Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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Customer Testimonials
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   1/3/2007
These are testimonials from actual customers. Thanks for all the kind words. Feel free to add your testimonials below.

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I have enjoyed your lessons Comment from Anne M @ 4/12/2017
Richard, you are one of the few instructors that makes learning easy. You have the ability of taking a student with zero knowledge in a subject to them being able to comprehend technical nuances. I appreciate the way you articulate technical concepts and explain why it is done a certain way and you also give us your preferences. For a student who is not in a classroom setting with the ability to ask questions as the lecture is taking place, I find with your lessons, you have answered all my questions by the end of the lesson. I have enjoyed your lessons.
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New found skills Comment from Piakis J @ 1/26/2015
My mom had a job as a Marketing Director for over 30 years. She used legal pads for her work as her company was not computer based. well she found herself in the job market with little just basic computer skills. Her new job required her to be able to make flyers, Letters and some power features of Word. I started her on the videos, She started to gain confidence and using word. She was able to "fake it till she made it". She feels that she would have been fired had she not watched the videos and be able to be Word experienced in a short period of time.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

That's great to read, thanks for sharing
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Great Training Tutorials Comment from Anne @ 5/29/2014
we think you have a really great way of teaching.  We actually have online classes here at work for Access, however I was having the hardest time following them.  I then started searching the web and came across your series on YouTube and found that these are the first online classes I have ever took that didn t either put me to sleep or lost my interest in the first few minutes.  Your training videos have greatly increased my awareness around databases, of which our company relies on a great deal.  So thanks and keep up the great work!

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks for the kind words, Anne. I'm glad you enjoy the lessons. I try my best not to put people to sleep, but then again, if I did, I could remarket my lessons as a sleep aid. :)
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You truly understand Comment from Brian H @ 3/22/2014
I am so glad I came across your free tutorials on youtube. I have since purchased your beginner series for Access and I must say it's about time I found someone that teaches this program in an easy to follow way. You truly understand the building block approach to teaching. I will absolutely be purchasing the intermediate and expert classes offered on your site. Thanks again!

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks, Brian. I'm glad you're enjoying the lessons.
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Best Courses Comment from Tiziano F @ 2/7/2014
I agree this is the best course on Access that I have found online. After this discovery I'm not looking for anything else.
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I feel like Im treated as a VIP if I ask for help Comment from Jane Sanders @ 12/5/2013
When I began developing a new business four years ago I knew that I'd need a database to make it run smoothly.   I  am mostly self-taught in computers, acquiring my first PC in 1984.  Building a database seemed daunting to me in spite of my experience with computers and I asked several programmers for assistance to no avail.   When an acquaintance suggested I try YouTube to get instruction I was skeptical, but with the third year approaching in my business, I had to take the plunge.  I am so glad to have found Richard on YouTube!   His instruction is full of useful tips and tricks and his style is very easy to follow.  I quickly became a subscriber to MYOLP at the Expert level and followed all the lessons in sequence. In 8 weeks I went from barely understanding the difference between a table and a query to a working database that carried me through my biggest year yet!  I haven't finished the lessons, but I learned enough to get by for a few months.  There are areas I need to redesign and I am eager to get back to learning more about the capabilities of Access.  I am expecting more growth in 2014 and know that with Richard's instruction I can take my business to a level I never expected to achieve.

I am most impressed with the excellent customer service I have received - personal responses to questions.  I feel like I'm treated as a VIP if I ask for help!   My clients are very happy, too, which is extremely important to me.  Thank you, Richard!

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks, Jane.
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Learned Something in Each Class Comment from Joni M @ 8/1/2013
One thing I've learned after getting through your Access beginner classes (I'm starting the expert classes now) is, no matter how much I thought I knew, there was something I learned from each one of the begginer classes and was able to improve my database(s) right away.
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Rave Notice Comment from Sylvia B @ 7/8/2013
This is a rave notice about Richard! You have been prompt and courteous, to say nothing of being an excellent teacher. I have been with you many years and enjoyed each course. Thank you, Richard,
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Was Struggling in College Comment from Dan H @ 6/13/2013
Thanks Richard!  When I first contacted you about 6 weeks ago I was seriously contemplating dropping my college Access course I was so struggling. Since ordering some strategic Access beginner and expert tutorials from you I have been aceing the course ever since!  I now know where to turn when I need Office help. You are a great teacher, seriously. Thanks again. Dan H
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I love these classes Comment from Chris Paras @ 5/20/2013
I love these classes!  Access is tough, one of the toughest learning curves in my opinion, but definitely one of the most rewarding.  It's actually transforming my life and has allowed me to remove myself from 'employee' to now 'business owner' of my own commercial construction company. I know that's crazy, but Access was that one variable to give me enough courage to think running a business doesn't have to be so difficult if all of your forms, reports, and tracking were right at your fingertips, which now they are and I keep dreaming up then designing all of the possibilities.  It's addicting isn't it? Thank you for everything. You've been a huge asset and you do a wonderful job at teaching this class!

