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Read ACCESS and OLE Object Via VBA Code by Alan Hill @ 9/12/2011
Hi joean

Two solutions
1) Use on error goto skip if your field is empty
MSGBOX " JPEG File does not exist"
ImageFrame.Picture = ""

or check that the field is not empty or null before the statement ImageFrame.Picture = Path & PicTitle & ".jpg"
if it is then your ELSE statement would skip to something. Better to clear the ImageFrame or your previous picture will still be there.
Hope this helps

Best wishes Alan
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Read ACCESS and OLE Object Via VBA Code by Alex Hedley @ 9/12/2011
Hi Joean,

Have you worked your way through the Imaging Seminar as this is great if you want to work with Images in Access.

What code did you use to load a picture?

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Read ACCESS and OLE Object Via VBA Code by joean @ 9/7/2011
Hello Everybody,

How about displaying images embedded in a database on a form

I rise for the first time on this forum because I am about to try to understand the Access software. I found the tutorial video done by Rost on this subject.Testing this procedure there is an error that appears when there is no picture or when it reaches the end file. Can someone help me complete the procedure to avoid the issue (Null) error.

Many thanks in advance
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Read Adding OLE object to database by Mary @ 3/2/2011
Okay here goes! I purchased the workorder seminar and developed my database and works great. Then I purchased the Imaging Seminar and want to add object to my workorder. I inserted the bound object and was able to insert the pdf file that I want but when I cancel out it doesn't save it. Any suggest on what I'm missing.
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Read Linked OLE Objects and Size by Stephen Weeks @ 6/4/2010
I have a Bound Object Frame that has the following properties;

OLE Type Allowed - Linked
Update Options - Automatic
Display Type - Content

I have just watched Access 203, 06.Object Frames and the way I understand it is that because it is linked the database does not increase in size. I am using Access 2007 and it does increase in size as I add pictures. Why is this?


Reply from Richard Rost:

Stephen, linked objects WILL cause a Microsoft Access database (of ANY version) to increase in size. If I said anything else in that class, I was mistaken or was just underplaying the AMOUNT that the database will increase. Even a linked image or document carries some baggage with it. OLE objects are not that great for storing data. This is why in the Imaging Seminar I show you a great way to reference external pictures (or any kind of file) without actually storing them in the database.
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Read Picture in Form - OLE Object by Rhonda @ 6/2/2010
For some reason I can't seem to see the actual picture in the picture box when I drag and/or browse a jpeg picture in the box.  I only see the title of the picture.  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?  I am using Microsoft Access 2003.
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Read OLE Objects in Access 2003 by Ian @ 1/25/2010
Hi Richard
My table consists of a few populated text fields and 2 blank OLE Object fields.

For the last 2 days I have been creating the OLE Objects as follows :

Initially I select Tables from the Objects list, and then from the Datasheet view
I click on the appropriate {blank} field, and then click on the following path :

Insert > Object > Create from file > Browse > ( Locate file from my PC) > Link > OK

I can then click on the newly populated field, and “see” the correct file OK.

My problem is that I now need to make the db available to colleagues,
but my linked files are located in my PC’s C drive.

So if my PC isn’t powered up, this will not work.

I can copy these linked files from my PC to a shared network drive,
but is there any way to trick the db not to look to my C: drive, but to the new shared address ?

Or will I have to re-enter all the links, as a punishment for my lack of foresight ?

Many thanks

Answer from Richard Rost:

Yes, unfortunately without some programming you are going to have to reestablish all of your links. You could write a program to loop through all of the records and using VBA code change those links, but that might take more time than just re-inputing the data (depending on how many links you have). Sorry I can't offer a better solution for you. ALWAYS use UNC paths like //JoesPC/C/Files/filename.jpg when making links like this.
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Read Insert OLE object by Maks Kelemina @ 10/4/2009
I had the same problem, except that error message said that I "lost OLE link".
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Read Insert OLE object by Richard Rost @ 9/30/2009
It's not Access that's finicky... it's a Windows issue. For BMP images, I would recommend just using Windows Paint. A quick fix might be to right-click on any BMP image using Windows Explorer, and then Open With... and just change the default handler that way.
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Read Insert OLE object by Donald Wright @ 9/30/2009
Thank you.
MUST it be a bmp image?
Is Access finicky about what image handler I may use?

Thanks again,
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Read Insert OLE object by Richard Rost @ 9/30/2009
This usually is NOT a problem with Access, but whatever program you have registered to handle images. For example, if you're trying to paste a Windows Bitmap image (BMP) and you have Photoshop registered as your BMP editor, and there's a problem with Photoshop, it will cause this error when Access tries to insert the picture. Figure out what your image handler is and either reset it or reinstall it.
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Read Insert OLE object by Don @ 9/29/2009
I was working on Lesson 102/Forms and tried to insert a picture using the 2 methods you outlined.  Only I received a "The operation on the OLE object failed.  The OLE server may not be registered.  To register the OLE server, reinstall it."

I am working with MS Access 2003.  Any ideas/workarounds for this?

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