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Access Developer 14

Courses > Access > Developer > Level 14 > Contents Begin: Lesson 1

Welcome Guest

Lots of people have asked me to build an easy-to-use and easy-to-customize POS system in Access. Access Developer 14 covers just that. We will begin building something that I call the Easy Access POS.

I'm doing something new - I'm posting the lessons here on the web site as I'm recording them. So you'll be able to watch the database being built and give me your feedback after each lesson in the comments below, and hopefully I'll be able to answer your questions and incorporate your ideas right in the videos! I'm excited.

When I'm done with all of the POS lessons, I'm going to also put them together as a seminar. However, only my Developer students will get access to watch the videos as they're released, and to comment and participate in development.

There will be extra, additional material in Developer 14 that is not related to the POS database. I've got a lot of extra material, tips and tricks, etc. that I've already prepared that will be added. So if you are a Developer student, you're in the right place. You do NOT need to purchase the POS Seminar additionally.

Begin Course: Lesson 1. The Database Structure



  • Full Course Description Page
  • Outline of Topics Covered
  • Handbook PDF - this gets written when all of the videos are finished
  • Skills Test Quiz - this is coming back very soon, and will now be user-editable, meaning you'll be able to suggest questions!
  • Certificate of Completion - this is getting a complete overhaul
  • Post-Class Survey -  I'm going to start making these PUBLIC so everyone can see


Lessons 2 and 3 posted Link 
Richard Rost     
Thu 6/25
OK folks. Lessons 2 and 3 are online. Enjoy
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Add Product Group Link 
satish narayan     
Wed 6/24
Hello Richard
So happy to hear learn about upcoming Developer 14.I am suggesting,for the products we add a Product Group level as well.Every Product Group will have many Product Categories and Product Categories will have many Product Items. Read More...
Richard Rost    
Thu 6/25
Hi Satish. We could go many levels in groups and comments. That's certainly a possibility in the future. I think for now we're OK with just a Category, a Product, and Options. If enough people want to see ANOTHER level on top of that, we can add it towards the end of class without a problem. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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Where is Lesson 2 Link 
jannette jones     
Wed 6/24
where lesson 2 im ready to start
Richard Rost    
Wed 6/24
Patience, Grasshopper. LOL. I'm working on it today. :)
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Access Developer 14 Link 
Mubeezi Micah     
Tue 6/23
Thanx Rick. i will spare time and listen today
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Notes to Self Link 
Richard Rost     
Mon 6/22
While I'm developing a class, I like to keep a notepad list of things that I think about to add to the lessons. I normally keep them in a TXT file in my course folder on my PC, but I think I'm going to start putting them here so you can view them and make suggestions. Feel free to comment.
Richard Rost    
Mon 6/22
Credit Card Number Verification: users may be typing credit card numbers in, so we need to verify it's a good number just based on the digits and the math before moving ahead. People type things in wrong. Check to make sure the card number begins with 3, 4, 5, 6. Check to make sure it's 15 or 16 digits long. Do a Luhn check (a mathematical formula to verify the card number). Check the expiration date. Make sure it's in the future. Make sure if it's this year that the month is greater than or equal to today's month.
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