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Microsoft Access Forum
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

This forum is for the discussion of Microsoft Access.

Access is my personal specialty. Have questions? Comments? Want to discuss how to do something? Post it here. Also, I get a LOT of questions sent to me in Email from people around the world. I'll post the interesting ones in here. Feel free to comment on them.

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Read Images by Antonio M @ 5/7/2017
I had problems when I broght the image icon to the employee badge design form. I followed same steps in how to create a logo and bring to the image icon, creating it on paint brush as the exercise explained. However, the bmp file was expanded much larger when included in the image icon in the employee's badge design form, and the print preview did not show the logo in every employee s badge. I am working with Access 2016, and it has some differences from Access 2010.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Do any image types show? .png .jpeg etc?
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Read Images Combobox by Otto @ 8/4/2016
Is there a way to display images in a combo box instead of text? I am working on a database where I want to present the users a number of images from which they can select one. The selected image will then be used in a report.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You could create a custom Form which has a image, and text field(s), make it a continuous Form then use that as a subform in your main one.
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Read Clipart Images by Richard L @ 7/31/2016
I wanted to use clipart images where I assign MS icon images to specific functions in Access.  I have difficulty locating them and wanted to know where I can select them to put on my form.  I feel silly asking this but I cant find or get the Picture Builder up to do so.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

The images used on the Command Button image picker I think are stored in a dll or compressed format the aren't a folder of images like you would expect.
Either print screen the one you want and add it manually or use the Imaging Seminar for other ideas.
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Read Images in reports by Harry Mullin @ 6/18/2016
I'm using word because of editing needs (yeah, I know, don't ask). If I were to use an access report, how would I include graphics?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

The Imaging Seminar covers this.
You can either hard code the image or link it to a field in your record.
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Read Images in reports by Harry Mullin @ 6/13/2016
I'm starting a project to create a word doc using from data in Access. I need to insert graphics in specific locations as well. I have the exact address of the graphic (jpg) stored in a field in the db. Do you have a tutorial how to get it from the server location into the word doc?
Also, do you have a tutorial on the various ways to create a Word doc from Access? I use bookmarks - which work but are (imho) tricky to edit. Are there alternatives?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

The Imaging Seminar covers a lot of things, I can't remember if this is though.

Is there a reason you can't use a Report in Access, does word give you more Formatting options?
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Read sliding images by Otto @ 2/16/2016
I would like to put on a form approx 25 images. What I want is that if someone clicks on 1 of these images, something happens depending on the selected image. In order to keep the formsize reasonable, would it be possible to put images in a combobox or to make a kind of sliding control?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You could show an image based on a combobox
Are you wanting a rotator type control?
You could have an OLE Object or Image Control and back/forward buttons that swap the image source on click.
This could be added to a timer control which switches them on a loop.
See this tip.
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Read Images import in wrong orientation by Philip A @ 7/27/2015
Can anyone help. Working through the a
Access imaging seminar, tutorial 10-12 on importing an image using directory address and some VBA code for displaying images on form loading and no error message if no directory is entered into image field. My images are not importing in the same orientation as the source image????????

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Were these images taken from an iPhone?
Do they open in the correct orientation using Windows Picture/Image Viewer?
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Read Access Images by Gary @ 8/20/2014
Would Like to see a short video on exporting BLOB (Binary large Objects) to .jpg files

Have an up and comming project where I will need to do this.
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Read Lose of images during printing by Robert Jacoby @ 6/23/2014
Your seminar on images has been very helpful. I followed your instructions on linking images with good success.  However, I am having issues printing. I am linking approximately 1500 images that are in a single file folder. My report has 4 images per page.  After printing approximately 100 pages the images start  falling away from the bottom of the page. As I get further into printing 120 pages the images start falling away at the bottom and center.
Any suggestions.

Reply from Richard Rost:

I've never encountered that before. It could be a low-memory issue. How old is your PC? Have you tried splitting it up into two print jobs (pages 1-100 then 101-200?) I'd really need to see your database to tell you what's wrong.
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Read Access Images Select Image by xXFalconXx @ 6/21/2014

I am just wondering what the required code is for being able to create the Select Image Button and then being able to save it and display it (Like the Imaging Seminar)

I saw this whilst watching a free YouTube tutorial.. but i am very interested in learning how to create something like this

please and thank you!

