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Mon 9/2
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Kenneth M: I'm not sure if you covered this or not, can Excel formulas be used in Access?? . For example: I have a formula of =IF('TrainingDate'="",180-TODAY()-'RegistrationDate',""). My students check into a course and are required to complete the course within 180 days. What I would like Access to do is to calculate the days between the two  more...
Thu 8/29
Microsoft Access Forumlegend by jannette j: I need to be able to create a legend for a report in MS access does any one know where i can find information.thank you
Sat 8/17
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access More Users by Marinus v: I work a couple years with Microsoft Access. And I follow this because to learn a little more. Is somebody know how I can create a database where more people can work with. I try to create a new database with the tips and tricks what I learn in this training.
Wed 8/14
Microsoft Access ForumVendor Sub Form Product list by Curtis D: When I put the vendor sub form onto the Vendor form, it show all the products, not just the ones we get from that specific vendor
Fri 8/2
Microsoft Access ForumSpeech to text by Eddie P: Anyone have any experience using speech to text for users to fill in Access forms?
Tue 7/23
Visual Basic ForumVISUAL BASIC by KELVIN W: I have Windows 10 and I cannot find Visual Basic on it. Any suggestions?
Mon 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumMerging 2 columns of list in 1 Combo box by Emad A: Hi, If I have Columns has list of any kind of list, and I have another list in the same table or in another table, How can I merge 2 columns lists in 1 combo box?
Mon 7/15
HTML & Web Design ForumHTML SPELLING by KELVIN W: Over in the UK, us Brits spell some words differently for instance we spell color as colour and center as centre. You might want to point out to UK students that unless they use the American spellings, their HTML will not work. Believe me, I speak from experience.
Fri 7/12
Microsoft Access ForumExport Email Greyed Out by Nicholas C: Hey, Team - I just started working with the email seminar and noticed I can't get through the first video since my External Data > Export > E-mail button is greyed out. It's also greyed out in print preview. Any idea why this would be? I am using Access 2010 on my work computer and the only References selected are... Visual  more...
Tue 7/9
Microsoft Excel ForumDynamically change VB Macro to Project name by Perry S: Good Morning Richard I need some help if you would please I have an Excel workbook that has a very detailed macro to make it work. And it does work well, I use the lessons from your Access classes to help me through it. What the code is doing is it is coping and pasting the data from the one  more...
Tue 7/2
Microsoft Access ForumComment by Alexandra R: I am creating a database for an assisted living community. I would like to create a "New Menu Item" Form, in which I create a form for a new menu item (ie Liver and onions, mashed potatoes), where I can have a form and easily (for front end employees) be able to add a new menu item and (here's the kicker) all possible food restrictions that may apply to all residents. I already  more...
Tue 7/2
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Forum by John M: I used a Calculated Field with an Expression [FieldName] + 1069 to add three years to the date of the FieldName or equivalent for two years and one year and so on.
Sun 6/30
Visual Basic ForumDetermine case in combo box by Alex H: How is strMediaType being set, is this a input that a user can input? I tend to change the case first then you know you only have to check say all lower. The other option is to intercept the key entry and force it to be upper/lower etc then only check for the allowed option.
Sun 6/30
Microsoft Access ForumCopy and paste by Alex H: Maybe intercept the "KeyUp" event, check what key(s) it is and stop if it's a combination.
Sun 6/30
Microsoft Access ForumMenus by Alex H: You could add a custom ribbon, but there isn't a MENU control like you get in .NET, at least not natively, there might be a COM control you can pull in or someone might have written a custom one but you might need to change your may of thinking if you have a DB instead.
Sun 6/30
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Calendar Seminar by Alex H: ME is a keyword. MS Article: The Me keyword behaves like an implicitly declared variable. It is automatically available to every procedure in a class module. When a class can have more than one instance, Me provides a way to refer to the  more...
Sun 6/30
Microsoft Access Forumprinting access forms by Alex H: Lara Reports are for Printing, Forms are for viewing/updating data. See tip: Microsoft Access Open Report
Sun 6/30
Active Server Pages ForumActive Server Pages Forum by Alex H: Hi Kelvin, ASP stands for Active "Server" Pages, this means you need to host the code in IIS and have it serve the pages you have written.
Wed 6/26
Microsoft Access ForumCompatibility issues migrating from 2010 to 2016 by Gregory S: Our split Access 2010 database has been working nicely for years. It, of course, has lots of Richard Rost stuff in it like DLookUp() and Hyperlink Part 2 stuff in it. Some of our users were upgraded from Win7 with Office 2010 to Win10 with Office 2016. Something broke on June 13 while  more...
Mon 6/24
Microsoft Access ForumComment by Richard T: I am following "Access Database Synch Tutorial. WebBrowser0.Navigate "http:\\" This works fine. WebBrowser0.Navigate "http:\\" This does not work nor any other of my web sites. Any solution ? I get the error "expected identifier or number"

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