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Microsoft Word Forum
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   1/1/2008

This forum is for the discussion of Microsoft Word.

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Header Footer Not Visible When Opening New Doc Link 
Steve Jones 
When I go to file/new to open a new doc, the header and footer areas are not viewable. I have to go to Insert/Header to make them appear. It used to be that when I opened a new doc, the header and footer areas were visible in the "Print Layout" view. How can I get back to the point where I can open a new doc and the header and footer areas will be visible in the Print Layout view? Read More...
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Mic Office Link 
Ken Major 
I Recently got hold of an Apple macbook,  is there any way to adapt Mic Office 10 to work on it
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How to include the TO and SUBJECT in email Link 
BEN C     
Hi, when I used the commandbutton click and use ActiveDocument.Sendmail to attach the document, how do I display the TO and the SUBJECT?

'set recipient for a new mail
.To = "recipient@mail.com"
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Microsoft Word Forum can we add CC using email m Link 
Hi There!
I am really fascinated with the mail merge functionality in Microsoft Office. I use the letter from Word, and Email address and Name from Excel.
It just works wonderful.
But, my requirement is little twisted. Can I have 'different email mailer list' in the From field, instead of my mailing account name. Besides, I would like to add a copy to another mailer list email ID in the CC field. Can we have these customized in Mail merge? Can I get any link or update on how to do it? Read More...
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Handbooks Link 
Julie B    
I love your handbooks & am looking to recreate some like this myself. I used to create manuals in a previous role & we used information mapping. Can you tell me how you created these handbooks, especially can you create a table of contents with hyperlinks to the pages? thanks. Read More...
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