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Updated Production Schedule
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   5 months ago

Updated Production Schedule Coming up next is Excel Expert Level 11 followed by Access Developer 14.

I'm doing my best to record a little bit every day. I'm still blind in one eye, and my good eye is managing, but I'm feeling the strain, so there are only so many hours each day I can spend behind the computer. I know... it sucks.

My goal is to release at least one new class each week in addition to a few TechHelp videos and some Templates. Those are a lot easier to record - they're shorter. 

Also on my list for the near future is to re-record and update some of my older Office classes like Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. They're long overdue. Lots of people have also been asking for some higher-end Windows 10 training. Since I have no Windows 10 classes, I need to get started.

And, of course, as a disclaimer, NOTHING listed above is set in stone. These are ESTIMATES ONLY. The tutorials I release may change at any time depending on demand, need, customer interest, or even just my whim. I like to keep you guys "in the loop" as best I can, but remember that things may change.

Expert Advanced Access 2013 Link 
6 years ago
I see. But 2-6 is good enough for me. Better than 20-30 ;)

Reply from Richard Rost:

There are just SOOOOOO many topics to cover that there's no way I could cram it all into 5 or 6 lessons. However, you don't have to take ALL of them. Once you're beyond Expert 3, feel free to skip lessons if you don't think you need them. By that point you have a solid foundation. Some people, for example, may not need to know the import/export material, so they could skip Expert 19 to 23. It's all about what YOU want to learn. Read More...
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Expert Advanced Access 2013 Link 
6 years ago
How many expert series will you make before you move on to converting advanced and developer access to 2013? I know there is no dates and a floting plan because you work after the waiting list, but what is your thought here? Read More...
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Database Distribution Seminar or mini Seminar Link 
Uriel R     
6 years ago
It would nice if you could make a database distribution/deployment seminar or mini seminar. The material on your classes is great, the way you teach and record your videos is very professional and easy to follow, not to mention when you leave "mistakes" in so that we can understand related concepts and troubleshooting but I think that all the work we put into creating databases can wasted if we do not properly prepare out database to be deploy. I have take several of your classes and these are suggestions of things that you have cover in your classes already that can be include in this seminar: Read More...
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Access Split Databases Link 
Chris B 
6 years ago
Hello Rick
I like to split databases to facilitate updating front ends but the two concerns I have for my less techy users are:
Compacting the back end - how can I do that from the front end?
The other concern is when table structure changes, how do I manage that? Is there a clever way to re-link the tables after an update to the front end? Yes, I know about the Link Table Manager but that is too scarey for some of my users. Read More...
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Updated Production Schedule Link 
6 years ago
Please i will like to buy some of your product but am in Ghana (West Africa)where can i purchase it? Daniel

Reply from Richard Rost:

Right here on the web site. I don't have any retail outlets (yet). Read More...
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