Paras Construction Group
Chris Paras - President
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After Several Attempts Comment from Jocelyn @ 3/25/2013
Thank You! After several attempts to find lessons in Access online I finally hit the right link!  Am enjoying and understanding the program much better ... hopefully will be hired for a conference registration job.  Will keep you posted.
Again my thanks,

Reply from Richard Rost:

You're very welcome. Glad you're enjoying them.
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Doubled my score on Excel test Comment from Marla @ 3/25/2013
I purchased the beginner excel class after scoring only 33% on an excel test. Listened to your course and doubled my score within a week. I did not know how I was going to afford it because I am unemployed and no money but I did. It was worth it I am sure I can score higher each time I listen to it again. Thank you.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks, Marla. Glad it helped.
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Really Impressed Comment from Selby @ 3/16/2013
Fully with you Yvon, Richard is the best, great teacher, great explanation of subjects (My Interest is Excel and Access). Have not looked back since listening to Richard Rost. Regards Selby
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Really Impressed Comment from Yvon Ouellette @ 3/15/2013
Hello Richard. I'm really impressed by the quality of your teachings. Until this morning, I hadn't even heard of MS Access. I had started to learn Excel so I could set up a database for an online business I want to set up eventually. When I heard that Access was the best way to go, I attempted to learn it by looking at several YouTube video tutorials. But they all left me confused and discouraged---until I came across your tutorials. You have a gift for explaining complicated subject matter in a way that is easy for us to follow and understand. I'm currently watching #9 of your MS Access 2010 for Beginners - Level 1 series. I fully intend to purchase whatever advanced course you have to guide me into developing a good solid database for my business. In every industy there are those who take so much pride in their work, and who care so much about the experience of their customers, that they end up delivering an absolutely outstanding product. You're among these people. Thanks again! Yvon Ouellette, Ontario, Canada.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks, Yvon!
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Simple but powerful Comment from John, Stamford CT @ 2/14/2013
I like the way you explain things simply, but powerful. Additionally, the way you create our mindset that we are Access developers from the start.

Also, simply love the way you mention where relevant advanced concepts that will be covered later.

I also love the forums where we can state what is hindering us from moving on.

The video plus the PDFs really make learning easier.
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My Appreciation thank you so much Comment from Liz @ 1/1/2013
I have been online many years, stumbling in the dark. Guess what!!! it's not so dark any more.  I do regret it took me so long to find your system.
Happy New Year and beginnings....

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks for the kind words!
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Straight to the lesson Comment from Vannak @ 12/8/2012
You're the best! I have compared your computer teaching vs. these people or other areas of my interest of Learning Access and other apps. "Microsoft Access 2010 Bible", "CBT Nuggets", "Lynda Access Teaching", Jeff Conrad's "Microsoft Access 2010 Inside and Out"; these people went too much blah blah blah. You go straight to the lesson instead of repeating "Four scores and seven years ago ...our father brought a ..."

Richard, you basically get into the actual demo on HOW TO DO things visually that it would take about 300 pages plus to read and understand it. So I have not seen any teaching among the other other videos. Congratulations Richard! You got my back and keep up the good work. This is the real Computer Apps for Dummies that teaches NON-NON programmer or INEXPERIENCED computer users out there grasp their knowledge real quick without going through pages and page from the book. Normally our first basic lesson would have taken at least 300 pages to understand to comprehend by reading it.

It's easy, fun, and visually educational. You just opened up my mind Richard! Awesome! I can't think of any other way than to apply your knowledge to those out there who need help with their computer learning skills.

Virginia USA
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Your style is so enjoyable Comment from Bonnie @ 12/7/2012
Dear Richard,

Periodically I have received an invitation from you to answer a quick survey on how I have enjoyed your videos. I believe I have answered once, but I know I have ignored others. Not because I have had no opinion, but because I felt a quick survey was an inadequate answer!

