An investment in knowledge
pays the best interest.
-Benjamin Franklin
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Customer Testimonials

These are testimonials from actual customers. Thanks for all the kind words.

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Quality Attitude Link 
Brian Clark 
Sun 8/2
Which courses: Access 301-305

What did you like: Easy to understand pace, good review, excellent real world examples of using the training in our business

What did you NOT like: small window view - 640x480? Read More...
Richard Rost    
Sun 8/2
Thanks for the detailed survey, Brian. I really love to hear from my students like this. I don't always get around to replying to them right away (in fact I still have a folder full of them going back MANY years) but as promised, I do read them all EVENTUALLY.

Small window: Yeah, that was something I was on the fence about for years. On the one hand, a smaller video keeps the file sizes down (which makes for faster streaming) and it allows you to fit the video on your screen alongside the application. At the time I started 599CD back in 2004, these were both important issues. Fast-forward to 2020, almost everyone has high-speed Internet and larger (if not two) screens. So I made the switch to HD last year. I love it. More room for me to play.

More real-world examples: I always try to walk that line between giving enough examples to educate, but not doing too many so that I get accused of "padding" my lessons with filler. But you're right - I'd rather err on the side of giving MORE examples.

Knowing which lesson you're on: The classic Theater does store a cookie in your browser which will show you the last lesson you played. Not sure if you used that or not. I'm working on a method in the NEW system that will show you which courses you've completed and which videos you've watched. That's coming soon.

Different back-ends: yes, it's taken me too long to put this together. I'm finishing up a Seminar now on connecting Access to SharePoint. SQL Server is next. In today's pandemic "work from home" atmosphere these things are becoming necessities.

Attitude: I love hearing from my students. Review, surveys, feedback, and especially the new student forums are all awesome tools for staying connected. I love being more involved with your learning. It's not just about recording videos for me. I actually miss the days of teaching in the classroom where I could interact personally with my students.

Thanks again!
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Not Too Much Detail Link 
Ad Laarhoven    
Sat 8/1
What I really like about the course, are several things. First of all the lessons are explained extremely well. They are very easy to follow. It's every time a joy to follow the lessons. Besides, at the beginning I also like the general approach without going too deeply or too much into details like how to make relationships between tables etc. Or another example how to create a table without going into details about the properties of each fields. The courses are very well organized. Also the lessons are not too long, they are just the right amount of time.
Richard Rost    
Sat 8/1
Thank you so much for your kind words. See, that's always been my philosophy: a BREADTH-FIRST approach to learning. I like to give a broad overview first, then a little more detail, then a little more. You don't need to know EVERYTHING about creating tables FIRST, and then everything about queries. I give you just enough to chew on, then a little more. Many other courses, and especially books, teach DEPTH-FIRST. You don't need to know table details like referential integrity and cascade delete before building a basic form. This is fine for reference materials, but not for a class.
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Computer Aided Dispatch Link 
Austin Ritner    
Sun 7/19

Your lessons have helped me tremendously from day one. I was able to make a computer aided dispatch system because of your videos. I'm going through the beta testing now, and hopefully to make it active soon with local security agencies. Read More...
Richard Rost    
Sun 7/19
Awesome! Glad to hear you were able to make something that important using my videos. You made my day. :)
Austin Ritner   
Sun 7/19
You've been a great asset to the creation of it. With that being said, there's one thing that I wouldn't even know where to start on.

If there's an address entered into the "Dispatch A Call" form, for example 123 Easy St., I would like to be able to have a button that will search for any previous calls at that address.

What would you suggest?
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Well Oiled Videos Link 
Adam Smith 
Fri 7/17
I have greatly appreciated the pace, tone, & the content of these videos. They are very easy & fun to listen too. I have been very impressed & look forward to watching them. I think they are well oiled videos so far. Read More...
Richard Rost    
Fri 7/17
Thanks, Adam. I appreciate the kinds words.
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Best Online Course Ever Link 
Anne Cowden   
Fri 7/17
RE: Work Order Seminar

This is without doubt, the best online course I have ever taken. I have spent the last 12 hours totally absorbed in it. Having such clear and concise instructions and the ability to pause and watch each step over is a great way to learn. Read More...
Richard Rost    
Fri 7/17
Thank you so much, Anne. I appreciate it!
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