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Visual Basic Forum
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This forum is for the discussion of Visual Basic programming and development.

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Read Visual Basics Is there a link for a free download by Lynne F @ 4/21/2016
Thank you for the information.  If I have finished the Access Beginer course and the Access Advanced course should I continue with the Developer course or the Advanced Microsoft course?  (I am brand new to VBA)

Reply from Alex Hedley:

The Advanced 300+ series shows this, it's using Access 2003 but nothing much has changed in the code, it's just the UI of Access that is different.
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Read Visual Basics Is there a link for a free download by Lynne F @ 4/11/2016
Hello, Would like to learn VBA.  I started the course and it says I need Visual Basic 6.  Can anyone give me a link for the program or a newer version?  I am running Microsoft 13.  Thank you.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

VB6 is now out of date, if you have an MSDN license you can still download but it's better to start learning VisualBasic.NET or C#.
On an aside VBA is quite different to VB6 and C# etc.
This course doesn't teach VBA, its covered in the Advanced Microsoft courses instead.
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Read How do I run a free visual basic code in my comput by Ike @ 3/24/2015
But if the vb later versions are better, maybe I should start learning them rather than vb 6

Reply from Alex Hedley:

It makes more sense as these are new technologies and are updated and supported
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Read How do I run a free visual basic code in my comput by Ike @ 3/24/2015
I have visual basic 6. D codes were downloaded from the web, and it contained several folders with different files.  The folders included oxc, forms, modules etc.d codes were said to run on vb 6, vb5, etc. They said u can copy the files one after the other or just import it. But I don't know how.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You can create a new Project and add them to the Explorer
See the VB Courses for more info
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Read How do I run a free visual basic code in my comput by Ike @ 3/22/2015
Hello. I just installed Visual Basic. I started learning 2 days ago. I now found codes I would love to run. How do I copy and paste these codes to my computer to run them? Is it in the codes area that they will be pasted? Do I need to save it afterwards?  How to I run it? If I download the free codes, please how do I copy the codes? Do I need to download any other program to be able to run the free codes? If I write programs for other people,  should they have visual basic to be able to run the programs?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Is this Visual Studio Express 2010/2012??
Is it just a .vb file or C#
Is it a full solution, with other files (.sln)
This should all work with VS.
They will probably need .NET Framework on their machine but that's quite likely.
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Read Course On Visual Basic 2010 by Richard R @ 11/9/2014
Hi Kateria. Yes, Alex is correct. When I do get time to revise my VB lessons, I'll be moving to the most recent version which AS OF RIGHT NOW is Visual Studio Express 2013. I still have to finish a bunch of Windows 8 and Office 2013 lessons first, and right after that VB is next on my list.
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Read Course On Visual Basic 2010 by Kateria Anderson @ 11/2/2014
I am interested in VB 2010 Express not VB 2012.  When will VB 2010 classes be available?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

I'm not sure there will be any 2010, I think Rich'll just go straight to 2012 or whichever is the latest version that snout when he records the videos. It should all be similar content.
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Read Course On Visual Basic 2010 by Kateria Anderson @ 11/2/2014
I am interested in VB Express 2010, how soon will you be teaching it.  Also The older version of VB that you have available would it be wise to go ahead and take it until you are ready to teach the new version?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Hi Kateria,
Visual Basic 2012 is 6th on the Production Schedule so it'll be a short while before it's produced.
Be sure to vote for it on the Waiting List if you want it done quicker, more votes the sooner it will get made.

The principals of the VB6 lessons would be transferable to VB.NET but if you were wanting to follow along with the course and practice you would need a copy of VB6 running on an old OS like XP or Vista.
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Read Visual Basic Forum by UDAYA KUMAR @ 8/17/2014
Can I get hard copy of VB6 software

Reply from Richard Rost:

Microsoft no longer sells VB6. The only place I've found where you can purchase it is to get a used copy on eBay.
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Read Visual Basic Forum by Kenneth W @ 8/3/2014
How do I get the RecNum (record Number) to change so that it adds 1 (appends) And that LastRec will equal the starting Record that is next to add.
FileOpen(fileNumber, "C:\Prayers.dat", OpenMode.Random, OpenAccess.Write, , SizeRecNum)
        MyPrayers.PrayerName = TextBox2.Text
        MyPrayers.Prayer = TextBox1.Text
        RecNum = RecNum + 1
        FilePut(fileNumber, MyPrayers, RecNum)
        LastRec = RecNum

Reply from Richard Rost:

Not sure I follow what you're trying to do...
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Read Visual Basic Forum by George Rhodes @ 6/9/2014
I have written a small shopping list program (VB 6)that puts items from a combo box into a list box and then prints the list.  If the list is too long for the page it continues printing onto another page.  I would like the printer to print another column on the same page say, after 40 items in column one.  Could you help with the code for this please.  The code I have at present is:-
Dim i As Long
    Printer.FontBold = True
    Printer.FontSize = 16
     For i = 0 To ListItem.ListCount -1
        Printer.Print ListItem.List(i)
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Read Course On Visual Basic 2010 by Pamela @ 4/8/2014
Hi Richard, at what level will you start?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I'm going to start from the beginning.
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Read Course On Visual Basic 2010 by Ken Williams @ 4/4/2014
Do you intend anytime soon to teach a course on VB 2010 ? If not please let me know.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yep. I'm preparing a course on Visual Studio Express 2013 right now, in fact. Can't say when it will be ready for release, but it should be soon.
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Read Visual Basic vs VBA by Bob Newton @ 7/10/2013
I am trying to learn visual basics and have watched all of Richard's tutorials on 6.0. Unfortunately the version of VB I have is in Excel 2010 and for saving a project in it does not seem to be the same as 6.0. Can anyone tell me how do save, retrieve and use a project in 2010?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Unfortunately VB and VBA are two different beasts. See THIS post I made a while back.

I cover a LOT of VBA in my Access classes. I haven't covered any in my Excel classes yet... but I plan to later this summer.
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Read Visual Basic Forum by George Rhodes @ 5/7/2013
How do I insert Tool Tip Text in older versions of VB?

Reply from Richard Rost:

George, older than what? The oldest version I'm really familiar with (off the top of my head) is VB6.
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Read Game Programming in Visual Basic by Kevin Robertson @ 4/7/2013
Hi Richard

Just wanted to submit an idea for a VB Seminar.

Would love to learn how to build a custom platform game in either VB6 or VB 2010/2012 (or at least the basics) - including building the background, characters and moving the characters.

Would this be a possibility?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I've been wanting to do this myself for the past couple of years just as a fun project. I've always wanted to create a D&D-style adventure game in Visual Basic... something like Diablo or Baldur's Gate. I've got several books on the subject, just never got around to building anything. Well, I built something really crude a few years ago as a test, but I don't even know what happened to it.

There... I've added this topic to the WAITING LIST. If enough people vote for it, I'll set something up.
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Read Visual Basic Javascript or Something Else by Moe @ 5/12/2012
I use IE8 and don't like Google toolbar or most any add-ons as I feel they compromise the speed of page-loading.  I turned off the 'tabs' feature b/c I don't care for it and have "reuse Windows for launching shortcuts" disabled under 'internet options'.

I can add buttons to my existing
'command bar' in IE but, for some of my buttons/icons, I'm opening other webpages.  The problem is these pages open in another window when I want them to open in the same window.

I've tried and tried to write a Javascript to address this with no success.  I then tried in VBA with even less success.  What is the best way (and software) to accomplish this simple task?


Reply from Richard Rost:

I don't know about modifying the bookmark toolbar to change whether links open in a new window or not. I've never done it. However, you could set yourself up your own bookmark/link PAGE in html and set that property for each link with the TARGET= parameter in your A HREF tag.
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Read Visual Basic Forum by Scott Hill @ 3/5/2011
Can I get a Stopwatch Program that does milliseconds, and canbe controlled by an external i/o
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Read RE: Visual Basic - adding numbers by Adam @ 6/28/2010
Hi Richard,

You answered the question below some time ago and I need a similar response, however it doesn't quite work. Once the value gets to 0.6 it then needs to go to 1 and then 1.1, 1.2 and so on. With your code the value goes from 0.6 to 1.6, 2.6, 3.6 and so on due to the Else X = X + 1.0. I'm guessing it needs an exception of some sort to keep it on a 0.1 increase but stopping at 0.6.


Visual Basic - adding numbers
Expert: Richard Rost - 5/29/2008

Hi Richard,
I am currently making a program for my school to use for their cricket team. However I have trouble adding up the amount of Overs. How do I tell VB to count to 0.6 before adding 1?

More specifically...
When a decimal number reaches 0.6, 1 is added to the current value each time. i.e. 1.6 then +1, 2.6 then +1.

I'm assuming you're adding up by 0.1 until you get to 0.6.

In that case, you could say:

'If X < 0.6 Then
'   X = X + 0.1
'   X = X + 1.0
'End If

Easy enough?

Answer from Richard Rost:

Well, just change the code a little bit:

If X < 0.6 or X > 0.6 then
  X = X + 0.1
  X = 1
End If

Basically if I understand what you're telling me, unless X is exactly 0.6 then you need to add 0.1 to it, otherwise, if it is 0.6, set it equal to 1.0.
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Read Visual Basic KeyPress for Space by Jacob @ 5/5/2010
I've searched all around for the answer to this. I want a sub-procedure to run after I press the space bar. The problem is I have a button in my form, and when I press the space bar it clicks the button. I need some help with the code for the space keypress and with getting around the button issue.

Answer from Richard Rost:

Look for a property on that button that's being pressed called DEFAULT. Set that to NO. The default button is the one that's pressed when you type space or enter on your keyboard and the form has focus (but not a field).
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