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Welcome to the Microsoft Access Forum. Access is by far our most popular topic here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students (paid customers) can post here. If you'd like to become a student, you can watch Access Beginner Level 1 for free, and then purchase Level 2 for just $1.00 here. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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Button Not Working Link 
Carlos Espinosa     
Wed 7/8
Hello Richard,
So I have a Transportation DB. In it VendorT has companies that provide the service whith is detailed info, RouteT, routes assigned to each vendor and StopsT which includes all stops within a Route. Read More...
Richard Rost    
Today 3:47 pm
Carlos, this is one of those questions that is almost impossible to answer without being able to actually see your database. Can you post the VBA code in the button?
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Custom Sorting Link 
Tanya Armstrong     
Wed 7/8
Hi Richard,

I came across an issue today. You may have addressed it in one of your classes but I haven't seen it yet (currently at Expert Class 3).

I made a table for a combobox. The field includes both letters and numbers, field type short text for now. This list contains sections of our vault so we can locate inventory, so they are simple like 1A, 1B, 1C - 11A, 11B, 11C. The sort goes wonky when we reach 10, but because there are letters, I can't change to a number type and because they are locations if I add leading 0s, it might confuse staff looking for things. Read More...
Richard Rost    
Wed 7/8
Not an easy one. The easy one is 01A, 01B, 02A, etc. You could separate the value into two fields in your database for data ENTRY which would make sorting work the way you want, but then concatenate the fields and print them (show them on the screen) without the leading zero.
Garry Smith  
Today 5:05 am
I would add another field (Number) to the table that would  be used just for sorting in the combo box query. It does not need to show in the combo box.
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Statistics Link 
Jan Holm     
Wed 7/8
Is there a way to do statistics on a form. E.g. how many queries to the database is used, etc.

Jan Holm
Richard Rost    
Wed 7/8
You can add whatever statistics to a form that you want. I put "total daily sales" on my main menu which is updated every minute so I can see what the status is. It's a simple DSUM that runs in my Timer event.

DailySales = DSUM("OrderTotal","OrderT","OrderDate=#" & Date() & "#")

Using DSUM, DLOOKUP, and DCOUNT you can pull up any stored values you want in your database.
Jan Holm    
Wed 7/8
My, Question was more about information about the behaviour of the implementation. E.g. how many queries is need for opening a form. This could help optimising the implementation.

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Upcoming Projects Link 
Richard Rost     
Tue 7/7
Here's what's coming up soon...


I'm continuing to work on Access Developer 14 today. I was hoping to release the next lesson last week, but I had an emergency problem on the web site that took me 3 days to fix and set me back. In any case, look for that soon. If you're interested in joining the class as we build the POS system, here's a link: Access Developer 14 Read More...
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Get Rid of Tabs Link 
Shawn Hicks   
Mon 7/6
I created a database for our Animal Control.  Everything was working fine until I changed up my form and started using tabs.  In the owner and animal tabs, I have a drop down where user I can select the owner and animal, and then it populates the fields within the tab.  It worked fine until I moved the fields to the tabs.  Now they won't populate.  Is there another code I should use, instead of "ME", when working within tabs?
Richard Rost    
Mon 7/6
I really hate tabs. Can't stand them. I even say so in my Beginner and Expert classes numerous times: DON'T USE TABS! Why? When you start getting into more advanced stuff, like you're finding out, they become a nightmare to work with. I'd rather have multiple smaller forms, or have to scroll, than to use tabs. But, generally, if you drop a field, let's say FieldA in a tab, then it should behave like the rest of the controls on the form. Should. But sometimes it doesn't. Good luck! What's your code that does the populating?
Shawn Hicks  
Mon 7/6
I must have missed that.  I was considering going back to just the form.  Here's the code for owner and animal:
Private Sub OwnerID_Change()
Me.LastName.Value = Me.OwnerID.Column(1)
Me.FirstName.Value = Me.OwnerID.Column(2)
Me.Address.Value = Me.OwnerID.Column(3)
Me.City.Value = Me.OwnerID.Column(4)
Me.State.Value = Me.OwnerID.Column(5)
Me.Zip.Value = Me.OwnerID.Column(6)
Me.Phone.Value = Me.OwnerID.Column(7)

End Sub

Private Sub AnimalID_Change()
Me.AnimalType.Value = Me.AnimalID.Column(1)
Me.OtherType.Value = Me.AnimalID.Column(2)
Me.PrimaryBreed.Value = Me.AnimalID.Column(3)
Me.SecondaryBreed.Value = Me.AnimalID.Column(4)
Me.PrimaryColor.Value = Me.AnimalID.Column(5)
Me.SecondaryColor.Value = Me.AnimalID.Column(6)
Me.Sex.Value = Me.AnimalID.Column(7)
Me.SpayNeut.Value = Me.AnimalID.Column(8)
Me.AniName.Value = Me.AnimalID.Column(9)
Me.DateofBirth.Value = Me.AnimalID.Column(10)
Me.Age.Value = Me.AnimalID.Column(11)

End Sub
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