So now I am making time to respond more fully.

I have been trying to learn Access for a couple years. I have some very good books which I have studied as I can and use as reference. I have looked at some Microsoft on-line tutorials or help files. I have received from a few friends some other video tutorials. My first major problem with this project is my own time to devote to this. May life is extremely full! But nothing has helped me learn as much as your tutorials. They are, for me, the best.

Your teaching is clear, methodical, easy to listen to and generally easy to follow. And oh yes, often you make it fun! (Most people think I am kind of crazy when I say I am enjoying learning and working with Access!) As you advise, I usually listen before trying to do the examples, then go through the video again, slowing working along with you. I find this extremely helpful. If what I am doing does not seem to work as your examples do, with patience I can usually find my mistake. I was thoroughly stuck at one point in the SQL 2 Seminar and asked for help on the forum.

I am very grateful for the forum and for your tips. When I get an announcement of a forum update I try very hard to look at it, even if some of what is being discussed has no meaning for me at this point. Much IS helpful and I know as I need more information I will be able to search the site for entries about different topics.

Richard, you have been kind and generous to me (thank you, again!) but I see you being kind and generous over and over and I thank you for all of us, for making your web site a joy to visit. You are always kind and patient in your forum responses. When a while back someone questioned your teaching and the increasing costs, I cheered all who came to your defense. I had no time to respond myself then, but I was grateful others did so. You are so far from ripping anyone off! And I think the costs of your tutorials and seminars are reasonable and very up front. Thanks, too, for making your site light-hearted at times. Your generosity also is present in letting us buy the Beginner Access tutorials and then upgrade to the 2010 Beginners as they are available. I have eagerly awaited each of these and try to study them soon after a download.

I think you pace things well. Yes, I sometimes get tired of the preliminary info in the beginning of a new tutorial, but I think it is necessary, and I move through it quickly. I needed it once myself and I think it is wise to have it there. I am moving toward the completion of all that I received from you (and the continuing upgrades in 2010) and I am very grateful for it all.

My last couple months have been over-full with community demands (including two funerals, lots of guests, fall harvest, computer problems not related to Access) and I have had no time to work on the Access development for our office needs. I have found this frustrating, but what has helped me has been grabbing what time I could to keep working on your tutorials. This has kept Access fresh for me and continued my learning. Like you, I am a night-owl, so often that is the only time I can do this. Unfortunately, our community schedule begins early in the morning, so my night time Access interest and study often has to be curtailed!

If anyone were to ask me where to start in learning Access, I would certainly refer them to your sight. Your style is so enjoyable, Richard. Thank you. I know this is long, but it is truer feedback than a simple survey.

I pray for you and all you serve.

Bonnie from Ontario
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Best Courses Comment from Ted S. @ 11/1/2012
Richard, I have retired over 7 years ago and have taken your courses years before that. I have been recommending your courses even up until today. They are the best, informed and easiest courses to learn and nobody has yet to beat your prices. I was a former technical instructor and had access to many other courses offered and yours was the one I liked and recommended the most. Best wishes, Ted
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Teaching style is nice and clear and concise Comment from Karen Gee @ 10/8/2012
Richard:  My spreadsheet experience before taking your course of "Excel 2010 Beginner-Levels 1-5" is mostly a style of 'self-taught' and I wasn't aware of the many shortcut or style techniques for time saving and enhancing the look of large spreadsheets. I have a more comprehensive understanding of all the basic functions now. Your teaching style is nice and clear and concise. You make learning Excel fun! Thank you! What's next for this student? On to the Expert level!

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks, Karen! I'm glad you enjoyed the lessons. Yes, the Expert series is next. There are 10 levels of that right now. I'll be working on Advanced and Developer lessons for Excel this winter.
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Testimonial Comment from Steven Schuyler @ 9/26/2012
After having purchased 4 of your seminars (Work Order, Security, Accounts Payable, and Data Encryption), I had a past client come to me looking for revisions to his database that I made for him about a year ago.

This time, I totally redesigned the database using most of the skills I learned in your seminars. The biggest difference I noticed was that as problems came up in my programming which as you know no programmer can be perfect with coding a database, I was able to easily diagnose and fix the problems on my own without too much effort. I knew right where to go to find the source of each problem to fix them, all thanks to the knowledge I gained from your courses.

Thank you so much, the cost of your seminars was well worth it to me for what I got out of them.


