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5/22/2012 11:24:39 PM
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

From time to time, we get emails from folks who are having problems playing our videos. For those people, I've put together this short guide to troubleshooting. So before emailing customer support, read this over first:


I have seen the strangest problems go away after a simple reboot. So before you pull your hair out trying to figure out what's wrong, REBOOT your computer. Don't just log off and back on again. Actually SHUT DOWN your system and restart it.


We STRONGLY recommend that you watch your lessons in your Web Browser using our ONLINE THEATER. This is the best and most compatible method. It works exactly like YouTube. In fact, it's the same technology... so if you can watch videos on YouTube, you should be able to watch them using our Online Theater.

If the Online Theater does NOT work then look to see if you can watch video on YouTube. If you can't watch YouTube videos, then you need to update the software on your system or you have some other kind of pre-existing problem. Download and install the latest Adobe Flash player. Basically if NEITHER our videos NOR YouTube videos work, then it's a problem on YOUR computer.

If YouTube works OK, but our videos won't play, then it could be a problem we need to look into for you. Contact customer service in this case.


If you've downloaded your courses to your PC using, and some of the videos work but others don't the problem is USUALLY caused by a problem with the download. Perhaps the video file was corrupted, or something happened during the download to cause the video to not transfer perfectly to your PC. Sometimes the video won't play at all. Sometimes you can hear the audio, but you can't see any video. Sometimes the video starts but freeze (or blacks out) and the audio continues. Here's what you should do:

First, try downloading the course again. In most cases, this will fix the problem - especially if it was just a bad download that caused the problem in the first place.

Also, we've found that the default Windows Media Player that comes with Windows is not very good. We STRONGLY recommend that you download a better video player. We really, REALLY recommend the VLC PLAYER. It's FREE and it works amazingly.


If you received a CD in the mail and the NOTHING works, try browsing the CD in your Windows Explorer (or Computer) browser. If you don't see any files on the CD, you might have a bad disc. Contact us and we'll send you another one. Of course, it goes without saying that if your CD is physically damaged in ANY way, don't put it in your drive. Contact us for a replacement immediately.

The video files on the CD are EXACTLY the same as the files that you can download from our web site. If you double-click on them, but the videos aren't playing, see the "DOWNLOADED VIDEOS" help above. You may need to upgrade your video player.


If you've tried everything above and STILL have problems, contact us. We'll do our best to get you up and running... but every computer is different, so we need as much information from you as we can get.

There are also a VERY HELPFUL set of WALKTHRU TUTORIALS on our web site that will take you STEP BY STEP through installing and watching your lessons. I recommend you read those pages as well.

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Troubleshooting Comment from Dana M @ 8/3/2016
I am still having trouble opening any of my courses.  I can view the course through the theatre - but just tried to open the handbook I purchase for Web Sync and the password doesn't fact most of my passwords don't work.   I am still using Access 2007  and when I first purchased these courses - all passwords work.     This is extremely frustrating

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Are you using the download links from your MyCourses page?
Are you using the correct password, the Handbooks use a different password to the Course, it's a separate line in your list.
I've just tested the Web Sync and it worked fine.

You can also view the Handbooks via the Theater, just click on the link the same way you do with a video, then download the file from the link in the main video pane.

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Troubleshooting Comment from Michael @ 1/20/2016
Hi Alex,

I am using Windows 7.


Reply from Alex Hedley:

Win7 has that capability, if you right click is there an extract option? Not a winzip action
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Troubleshooting Comment from Michael C @ 1/16/2016
Please disregard my previous email. Winzip 15 would not open encrypted files. I purchased Winzip 20 and was able to launch the videos on my laptop!
Sorry for the extra email. Hope that all is well. M.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

What version of Windows are you using, it should be able to extract that without the need of a third party program like WinZip?
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Troubleshooting Comment from Michael @ 1/16/2016
Sorry to bother you guys, but, when the site was down earlier today, I attempted to load one of the DVDs that you mailed to me and I wasn't able to open any of the lessons. Here's the error message that I am getting:

Script Error Dialog Box
Triangle with an exclamation point advising that an error has occurred in the script in this page
Line: 41
Char: 9
Error: Object required: 'objShell.NameSpace(...)'
Code: 0
URL: file://F:/SETUP.HTA

Sorry to bother you, but hope that you can help me.

