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Access Work Order Seminar
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   10 years ago

Microsoft Access Work Order Seminar
Build a Database to Run Your Service Business
12.5 Hours

Although the title of this course says "Work Order Seminar," it's much more than that. You will learn everything you need to build a database to run a service-oriented business using Microsoft Access.

This seminar has several main goals. You will:

1. Track customers with multiple locations
2. Generate work orders with unlimited categories
3. Schedule employees and subcontractors, avoiding conflicts
4. Track job costs, including materials and labor
5. Invoice your customers, and calculate sales tax
6. Design a comprehensive Search Form to find records
7. Create printable reports for your business

Click here for more information

Make Invoice Button Link 
Julius Cunningham     
4 months ago
I have situations where there is no labor but there are materials involved and vice versa. When I try to make an invoice I get a runtime error 3021 "No Current Record" and the debug points to the rs.Movefirst command in the event Read More...
Richard Rost    
4 months ago
Sounds like you just need to check to see if there are any records before looping. A quick DCOUNT should suffice.

I have to apologize, it's been TEN YEARS since I recorded that seminar, so if you want more in-depth help, I need to know which video you're on, and the time index that the problem occurs. I'll need to refresh my memory of exactly what I did. :)
Julius Cunningham    
4 months ago
Ok.  It's video 46 index 00:17.  Once you completed the programming you tested it.  It works perfectly, but try a work order with
no labor cost but with material costs or vice versa.  When I tried it the program stops when it reaches "rs.MoveFirst".
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dbl clk Link 
21 months ago
you don't need to check because your picking a Value when you dbl clk the list box so can't eliminate the IF statement in the dblclk event?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

If memory serves its because you can double click a list box without actually having a selected/highlighted value so this is in place to make sure a value is passed to the necessary part. Read More...
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GED Test Link 
Brian Merrick    
2 years ago
I am creating a student database to track their GED test. There are 4 test and i need a form with student name and a list box to display the subject they took and date it was taken.  I created a student table and a subject table. Ged math, Ged science and Ged writing and social studies.  I also created the form with the student name a list box. Read More...
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Search for Quotation Marks Link 
Vincent Dyas    
3 years ago
Hi Richard
In the UK we often use the " symbol to mean inches. so a 2 inch pipe can be named 2" pipe for example.

When using your code reproduced below , Access returns an error when looking for something that has " as part of its name. Read More...
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Hours to hh mm Link 
Rene v 
3 years ago
how to get nummer Hours 21.25 to 21:15
in the Form LaborF

Reply from Alex Hedley:

What Format are you trying?
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Purchase Order Link 
Shallena A 
3 years ago
It wont create the query correctly, everything shows up double or triple

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Sounds like a Cartesian product to me.
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Purchase Order Link 
Shallena A 
3 years ago
I have spent a week trying to figure this out. I am looking for any suggestions on the direction i should take to accomplish what i am trying to do.

I get a Purchase Order with a list of things to complete - some are tower and some are Civil(ground) and I have an "other" category.  I have to assign each of the items (there could be 20 or more items on the list).  So I enter what type of work each one is.  Then i go to my schedule table to schedule the worker.     Read More...
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Purchase Order Link 
Shallena Ayers 
3 years ago
I submitted a question about my issue relating my work order table and schedule table.  I thought a visual might help.
Job Form  Job Table I get a Purchase Order with a list of things to complete - some are tower and some are Civil(ground) and I have an "other" category.  I have to assign each of the items (there could be 20 or more items on the list).  So I enter what type of work each one is.  Then i go to my schedule table to schedule the worker.       Read More...
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Purchase Order Link 
Shallena Ayers 
3 years ago
Hi Richard,  In my database i am building with  you I receive a Purchase Order from my customer... The purchase order has a list of services they need done (lets say there are 4 services... 2 tower and 2 ground type services). I enter each service into my Jobsite Total form (where you made the materials form). so i dropdown box and add each requested service with the associated price and add it to my work order. I mark each service as either a Ground Type Service or a Tower type Service. Then... i hit my Schedule Subs button which takes me to the Schedule Form that you created... and I assign a subcontractor to do the tower work and a subcontractor to do the ground work. (the same sub may do both parts of the job).  I need to be able to issue a work order to 2 different subs for the same work order... one subcontractor will do the tower work and one will do the ground work. I then need to pay each of them for their part of the work.  I have been making a serious mess of this database trying to figure out the best way to do this. My flow right now is to enter the jobsite services that have been requested... schedule the subs for each part of the job... then click a button to print a Work Order to give to each of my subs.... that contains only their part of the work and the pricing they will be paid.  I have been going back and forth with sections where you create an invoice and schedule workers and use RecordSets... I am hoping you can give me some advice on the best/easiest way to accomplish what I want to do.  If there is a video that will show me how to do what i want I am happy to purchase it... i am at the point where everything i am doing is just messing up what i have already done.... i keep telling myself STOP TOUCHING IT!  But I dont listen.  If you could point me in the right direction i would be so happy and grateful!  Thank you in advance, Shallena Read More...
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when i print more than 1 customers report the head Link 
Shallena Ayers 
3 years ago
Sorry that i didnt include this with my previous issue of the header only printing on the first customer report.  But I also noticed that my sub form information from the first report is shown on all customer reports.  If go to each work order and print just that work order... everything is fine.  I also notice on my Work Order Report that if I just open it from the reports section it shows me all of my customer work orders one after the other (which is what it should do) but only the first one has the header and all the rest of the reports have the service information from the first work order. Thanks for your help in figuring this out.  (Individually each report prints fine.  Its just when i try to print several work orders that the issue shows itself)
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