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Microsoft Access Forum
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

This forum is for the discussion of Microsoft Access.

Access is my personal specialty. Have questions? Comments? Want to discuss how to do something? Post it here. Also, I get a LOT of questions sent to me in Email from people around the world. I'll post the interesting ones in here. Feel free to comment on them.

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Read Microsoft Access More Users by Marinus v @ 8/17/2019
I work a couple years with Microsoft Access. And I follow this because to learn a little more. Is somebody know how I can create a database where more people can work with. I try to create a new database with the tips and tricks what I learn in this training.
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Read Vendor Sub Form Product list by Curtis D @ 8/14/2019
When I put the vendor sub form onto the Vendor form, it show all the products, not just the ones we get from that specific vendor
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Read Speech to text by Eddie P @ 8/2/2019
Anyone have any experience using speech to text for users to fill in Access forms?
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Read Merging 2 columns of list in 1 Combo box by Emad A @ 7/22/2019
Hi, If I have Columns has list of any kind of list, and I have another list in the same table or in another table, How can I merge 2 columns lists in 1 combo box?
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Read Export Email Greyed Out by Nicholas C @ 7/12/2019
Hey, Team - I just started working with the email seminar and noticed I can't get through the first video since my External Data > Export > E-mail button is greyed out. It's also greyed out in print preview. Any idea why this would be? I am using Access 2010 on my work computer and the only References selected are...

Visual Basic for Applications
MS Access 14.0 Obj Library
OLE Automation
MS Office 16.0 Access Database engine Object Library
MS Outlook 16.0 Object Library
MS Outlook view control
MS Office 14.0 Object Library

This is what it opens with.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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Read Post by Alexandra R @ 7/2/2019
I am creating a database for an assisted living community. I would like to create a "New Menu Item" Form, in which I create a form for a new menu item (ie Liver and onions, mashed potatoes), where I can have a form and easily (for front end employees) be able to add a new menu item and (here's the kicker) all possible food restrictions that may apply to all residents. I already have a setup (report and subform) that displays a specific day in the menu schedule for each meal for the day (A Daily Menu Report) describing each meal and which restrictions for each course apply to applicable restrictions to each of the residents. However, since the menu is fluid, and I alter the menu, how can I easily present each possible restriction in "liver and onions" as a simple form? Essentially creating a multivalued data entry field where each possibility is associated with a unique "restriction" primary key already established in a table? I know, this is complicated.
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Read Access Forum by John M @ 7/2/2019
I used a Calculated Field with an Expression [FieldName] + 1069 to add three years to the date of the FieldName or equivalent for two years and one year and so on.
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Read Copy and paste by Alex H @ 6/30/2019
Maybe intercept the "KeyUp" event, check what key(s) it is and stop if it's a combination.
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Read Menus by Alex H @ 6/30/2019
You could add a custom ribbon, but there isn't a MENU control like you get in .NET, at least not natively, there might be a COM control you can pull in or someone might have written a custom one but you might need to change your may of thinking if you have a DB instead.
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Read Access Calendar Seminar by Alex H @ 6/30/2019
ME is a keyword.

MS Article:

The Me keyword behaves like an implicitly declared variable. It is automatically available to every procedure in a class module.

When a class can have more than one instance, Me provides a way to refer to the specific instance of the class where the code is executing. Using Me is particularly useful for passing information about the currently executing instance of a class to a procedure in another module.
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Read printing access forms by Alex H @ 6/30/2019
Lara Reports are for Printing, Forms are for viewing/updating data.

See tip: Microsoft Access Open Report
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Read Compatibility issues migrating from 2010 to 2016 by Gregory S @ 6/26/2019
Our split Access 2010 database has been working nicely for years. It, of course, has lots of Richard Rost stuff in it like DLookUp() and Hyperlink Part 2 stuff in it.  Some of our users were upgraded from Win7 with Office 2010 to Win10 with Office 2016.  Something broke on June 13 while I was on vacation, keeping the blame off of me.  One of the Access 2016 users ran a Compact and Repair.  We are not blaming that person. Many of the queries that worked for years would not allow updates.  I put two of the offending tables into a blank database and with a single join (inner, then right outer join.  The query results were not updatable so, for the last couple of days, I have been using Richard's Expert 10's DLookUp() to avoid joining tables in queries.

Our office skipped Access 2013.  One coworker suggested we should have taken the Access 2010 files into an Access 2013 environment, then into Access 2016, thinking 2010 and 2013 could talk via XML. Then, go to Access 2106.  The thinking is that we missed some patch by skipping 2013 when we went from 2010 to 2016.  I saw some compatibility warnings on the 'Net after the fact, so I am asking this forum. Are there some issues?

If compatibility is an issue, how do I do cell-by-cell comparison of our thousands of records to find out what records have changed from June 13 until, say, I get a reply to help me? I was thinking of comparing the records, somehow (remove duplicates?) in Excel, one table at a time, using transposition.  That seems too crude, but I am pretty desperate.
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Read Post by Richard T @ 6/24/2019
I am following "Access Database Synch Tutorial. WebBrowser0.Navigate "http:\\"  This works fine.
WebBrowser0.Navigate "http:\\"  This does not work nor any other of my web sites.  Any solution ?

I get the error "expected identifier or number"
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Read Menus by Steve O @ 6/19/2019
I know that Access has switchboard and forms that you can put millions of buttons on to select what you want to do. I can also make a form with navigation tabs. Is there a setting that will make a "normal" menu like on nearly every other program?  The File   Edit  Search   View  Etc., selections with their accompanying dropdown selections.
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Read Post by John M @ 6/18/2019
I am using a split form.
The form contains eight dates which are the dates mandatory learning modules were completed. I have a code in the completed date which turns the back colour yellow when within 30 days of being out of compliance. The same If Statement turns the back colour red on the anniversary. The form gives an at-a-glance view of the statuses
I need a code to update a second date cell which will show the completed date   30 days and this cell will be used in a query, to calculate the number of days, to send an automatic e-mail when the learning is due to be re-taken. Can anyone assist me?
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Read Update to 320 thru 323 by Richard S @ 6/13/2019
Hi folks,

I have inquired about this before, but did not receive any sort of reply.   ANy thoughts on if/when the RECORDSETS courses (320s) will be "refreshed" ?

Hope all is well & till later,
Rick S.
San Antonio, TX
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Read printing access forms by Lara P @ 6/12/2019
How do I print just one form in Access instead of all of them?
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Read Access Calendar Seminar by KELVIN WILLIAMS @ 6/8/2019
In lesson 10, the VB code for Command 4 was simplified by replacing "Reports!MonthlyCalendarR(S1)" with just "Me(S1)".
How does Access know what "Me(S1)" means. Was it defined somewhere?
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Read Small Office Networking Class by Richard R @ 6/7/2019
I'll be covering setting up a network in a future Windows class. Setting up your Access database on a network will be coming up soon.
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