Steven Schuyler
Berkeley, CA
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Testimonial Comment from Wayne G @ 8/3/2012
I have gotten several emails asking for feedback on the classes I've purchased. To sum it up, the classes and seminars are nothing short of perfect. I am getting EXACTLY what I need out of them, although there is so much information that it takes me a while to assimilate it all - and keep up with my day job. I consider this a great problem to have ;-) Keep 'em coming. I'll keep learning.
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Customer Testimonials Comment from Steven S @ 7/30/2012
I got the Security Seminar yesterday and spent ALL DAY watching it all the way through and WOW!!!!!, I feel like I am light years ahead of where I was just 24 hours ago as a programmer.

I took the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses in Access Database programming from UC Berkeley in Berkeley, CA. But, even with all of that knowledge, there have been a lot of gaps in what I know about Access and how to use it.

My personal background is 20 years in Retail and Customer Service, so I am using the concepts I am learning in the Security Seminar to develop an application that will operate a Retail Store. Users, Customers, Suppliers, Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and a section for receiving merchandise when it comes in, and inventorying it into stock. Doing returns from customers, etc.

Now that I've seen the entire Seminar, I'm going back through it one lesson at a time and adding new features as I go. One thing I am learning a hard lesson on is the proper spelling of variables, and object names, field names, etc..... I was getting lots of errors at first because there was just one letter missing from the object name.

I'm having great fun expanding my knowledge and this seminar covers just the right topics to propel me to the next level of a programmer.
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More Testimonials Comment from Scott @ 6/5/2012
Hi all, I must apologize for being so far behind in getting this out. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all the help I have recieved from this site, and these amazing professionals.

I started with big ambitions, and a very loose understanding of Access. I now have a total employee management system that I have cobbled together based on (really) 2 resources. Those are this forumn and all that participate(yes questions gave me ideas and made me a little dangerous!) And Richard, 599cd.com and related access tutorials ( which gave me a whole bunch of information, and more questions, and arguably more dangerous..lol).

Richard the mark of any teacher is the ability to inspire creativity. Anyone can teach someone how to do something. If you are able make someone think, that inspires lifelong learning, and endless opportunity.

For anyone who is "on the fence" about taking these courses, I would highly encourage it. I have taken a majority of the access courses, and although I have my project working well, i fully intend to complete the series. It is with absolute certainty that I recommend this series. I have learned that there is definately a personality to Access, and these course have given me the foundation to explore that aspect and bring it a little closer to my own.

On a sidebar, I also wanted to say thanks again to all the help that Alex has been. You sir have been instrumental in getting me where I am.

And I will leave you all with this...... Now that I have the thing working, I have picked up some graphical design ideas that I will be sharing (and asking more questions) as my project evolves.

Thanks again to all of you.
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More Testimonials Comment from Shannon @ 5/21/2012
I can't thank you enough for your prompt reply (for TechHelp).  I appreciated that you didn't make me feel like an idiot althought my question should have been easy enough to deduce.  I spent two days searching the internet and could never find a straight answer.  You saved my project and I'll be eternally grateful.  P.S.  Your tutorials are a valuable resource for anyone trying to learn Access.  I've learned so much from you.  Thanks again.
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More Testimonials Comment from Ed P. @ 3/1/2011
I found your site looking for some tutorials on invoicing. There is a real gap out there. Plenty of people want to show you how clever they are (check YouTube). Not many want to show you from begining to end how to build a useful datbase. If you want to learn access 599CD is the right place. There is value in starting at the begining even if the temptation is to skip the really basic stuff.
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Your tutorials were outstanding Comment from Dan O. @ 12/22/2010
Firstly, let me say I thought your tutorial(s) were outstanding. I took your Access Seminar on imaging and it was exactly what I needed. Help files and forums were just not informative enough. In my search found many answers on what I needed to do, just not how to accomplish it in a clear, step-by-step instructional manner as you finally provided.  I was struggling and frustrated for about a week and a half with trying to do what turned out to be a pretty simple procedure (using code).

To make a long story short, I work for a fraternal organization, working registration at our conventions, registering our members and printing out their credentials for the convention. We have various degrees in our organization and I was simply trying to place a logo for the differing degrees for each person depending upon their degree using option buttons. In the past we were placing little round stickers on each credential and this was a pain in the behind. I knew there was a better way to not only change the images on the printed form as needed, but to also add fields for improved statistics and started seeking the answers This was a nightmare to figure out until I stumbled across one of your videos, and the rest is history.

