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Access Web Data Sync Seminar
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

This seminar covers integrating your Microsoft Access database and your Web Site. You will learn how to use Access to feed your Web Site with data and use Access to read information from the Web.

This seminar has three main goals. You will learn how to:

1. Use Access to pull information off of Web pages
2. Collect data on your Web site and download it into Access
3. Update your Web site with data from your Access database

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Course Link: Access Web Data Sync Seminar
Keywords: access web data sync synch seminar
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Mobile Wunderground Code Comment from Kristin Williamson @ 1/21/2019
Taking this seminar in 2019.  Doesn't look like the mobile wunderground code works anymore.  Do you have any updated code?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Have you tried applying the principles to another page on the site?

For instance "" and parse the page in the same way, just find where the data is and grab that instead?
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Pop Up Comment from Raivo Karmas @ 4/12/2017
I am using Access 2013, and had no problems getting the webbrowser to find and show the page.  I can find the document complete dropdown in the vba code editing section.  Within the document complete, however, I cannot get Access to recognize the .Document.All code (it does not capitalize the "D").  It will also not recognize the .navigate code.  I wonder if there is a reference library I need to activate or turn on.
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Pop up Comment from Raivo Karmas @ 4/10/2017
No properties are recognized.  I cannot even get the .Navigate to be recognized.  I was wondering if Access 2013 changed anything behind the scenes. Perhaps I need to add a reference or library or something.  Sorry for the vague language, but I am new to programming.  

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Is it the ActiveX control or the web browser control from the Toolbox?
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Pop up Comment from Raivo Karmas @ 4/6/2017
Richard,  I have developed a pop up form triggered from a command button.  The pop up form has a Webbrowser control showing the specific document I want.  No problems here.  I will never use the Webbrowser to navigate further, so I left of the IsNavigating check box.  However, when I want to see the underlying text (Obj.Outertext portion of lesson 3) Access will not recognize the ".Document.All" property in the Webbrowser_DocumentComplete routine.  Therefore, I have not been able to pull out any text in my PageText textbox.  Any suggestions?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Are any of the other values printing anything? innertext etc.
Does the file show, I guess so?
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when I click on button it add 12 rows not just one Comment from jeff horvate @ 9/19/2016
when I click on button it add 12 rows not just one rows?  for example if 86 it put 86. in the table 12 times

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Have you added a loop in your code?
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Missing Web Browser Comment from Uriel Ramirez @ 8/18/2015
I liked this seminar and it's very useful, however, I have Access 2010 and I can't find the Active X control from the first lessons. I tried using the Web Navigation control but it seems to be a different time of control. I do not have admin rights over the office installation, so is there any way to simulate or get something close with the web navigation control? If so could you please make an addendum to this course? Thanks.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

MS Article
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Do you use another www for stock quotes the page Comment from jeff horvate @ 10/20/2014
Do  you use another www for stock quotes? the page went away.

Reply from Alexander Hedley:

Yahoo Finance might be an alternative.
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Access Web Data Sync Seminar Comment from MUBEEZI M @ 2/8/2014
Dear Richard,

i use the principles i see in this seminar to acquire data from my website via a text file. It works perfectly well. However, on one computer, the process of acquiring data takes unusually too long (6 to 10 hours.). On other similar computers with windows 8, it takes only about 6 to 15min maximum. what might be different with this computer? I dont know where to start from. Please provide me with some guidance.
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Comment from omar tikrity @ 1/20/2014
Hi Richard

Thanks for the great seminar!

I have followed your lessons but I seem to have one problem when adding records from or other websites.

I am using MS Access 2013; when I click navigate, it adds 5 records into the table i.e. the same temperature 5 times from weather I tried a different website and it inserted only 2 records.

It does this both with record sets or SQL.

When it comes to the text files, it brings up the error that the text file is already open and gives me an error message.

It seems to be looping the document_complete several times. Or it runs the document_complete section before the website has finished downloading completely??

Also, when I first open the web form it seems to navigate automatically to the website even before I click navigate. I have copied your code to the letter but I can't understand why?

