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Microsoft Access Forum
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

This forum is for the discussion of Microsoft Access.

Access is my personal specialty. Have questions? Comments? Want to discuss how to do something? Post it here. Also, I get a LOT of questions sent to me in Email from people around the world. I'll post the interesting ones in here. Feel free to comment on them.

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Read Multiple sort drop down query by Kurt @ 2/2/2015
We have several mating parts for a customer that have "like" features. I'm trying to create a searchable database with specific searchable features, but be able to enter just a portion of the part number. I entered the code Like "*" & [Forms]![Feature Search]![PARTNUMBER] & "*" in the sort Query, this works fine as long as that's all that is in the Query. I have random part numbers entered. So sorting for the part number with a "Q" should be easy. But it only works if none of the other search criteria boxes in the query have anything in them. When I enter [Forms]![Feature Search]![Combo5] in the next box in the Sort Query the search comes back blank. If I enter Like "*"&[Forms]![Feature Search]![Combo5]&"*" in the next box it gives me everything that has part of drop down selection in it. If the drop down is .375, the search returns everything that has a "3" or a "7" of a "5" in it. I'm using specific search features so I shouldn't need to use the "like" command.
I need people to be able to leave a selection drop down table blank if they don't want to limit the sort by that selection, also be able to select several features to sort by. Then have those selections generate a printable report.
I have VERY little to no experience with ACCESS. Most of what I know I've picked up from video's on Youtube. Unfortunately most of the video's are old and I'm not finding anything specific to what I'm trying to do.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Check out the Search Seminar. This goes into great detail on how to have optional search options and building up multi field searches
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Read Drop down within a Subform by Michael Goins @ 12/21/2014
I have successfully created several Combo Boxes by creating the lists in a table.  However, I have not been able to create the drop down lists from a table within my Subforms.  In this situation I have had to use the Lookup Wizard to get it to work.  I have a feeling it has something to do with the type of relationships I am defining, as I keep getting an error pop-up in the Subform Wizard when I try to create the Subform from two different tables (one for the Subform, the other for the drop-down list like for a Combo Box).  However, I am concerned that there will be limitations on querying the data from the Lookup Wizard as opposed to the Table-Combo Box method.  Is the Lookup Wizard for the data type in this situation a bad way to do this, or will I regret it later?  Please advise.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Hi Michael
Try creating the Query you wish to use to fill your combo, when that is working you can then set that to be the source of your combo.
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Read drop down lists by Willie @ 10/17/2013
Dear Richard

I have made a form with drop down list on a form and i wan to create products depending on the different options i choose in the lists.

After i have chosen all the cretria the name of the product must include them all
Example: Folded Leaflets / 300gsm Silk Creased / A4 folded to A5 / 1000 qty.

In the Query I use the following

ProductName: =[Item] & " / " & [Paperstock] & " / " & [FinalSize] & " / " & [PP] & " / " & [Qty]

The answer I get is the following:
1 / 3 / 30 / 4PP / 1000

This is the ID`s of the items in the list.

How do i display the Item Name and not the ID

PS my drop down lists display the Names not the ID`s
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Read Multiple Drop down Form by Alex Hedley @ 1/31/2013
Check out this tip:

There is a search in the top right corner which will help show you which lessons they might be in.

Be sure to check out the tips section:
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Read Multiple Drop down Form by Mike R @ 1/29/2013
Hi I'm trying to put together a form that that changes the values in one drop down depending on what was selected in the previous drop down. Classic example is The first drop down has every make of car manufacturer, then if I choose jeep the second Drop down gives me an option for only the Jeep made cars then the third drop down will only allow me to choose the year for the car I choose.

I'm fairly certain I have to link this to a query but not sure how.
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Read Limit Listbox based on a drop down box by Brent @ 9/11/2012
Awesome 2nd option worked. Could you find time in your busy days to create a mini tutorial on the different ways on writing SQL with VBA I seem to find most of my problems with the duble quotes and single quotes going in the right place depending on how many lines my SQL spans and what is on what line. I would pay to understand this concept in great detail.

