If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Video Software Link 
Richard Lanoue     
4 days ago
I learned how to embed a video in a spreadsheet.  Do you recommend what type of video capture you use on your tutorials?   I want to make a spreadsheet that has a video tab that intructs the user how to measure and fill out the spreadsheet acordingly.... any advice, recomendations?
Richard Rost    
4 days ago
I used Hypercam for many years, from my start in 2004 until just this month. 16 years, not a bad run. It's a good piece of software too. I just decided to switch it up and try something new. I'm using Bandicam now. I like it. Nice and simple. Good set of features. Inexpensive. I record my videos in short segments then I use Bandicut to join them together (the software's main feature is to cut apart large videos, but you can also use it to put lots of small videos together).
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Feedback Link 
Kevin Robertson     
2 months ago
I have put together a simple website detaiing some of my work. I would appreciate any feedback fromm you guys.

Alex: You wanted to see my new version of my color picker. It is included in the site. Read More...
Alex Hedley   
2 months ago
Great idea kevin, I'll take a further look at the code when I'm not on my mobile.

A couple of quick pieces of feedback, images are always great to show off the apps, if you have multiple screens you can also use a gif (https://ezgif.com/maker)
Alex Hedley   
2 months ago
Another idea since you're happy to share the code is to put it up on GitHub (https://github.com/)
Do you use any source control / version control systems? It's a great habit to get into.
Plus you can add up releases and keep track of versions etc, also others can provide feedback, raise feature requests or bugs and even help add them to the app.
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Monthly Subscription Link 
Ray White     
3 months ago
Hi Richard. It looks like your making a great come back. Have you ever thought about just charging a monthly subscription for the website. Have everyone pay a subscription and have access to all videos. I thinking as long as you keep new videos added it would work. That would give you a steady income every month. Just a thought. Thanks. Ray White
Richard Rost    
3 months ago
Hi Ray. I do have two different subscription models available. I've got MYOLP for people who want "pay one price per year" access, and then another called the Learning Connection where you get a new lesson every week (or your specified interval) at a 50% discount.
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Animated GIF Creator Link 
Richard Rost     
3 months ago
I like to give credit where credit is due. I was looking for a quick and easy online tool to make an animated GIF. I wanted something for when you guys click on the "Submit" button to post a Reply to a comment, it would be pretty and moving instead of just a static "Please Wait..." Read More...
Rick Rost  
3 months ago
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Sound and Video Quality Link 
Chris Bezant     
4 months ago
Hello Rick
I have to say that the sound quality is the best it has ever been. Play some of your earlier stuff and you will see what I mean.
Being visually impaired the bigger screen is not so good for me, but I just magnify the screen using the Windows magnifier (Windows key plus + skey). Read More...
Richard Rost    
4 months ago
Glad you approve! And I know all about being visually impaired now. I'm blind in one eye and need super-strong glasses for the "good" eye. But... I love what I do and I'm gonna keep doin it. :)
Richard Rost    
4 months ago
Hey Chris, would you do me a favor? I'm testing some thing one the site right now. Will you just let me know (either email me or post a comment here) if you get the EMAIL from my server that notifies you that I made this comment? Thanks.
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