I would appreciate any help you can give me.


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Seminar on Web Synchronizing Comment from David @ 8/30/2013
Thanks again.
I tried
If DLookup(myID, "RecordsT", [Table!RecordsT!EntryID]) Then
End If
But got an error message needing a debug.
(myID is the temporary field I am trying to add in the primary field, EntryID, in the table RecordsT)
Any further suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Reply from Richard Rost:

All of your DLOOKUP parameters need to be in quotes, and your equation for the criteria makes no sense. YOu just have a single field there.

X = DLOOKUP("CustomerID","CustomerT","CustomerID=" & Forms!MyForm!SomeField)

Review the DLOOKUP lessons.

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Seminar on Web Synchronizing Comment from David Spens @ 8/30/2013
Thanks. That's a lot of programming, but I'll give it a go. David

Reply from Richard Rost:

It's just a few extra lines. Inside your recordset loop for adding the value, just:

X = Nz(DLOOKUP(ID,stuff),0)
If X = 0 then
  go ahead and add
  its in there, skip it
End If

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Seminar on Web Synchronizing Comment from David @ 8/30/2013
Many thanks for your suggestion.  The second suggestion (turn off warnings) does not seem to work.  The message I get is a Microsoft Visual Basic message run-time error '3022'  The changes you requested to the table  were not successful because they would create duplicate values in the ... primary key ..
I used DoCmd.SetWarnings (False) before the Update of the record set and back again to true afterwards

Reply from Richard Rost:

Hmmm... in that case, you'll have to check each record as you add it with a DLOOKUP statement to see if it's there. If the DLOOKUP returns NULL then you can add it.
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Seminar on Web Synchronizing Comment from David Spens @ 8/27/2013
I appreciate that your web synch seminar was produced a long time ago, but it is just as relevant today.  There are however two questions I would ask.
1.  If I am entering a protected page on the web where I have to put in a password and/or name, can I program the vba to do that automatically?  If so, how?
2. My website has historic and new data, and I only wish to upload the new data.  To achieve this I have set an unique ID with no duplicates in my database, so that when that and subsequent lines of data are about to be imported I get an error message to advise that the import is not allowed as that would create duplicates.  Great that is what I want, but can I suppress that error message and jump out of the While not eof(1) - Wend loop when that message occurs?  If so, how?
A great seminar which has revolutionised my use of my database, but these extra requirements would make it even better.
Many thanks

Reply from Richard Rost:

1. This depends on the kind of form it is. If it's a Windows logon form then I don't think so. If it's an HTML form, then you should be able to.

2. How are you getting the error message? Is it the popup warning in Access? If so, just turn warnings off (Docmd.SetWarnings)

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Expression Web Comment from MUBEEZI MICAH @ 5/13/2013
Dear Richard,

How can i get to know when such news is released? It is quite disturbing that i paid 250 Canadian dollars for expression web 4 professional on 17/12/2012 for something i would have gotten for free. There were several vendors who were selling it at $150 on Amazon but they even refunded my payment because they could not ship to my country.


Reply from Richard Rost:

That does stink, Micah. I would contact the vendor and request a refund. If not, write a STRONG letter to Microsoft.
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Expression Web Comment from Jim @ 5/10/2013
It looks like Microsoft is abandoning the Expression Web software and version 4 is even downloadable for free from them.  Is this product still worth having?  Are you transitioning to something else like Dreamweaver?  Can we still function with EW4 without issue?  Thanks for your advice on this topic.

Reply from Richard Rost:

In December, Microsoft announced that they're discontinuing Expression Studio. They've made Expression Web a free download, but are not going to continue to support it. Looks like they're going to wrap "professional quality" web design into Visual Studio, and leave Expression Web available for everyone else.

Honestly, I haven't fully decided what to do about this as far as my tutorials go. Personally, I still use FrontPage 2003, ASP, and JavaScript for my web sites. Works great for me. But then again, I like old-school HTML and getting my hands dirty writing code. Yes, I need to bring my lessons up to date with some HTML5 and CSS3.

