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Microsoft Outlook Forum
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   12 years ago

This forum is for the discussion of Microsoft Outlook. You may also discuss Email in general, or if you are using Outlook Express or Windows Mail, that's fine too.

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New Outlook Classes Link 
Richard Rost     
6 months ago
Show of hands... who here is still interested in learning Outlook? Post a comment here.
Andrew Astle   
4 months ago
Richard Rost    
4 months ago
Ok, we've got one. LOL. I'm going to make new Outlook classes soon. The only question is how many I'll make.
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Form letters in Outlook 2013 Link 
5 years ago
Alex.  I appreciate your reply, however, I really don't understand how I would revise the VBA code.  Please explain.


Reply from Alex Hedley:

I'm away from a computer for a few days so would have to look at it when I'm back but it's an argument you can pass to explorer and the shell command. Read More...
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Form letters in Outlook 2013 Link 
5 years ago
Alex.  Got this to work! Yeh!  One issue with it.  The button opens a folder that has a number of Microsoft templates in it that open Word, etc, as well as the Outlook Templates I created. Is there a way to modify the VBA code so that it ONLY shows my Outlook Templates? Read More...
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Form letters in Outlook 2013 Link 
5 years ago
Hi Alex.  Thank you!  I followed you right up to the following:

"Click the Visual Basic Button
Add the following code:"

When I click the Visual Basic Button, I get a gray screen.  Where do I go from there? Read More...
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Form letters in Outlook 2013 Link 
Alex Hedley    
5 years ago
*Note I did this in 2010 but should work the same in 2013

File | Options
Customise Ribbon
Tick Developer, OK

Select the Developer Ribbon
Custom Forms section
Choose Form
Look in: User Templates in File System
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Form letters in Outlook 2013 Link 
5 years ago
Alex.  I will be greatly anticipating any solution that you can find.  I am new to Outlook, so anything that I can do to make it more user friendly will be most helpful.
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Form letters in Outlook 2013 Link 
5 years ago
Alex.  Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately, signatures will not work the way I'd like.  I did some Internet searches and came across the "Custom Forms" feature in Outlook 2013, which will do what I'd like to do.  They are pretty well hidden though. Read More...
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Form letters in Outlook 2013 Link 
5 years ago
I am new to Outlook 2013 and need to know how I can create "canned" email messages that I can use to send various routine messages to people, that are time savers for me.  I have been using Eudora up until now, but am now forced to use Outlook.  In Eudora these forms are called "stationery". Read More...
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Office Outlook autostart Link 
graham sealby 
10 years ago
I am trying to get OUTLOOK to open up automatically when I log on each day.. I have ticked the appropriate box in "customise" link but the program still does not open automatically.
Any suggestions
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Outlook Version Link 
Dan Wong 
10 years ago
I like outlook 2003 much better than outlook 2007.
Of all the CRM / PIM software out there; My all time favorite is "Day-Timer 2000" it is a world class. Unfortunately, they sunset that in 2001 - no more update, no more integration to newer software, I still use it. Read More...
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