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Troubleshooting Comment from David Omogbehin @ 11/26/2015
I just want to bring it to you knowledge that I cant log in tot my account for me to do my practice. Is like the server is down or is not responding at all. Can you let us know what is going on because I dont know what to do now and am stock for not doing my work.
David O

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Did you try the steps in the Troubleshooting page, log out, clear cache, log back in, try another browser?
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Troubleshooting Comment from James B @ 9/15/2015
I paid for the Beginners Level 2. It is for 2010 Access. Is this the same as 2013 or did I purchase the wrong one.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There isn't an Access Beginner Level 2 recorded using 2013, since there isn't much difference between the two versions they were re-recorded, only B1. You shouldn't have a problem following along.
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Troubleshooting Comment from woldemichael E @ 9/6/2015
how ca i watch the tutorial videos on macbook pro. i have tried  to follow the instruction but  the features  of pc and macbook are different. final i was  able to hear the audio but not the video.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

I'm on my MacBook Pro watching the videos now.
Is no video showing at all?
Which browser are you using?

Did you try downloading them for Offline viewing? (WalkThru)
The videos are MP4s so should play fine on a Mac in QuickTime.

Try logging out, and logging back in, clearing the cache.
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Troubleshooting Comment from Dave R @ 7/17/2015
Why can't I fast forward some sections while I watch areas I am already familiar with it?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You have to let the video buffer a little before you can scrub.
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Troubleshooting Comment from Robert Field @ 2/24/2015
I've downloaded the programs and when I try to open the mp4 files I get a prompt that the file is password protected.  When I enter the password for the lesson that I have on my course list it tells me that the password is wrong.  What do I do now?  Thanks Richard...Love the courses so far. I have been watching on the online theater but now am in a place with little internet so I downloaded the remainder of my programs.  (I am now at beginner Lesson 9).  Sure would like to watch offline.  Thanks for your guidance.  -bob

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Could you try both options on the Walk Thru page.
The second doesn't need a code.
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Troubleshooting Comment from Jeff W @ 1/31/2014
Finally got the key to begin. Not in that much a hurry. I do like it so far and previously viewed all the novice episodes. Quite good technique in this, IMO. Patient tolerance for the beginner and yet sincere intention to get the message across in full measure, if requested. This is good for me. New concepts take time to sink in and understand. I realize that I need to think about relational databases in a way that may seem unnatural at first. I am keen to try.

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Problems Playing Videos Comment from Mubeezi Micah @ 6/7/2012
Dear James F,

That problem used to disturb me for some lessons,...the audio plays and the video is stuck. This is how is solved it.
I noticed that if a lesson behaved this way, if clicked the STOP button,, and then click PLAY again...somehow, both the video and audio would start playing normally again!
Don't ask me the science behind. I only know that it works for me!

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Problems Playing Videos Comment from James F @ 6/7/2012
Hello Richard. I'am having difficulty playing some of my videos using your Amican Video players. While some lessons run fine, other lessons are sticking and the video isn't running. It's mainly on the new videos. They run fine on the older ones. I have tried downloading them again and the problem is still there. Can you help. Also, when I use the Amicom sinimer, some videos are cutting off before running to the end. Can you help?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Microsoft messed around with CODEC support in the newer versions of Windows Media Player. This is why some of my videos won't play in the Amicron Video Player. I just finished converting ALL of my videos over to MP4 and will have a fix online soon.

As far as the Online Theater goes, the FLASH player clock is wrong. The videos ARE finishing, but the timer is off. It's counting too fast, making it look like the video isn't finishing all the way... but it is. As long as you see the "Access Learning Zone" logo at the end (for Access videos) then the video is finished. I also have a fix for this coming online in the next couple of days. I'll be rolling out a new version of the Theater.

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