I'll probably put together a simple beginner tutorial for the free Expression Web that's available at the time I get to it. After that, I'll make some advanced web classes for Visual Studio. However, that's going to be a ways off. I'm going to be busy all summer just with the Office 2013 classes I have planned. I'll see what the current state of affairs is when I get to it.
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Access Web Data Sync Seminar Comment from Jim Gray @ 5/8/2013
Alex, Richard

It has taken me a long time to get to this point but I am now ready to design and implement this web sign up facility into my database.  The city of Orr has a simple web site and it was my thought that I could tag onto that web site to design a calendar type interface where EMT's could sign up for standby shifts.  That data could then be downloaded into my database in some automated fashion so that the biweekly reimbursement would be a simple matter of query and report design and not manual transfer of data that I now go through.  I don't see the seminars on the web now that you reference in this reply ( I know I am a couple of years out from my original request).  What would be your recommendations now?  Thanks for your help on this...

Reply from Richard Rost:

If you want to collect data on your web site and pull that data down into your Access database, then I would still recommend my Web Synch Seminar.
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Edit Records Comment from Mubeezi Micah @ 1/6/2013
Dear Richard,

I have pulled down records from the server to my local Access db. However, i dont want to delete the records from the server database.

What i need to do is to check if a record on the server already exists in my local db. if it doesnt, i would like to download it. If it exists, i would like to EDIT the record in my local db to accept the new changes from the server.
Unfortunately, since i am not very familiar with working with Text files, i dont seem to get the logic required to accomplish this task.

Please advice me how i could do this.


Reply from Richard Rost:

Well, you could simply make a Yes/No field on your SERVER database indicating when this record is changed. Set it to YES whenever the user submits a change, then you only have to download those. You could even make that a separate run (one batch for NEW records, another download for EDITED records) and then in that run look up the local record and just make changes instead of adding it new. Does that help?
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website for mobile phones tablets Comment from MUBEEZI M @ 12/5/2012
Dear Richard,

Please don't get tired of me!

The people who will be entering data via the website will most probably have a (smart) phone. If i am to create a data entry interface, do i have to in-advance get a domain name that supports mobile phones? From your experience with using ASP, is there any significant difference between programming the "ordinary" domain name [i don't know whether this is the correct name to call it but i guess you understand me] and the ones designed for use by mobile phones? If i do the programming using the "ordinary" domain name, how easy is it to change/append the mobile phone version to it? I wouldn't want to do something in one format and have to redo it completely to fit the users' phone browsers.

Thank you again for your advice.


Reply from Richard Rost:

I try to program them both the SAME and just #include different header and footer files based on the browser type. This allows you to create ONE page for the actual STUFF, and then your header and footer files can change all of the formatting for mobile phones. Use the command:


This will tell you what the browser of the visitor is. You can then use an IF statement to determine which header and footer to include.
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Spelling Errors Comment from MUBEEZI MICAH @ 12/5/2012
Hi Richard,

At time index 9:39, the table ProductT is misspelled as ProcuctT in the SQL statement. I therefore expected an error to pop-up later/next in the video. You corrected other errors but this particular one, i didn't see you fix it in the next lessons. My guess is that you edited this part out of the video away.
Otherwise, i am impressed with this seminar. It provides me with all the techniques i need to build a web based database.


Reply from Richard Rost:

I'm surprised you caught that. Yes, sometimes I'm guilty of just editing the video and ALMOST nobody ever catches me.
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ASP Windows Server VNC Comment from Mubeezi M @ 11/18/2012
Dear Richard,

Please explain to me one more time.
I would like users to be able to enter data while on the go (via the website). I would like to use ASP rather than Sharepoint.
Please confirm that in order to use ASP, i must buy Windows server (i have read somewhere that ASP is an integral part of Windows server since 2003).
Secondly, I have seen many Windows server products including 2003, 2008, 2012, Enterprise etc. Which one matches closest to your lessons on linking an Access db to the web? I wouldnt want to buy Windows server product then i struggle to relate the lesson to may real circumstances that i will be facing.

