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Genealogy Seminar Part 1

Welcome to the Microsoft Access Genealogy Seminar, Part 1. Total running time is 8 hours, 12 minutes.

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Conditional Formatting Link 
Anthony P Mitchell     
32 days ago
Hello Richard, another question if I may? In my Genealogy database on the PersonF page I have added a Combo box which shows the relationship of all the individuals to the "Home Person", I am the Home person. So for example when the person page is opened on my Father in the Combo box up comes the word "Father", for the individual Charles, my Granddad comes up in the Combo box, so I can see what relationship every one is to me. Now what I have tried to do is Color Code the individuals in the Combo box to show for example, Descendants, ancestris, Not related etc. but am unable to do this! I am not using VBA and I cannot get this to work, any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
Richard Rost    
28 days ago
You shouldn't need VBA to do this, just some conditional formatting. You may need to use an expression though because it sounds like you want to format based on the value in a different column of the combo box (descendant or ancestor). See this video on Conditional Formatting with an Expression.
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Genealogy Database Link 
Anthony P Mitchell     
44 days ago
Dear Richard can you please advise!

I have been progressing through the Genealogy Database, adding members and checking that everything is working. With the exception of the People list all is well, but! Read More...
Richard Rost    
44 days ago
Email me your screen shots at and I'll take a look as soon as I have time.
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Genealogy My Documents Link 
Anthony P Mitchell     
2 months ago
Hello Richard, I am getting through building the Genealogy database, struggle sometimes but learning all the time. It is absolutely fantastic just what I have been trying to build for a number of years. I have one question, "My Documents", do I still need to make this an Attachment in my Datebase or a Short Text. I think I have missed some thing? (Sorry)
Richard Rost    
2 months ago
You can leave the Documents as attachments if you want. I end up switching the Pictures over to Short Text because it's better that way in the long run (and there's a bug in Access we have to work around). I strongly recommend making EVERYTHING external files and NOT using the attachment type, but if you want to, it's OK for now. I'll be doing more with this in Part 2.
Anthony P Mitchell    
2 months ago
Thank you Richard much appreciated.
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Header Control Box Settings Link 
Anthony P Mitchell     
2 months ago
Richard, I must apologise for asking this question, I should know the answer! In a number of your forms, the header control box your text is centralised, for example your form PersonF, and some of your background colours are also changed to black. Are the settings in the property tables, if so where, please give me a clue. Thank you.
Richard Rost    
2 months ago
I'm not following you. Could you point out a specific video and time index so I can see what you mean. What do you mean by "header control box?" As far as colors go, no, those are never set in the table. Colors and other formatting are specified in form design.
Anthony P Mitchell    
2 months ago
Sorry for my lack of knowledge; Genealogy Seminar Part 1, Video = Calculate Age, Lesson 4. If you look at the form ""PersonF" that is being developed (Time 2:21). the very top section, above the form and page header. How do you centralise the word "PersonF" and how do you change the colour in this section?

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Genealogy Part 2 Features Link 
Alex Hedley    
3 months ago
Add the Map a Location in Access TechHelp to the Person, could register their cemetery plot
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Same pictures with diff names Link 
Juan C Rivera     
3 months ago
Richard I lost something in the Genealogy files when we made the change from attachments to link.  Everything is working fine up to the point in there are no pictures the tree gets refresh but the old pictures remain like it looks for something to put in and when there is no picture it fails to remove the old.  if you did a fix let me know if not where do I go.  I'm on lesson 9 Should I wait to the end and see if this bug was fixed?  asfor the name in the field stay with married.  this will make folks go to the life events... LOL   Read More...
Richard Rost    
3 months ago
Pictures: I think this was fixed in lesson 11 with the bug fixes.

Names: I've been using married names in mine and listing maiden names after them. I'm going to add more fields in Part 2 so that you can type in either and if you add a married name it will add that as a life event for you. As I've been using the database more for my OWN personal use, I've come up with lots of enhancements like that which I want to add.
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