Thanks so much for your tutorials. I had struggled with solving my problem by  investing (no exageration) no less than 50 hours, but within about an hour of viewing your tutorial on imaging, solved the riddle, and jumped around the room with my fists pumping in the air, while whooping and hollering, celebrating my success. Although it would have been embarrassing, if there had been a video of it, it would have made a great commercial for your business!

I only wish I could have found it sooner and before struggling with a 50 hour problem.  I appreciated the quality of your presentation and am grateful enough that I felt you were a owed my detailed thanks and opinion.
Dan O.
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Comment from Selby Halfpenny @ 10/26/2010
Richard, you explain code that is better to hear and understand and beats all books - I have to see how it is done, rather then read it - you do that - thanks.

I have learnt so much - I am now able to write some code or rather replace macros on the simple things like a button on a form. Can use VBA code now rather then Macros to execute commands - thanks for that Richard

Excellent Product - Would recommend Richard Rost to anyone looking to build a Bullet proof database, especially someone who is in business serving a lot of customers. Talk to Richard first - that is my recommendation. Richard brings the older school approach (my type of teacher) to explain the truth about building a database. Highly Recommended. Great step by step coverage of the topic that is covered. Also forgot, Excellent Service.
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Talk TO me Comment from Patricia T. @ 5/6/2010
I understand more because you talk "to" me not "at" me. I train to learn. I don't need someone throwing a lot of tech words at me to make me feel lost. You get the words in, but in a way I don't feel talked down to. I like your style.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thank you, Patricia. I hate condescending teachers too. I had a bunch of them in college and I couldn't stand it.
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Richard Rost Classes Comment from Selby Halfpenny @ 1/10/2010
I cannot wait to get home from work to watch Richard teach me some new code for some action on a form or whatever, no matter, you always learn something new from Richard - in every lesson. I cannot wait until the next recorded lesson. If you want to learn Access - then please Richard Rost is the guy. He is a excellent teacher. That is the truth - Selby
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OMG Comment from Richard Rost @ 5/20/2009
Thanks Scott... I really appreciate the feedback! Honestly, I own most of those books, and many of them are GREAT resources IF you already know what you're doing. My problem with most books is that they don't present the information in a way that helps people learn. They teach you EVERYTHING about tables, for example, before you even know what a form is. My teaching style focuses on the "walk before you run" method where I give you a little bit about this... then a little bit about that... then we go back and look at more about the "this" topic, etc.
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OMG Comment from Scott @ 5/20/2009
Thanks Richard. I have been trying to learn Access and VB for quite some time now. I've been SAMSed, QUEed, BIBLEed, MISSING MANUALed, even John Smiley, Idiots and Dummies couldn't help me!
Crystal Long and Allen Browne were a big initial help and this is how I found out about your courses. I only downloaded the course files a couple of hours ago and already I'm well on my way to understanding these topics - and OMG enjoying it!
Thanks again, you've managed to succeed where most books fail - too much, too fast, too boring.
Looking forward to more! Scott
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Relationships and Lookup/Combo boxes Comment from Richard Rost @ 5/20/2009
Setting up "lookup fields" in tables (which I believe is what you're talking about) is not as good as using a combo box with data from a second table. First, you're limited if you want to add/edit/delete items (hard to do programmatically) and second, if you want to use that information again in a second table, you really can't. The method I show in Access 201/202 is the best way to do it.

Setting up relationships using queries has several benefits over using global relationships. I talk about this in DEPTH in Access 220, but basically it's easier to use queries, and unless you need cascade updates or deletes, there isn't a great NEED to use global relationships IF you name all of your fields properly.
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Relationships and Lookup/Combo boxes Comment from Lorraine @ 5/17/2009
From the classes I have viewed 101-201, I noticed that you did not create your combo box in tables--you created them in forms.  And, you set your relationships up using a query.  Is there a reason why?  What should be the standard?  Because I have always created the Combo Box in the table and then created my retionships in the Relationship Window.
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Comment from Michael Folks @ 3/4/2009
Richard, Wow buddy! I found you by absolute dumb luck or fate! Your tutorials are amazing! They are so easy to follow and your voice is engaging, it keeps me locked into what you're teaching. As a computer lab teacher in a small Christian school, I can see your tutorials as a valuable learning aid to my middle school students. THANK YOU so much!