Lastly, is there anything else i might need to achieve my objective? When i was going through the site, you mention "pcAnywhere". Do i have to get this separately?

If i were to use Sharepoint, would i still need to buy Windows server?

To many questions :). Thank you again for your guidance.


Reply from Richard Rost:

Micah, you don't have to buy Windows Server yourself. You could always have your database hosted by an ISP. For example, I currently use GoDaddy. Just make sure you get their WINDOWS hosting which includes ASP and Access database (or even SQL Server) hosting. But yes, if you want to have ASP at your own location with your own web site, you'd need a Windows server.

All of the Windows Server versions work fine with my lessons. 99% of the material focuses on the ASP language which hasn't changed at all. Yes, there's now ASP.NET which ADDS a lot of new functions and libraries, but the Classic ASP I teach in my classes works just fine. I still prefer Classic ASP myself (and use it on my site). ASP.NET adds a lot of new features, but also a lot of unnecessary complication.

pcAnywhere is software you can use to remotely log into a computer. If you host your own server you might want it to get in there when you're not physically at the same location. I don't use pcAnywhere anymore. Now I prefer VNC (Virtual Network Computing). There are several open-source FREE VNC clients and servers. I like TightVNC and RealVNC which both work great.

If you were to use Sharepoint and you wanted to host your own server, then YES, you would need a Windows Server. However, again, if you want an ONLINE database, you might want to consider having it hosted for you. You pay one low monthly fee, and they take care of all the setup and maintenance. I pay less than $20 a month, and I have a pretty robust site.
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runtime error 5 MyTemp Comment from eddy geijselaers @ 2/1/2012
Hi Richard,

Using Access 2002 (XP) I get, like Scott Atkins, probably the sam message.
Trying to translate from Dutch like, "illegal procedure call or illegal argument.

Using your 2007 file in Acc 2010
I get some error messages on webform 2, webform 5 seems not functional at all.

Would you be so kind to give some AC 2010 directions, please

with kind regards
eddy peanut
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Comment from Scott Adkins @ 1/15/2012
Richard, I am getting a script error on the site. It is saying Line 92, Char 1, expected identifier, string, or number
code 0

any ideas?
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Access Web Data Sync Seminar Comment from Scott Adkins @ 1/13/2012
Richard I am having the problem of: It appears that the istr is not recognizine the degree symbol. I copied and pasted it just as you did in the class.

I am getting runtime error #5 and it highlights the myTemp line in vba.

My question is that because there are a couple of DegreesF in the pagedata textbox?
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Access Web Data Sync Seminar Comment from Alex Hedley @ 1/6/2012
Hi Jim,

This will show you the process of data input and collection.

You might also want to look at the spec for the ASP Seminar, depending if you wish to do more with your site.
This shows making a website with an Access db backend.
Check out the sample lessons and see what you think.
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Access Web Data Sync Seminar Comment from Jim Gray @ 1/6/2012

I have built a simple database for our Volunteer Ambulance service using all of the Access lessons from beginning to developer level.  As you mentioned is will remain a work in progress and be added to as other things need done or I learn new things.  One thing we are lacking is the ability to have a common sign up sheet for folks to volunteer their time.  We currently use a form from and it works ok but I then have to transfer that data manually to our database for reimbursements.  Couldn't I use this seminar to teach me how to buld a signup sheet of our own and have the data entered by all the volunteers automatically go into the database?  As always, thanks for your time in answering these posts.

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Comment from brian lang @ 7/15/2011
hi Richard is it possible to send me the small code for checking a e-mail address is valid or not?

Access web Synch
16. Data Collection Page (15:32)
TIME INDEX 07:15 -

many thanks
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Access Web Data Sync Seminar Comment from Alex Hedley @ 6/7/2011
Hi Fred,
There is a confirmation message after submitting new data which seems strange if it isn't saving to the database.

Do you only have one database in your website?

