Learning is not attained by chance, it must
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Customer Testimonials
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

These are testimonials from actual customers. Thanks for all the kind words. Feel free to add your testimonials below.

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Original Testimonials Comment from Richard R @ 9/1/2007

These are copied over from the original Testimonials page, before I had them in Blog format:

I owe a lot of my computer knowledge to your programs. They have helped me especially when we were making major revisions to our website. You do an excellent job and your teaching method and courses are excellent. Besides being low-cost they are very effective tools for training new users in the use of the many computer applications.

Bob Souza, Hawaii SCORE
(Service Core of Retired Executives)

I just attended my 60th class reunion. I was in charge of the data base that we have kept in various forms for many years. I upgraded it to Access after taking your classes. I received so many compliments for the great job I had done organizing the mailouts, making name tags, etc. that I wanted to share my many compliments with you, since none of this would have been possible without your training videos. Thanks again for all you do.
Bea Anderson
Walterville, Oregon

After my book was published, I received lots of advice to "let the experts handle" my website. Fortunately, I found 599CD and haven't looked back. I bought the FrontPage courses, and received HTML as a bonus. Although I use a template as a base, I certainly enjoy the freedom and immediacy of being in control. I have 599CD to thank for being my catalyst.

Brian Walsh

FP 101 is dynamite! What a pleasant surprise your CD was. Please feel free to use me in your testimonials, your CD is excellent.

Dennis Romano

I've just received my order placed for PowerPoint and Front Page Beginners Lessons. These are really nice. I'm quite pleased and want to recommend these products to friends and colleagues in the future.

Lisa Links

I did place an order for Windows 101, 102, 110, Word 101, Excel 101, and Access 101. And I just placed another order for PowerPoint 101 and Visual Basic 101. I have Windows 98 se and XP and have used Windows, Word, and Excel for several years. I haven't completed the Excel and Access classes yet but am very pleased with the beginning classes and have recommended them to my friends. Even though I am not a beginner I found that I learned several things from each of the beginning classes and am looking forward to the release of the advanced classes. The price is right which makes it easy to recommend the classes as excellent and a real bargain.
Thanks for such a great product at a reasonable price.
James Dahl
Morgan Hill, CA

I really like the VB 101, and Access CDs that I have purchased. Nice Job. I am looking forward to your more advanced classes! I believe I already have 3 of my colleagues checking out your site this weekend.

Melanie Potter

I just received my Photoshop 101 CD and I must tell you that it was not what I had hoped to receive. It SURPASSED my expectations, and it was extremely helpful in getting me started. I'm looking forward to getting the second Photoshop CD, and would gladly pay $5.99 for more advanced lessons as you release them. Good luck and much success to you and your company.
Sheila Dee

I ordered a whole range of courses... and the download classes are VERY educational and easy to learn from. Richard Rost has not only the technical know-how but also great instruction skills, a talent for anticipating the student's difficulties and repeats basics just enough to ensure the message gets across. Great lessons at very affordable prices!

Soren Jung

I wanted to tell you that your products are the best kept secret on the web. I found them so helpful I just ordered two for my mom who is 70 and just purchased her 1st PC. I know that they will be easy for her to operate and comprehend.
Kerry Lawless-Linde
Norristown, PA

I am a qualified I.T. Teacher/Trainer & I train in MS OFFICE but I always like to see how others train and indeed catch-up on aspects that I may have overlooked or to help boost my own knowledge. I have always found VB & Access difficult topics & I would like to compliment your organisation (& Mr. Rost) on how very good the training is. I also think that the products are VERY GOOD VALUE. The only thing that worries me is that your organisation COULD PUT ME OUT OF A JOB!

Well done to all at 599CD.COM!

John R Smith
Wordimpact Computer Training
Bedfordshire - UK

I have taken several of your CD courses and they truly are excellent. Richard Rost is a personable instructor with a good sense of humor, making it a pleasant experience.

