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Microsoft Word Forum
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This forum is for the discussion of Microsoft Word.

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Read Filename to include Datepicker by Richard F @ 9/20/2013
I solved it.
For anyone interested:
Please excuse the way this is presented (ie. Format, it's hard to copy and paste and see result in these small Post Comments window.

Private Sub CommandButton50_Click()

Dim dMonth As Date
Dim strMonth As String
Dim strYear As String
Dim strFullDay As String
Dim oCtrl As ContentControl

For Each oCtrl In ActiveDocument.ContentControls

    If oCtrl.Tag = "MeetingDay" Then

          If oCtrl.ShowingPlaceholderText = True Then

          MsgBox "You didn't select a date"


dMonth = CDate((ActiveDocument.SelectContentControlsByTag("MeetingDay").Item(1).Range.Text)

      strMonth = Format(dMonth, "MMMM")

      strYear = Format(dMonth, "yyyy")

      strFullDay = Format(dMonth, "DD-MMMM-YYYY")

MsgBox "These Minutes will be saved to: " & "C:\User\Rick\Meetings\" & strYear & "\" & strMonth & "\Meeting Minutes " & strFullDay & ".doc"

ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName:="C:\User\Rick\Meetings\" & strYear & "\" & strMonth & "\Meeting Minutes " & strFullDay & ".doc"
         End If
Exit For
    End If
Next oCtrl
End Sub
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Read Filename to include Datepicker by Richard F @ 9/13/2013
MS Word 2010 - Filename to include Datepicker Value

I have composed a Template/Form in Word 2010 for Team Meeting Minutes. The date of the meeting is selected from a Date Picker Content Control. I have inserted a [Save] button with the purpose of naming the file consistantly, using the value of the Date Picker.

Here is the code:

Private Sub CommandButton50_Click()
ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName:="C:\Users\Richard\Documents\Meeting Minutes\2013\September\Team Meeting Minutes" & ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Date").Range.Text & ".doc"
End Sub

What I would like to do, is break the date down into Month and Year components so that the file can be saved in the correct folder sorted by Year and Month.

ie. "C:\Users\rick\Documents\Meeting Minutes\"[year value]\[month value]"\Team Meeting Minutes"&[long date picker value]".doc" - (not macro enabled)

I've searched everywhere on the internet for weeks and am still stumped.
I have had limited success with Format(Value, "yyyy") using msgbox to confirm the values I'm getting but run into all sorts value mismatch problems.

I am supposing my problem is primarily the way I'm calling for the Date Picker value, at this time you'll note I'm using Bookmarks of Date Picker Tag named "Date" (yes I know the name is dangerous and probably should be called "MeetingDay" or similar)

Any suggestions, help appreciated. The full working code would be handy rather than just a part explanation, I'm still very much a Beginner level ability.

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