Two things to do

  1. Redo Lesson 15, delete the database and page then recreate it

  3. Go to Lesson 16 as this is better way to create a form and link to the table, it gives more control

Hope it works out
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Access Web Data Sync Seminar Comment from Fred @ 6/7/2011
I have followed set by step and uploaded to a blank site I have hosted on Godaddy I have enabled front page
The form seems to be working just no data in the table
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Comment from Alex Hedley @ 6/5/2011
Sorry it's been a while since I did that course but are you saying that the data you are inputing into the form on the American Castle page isn't adding to your table.

Have you made the page Richard makes or have you just amended the code straight into your database.
I would suggest copying it exactly first, testing it, then when you know it works you can amend the code to your own database etc.

So a few things I can think of is that your variable names don't match up or you aren't connecting to the database correctly.

Your action page that processes the data is called default.asp which is the page that has the form on, are you processing the code using this page or do you have process-form.asp, I'm sure that is the usual method Rich uses.

Can you share the code here?
Don't leave any passwords etc if you're using them!

If the code is quite long you can use a website called pastie to show us, just paste the code into the textbox, click the paste button then add the link in a comment here. []

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Access Web Data Sync Seminar Comment from Fred @ 6/5/2011
12:03 on lesson 15
My be site I am using is americancastle.Net

No mater what I try nothing is showing in access
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Comment from Alex Hedley @ 6/5/2011
Fred when you say everything was fine was data being written to the tables during the process?

Have you finished the whole course?

What point are you at?

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Comment from Fred Robinson @ 6/4/2011
I have been working through your class and everything was fine until I go and look at the data in the access file (Nothing There)
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Comment from Mubeezi Micah @ 5/21/2011
Dear Richard,

Having seen this lesson at 3.29, i thought i would add some flavour to my main menu by adding a clock found at []
However, the default city is NewYork. I would like to change it to Kampala  but i can't figure out how i can modify this

Please advice


Reply from Richard Rost:

No idea. It's a SWF file which means it was created in Adobe Flash. I don't see any way to customize it. You'll have to contact the developer.
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Access Web Data Sync Seminar Comment from Mubeezi Micah @ 4/24/2011
Dear Richard,

I was taking a pick at this seminar again. It seems we forgot to add db.close at time index 3.48


Reply from Richard Rost:

Uh oh. Thanks for the notice! Sometimes I do add these things, but the video segment gets dropped. Also, even if you forget lines of code like this, Access will implicitly close your objects when the sub or function ends... it's supposed to, anyway. It's best to explicitly do it yourself, but if you forget, Access usually cleans up after you.
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Comment from Mubeezi Micah @ 10/19/2010
Thank you Richard for quick the explanation. It is clear now. Yesternight, i noticed that you eventually explained the reason in video number six of this very seminar at time index 7:01.
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Comment from Mubeezi Micah @ 10/18/2010
Dear Richard,

I am yet to watch the full seminar to the end but it is really amazing.There is a lot of cool nes stuff inside
On question: At 9:01 i notice that the code runs normally without Diming L1, L2, D and MyTemp. I actually expected to see an error but there wasn't. Are these reserved words? I am more than surprised because i did nt see you insert a module r diming them in an earlier lesson

Please let me know. Thank you


Reply from Richard Rost:

In VB or VBA its not NECESSARY to DIM your variables unless "option explicit" is specified. Its good practice to do so, but your code should work without it.
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Web Server Requirements Comment from Alan Fern @ 5/6/2010
What is the specification for the web server to enable this to work.   Is it just for Windows servers and is any special server software required.

Reply from Richard Rost:

I use only Windows servers running Frontpage Server Extensions. The lessons in this seminar rely on that. However, I have had students tell me that they were able to use their Linux server databases just fine with my lessons (as long as your server supports ASP).

The bulk of this particular seminar focuses on the work in Access - not on the server. If you can configure a database connection on your server, then you shouldn't have any problems.

