)" with just "Me(S1)". How does Access know what "Me(S1)" means. Was it defined somewhere?
Fri 6/7
Microsoft Access ForumSmall Office Networking Class by Richard R: I'll be covering setting up a network in a future Windows class. Setting up your Access database on a network will be coming up soon.
Fri 6/7
Microsoft Access ForumBetween Dates by Richard R: Use the BETWEEN keyword. Covered in Beginner 3.
Sat 5/25
Microsoft Access Developer 12Microsoft Access Developer 6 by Robert S: Is the handbook for developer 6 available>?
Sun 5/19
Microsoft Access 307Cascading Combo Boxes by Nikola Virijevic: What should I do if there are three combo boxes and two of them depend on the 1st combo box? You show how they depend on each other. In your example on the basis of a country selection, a user can see states and on the basis of a state a user can see cities for each state. When I do a cascading combo box in a continuous form,  more...
Thu 5/2
Developer 13 by Dennis O: How Soon
Tue 4/30
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Doug R: Issues transitioning from Access 2010 to Access 2016. When opening a a large report that has scrolling, the report splits in half - half the report scrolls and the other half remains stationary. Anyone else have this issue - more importantly, anyone else have this issue and have a way to resolve it? Thanks.
Mon 4/29
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Anthony P M: I am trying to build a genealogy database. (Its like walking into a mine field)My first problem is when I run my age calculation for people it works fine but for the people who have passed away it still shoes there age, for example Joe Smith is 239 years old. How do I correct this situation.
Wed 4/24
Microsoft Access ForumCopy and paste by jannette j: Is there a WAY TO DISABLE COPY AND PASTE IN A DATABASE?
Mon 4/22
Microsoft Access ForumAdding multiple linked docs to SubForm by Melodie P: I've followed the Access Open Programs and Imaging courses to create a SubForm to open and link documents to my form. I also have a button that takes me to the folder where my docs will be saved on the server (common dialog DLL). How do I get this to work so that, when I find my document, and click "open"  more...
Mon 4/22
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Patrick V: I posted a question recently about a combobox not getting focus on the record in the subform it is placed in. After analysis, it turns out that this was caused by setting focus (SetFocus) on the combobox in the vba code of the form. After removing that statement, everything worked as expected. I do not understand though how setting  more...
Fri 4/19
Visual Basic ForumDetermine case in combo box by Kevin Robertson: Hi Alex, I am looking for a more efficient way of writing the following code; 'set the case for items in combo box If strMediaType = "cd" Or strMediaType = "Cd" Or strMediaType = "cD" Or strMediaType = "dvd" Or strMediaType = "Dvd" Or strMediaType = "dVd" Or strMediaType = "dvD" Or strMediaType = "DVd" Or  more...
Fri 4/19
Customer TestimonialsKid in a Candy Store by John Davy: I started watching the SQL 3 videos as soon as I downloaded them. I love them! I am like a kid in the candy store with your videos. I worked for the state education department for 30 years supervising teachers and you are the best I have ever seen. You are smart. You are masterful with Access. Most importantly - you are a great teacher! You  more...
Mon 4/15
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Patrick V: Clicking on a combobox in a continuous subform should set focus to the record holding the combobox, but it does not. It simply sets the focus to that record, and I have to click a second time before the on-click event is executed. Why ?

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