If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Sat 9/9
Hurricane IrmaHurricane Irma by Antony L: Good Luck Buddy!!!!
Fri 9/8
Hurricane IrmaHurricane Irma by Lisa A: Richard, praying for the safety of you and your family. I wish you would reconsider and get out of there while you still have time. It's not worth the risk. Take care and stay safe!
Fri 9/8
Hurricane IrmaComment by Joe H: Godspeed Richard. Take care of yourself.
Fri 9/8
Hurricane IrmaHurricane Irma by Russell S: When I was younger I might have stayed too. I'm older now, I can't even remember how smart I am. You got my payers but you can't take them to the bank. God Bless and Good Luck, Not the Andrew kind.
Fri 9/8
Hurricane IrmaHurricane Irma by Glen R C: Be safe!
Thu 9/7
Microsoft Access ForumVBA commands not working in my version of Access by Waitangi C: I recently purchased the Access work order seminar package. None of the VBA commands used in this tutorial work in my version of Access 2016. What can I do about this? I've even opened the sample database created by Richard and none of the commands work. Reply from Alex Hedley:  more...
Thu 9/7
Asset Management Seminar Part 1Asset Management Seminar Part 1 by Shane J: Can't wait to see Part2
Wed 9/6
Access Payables Seminarref payeelist sorting label by John Hubbard: In lesson 13 04:40 ref payeelist sorting label code - getting compile error sub or function not defined when clicking on payee label. The RequeryPayeeList is highlighted. Thanks in advance.. Reply from Alex Hedley: Does that exist on the form? Did you rename the List?
Tue 9/5
Microsoft Access ForumIssue with subform by David C: I have created a database for our company that tracks projects, customers and employees responsible for the projects beyond other things. On the dashboard of this database I have created multiple subforms to display projects at different statuses filtered by a combo box that is bound to the employee ID. The problem I am having is when I change the  more...
Mon 9/4
Microsoft Access ForumShare SharePoint Database by Sandra M: For people to connect to a sharepoint db from their local machines. I do have an access database in the documents library of my sharepoint site, but there have been some overwriting incidents... Reply from Alex Hedley: When you say Sharepoint Db do you mean a Custom List?
Sat 9/2
Microsoft Access ForumTo many relationships to one ID by David B: that is correct
Fri 9/1
Microsoft Access ForumTo many relationships to one ID by David B: No. There is too much data for one single test table. There needs to be individual tables for each test. Can access handle this or should I look at pursuing SQL Server or Oracle? Reply from Alex Hedley: How are you linking the Patient to the Tests? Does each Test Table have a Foreign Key of PatientId. When  more...
Thu 8/31
Microsoft Access ForumFinding the Difference of Time by James G: I'm trying to calculate a rate at which we melt some metal. I have a time & date stamp for the start and end of a melt. I want to have the weight of the metal divided by the difference of the time. EndTime-StartTime doesn't work. If I use Hour(EndTime) - Hour(StartTime) it doesn't work once I hit midnight. If I include  more...
Thu 8/31
Microsoft Access ForumShare SharePoint Database by Sandra M: Please show how to share a database using SharePoint! Reply from Alex Hedley: As in upload a Db in sharepoint for people to use download manually and use? For people to connect to a sharepoint db from their local machine? There were a number of changes to the Web Services for Access and Sharepoint recently.
Thu 8/31
Access Work Order SeminarSearch for Quotation Marks by Vincent Dyas: Hi Richard In the UK we often use the " symbol to mean inches. so a 2 inch pipe can be named 2" pipe for example. When using your code reproduced below , Access returns an error when looking for something that has " as part of its name. Is there any way around this please ? DoCmd.OpenForm "CustomerF", , ,  more...
Mon 8/28
Microsoft Access ForumMissing Fields by Shane J: No they calculate for a final field NextBirthDay which will be on a form. They have been deleted from the Query in Design View where even if they are unchecked they should show.
Mon 8/28
Microsoft Access ForumPrinting Suggestions by Charles G: Hello, I have designed an invoice report containing two subforms on displaying parts to be repaired on a vehicle and the other subform display the labor. I want the data sheet grid to show on the print out of each subform including the blank space within each subforms boarder. Does anyone have any suggestions? If further clarification is  more...
Sun 8/27
Microsoft Access ForumQuery Filtering Out Certain Values by Nick C: Thank you, Alex, for reaching out. Here's the SQL. I set begin and end date fields in a parent form to constrain the data but this is proving to be problematic. In a perfect world I would have a combo box that selects the month and whether or not to show FADate or IDate. Any insight based on this SQL would be  more...
Sun 8/27
Microsoft Access ForumTo many relationships to one ID by David B: There is a table for each test. One grand tale would be too large Reply from Alex Hedley: As in it would have too many fields as you need different fields for each test?
Sun 8/27
Microsoft Access ForumAccess DB by Greg Davis: Had to reinstall Windows 10 recently, when I loaded Office 2016 back in I found that when I ran a database I had written that I could no longer scroll with the mouse wheel which is a huge pain when your trying to move thru your file list - Have you ever come across this problem - I've tried everything I could think of but no luck. Scrolls with no problem in  more...

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