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Visual Basic 102
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

If/Then, Inputbox, variables, random numbers, For/Next, Looping, image controls, PMT, build a loan calculator

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I would like to learn how to implement Comment from Genet Pinna @ 4/18/2014
I would like to learn how to implement ">" and "<" function in the program.
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Symbols Comment from Genet Pinna @ 4/2/2014
Can we write a program using ">" and "<" symbols or value?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I don't understand the question. Can you please elaborate?
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I really love your courses Comment from Gborglah Isaac Ahetoh @ 7/23/2012
I love learning and have your courses to be part of my life.

I really love your courses; they are very interesting and educational.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Well, thank you very much. :)
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Comment from JOHNY METTA @ 6/4/2010
when are gonna be more courses of vb?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Probably towards the middle of summer. I've got several other projects I need to finish first... and based on the results of the WAITING LIST, VB is not in the top couple of titles that people are most interested in.
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 1/15/2010
As long as you don't have the "option explicit" command specified, you don't HAVE to DIM your variables, although it is a good idea.
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Comment from Tom @ 1/11/2010
But in your calculator form you did not Dim the variables in VB 101.  You just typed = firstnumber, so when do you dim vs val?
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 8/11/2009
Douglas, no they will not be automatically added. This is something that you'll have to code yourself, and we'll cover it in a future lesson.
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Comment from douglas clelland @ 8/10/2009
If I type in a sales rep who is not on the combo list will they be automatically added to the list?
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MsgBox Comment from Richard Rost @ 4/24/2009
Karl, I think what you want to know is covered in VB106. I show you how to use the MsgBox function to return a value (yes, no, abort, retry, cancel, etc.) which you can then use in your code. Here's the page: http://599cd.com/site/courselist/vb/vb106
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Comment from Karl Peters @ 4/24/2009
What helps me and what i like to do after watching your tutorials several times, is to take what i have learned so far and try to make your projects just a little bit more elaborate just for the practice and discovering new things. My question is, in the times table quiz in video 4 of lesson two, we created a FOR NEXT Loop. What i attempted to do was create a times table where as one can click on a command button 1 thru 10. And each command button would come up with a one times table all the way to a 10 times table (Yes i had 10 command buttons, each one representing a times table. Ex... Command button name OneTimesTable with the caption of "1" and another command button named TwoTimesTable with the caption of "2" etc....
all the buttons worked great, got the user to put an answer in an Input Box and told the user as to whether they they were right or wrong. Everything worked just like it should have and wanted to. My question to you is, what i tried to do (just to see if could do it, helps me learn proper structure of the language) was to add another input box and have it pop up after the user puts the answer in and a MsgBox pops up telling the user "Correct" or "Incorrect" Then i added another input asking a person to "Continue" Y or N. What i am asking (after being long winded with the explanation LOL) is, how can i get another InputBox to pop up after each iteration in the loop is asked, come up with an input box ask the user if he or she wants to quit while in the middle of a loop and end the sub. So far i have not been successful. I know your busy, but i am very curious
Karl Peters
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Comment from Karl Peters @ 4/17/2009
Oh, by the way, when it came to programming, i ALWAYS for some reason, had a major problem with arrays, indexing, and looping. As to for some reason i really want to know more about programming databases. For the first time, i am finally getting somewhere in understanding about the indexing, looping, and arrays and how they all fit together. After all the books i've read, it's finally sinking in, love your video tutorials....great product
Karl Peters
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 1/19/2009
Robert, if you are dealing with a TEXT BOX on a form, then VB sees that data as a TEXT STRING. You need to use VAL() to convert it to a number.

If you are using MEMORY VARIABLES then you don't need VAL() because you've already specified when you DIM'd the variable what type it is (integer, etc.)
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Comment from  Robert @ 12/16/2008
Richard - I liked Access so much I wanted to start this course too. Here is my question: In VB101-5 at 9:00 you are showing us to use the val function to get the math to work. Without the val as in Answer= val(firstnumber) + val(secondnumber)it would not compute. But then in lesson VB102-1 and 2 you do not need to use the val function to calculate the commissions, why? what did I miss. Thanks
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