Hank Lotz

I just wanted to give you some feed back. I have been wanting to learn Access for the past year but thought it was too difficult. I tried books, etc and it overwhelmed me. Then I came across 599CD and I bought Access101 & 102. To my surprise, I was astounded at how easy it was not only to learn the basics but the more advanced techniques as well. Now I am constructing my own databases not only at home but also at work, your 599cd lessons have made me a hero and also I might mentioned, earned a raise too! I am so happy I found 599cd...my fear of learning computer knowledge is NO MORE! I found your lessons to be very easy to operate and follow. It's amazing! I will continue to progress in my knowledge of computer software with 599cd. You have found a lifetime customer and I will definitely share this with all my associates! Thank you again for such fine products and your whole staff should be commended.

A now proficient Access programmer...
John A Marcelle
Yonkers, New York

I am a new customer of 599CD and just want to let you know how impressed I am with your courses. Your website is everything you promised it would be and then some! Richard is so personable in his instruction and the courses are so easy. I was at the point of having to rearrange my work schedule to attend classes at our community college to learn more about my computer when i found your site. Not only is it easy to follow and learn, the cost is so low I never would have gotten this detailed instruction going to college without paying a fortune. I would recommend these courses to anyone and have to several of my friends already. If they don't take advantage of what you have to offer it will be their loss. Again, thank you so much for your great product. Your online chat is awesome-Denise is a doll and answered all my questions and resolved a minor problem I was having with Paypal immediately. You guys are the best! Will order more from you in the future as I advance along.


I just wanted to say that I ordered the combination CD with all the classes that were available at the time, and have downloaded several free lessons since then. It has been fantastic! I am so happy with the quality of the classes and Richard's teaching style. I work in a law firm, and we are going to switch from WordPerfect (which I've been using since version 4.0) to Word as of January 1. I only hope I can do as good a job teaching our staff as Richard has done teaching me!
Pam Faust 

May I congratulate you Richard, and your Company, for the finest course I have ever had the fortune to experience. Many thanks for the pleasure you have given me. More of the same cannot come quick enough, I look forward to it immensely.
Peter Tapply 
Southampton, England

Two words: "absolutely fabulous!" Ever since I purchased my first PC, I always felt I needed to attend our local college to learn how to use it. Now, with 599CD, I can finally learn everything I need to know about how to use my PC to my advantage! Having the handbook along with the excellent videos will allow me to practice, practice, practice. Thanks Richard. Great Products! Very clear and precise content and vocals on the video presentation. I like being able to download and print the handbook as well. I loved the video, but I'm kind of slow so the handbook helps me tremendously. I am very happy I found your product! Your instructions are very clear and easy to understand and a pleasure to listen to over and over again! You make something completely new to me a joy just to learn! As an old high school drop-out, believe me that says a lot. Thanks again.
Ralph Byrnes
Longview, WA

I've been using Excel for about 8 years or so, but most of what I know has either been imparted to me by friends or just discovered on my own by experimenting. I was amazed by the amount of useful info I picked up in the Excel 101 & 102 classes! As long as I've been using Excel, I never bothered to try to find out what the all the buttons on the toolbars that I didn't recognize actually did. I'm so pleased that I no longer have to right-click and go into Format Cells to do things like Merge and Center, add borders, format for currency, etc. And I never even knew that the Format Painter even existed! Thanx for a great product, and have yourself a splendid week!
Lyle Johnson

I have purchased VB 101 thru 106 (only on VB 105 as of yet) and I just have to say that one day I was looking for some VB tutorials on CDs or books or any kind of tutorials. Then I came across the 599cd tutorials. I saw the price and thought, what the heck it was only a few bucks, so I purchased it.

From the moment that I played the tutorial on my computer (VB101) I found it very easy to follow. As I went thru the lessons all the way to disk VB105, I still found it easy to follow. I have tried for years to learn programming of some kind, from C, Fortran, Cobol, etc. but ended up getting lost and frustrated.

Your tutorials somehow got thru to my brain. You made learning via your CDs quite easy to follow. You manage to keep up the user's interest, not boring us with details that don't need to be mentioned at a specific time. I also like the fact that as a human we tend to forget things at times, so it's really nice and handy to have all the instructional software installed on my computer so I can go back and check how I messed up. So far I've always found my answer.

All in all, I just have to say that I do enjoy watching the videos and I am learning alot about VB, far more than I thought I could, and your instructional videos made it possible. I just want to let you guys know what a great product I think you have.

Karl J. Peters
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