Michael Folks
Computer Lab Teacher
Berwyn Christian School
4720 Cherokee Street
College Park, MD
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Comment from Karen G @ 10/29/2007
599CD and Richard Rost have saved my life in that I'm building my first database for a new business I'm starting. The classes are just right in all aspects. In addition, Mr. Rost has a wonderful sense of humor that makes the class easier to learn from. The classes are worth every penny I've paid for them especially since Mr Rost has been available for me at times when I was lost since I'm using Access 2007. When my web site gets finished we will be adding a link to 599com to spread the word of this fabulous learning tool.
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Original Testimonials Comment from Richard R @ 9/1/2007

These are copied over from the original Testimonials page, before I had them in Blog format:

I owe a lot of my computer knowledge to your programs. They have helped me especially when we were making major revisions to our website. You do an excellent job and your teaching method and courses are excellent. Besides being low-cost they are very effective tools for training new users in the use of the many computer applications.

Bob Souza, Hawaii SCORE
(Service Core of Retired Executives)

I just attended my 60th class reunion. I was in charge of the data base that we have kept in various forms for many years. I upgraded it to Access after taking your classes. I received so many compliments for the great job I had done organizing the mailouts, making name tags, etc. that I wanted to share my many compliments with you, since none of this would have been possible without your training videos. Thanks again for all you do.
Bea Anderson
Walterville, Oregon

After my book was published, I received lots of advice to "let the experts handle" my website. Fortunately, I found 599CD and haven't looked back. I bought the FrontPage courses, and received HTML as a bonus. Although I use a template as a base, I certainly enjoy the freedom and immediacy of being in control. I have 599CD to thank for being my catalyst.

Brian Walsh

FP 101 is dynamite! What a pleasant surprise your CD was. Please feel free to use me in your testimonials, your CD is excellent.

Dennis Romano

I've just received my order placed for PowerPoint and Front Page Beginners Lessons. These are really nice. I'm quite pleased and want to recommend these products to friends and colleagues in the future.

Lisa Links

I did place an order for Windows 101, 102, 110, Word 101, Excel 101, and Access 101. And I just placed another order for PowerPoint 101 and Visual Basic 101. I have Windows 98 se and XP and have used Windows, Word, and Excel for several years. I haven't completed the Excel and Access classes yet but am very pleased with the beginning classes and have recommended them to my friends. Even though I am not a beginner I found that I learned several things from each of the beginning classes and am looking forward to the release of the advanced classes. The price is right which makes it easy to recommend the classes as excellent and a real bargain.
Thanks for such a great product at a reasonable price.
James Dahl
Morgan Hill, CA

I really like the VB 101, and Access CDs that I have purchased. Nice Job. I am looking forward to your more advanced classes! I believe I already have 3 of my colleagues checking out your site this weekend.

Melanie Potter

I just received my Photoshop 101 CD and I must tell you that it was not what I had hoped to receive. It SURPASSED my expectations, and it was extremely helpful in getting me started. I'm looking forward to getting the second Photoshop CD, and would gladly pay $5.99 for more advanced lessons as you release them. Good luck and much success to you and your company.
Sheila Dee

I ordered a whole range of courses... and the download classes are VERY educational and easy to learn from. Richard Rost has not only the technical know-how but also great instruction skills, a talent for anticipating the student's difficulties and repeats basics just enough to ensure the message gets across. Great lessons at very affordable prices!

Soren Jung

I wanted to tell you that your products are the best kept secret on the web. I found them so helpful I just ordered two for my mom who is 70 and just purchased her 1st PC. I know that they will be easy for her to operate and comprehend.
Kerry Lawless-Linde
Norristown, PA

I am a qualified I.T. Teacher/Trainer & I train in MS OFFICE but I always like to see how others train and indeed catch-up on aspects that I may have overlooked or to help boost my own knowledge. I have always found VB & Access difficult topics & I would like to compliment your organisation (& Mr. Rost) on how very good the training is. I also think that the products are VERY GOOD VALUE. The only thing that worries me is that your organisation COULD PUT ME OUT OF A JOB!

Well done to all at 599CD.COM!

John R Smith
Wordimpact Computer Training
Bedfordshire - UK

I have taken several of your CD courses and they truly are excellent. Richard Rost is a personable instructor with a good sense of humor, making it a pleasant experience.

