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Active Server Pages Forum
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

This forum is for the discussion of developing dynamic web sites in ASP (Active Server Pages).

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Read Active Server Pages Forum by KELVIN W @ 6/18/2019
I wrote my first ASP page in NOTEPAD and saved it as Default.asp but it would not open in Internet Explorer. It did open with Firefox but it didn't show the current time. I guess Firefox doesn't support ASP. Any suggestions?
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Read Frontpage by William B @ 7/5/2014
I was looking for FrontPage or a replacement. It looks like MS no longer offers it. What is a good, inexpensive alternative? I don't use it that much.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Microsoft changed FrontPage to Expression Web. Best of all, it's now FREE.
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Read No errors shown web config by MUBEEZI M @ 12/26/2013
Dear Richard,

Ever since i upgraded from Access to SQL server as the web db, i do not see errors any more. When i used Access, an error would always pop up if my ASP code had problems. How can i see these errors once again? Is there another setting that i may need to turn on?
Thank you

Reply from Richard Rost:

You're not seeing the detailed ASP error messages, just a friendly "we've encountered a problem" email? You need to create a web.config file in the root of your web and set the httpErrors errorMode setting to "Detailed." Like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" />

<customErrors mode="Off"/>
<compilation debug="true"/>


Don't leave that file in the root of your web when your site goes public, however. Seeing error messages that may pop up and fragments of your code may give hackers and opportunity to exploit your site. Just put it in place when you need it, and then delete (or rename) it when you're done.
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Read convert website into application by MUBEEZI M @ 11/16/2013
Dear Richard,
I have built my database driven website and it is running OK.
However, one my customers has requested it to converted into an app that can be installed on the phone.
Can you please point me to the right direction please?
Thank you!

Reply from Richard Rost:

That is not an easy task. I generally recommend a lightweight ASP page that they can browse with their phones. Constructing an actual "app" is a lot of work. I'll be making some tutorials on how to do this, but probably not until well into next year.
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Read convert long integer to a date in ASP by MUBEEZI M @ 9/27/2013
strange. i just tried now and it works! i wonder where i went wrong. in the end i used a long method (the DateAdd function)
otherwise, thank you!

Reply from Richard Rost:

No problem.
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Read Response Redirect New Window by MUBEEZI M @ 9/25/2013
Dear Richard,
Once certain verification criteria are met, i redirect a user to another page to download a file. it possible to use response.redirect to open this page in a new window?
Once a user is downloading a file, I want them to be free to navigate to another page.
Best regards,

Reply from Richard Rost:

No. ASP is a server-side language. It has no control over the browser window. For that, you'd need to use Javascript or VB Script. You COULD just give them a link with a TARGET="_BLANK" parameter in the A tag that when they click on it gives them a popup (or at least a new tab).
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Read convert long integer to a date in ASP by MUBEEZI M @ 9/23/2013
Dear Richard,

I will need your guidance again. In Access, i can convert a long integer into a date. For instance;
MyDate = CDATE(41540) would give 22/09/2013
When i used a similar approach in ASP, it generated an error. How can i convert a long integer to a date using ASP?
Thank you!


Reply from Richard Rost:

It worked fine for me.

response.write CDATE(41540)

gave me: 9/23/2013

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Read two or more databases on a website by MUBEEZI M @ 9/14/2013
Wow! Thank you Richard.
some how, my instinct showed me it would be possible.
But then, (i guess i should try this myself), would the session variables remain the same? For example, since the website is a constant, would a set variable like Session("UserName") work across all the different dbs connected to the website while the user is navigating around the site?
Please let me know

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yep. Session variables are per web site application.
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Read two or more databases on a website by MUBEEZI M @ 9/9/2013
Dear Richard,

from what i have learnt in ASP, its possible to connect (read/write) to different databases using the same website. For instance, i can have passwords in a text file, the data in say an access database and other info in another database.
Is there any known reasons why i cant design my site in such a way?


Reply from Richard Rost:

You can have as many databases as you want for your web site. 599cd.com uses at least 4 different ones (one for the search index, another for the user logon cache, another for the product list, etc.)

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Read current page previous page by MUBEEZI M @ 9/1/2013
Thank you Richard!
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Read current page previous page by MUBEEZI M @ 8/31/2013
Dear Richard,

Please dont get tired of me.
I would like to utilise two server variables but i dont seem to figure out how to get them. I used the requestservervariables("all-http") but still i cant find these two variables.
1. The current page the user is on including the query string
2. The page that the user visited before  the current page.
I will appreciate your guidance


Reply from Richard Rost:

If memory serves:

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Read Session Variable Timeout by MUBEEZI M @ 8/29/2013
Dear Richard,

Web browsers seem to have a reliable inbuilt mechanism such that after 20min of browser inactivity, the session variable becomes blank. How can i catch that moment before the user's session variable becomes blank? I would like to trigger an event to fire either becomes blank or just after its blank.
Thank you!