Reply from Richard Rost:

That's all covered in the seminar. :)
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Read Images in Access 2010 by william c @ 6/9/2014
I have the same problem with Access 2010and the seminar was based on Access 2007
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Read Images in Access 2010 by Mk @ 6/3/2014
This is the tutorial I am following right now to build a very simple db for my work. Access Tip: How to Use Images and OLE Objects in your Database .It involves many images. When I write the vb code you suggested ( I don't know vb at all), it gives me Run Time Error 2220 - file can't be found. I have checked the file path I provided - what can i do? really stuck - and this is sue tomorrow! help!
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Read Insert PNG images into forms by Andr�s M. @ 2/16/2014
I followed all the steps given in this video to insert an image into a form/ report. But when the brower window opens I can just select .jpg files.

Is there any way i can also choose files with png extension?
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Read Web Browser to Show Images by Stephen B @ 5/7/2013
Hi Richard,

Would like to know if you could explain and show the Access web browser in a form, set up to show images based on a field in the current form.


Reply from Richard Rost:

I cover using the WebBrowser control in a couple of my seminars, but generally for displaying information on the Web. To display images based on a form field (file/path) use the Image control.
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Read images wont display by Robert Patrician @ 5/3/2013
I did a drag and drop of the image into Access as the video instructed. Is there a different way I should be inserting the image into the form for data entry?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I recommend saving the image in a folder on your system and then storing the path/filename of the image in your database. See this tutorial: ACCESS IMAGING ADDENDUM.
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Read images wont display by Robert Patrician @ 5/2/2013
Here is the current results I get with the results of the Beginner 6 lesson on how to make employee name badges.
The image for the logo loads, regardless of format (I have done PNG, JPEG, and BMP), but the variable images refuse to load. For the employee images I have tried both images downloaded from the web and images self-created in MS Paint. I'd really appreciate some help resolving this issue.

Reply from Richard Rost:

What is the value for the path/filename of the image? Are you sure it's correct? I can't tell what the problem is just from your screen shot.
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Read Making Images Bigger by Robert @ 4/4/2013
Hi Richard, just watched your RESIZE FORM FIELDS video and modified this accordingly, was using the if then function, but did like the on and lost focus function better! Thank you for your prompt reply. Robert
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Read Making Images Bigger by Robert @ 4/4/2013
Hi Richard, How does one make an image bigger by double clicking the image?
I have both Attachments and oleunbound objects  and haven't found a simple way of writing vba code to do this!

Reply from Richard Rost:

Try using an OnDoubleClick event and then manipulating the .Width and .Height properties of the container (object).

MyImage.Height = 8000
MyImage.Width = 5000

Of course, put your own values in there as needed.
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Read Images from camera source into Form by SGreene @ 12/15/2012
I have a form that I want to connect a digital camera to the compute to allow those pictures that are being taken to load directly into the form.  Is that possible.  By the way, you are awesome, I have learned a great deal from your youtube and this forum.  I do have another questions but I will ask that at a later time.  Thank you so much in advanced.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Most cameras attach via USB and become a drive letter on your system. If it's always the same drive letter all the time (like F: or H:) then you could write code to pull all of the pictures into your database (or, as I prefer, copy them to an IMAGES folder on your PC/Server and link to them there). I cover something similar to this in my IMAGING SEMINAR.
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Read Picture Images in Databases by abdul @ 6/7/2012
Hi,I just want to ask you how I can create a form which has a picture of different people.. For example a picture of John and then when i click next,it will show me Micks picture,etc.

