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General Discussion Forum
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This forum is for any and all topics unrelated to the other forums. Have something to say? Post it here.

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Read Email by Ken N @ 6/30/2018
as I send emails with attachments I wanted the comment line to have the first name of the customer followed by Please read the attached file. This would translate to Paula, please read the attached file. Automatically adding the name wasn't a problem adding the text throws up an error. So I then created a message field but it doesn't appear automatically and even when found and added the error still occurs.
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Read e mail by David R @ 7/28/2017
I have sent multiple e-mails in the past 2 weeks about Access Developer class upgrades and partial purchase order receiving and have not gotten a response. Has anyone else had any luck?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

After each new class is released,  a week later an email is sent out which gives you the choice to get the free upgrade or save it for a later lesson. D3 should be sent soon.
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Read Did I see some offers by Edward R @ 6/3/2017
I thought I saw some older lessons e.g Access 101 on special offer 2 days ago, but looking this evening I do not see them. Did I miss this?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Where did you see them, could you check your browsing history?
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Read Java programming by blaise a @ 5/10/2017
hi, I would like to have courses on java programming

Reply from Alex Hedley:

It's unlikely to happen, but is there something in particular you are wanting to learn about Java, is this for Android programming or desktop applications?
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Read Password by ron b @ 8/30/2016
How do I change the logon password to 599cd?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There's a password recovery, if you need it reset I think you'd have to contact Support.
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Read InfoPath by Aaryan Puru Jindal @ 8/7/2016
I have to learn info path for my job. Please share video tutorials. I am doing ms access tutorials right now, but I also require MS Infopath.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

I'm not even sure if this is on the Waiting List, there has never been a high interest unfortunately.
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Read VB with Access by Kenneth Williams @ 7/12/2016
I would like to know, do you teach access programming using Visual Basic ?
or VB using access database ?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There are some VB6 courses but you'd need an old XP machine and a copy of VB6 to follow along, unless you have one or an MSDN license it's prob gonna be difficult for you.

If you want VBA with MS Access checkout the old Advanced Courses (301+) for Access 2003, vba hasn't changed much so although its using 2003 you can transfer the code to a newer version no problem.
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Read General Discussion Forum by jimmy @ 7/2/2016
What is the software  that Richard is using  to record his lessons (I need a software to record and explain my employees  on the work they need to do?). Thanks a lot

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Recording Software
He used to use HyperCam, I think it's still the case.

Cam Studio is free

I use Screenflow on the Mac
You could use QuickTime

Record It

Microsoft Expression Encoder 4
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Read General Discussion Forum by Robert M @ 4/11/2016
Any Idea When The Customer Course List Will Have Sort By Course Name In Lieu Of Purchase Date?
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Read Record a learning project ourself by Trond L @ 12/24/2015
Hi Richard, I really like the Access learning zone, with clear and good video instructions. Actually, I would like to make a few learning videos myself, regarding other topics. However, what program do you use to make these videos? A tip could maybe be to make an open session for all customers, showing what programs and equipment to use when making such learning videos. This could give a positive effect, with more people sharing structured information like this. Thanks, Trond

Reply from Alex Hedley:

I think Rich uses HyperCam.
There is CamStudio which is free.
For the few videos I've recorded I use my mac and record them either using two paid programs - Screenflow and Camtasia as these have built in editing software which is handy.

For the handbooks I use Hypersnap and Word. Hypersnap is great because you can set a region of your screen to capture, i.e. the video I'm watching and snap it with a shortcut and have it automatically paste into Word. Greenshot is a free alternative.

Coverting videos, Rich built his own conversion tool in VB6 using FFMpeg and MP4Box to move the streaming file to the front.
I've written up a couple of these VB6 apps as Articles which should be released soon.

There are other tools which could be helpful, like cursors highlighters so you can show where you are clicking.
Make sure you get yourself a good recording mic, I use a nice headset, didn't cost much from amazon.
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Read DATABASE by MILON MITRA @ 8/7/2015
How to make tables in MS access. Can you guide me to a tutorial in YouTube?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

See this Glossary item on Tables.
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Read DATABASE by MILON MITRA @ 8/6/2015
I have Window 8.1. I am a doctor. I made a list of 700 diseases. And I have coded them 1 to 700. Next I made a list of 700 symptoms. I have coded them 1 to 700. Next, for every disease, I gave all their symptoms code. Next, for every symptom, I gave all their disease code. Now I want to know by which application can I relate the diseases with symptoms and relate symptoms with diseases. So that in the end, if I click few symptoms then the relevant disease with these symptoms will pop out. Can you help me?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

MS Access will do this.
You can import this data into two tables.
Diseases and Symptoms
Then create a Junction Table DiseasesXSymptoms that has the DiseaseID and the SymptomID.
Create a Query that Joins these and you can then show them in a Form or Report.
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Read Join values by Constance Pinkie M @ 4/5/2015
I need to know how to create a table with my two data formula in on column. For example a mean and SD in one column with SD inside a bracket.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

What program are you wanting to do this in? Excel/Access...

You can use String Concatenation

x = "Hello"
y= "World"
x & " " & y => "Hello World"
"x" & " (" & "y" & ")" => "Hello (World)"
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Read PDF Issues by Darrell B @ 3/30/2015
I type in the information on my end and all the information I typed in is blank when it get to the other end all of my edditing

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Is this a Form based PDF? i.e it has fields you can add values to?
If this is the case unless this information is stored in the document it won't show when you send it on, it would be blank and ready to fill in.
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Read PDF Issues by Darrell B @ 3/29/2015
Yes and Yes

Reply from Alex Hedley:

So when you say it doesn't show up on the other end is it not attached to the email or does it just not open?
Does the other machine have the same PDF program installed?
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Read PDF Issues by Darrell B @ 3/26/2015
I use Paper Port software that uses pdf viewer plus 7.1

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Are you saving the PDF first?
Does it open fine on your end before sending it?
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Read General Discussion Forum by Sharon Hemphill @ 1/22/2015
Excellent, excellent, Excellent!! Thank you!!
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Read Survey The Greatest Ever by Sharon Hemphill @ 1/22/2015
I did not find the survey but I was so impressed with your tutorials, I just had to tell you what an absolutely wonderful instructor you are, you speak clearly, perfect pace, so easy to understand and after decades of confusion you cleared it up with your beginning tutorials. I began with 2003, Access and now I will list to 2013. THANK YOU for such wonderful assistance to share your knowledge. Your tutorials are GOLD!!
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Read PDF Issues by Darrell B @ 1/8/2015
I use pdf formatting, When I try to send my data over the email, often times it don't show up on the other end so I have to change to tif to embed my data then change back to pdf how can I embed into pdf?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Where is your original source coming from.
What program are you using to save to PDF.
What is the content you are trying to save.
I wouldn't think the email is the issue, that is just the way you're sending the data, not the writing/reading part.
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