Reply from Richard Rost:

I wasn't thorough enough in the SQL Seminar? The general rule of thumb is that you use a single quote or double-double-quotes inside of regular double-quotes to form a string. Like:

"SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE FirstName='" & FN & "'"


"SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE FirstName=""" & FN & """"

Access converts both of those strings into:

SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE FirstName="Joe"

Easy enough?
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Read Limit Listbox based on a drop down box by Brent @ 9/8/2012
I am having problems with my quotes in my SQL can someone help?

BidList.RowSource = "SELECT BidID, JobName, JobCity, JobNumber, BidDate, ClientName, PropPrice " & _
        "FROM PropT " & _
        "WHERE YEAR(BidDate)=' & YearCombo' " & _
        "ORDER BY " & Forms!PropListF!SortBy

Reply from Richard Rost:

BidList.RowSource = "SELECT BidID, JobName, JobCity, JobNumber, BidDate, ClientName, PropPrice " & _
"FROM PropT " & _
"WHERE YEAR(BidDate)='" & YearCombo & "' " & _
"ORDER BY " & Forms!PropListF!SortBy

However if your YearCombo is a NUMBER then you don't need those quotes:

BidList.RowSource = "SELECT BidID, JobName, JobCity, JobNumber, BidDate, ClientName, PropPrice " & _
"FROM PropT " & _
"WHERE YEAR(BidDate)=" & YearCombo & " " & _
"ORDER BY " & Forms!PropListF!SortBy

The YEAR function returns a number... so try the 2nd one first.
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Read Limit Listbox based on a drop down box by Brent @ 9/6/2012
I have a listbox that I want filtered depending on a combo box on the form. The combo box (YearCombo) has five values (2008,2009,2010,2011,2012) these values come from a year table that I can add future years to when they happen. By default I want it to filter by current year.

My SQL for my BidLIst on my form (PropListF) in the On Open event is as follows:  

BidList.RowSource = "SELECT BidID, JobName, JobCity, JobNumber,         BidDate, ClientName, PropPrice " & _
        "FROM PropT ORDER BY " & Forms!PropListF!SortBy

BidDate (Date Field) needs to equal that year in the combobox, the best senario would be to use the current system date and filter back only 6 months as well as the years. I am trying to limit by listbox to under 200 records.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Try adding a WHERE clause to your SQL:

...WHERE YEAR(BidDate)=" & YearCombo

To set YearCombo to the current year onOpen, just say

YearCombo = YEAR(Now())

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Read Drop Down Problem by Don @ 11/23/2011
While trying to learn how to use drop down list / boxes,  I ran into a problem!
When I rested the mouse to input data, the drop-down would show up and there was no option to input letters for sorting. The list was unsorted !

No matter what I did, erase db, redo all parts of the data base, nothing helped.

Un-Installing Access 2007 and reinstalling it cleared up the problem.

I can now input the first or first and second letters and it goes to that individual item or area and they are sorted alphabetized.

Reply from Richard Rost:

That's weird. Glad you fixed it, though.
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Read Drop Down menus by Marc @ 4/12/2010
Its probably a daft questions but;

I have a drop down menu that looks up all of the values in a filed and shows them as choices, however some of them are the same, how can i make it so that the drop down menu only shows unique values?

Answer from Richard Rost:

Use an AGGREGATE query to GROUP all of your choices together with the GROUP BY command.

Then use this query to feed your combo box.

To do this, use an Aggregate Query... also called a Summary Query or Totals Query. There is a little button on the query toolbar that looks like a wierd "E" (actually the Greek letter Sigma). Press that and you get a new Total row. Just add the fields you want to group by (like customer name or ID) and the fields you want to run calculations on (like SUM, Count or Average) and there you go.

I have a FREE tutorial on my web site that teaches you how to create an Aggregate Query. See:

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