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QuickBooks Forum
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This forum is for the discussion of QuickBooks and Quicken.

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Read Vendor and Customers by Dana @ 6/19/2015
Sub Contractors are Vendors - not employees - It is never a good idea to pay a subcontractor's license fee - From experience I have found subcontractors often have trouble making the transition from employee to vendor and the resulting bookkeeping is a little overwhelming.  If you insist on paying their license fees - Have them bill you for the license fee - as a vendor and pay that bill - having them actually pay the licensing authority.
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Read What Version of QB by Colin M @ 10/6/2014
I have been using QB 2010 since 2010.  The only reason I up dated from 2002 version was that Intuit no longer supported the earlier versions, and emailing of invoices was included in the new version.  No, Intuit has quite supporting 2010, and no longer provide the emailing of invoices for 2010.  Otherwise, the upgrade was not worth it.
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Read Vendor and Customers by Oozy @ 2/22/2014

Can you please help me out in setting up this scenario. I have a contracting company that depends on outside subcontractor individuals. Those individual provide services to me and I pay them when ever the job is done. I do sometime services for those subcontractors such as renew their licenses, etc.

Therefore, sometime either they pay me installments or leave some of their money with me to pay the fees for their licenses renewal.

I am not sure how to handle them in Quickbooks. Should I consider them employees, vendors, etc?

How to receive payments (the installments) from them. What should I do when I renew their licenses and pay the fees for them?

For sure the licenses fees are not expense on my business because the fees are mainly paid by the subcontractor.

Can you please shed some light here about how to handle the above scenario
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Read What Version of QB by Ron from Ft Worth @ 4/16/2012
We have just purchased QB Premier Edition for 2012 - We are starting from scratch & could use all the help & recommended references we can get.  Still don't fully understand the difference between editions or industries.  Thanks

Reply from Richard Rost:

The nuts and bolts of QuickBooks haven't changed in years, but the program interface is much different now. I'm planning an update for my courses soon.
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Read New version of Quickbooks by Margaret Sullivan @ 4/3/2012
Can you tell me when you might have an updated version of the Quickbooks tutorials.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Right now I'm working on Access 2010. I hope to get to QuickBooks by June.
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Read Quickbooks 2010 by Nelson Dufour @ 4/13/2011
Please hurry.
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Read QuickBooks Forum by Joel Rizzo @ 3/1/2011
I just purchased QBAccountant 2011 and am finding it is not going to do what I purchased it for.  Makes me crazy.  I would like to learn more about this program and just now discovered you have courses in this.  I would like to take these courses.

It has severe limitations as far as working with other programs and that is the big problem with it.  

There is no way to select specific files with either the back up or the export functions which severely limits what I am trying to do, which is to be able to have my customers send me just enough information (accounts receivable) to do their billing for them.  It is either they send me EVERYTHING or nothing.  I really don't need to see their entire business, just enough to do their billing.
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Read Quickbooks 2010 by Josef @ 1/11/2011
I'm looking for a good course on QB 2010 , is it available ?


Reply from Richard Rost:

I will be updating my QuickBooks course this spring. It is on the Waiting List, but so far not a lot of people have voted for it. I will be making a QuickBooks 2010 Basic class, and more will follow based on demand. If you're interested, vote for it now.
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Read quickbooks 2008 by Richard Rost @ 4/22/2009
After I finish the Office 2007 courses, I plan to work on other topics including Web Design, Photoshop, and yes, NEW Quickbooks classes. Hang in there! :)
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Read quickbooks 2008 by herb kaufman @ 4/22/2009
i am new to quick books.  i have your course number 1.  need more courses.  when are you coming out with an updated version?
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Read What Version of QB? by Richard Rost @ 2/2/2009
Honestly, my current tutorial covers a much older version of Quickbooks (2002). It has changed a lot since then. I am planning a revision this summer.
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Read What Version of QB? by gene @ 2/2/2009
Just bought quickbooks 2009 for non-profit, would your cd help, using for church.  
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Read What Version of QB? by Richard Rost @ 10/3/2008
So what version of QuickBooks is everyone using? Do you find it necessary to upgrade to the newest one every year? I still have clients working with QuickBooks 97. Share what version you're using.
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