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Photoshop Forum
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This forum is for the discussion of Adobe Photoshop. Also, if there are other Adobe products you'd like to discuss, you may do so here.

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Read adding layers by Ray Lammbert @ 12/30/2011
I'm an addict for Photoshop Books and have been buying them since starting with Phoroshop 7. The best I've found is "Layers" by Matt Kloskowshi ISBN 10 #: 0-321-53416-6. Publisher Peachpit Press.
It's fairly old published 2008 but I still use it to prompt the old grey cells. Hope this helps
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Read 1exadecima1 colour code5 with meaning by Mubeezi Micah @ 5/20/2011
Dear Alex,

What a site! I just tried copying the color code into an Access form and it works perfect.
Thanks a lot for sharing.
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Read 1exadecima1 colour code5 with meaning by Alex Hedley @ 5/16/2011
Just found a cool site []

Lexadecimal: A hexadecimal colour code whose letters and numbers form an English word.

Found Access #acce55 and it's actually light green, guess Microsoft need to change it from purple :p


Reply from Richard Rost:

Ha ha. That's pretty neat.
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Read adding layers by Stephen @ 11/4/2010
This should be easy, but I have not used PS in years. I cut an
image that I want to impose over a new background. I have the
2 images but I can't combine them. I also want to add text
when I get the composite image. Help

Answer from Richard Rost:

Take your background image and put it on its own layer. Put the foreground image on its own layer. Make this the visible, active layer. Now, using the selection tool of your choice, cut out (erase) the background elements from the FOREGROUND layer. Make both layers visible. Voila.

I cover this in my Photoshop 103 course:
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Read cutting and pasting faces by Tricia @ 9/13/2010
I was able to cut a face from one photo and paste it onto teh head of a second photo. However, I am unable to figure out how to:
1. Resize the pasted face so it fits the scale of the body
2. Smooth the colors between the pasted face and the head so it looks natural.

Any suggestions/directions are appreciated. Thank you!


Answer from Richard Rost:

1. You should be able to use a free transform to get the size of the head correct.

2. Try adjusting the color, saturation, and brightness of the layer your face is on. This is more trial and error than anything else.
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Read Reducing size of jpg photos for clarity by Wayne @ 8/22/2010
I'm creating a website that will have avatars of several book covers. Whenever I scan a book cover and reduce it for my website the image loses most of its clarity; the text becomes unreadable. The same is true for book covers I have created on my computer. What can I do to prevent the loss of clarity? Thanks.

Answer from Richard Rost:

Whenever you scan an image and then reduce it, you're going to lose SOME image quality. You just need to make small thumbnails of the book covers for your web site? If that's the case, your web design program might have an auto-thumbnail feature. I know that I use FrontPage/Expression Web and they can quickly and easily create a small autothumbnail of whatever size I specify (200 pixels across, say) and the quality looks pretty good. See if yours has the same.
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Read Photoshop hotkey by heartscool @ 8/5/2010
New…                    Ctrl+N
Open…                    Ctrl+O
Browse…                 Alt+Ctrl+O
Open As…                 Alt+Shift+Ctrl+O
Edit in ImageReady    Shift+Ctrl+M
Close                    Ctrl+W
Close All            Alt+Ctrl+W
Close and Go To Bridge… Shift+Ctrl+W
Save                    Ctrl+S
Save As…            Shift+Ctrl+S
Save a Version…    Alt+Ctrl+S
Save for Web…            Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S
Revert                    F12
File Info…            Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I
Page Setup…            Shift+Ctrl+P
Print with Preview…    Alt+Ctrl+P
Print…                    Ctrl+P
Print One Copy            Alt+Shift+Ctrl+P
Print Online…   
Exit                    Ctrl+Q
Undo/Redo            Ctrl+Z
Step Forward            Shift+Ctrl+Z
Step Backward            Alt+Ctrl+Z
Fade…                    Shift+Ctrl+F
Cut                    Ctrl+X
Copy                    Ctrl+C
Copy Merged            Shift+Ctrl+C
Paste                    Ctrl+V
Paste Into            Shift+Ctrl+V
Fill…                    Shift+F5
Free Transform            Ctrl+T
Transform                       >
Again                    Shift+Ctrl+T
Color Settings…    Shift+Ctrl+K
Keyboard Shortcuts…    Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K
Menus…                    Alt+Shift+Ctrl+M
Preferences                     >
General…            Ctrl+K
Adjustments                     >
Levels…            Ctrl+L
Auto Levels            Shift+Ctrl+L
Auto Contrast            Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L
Auto Color            Shift+Ctrl+B
Curves…            Ctrl+M
Color Balance…            Ctrl+B
Hue/Saturation…    Ctrl+U
Desaturate            Shift+Ctrl+UImage
Canvas Size…            Alt+Ctrl+C
Layer…                    Shift+Ctrl+N
Layer via Copy            Ctrl+J
Layer via Cut            Shift+Ctrl+J
Create/Release Clipping Mask Alt+Ctrl+G
Group Layers            Ctrl+G
Ungroup Layers            Shift+Ctrl+G
Bring to Front            Shift+Ctrl+]
Bring Forward            Ctrl+]
Send Backward            Ctrl+[
Send to Back            Shift+Ctrl+[
Merge Layers            Ctrl+E
Merge Visible            Shift+Ctrl+E
All                    Ctrl+A
Deselect            Ctrl+D
Reselect            Shift+Ctrl+D
Inverse            Shift+Ctrl+I
All Layers            Alt+Ctrl+A
Feather...            Alt+Ctrl+D
Last Filter            Ctrl+F
Extract...            Alt+Ctrl+X
Liquify...            Shift+Ctrl+X
Pattern Maker...    Alt+Shift+Ctrl+X
Vanishing Point...    Alt+Ctrl+V
Proof Setup                     >
Proof Colors            Ctrl+Y
Gamut Warning            Shift+Ctrl+Y
Zoom In            Ctrl++
Zoom Out            Ctrl+-
Fit on Screen            Ctrl+0
Actual Pixels            Alt+Ctrl+0
Extras                    Ctrl+H
Target Path                     Shift+Ctrl+H
Grid                    Ctrl+'
Guides                    Ctrl+;
Rulers                    Ctrl+R
Snap                    Shift+Ctrl+;
Lock Guides            Alt+Ctrl+;
Actions            Alt+F9
Brushes            F5
Color                    F6
Info                    F8
Layers                    F7
Photoshop Help            F1
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Read best photoshop cs3 book i can get by heni @ 5/6/2010
I have the adobe cs3 master suite. But my focus is in phototshop and later on how to coordinate them with the other programs in the suite. So can you suggest any tutorial or book that can get me in hand very well with photoshop. Especially starting at the basic level and goes all the way up. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Answer from Richard Rost:

Well, of course I make my own Photoshop tutorials, so I would refer you there… but my favorite BOOK has always been the "Classroom in a Book" book that Adobe Press publishes.
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Read diplomas/degrees ?? by billie @ 4/26/2010
I just started working for a private vocational school ... and they are STILL typing and hand lettering their diplomas/degrees !

What SIMPLE software could you suggest for printing these at the end of every sememster ?

Note:  They only print 10-20 every semester ... so high volume stuff is not needed.

They are using Windows 7 on most computers.

Thanks !

Answer from Richard Rost:

You wouldn't need Photoshop for this. You could just do it with a pretty font and something simple like a Microsoft Word template. Buy blank certificates from an office supply store.
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Read noise by Cindy Rogers @ 3/26/2010
I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 and am scanning pretty good quality 35m photos but when printing on Epson stylus RX680 I get lots of spotty graininess that isn't on original what can I do to avoid this.

Answer from Richard Rost:

My first thought is that you aren't printing with good enough resolution. Have you set your printer to the highest quality? This will be in your PRINT settings, not in Photoshop.

Also, have you tried a different printer?
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Read Video still to "digital" photo by Alan @ 3/15/2010
Hi, Richard.

I have a number of old VHS that I converted to DVD, some personal, some old TV programmes. The quality of the DVD versions is very good, but you can tell (from the slight "grain" and plasticky halos) that these were once on VHS.

I'd like to make passable looking "digital" photographs from the stills, so that you can't tell they were originally taken from video.

My results so far have been lamentable, but I'm sure there must be a way to clean up these images, so that they are as crisp and clear as any ordinary digital photo.

Any suggestions you might have would be very welcome.

I use CS1 (can't afford to upgrade) and The Gimp.

Best wishes,

Alan, England.

Answer from Richard Rost:

I could spend hours and hours giving you tips on cleaning up old photos. In fact, I have a tutorial on my web site that's an hour long that explains it:

The more work you put into the picture, the better it will look. You can apply filters, and remove scratches, and all kinds of things.

Going over all that here, however, would take me a while. :)
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Read photo shop by jacqueline @ 12/29/2009
want to learn how to make cd out of pictures thank you
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Read Photoshop to PDF by Mike @ 12/22/2009

I have Photoshop version 7.0 and I would like to transfer a scanning image from Photoshop to a PDF file via email. How can I do it?

Best regards,


Answer from Richard Rost:

You will need to install a PDF creator, like Adobe Acrobat. Then you'll just print to a PDF file. If you can't afford Acrobat, there are freeware and shareware PDF creators available as well. Look on
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Read CS3 courses by Richard Rost @ 11/14/2008
Scott, Dreamweaver is on my list. First I need to finish the Office 2007 tutorials and some other Web Design classes (Expression Web, HTML, JavaScript). Then, we'll see. I probably won't get to Dreamweaver until at least Spring 2009, to be honest.
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Read CS3 courses by Scott @ 11/11/2008
Are you thinking about having a training CD for Adobe dreamweaver ?
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Read adobe photoshop elements 6 by Richard Rost @ 10/15/2008
Selena, for slide shows, I would really recommend PowerPoint over Photoshop. You would use Photoshop to edit or cleanup the pictures that you put in a PowerPoint presentation. As far as a MOVIE goes, there are programs you can use to convert PowerPoint presentations into movies. See:
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Read adobe photoshop elements 6 by selena @ 10/7/2008
is there any training about putting a slideshow together or techniques, tips etc...more like movie making or putting pic together as a movie or slideshow
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Read photo elements by Lee @ 9/24/2008
I have Elements 2 and 3 but I do not care for  elements 3 as it seems to be
intended more for photographers.
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Read Creative Uses For Photoshop by Richard Rost @ 9/18/2008
So share your Photoshop stories... what are some of the most creative ways you've used Photoshop? If you'd like to include a link to any pictures you've made, feel free to do so.
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