Reply from Richard Rost:

Session variables are actually stored on the SERVER, not in the browser. If the server doesn't see activity from you in 20 minutes it clears your variables to save memory. If this is YOUR site, you can prevent that from happening with an inline frame that automatically refreshes every 5, 10, or 15 minutes to keep the user's session alive on the server. I do this on my site. If you look closely at the bottom of my site, there's an inline frame where the copyright notice is. That keeps people from getting logged out of the Online Theater when they're watching classes (watch a 15 minute lesson, go get coffee, and you get logged out because the server hasn't seen you in over 20 minutes - the video itself is playing from your browser cache after it downloads). Note that you can increase this timeout in your ASP code with the Session.Timeout property, but if you have a lot of concurrent users, this can cause your server to run out of memory.
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Read Strange date returned by MUBEEZI M @ 7/29/2013
Thank you Richard for your guidance.
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Read Strange date returned by MUBEEZI M @ 7/28/2013
Dear Richard,

i have formular in my ASP code as follows
TimeNow = DateAdd("h", 10, Time)

Most of the time, it gives me correct results. But sometimes, it gives me 31/12/1899 07:37:33
How do i make sure, i get only 07:37:33 and not the portion of the date?
Thank you!


Reply from Richard Rost:

That's interesting. I've never run into that before. Looks like you're ending up with a NEGATIVE date value somehow - because date values are actually the number of seconds since Jan 1st, 1900. NORMALLY, with a valid date, you could strip off the date portion by saying:

CurrentTimeOnly = Now()-Date()

That would give you just the hours, minutes, and seconds. However, since you're getting dates before 1/1/1900, you'll have to get creative and break it up into HOUR(), MINUTE(), SECOND() and then use the TIMESERIAL() function to put them back together into a valid TIME datatype.

Strange indeed.

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Read Result from table is case sensitive by Mubeezi Micah @ 7/13/2013
Dear Richard,

I just went through a situation which i thought might be worthwhile to share. i have a list of censored words in a table which a user must never include in an SMS message to a customer. So when an SMS is written in a textbox [actually a text area] on a web page, i loop through all the words in the table and check if any of them is part of the SMS using a recordset and the Instr function.
What i realised is that the result returned is case sensitive. For instance a censored word of Party in the table is not equal to PARTY. it took me hours to figure out why my code was not working as expected.
in Access VBA, we get away without being bothered by case sensitive characters. With ASP, NOPE.


Reply from Richard Rost:

That is correct. ASP is very highly case sensitive. Thanks for sharing.
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Read response redirect vs Back Button by MUBEEZI M @ 7/9/2013
Thank you Richard. You have saved me hours of thinking.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Sometimes those hours of thinking build your brain up... like hours in the gym build your muscles up!
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Read response redirect vs Back Button by MUBEEZI M @ 7/9/2013
Dear Richard,

I am doing server side validation of the data entered by the user. My intention is that if a field X is blank, they are redirected to the previous page. However, when i do so, any data entered by the user in other form controls is lost.
Is there a way i can send the user back to the previous page without losing data?
Yes i can do this with Javascript. But i have to do the same stuff on the server side too.

thank you for your continued guidance.


Reply from Richard Rost:

This is a tough one. What I do is read all of their responses into session variables, and then use those session variables as the default values for the fields on the previous form. So when they submit first name, it goes into Session("FirstName") then use that as the default value for the first name field on the previous form. If you redirect them back there, the data will show up.
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Read Automatic Refresh of a Page by MUBEEZI M @ 4/30/2013
Thank you Richard.
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Read Automatic Refresh of a Page by Mubeezi Micah @ 4/30/2013
Dear Richard,

I noticed that when i am on your site, it refreshes itself automatically after every couple of minutes. my impression is that you are trying to make a session variable last longer. Or i am i wrong?
my question is: how do i refresh a page without interrupting the user? I need to keep the user's session active as long as the browser is open but i would not wish to set a constant value like 20min


Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes, you are correct. There is a very small inline frame at the bottom of my site that refreshes once a minute. I do this so people don't get timed out. That was the number one complaint I used to get: people would log on, watch lesson 1, 2, 3, and then go get coffee or lunch and come back 30 minutes later only to be logged out. So the refresh frame reloading every minute will keep you logged on as long as your browser window is open.

It's literally just an HTML IFRAME with a little bit of Javascript to reload the frame. If you right-click on my copyright notice at the bottom and select VIEW FRAME SOURCE you should see the HTML for it. It's not hard.
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