By the way, I have set up "cheap" web hosting accounts with several different vendors like GoDaddy and 1&1 using their "Windows Hosting" packages... and have never had a problem uploading an Access database to their servers and using it as the database connection. Again, as long as the server supports ASP, you're fine.
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 8/4/2009
Bill, it's got to be something in your database. Did you manually set the URL property of the WebBrowser control (in the control's properties)? That would cause it to launch that URL before the code even runs.
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Comment from Bill @ 8/4/2009
This is very strange. When I change the code to point to the website you suggested, the form still runs the VBA code as soon as it opens but it still goes to the old URL. I've checked the code and I don't mention the old website anywhere. Where is it coming from and why does the form run the code when it opens? There are no events associated with the form, only the Navigate button which never gets the chance to run..... Any help would be appreciated..... Bill
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 8/3/2009
The page shouldn't load until you issue the NAVIGATE command. Can you load the page manually? Try to break it down into two buttons that load the page, and then analyze the page. The problem with trying to pull the data off of someone's web site is that it's different a lot of the time... you might have to just experiment with it.

See if you can figure out why the page is loading twice (by examining your code) and that might help you. I loaded the page fine in my browser and it didn't look like there was anything odd in it. Perhaps its just a quirk on your system.

This is why I really like MOBILE versions of web sites - they load quicker and easier, and without all kinds of crap (graphics, Flash animations, etc.). Is there a mobile version of this page you can use? If you're just looking for the PA lottery results, how about:

This page looks like it would be real easy to parse.
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Comment from Bill @ 8/1/2009
I am trying to use your WebForm3F to download data from a web site. The site I chose to test against was "". When I open the Form the code runs (Before I click on the Navigate Button). It updates the table perfectly and then runs again and aborts with a key error the second time it tries the update. Any ideas as to how this can happen? Many thanks.... Bill
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ADO/DAO declaration and assoc labels Comment from Richard Rost @ 7/21/2009
Harry, Microsoft flip-flopped on the whole ADO/DAO thing. First, DAO was the standard. Then with Access XP or 2003 (I can't remember which) they switch to ADO as the default. Now it's back to DAO as the default. This is why I've always gotten in the habit of just moving the DAO reference FIRST no matter which version I'm using.

If you're working with a linked SQL SERVER table in your Access database, then YES, you can use DAO to access it. If you're connecting directly to the server, then you have to use ADO.

I've personally only encountered the flicker issue with Access 2003 running under Vista. If you have 2003 under XP or earlier you're fine. If you have Vista, use Access 2007 and you're fine. Other than that, I can't say. In my office, I use Access 2000 with Windows 2000 for my customer database (rock solid and stable, even though lacking in some features). For new databases and development I've been using Access 2007 under Vista with few complaints. But you see, I waited over a YEAR after both Access 2007 and Vista were released to start using them. Let someone ELSE find the bugs.
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ADO/DAO declaration and assoc labels Comment from Harry @ 7/20/2009
I, on the other hand, have always declared ADO because that's what I was shown how to do and (when 2003 was newish) that's what MS said was the coming standard as I knew the main db I work on would be ported to SQL Server.
Question: 1) am I right that DAO won't work with Server back end?
2) Does the flicker issue still remain (AC2003 and up) and is that the only reason why it might be advantageous not to have unassociated labels?
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 7/20/2009
Harry, that's a very good point you make. I suppose it's because that's how I've always done it. I guess because I almost NEVER use ADO, and this way I don't have to keep making references to DAO throughout my entire database. I can just change the references ONCE and never have to think about it again (for this database). But what you suggest is of course absolutely correct.
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 7/20/2009
Alan, this trick (cutting and pasting a label to associate it with a text box) has been around since Access 2000 or XP I believe. It's not unique to 2007. I could have sworn I mentioned it in another one of my videos. :)
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Comment from  Alan Hill @ 7/19/2009
About 2:20 into the video
You did a trick with associating a label with a textbox. I have been using Access 2007 for longer than you and I did not know that. Thanks
Regards Alan Hill
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Comment from  Harry @ 7/18/2009
I'm curious why you don't declare your record set variables as DAO.Database. It saves having to worry about Reference hiarchy.
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8/15/2018Access Tip: Search Form
8/15/2018Access Tip: Locked v. Enabled
8/15/2018Access Dev 9 is ONLINE

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