Reply from Richard Rost:

See this tip on Pictures in your database
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Read Display Images from the Web in a Continuous Form by MeLissa @ 5/2/2012
I watched that addendum. Is there a way to copy images from the Web and save them as local images in a shared folder?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Manually? Yes. Just right-click on the image in your browser and save it. Automatically? Yes, but it involves some tricky VBA code. I don't have time for it now, but I'll add it to my TO DO list of ideas... or perhaps one of my other Access gurus on here will post a solution.
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Read Display Images from the Web in a Continuous Form by MeLissa @ 5/2/2012
I really have enjoyed the information that I learn from your courses. I have just one problem that I hope you will be able to help me with. I made a continuous form where I put in the vb code like what is in the course; however, the form shows the same image for every record unless I click on the activeX control. Did I miss something?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I haven't tried it with Web images (URL-based) but if you have local images, there is a new technique that you can use. See this addendum.
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Read copy paste images by Eddie @ 2/14/2011
wanted to be sure before i purchased the video :), i watched the intro and it talked more about attaching images/docs more than the ability to copy an image/doc and paste it into a table or field. we are doing most of what the video intro demonstrated so i wanted to make sure it will show us how to copy and paste for document/image storage.

Reply from Richard Rost:

It covers both, although if you have LOTS of images, or LARGE images, I strongly recommend NOT pasting them directly into your database. The reasons why are given in the videos.
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Read copy paste images by Eddie @ 2/11/2011
Is it possible to copy an image and past it into Access?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yep. It certainly is. There are MANY ways to use images in Access. In fact, I have an entire 3-hour seminar devoted to working with images in Access.
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Read scanning images to a database by Robert Prideaux @ 8/24/2010
Thanks to you and Micah - admit to not realising Richard had an imaging seminar... and I have pretty much everything else!
Really appreciate your great responses.
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Read scanning images to a database by Alan Hill @ 8/23/2010
Each patient has an ID. Assign a field for the picturepath and assign the ID as a foreign key then they are linked.
That's all a subform does looks for the same ID in both tables.
Open your table and make sure the same values are assigned to both tables.
If not fix them up manually if you have to. Keep all your pictures in the same folder.
Makes it easier. Open the folder in explorer and copy the path from the address bar.
That's you path. Click on the picture when it turns blue copy and paste the title into your database
Textbox Images
example D:\MyPics\ Is the path do not forget the backslash Store the path

PatientPic1.jpg Is The filename. Add The two together
FullPath = Path & Image. Image thats the field where your pictureTitles are kept
ImageFrame.picture = Fullpath and it works a treat. Add that to your ON Current Event
If you have heaps of pictures you have a bit of work setting it up. Once done create a subform. It's now easy to maintain
Richard does a great job of explaining it in his Imaging Seminar
Have a great day
Hope this helps
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Read scanning images to a database by Mubeezi Micah @ 8/23/2010
Dear Robert,

In my opinion, your question may require a relatively long explanation. What i know is that its possible at least in Access 2000/2003/2007 (my guess is that the principles remained the same in Access 2010 as i have not used it yet). Probably you could watch Richard Rost's Imaging seminar. It comprehensively covers how to handle images. The specific lesson which will answer your question is called "Copying images to the server" although watching from the begining will be most helpful. In this lesson, you will learn how to "attach" the Patient unique number to his picture. I have used this seminar before and i assure you there is value for money spent.

Good luck

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Read scanning images to a database by Robert Prideaux @ 8/19/2010
I am trying to wite a db (in 2010) that basically stores imagery (for a medical practice)of paperwork associated with patients.

The stumbling block is how to assign an image/group of; to the correct patient file.

Is there a way to assign scanned images to a particular record? or assign this at the scan time?

Am totally confused :(
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Read Images by Richard Rost @ 1/17/2010
If you're seeing the SAME image on every record, then your image control is probably not BOUND to a field in the underlying table. Make sure the object has a CONTROL SOURCE set to whatever OLE Object field you want to save the picture in.
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Read Images by Scott @ 1/16/2010
I have tried continuous forms with the form that I have and all it did was display the same image on every form. I have other continuous forms that work in the way you describe but for some reason my image form doesn't.I will play around with it and see if it's a simple fix. Thanks again.


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Read Images by Richard Rost @ 1/16/2010
How about a CONTINUOUS FORMS setup where you just scroll down. You can then see as many images as you can fit on the screen. Would this work for you?
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Read Images by Scott @ 1/15/2010
Presently my database allows me to see an image that is attached to my file. My question is, is there a way that I can see more than one image at a time. I can attach and scroll through evry image but I would like to be able to see say six photos at once then go to the next record and see six more that may be attached to that file. My photos are stored outside of my database, as many people have suggested. Do you have a course that I can purchase or is there any info that I can look up?


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