Hank Lotz

I just wanted to give you some feed back. I have been wanting to learn Access for the past year but thought it was too difficult. I tried books, etc and it overwhelmed me. Then I came across 599CD and I bought Access101 & 102. To my surprise, I was astounded at how easy it was not only to learn the basics but the more advanced techniques as well. Now I am constructing my own databases not only at home but also at work, your 599cd lessons have made me a hero and also I might mentioned, earned a raise too! I am so happy I found 599cd...my fear of learning computer knowledge is NO MORE! I found your lessons to be very easy to operate and follow. It's amazing! I will continue to progress in my knowledge of computer software with 599cd. You have found a lifetime customer and I will definitely share this with all my associates! Thank you again for such fine products and your whole staff should be commended.

A now proficient Access programmer...
John A Marcelle
Yonkers, New York

I am a new customer of 599CD and just want to let you know how impressed I am with your courses. Your website is everything you promised it would be and then some! Richard is so personable in his instruction and the courses are so easy. I was at the point of having to rearrange my work schedule to attend classes at our community college to learn more about my computer when i found your site. Not only is it easy to follow and learn, the cost is so low I never would have gotten this detailed instruction going to college without paying a fortune. I would recommend these courses to anyone and have to several of my friends already. If they don't take advantage of what you have to offer it will be their loss. Again, thank you so much for your great product. Your online chat is awesome-Denise is a doll and answered all my questions and resolved a minor problem I was having with Paypal immediately. You guys are the best! Will order more from you in the future as I advance along.


I just wanted to say that I ordered the combination CD with all the classes that were available at the time, and have downloaded several free lessons since then. It has been fantastic! I am so happy with the quality of the classes and Richard's teaching style. I work in a law firm, and we are going to switch from WordPerfect (which I've been using since version 4.0) to Word as of January 1. I only hope I can do as good a job teaching our staff as Richard has done teaching me!
Pam Faust 

May I congratulate you Richard, and your Company, for the finest course I have ever had the fortune to experience. Many thanks for the pleasure you have given me. More of the same cannot come quick enough, I look forward to it immensely.
Peter Tapply 
Southampton, England

Two words: "absolutely fabulous!" Ever since I purchased my first PC, I always felt I needed to attend our local college to learn how to use it. Now, with 599CD, I can finally learn everything I need to know about how to use my PC to my advantage! Having the handbook along with the excellent videos will allow me to practice, practice, practice. Thanks Richard. Great Products! Very clear and precise content and vocals on the video presentation. I like being able to download and print the handbook as well. I loved the video, but I'm kind of slow so the handbook helps me tremendously. I am very happy I found your product! Your instructions are very clear and easy to understand and a pleasure to listen to over and over again! You make something completely new to me a joy just to learn! As an old high school drop-out, believe me that says a lot. Thanks again.
Ralph Byrnes
Longview, WA

I've been using Excel for about 8 years or so, but most of what I know has either been imparted to me by friends or just discovered on my own by experimenting. I was amazed by the amount of useful info I picked up in the Excel 101 & 102 classes! As long as I've been using Excel, I never bothered to try to find out what the all the buttons on the toolbars that I didn't recognize actually did. I'm so pleased that I no longer have to right-click and go into Format Cells to do things like Merge and Center, add borders, format for currency, etc. And I never even knew that the Format Painter even existed! Thanx for a great product, and have yourself a splendid week!
Lyle Johnson

I have purchased VB 101 thru 106 (only on VB 105 as of yet) and I just have to say that one day I was looking for some VB tutorials on CDs or books or any kind of tutorials. Then I came across the 599cd tutorials. I saw the price and thought, what the heck it was only a few bucks, so I purchased it.

From the moment that I played the tutorial on my computer (VB101) I found it very easy to follow. As I went thru the lessons all the way to disk VB105, I still found it easy to follow. I have tried for years to learn programming of some kind, from C, Fortran, Cobol, etc. but ended up getting lost and frustrated.

Your tutorials somehow got thru to my brain. You made learning via your CDs quite easy to follow. You manage to keep up the user's interest, not boring us with details that don't need to be mentioned at a specific time. I also like the fact that as a human we tend to forget things at times, so it's really nice and handy to have all the instructional software installed on my computer so I can go back and check how I messed up. So far I've always found my answer.

All in all, I just have to say that I do enjoy watching the videos and I am learning alot about VB, far more than I thought I could, and your instructional videos made it possible. I just want to let you guys know what a great product I think you have.

Karl J. Peters
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