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Microsoft Word Forum
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This forum is for the discussion of Microsoft Word.

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Read Microsoft Word Forum by James Phillips @ 2/8/2016
Please help me with a problem I wanted to type a word ON, suddenly the color changed from black to red with a red line in the middle of the two alphabets. I tried using delete, backspace, undo buttons, but nothing happens. WHY? Please help me God bless.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

if you click on the small arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the formatting section to bring up the paragraph properties has strikethrough been ticked?
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Read Combine pdf with the word document by aprengo @ 12/29/2015
I have a word 2010 document and have inserted a linked pdf file but only appear the first page and possibility to double click in the link to open the pdf file with its application for that.
How can i print all the pages of the word document and the pdf inserted to a one single pdf file in an automated way ?

Best regards

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You could use the principles from Open Other Programs Seminar to open the PDF in the program you need.

You could use a Macro Recorder to record printing and then change the code to suit your needs
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Read shrink one page by Rose Ellen O @ 6/18/2015
I have word 2010. I can't figure out how to get to print preview. I use control P when I want to print.My computer doesn't have print in the scroll down.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You could add it to the Quick Access Toolbar.
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Read Header Footer Not Visible When Opening New Doc by Steve Jones @ 1/29/2015
When I go to file/new to open a new doc, the header and footer areas are not viewable. I have to go to Insert/Header to make them appear. It used to be that when I opened a new doc, the header and footer areas were visible in the "Print Layout" view. How can I get back to the point where I can open a new doc and the header and footer areas will be visible in the Print Layout view?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Is there not the layout options along the bottom you can use?
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Read Mic Office by Ken Major @ 7/18/2014
I Recently got hold of an Apple macbook,  is there any way to adapt Mic Office 10 to work on it
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Read How to include the TO and SUBJECT in email by BEN C @ 7/10/2014
Hi, when I used the commandbutton click and use ActiveDocument.Sendmail to attach the document, how do I display the TO and the SUBJECT?

'set recipient for a new mail
.To = ""
'Set the recipient for a cc
.CC = ""
'Set the subject
.Subject = "New subject"
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Read Microsoft Word Forum can we add CC using email m by Sidd @ 6/17/2014
Hi There!
I am really fascinated with the mail merge functionality in Microsoft Office. I use the letter from Word, and Email address and Name from Excel.
It just works wonderful.
But, my requirement is little twisted. Can I have 'different email mailer list' in the From field, instead of my mailing account name. Besides, I would like to add a copy to another mailer list email ID in the CC field. Can we have these customized in Mail merge? Can I get any link or update on how to do it?
Wish to hear from you soon.
Thank you.

Reply from Richard Rost:

I'm not sure if you can do this between Word and Excel, but I do cover how to do this in my Access Email Seminar. Access is a better data source for your mailing lists anyhow.
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Read Handbooks by Julie B @ 4/21/2014
I love your handbooks & am looking to recreate some like this myself. I used to create manuals in a previous role & we used information mapping. Can you tell me how you created these handbooks, especially can you create a table of contents with hyperlinks to the pages? thanks.

Reply from Richard Rost:

All of my handbooks were written in Word. If you apply the proper Header styles to your chapter headings, you can use the Table of Contents tool to automatically create a TOC.

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Read Microsoft Word Forum by Mohamed Naseer @ 3/25/2014
Could you explain me why MS-Word 2007 is adding automatic section breaks when index of the document is created. Is there anyway to avoid automatic section breaks in Word 2007. Thanks
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Read Filename to include Datepicker by Richard F @ 9/20/2013
I solved it.
For anyone interested:
Please excuse the way this is presented (ie. Format, it's hard to copy and paste and see result in these small Post Comments window.

Private Sub CommandButton50_Click()

Dim dMonth As Date
Dim strMonth As String
Dim strYear As String
Dim strFullDay As String
Dim oCtrl As ContentControl

For Each oCtrl In ActiveDocument.ContentControls

    If oCtrl.Tag = "MeetingDay" Then

          If oCtrl.ShowingPlaceholderText = True Then

          MsgBox "You didn't select a date"


dMonth = CDate((ActiveDocument.SelectContentControlsByTag("MeetingDay").Item(1).Range.Text)

      strMonth = Format(dMonth, "MMMM")

      strYear = Format(dMonth, "yyyy")

      strFullDay = Format(dMonth, "DD-MMMM-YYYY")

MsgBox "These Minutes will be saved to: " & "C:\User\Rick\Meetings\" & strYear & "\" & strMonth & "\Meeting Minutes " & strFullDay & ".doc"

ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName:="C:\User\Rick\Meetings\" & strYear & "\" & strMonth & "\Meeting Minutes " & strFullDay & ".doc"
         End If
Exit For
    End If
Next oCtrl
End Sub
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Read Problem with Word Interface by Marji @ 9/15/2013
I have problem with Word Interface, especially the top few rows is hidden except the home row. Is that got to do with my upload problem or something else?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I'm sorry, Marji, but I can't tell what the problem is just from your description. I'll need more info.
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Read Filename to include Datepicker by Richard F @ 9/13/2013
MS Word 2010 - Filename to include Datepicker Value

I have composed a Template/Form in Word 2010 for Team Meeting Minutes. The date of the meeting is selected from a Date Picker Content Control. I have inserted a [Save] button with the purpose of naming the file consistantly, using the value of the Date Picker.

Here is the code:

Private Sub CommandButton50_Click()
ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName:="C:\Users\Richard\Documents\Meeting Minutes\2013\September\Team Meeting Minutes" & ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Date").Range.Text & ".doc"
End Sub

What I would like to do, is break the date down into Month and Year components so that the file can be saved in the correct folder sorted by Year and Month.

ie. "C:\Users\rick\Documents\Meeting Minutes\"[year value]\[month value]"\Team Meeting Minutes"&[long date picker value]".doc" - (not macro enabled)

I've searched everywhere on the internet for weeks and am still stumped.
I have had limited success with Format(Value, "yyyy") using msgbox to confirm the values I'm getting but run into all sorts value mismatch problems.

I am supposing my problem is primarily the way I'm calling for the Date Picker value, at this time you'll note I'm using Bookmarks of Date Picker Tag named "Date" (yes I know the name is dangerous and probably should be called "MeetingDay" or similar)

Any suggestions, help appreciated. The full working code would be handy rather than just a part explanation, I'm still very much a Beginner level ability.

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Read Changing Autoshapes by Nick @ 7/20/2013
Is there a way of changing an autoshape in WORD 2010? For example changing a plain rectangle to one with rounded corners, while retaining text, font, colour, line style etc.
I think this used to be a specific command in older versions.

My specific instance is that I have a lot of callouts, and have spent some time getting their size and positions right, but thinkit might look better if I had chosen a different style of callout.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Sure, just click on the shape, then on the DRAWING TOOLS > FORMAT tab, you'll see the INSERT SHAPES group all the way to the right. Drop down the EDIT SHAPE box and select CHANGE SHAPE.
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Read Will Word 2013 be coming by Doris Rosenhaus @ 7/14/2013
Will Word 2013 be coming?

Thanks, Doris

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes, very soon. A complete revision of my Word Beginner 1-5 lessons plus new Word Expert lessons for 2013 will be coming out soon.
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Read Word Editing Time Saving Productivity Improvement by Ravi C @ 3/3/2013
Hi Rost:

I am using 2 identical word documents. They are not same. But in 60 % of areas, they are same. I would like to have in specific folder named folder these 2 documents. So, when I edit one document, it should mirror in the respective area of the second document. I know it is possible in Excel. But, I am curious to know --is this possible in Word 2010?

Appreciate your help.


Ravi Chandiran

Reply from Richard Rost:

I've never done this personally, and I can't think of a way to do it without some serious VBA programming, but I'd be curious to know if anyone else has any ideas.
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Read MS WORD by yugandhar @ 2/14/2013
Hai sir i have one doubt sir
that is:- how to set same repeated number in ms-word example-the page numbers are like this 1
please send me the solutions
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Read Conditional format by Gary @ 1/17/2013
I created a document in MS 2010 with a simple table in it "not a spread sheet" with dates in it. I added a date time function to automatically update in the top of my form when ever its opened.

My question is there a way I can compare the date time object to highlight a date stored in my table?

I know its possible to do formulas but is it possible to highlight a date that's in the table.

I am confident in my VB ability but not sure how of if it can be done.


Reply from Richard Rost:

I don't think this is possible without some VBA, and I have to admit that I'm a bit rusty on my WORD VBA skills. I haven't done any VBA with Word in YEARS.
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Read Keep Text Hidden by Doug Vigliotta @ 12/11/2012
How do I make a word document with some files or info., I want to keep hidden, unless the reader wants to see, by just clicking it to open it up?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I can't think of anything off the top of my head that DOESN'T involve VBA programming. Anybody else have any ideas?
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Read Lables Word Address with Graphics by Tamt @ 9/23/2012

Please cld you show how to create Mailing address labels in word with graphics - eg Christmas address labels, or just Family Address Lables

Reply from Richard Rost:

I cover mailing labels in Word 5. All you have to do is use the technique I show for creating a full page of the same label, add a piece of clipart (or other graphic) to the FIRST label, and then copy & paste it to the others.
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