If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Consulting, Support, & Services
Can You Help Me?

I get asked many times each week if I offer consulting or technical support for the programs I teach, like Microsoft Access, Excel, or web design.

The answer is YES, I can help you with your project, or even build a project for you. There are several options available depending on your budget, how much help you require, and your timeframe.


If you just have a single question you need answered, or you have a small project you need help with. You can submit it via my TechHelp page. Here you can pay a small fee to get a simple answer. There are even options available for me to create a custom video tutorial for you. For those of you without big budgets, you can even submit your question to me here FREE, and if I like it, I may turn it into a Tips & Tricks video for you.

Custom Development Projects

If you're looking for me to build you a custom Access database, a web site, an Excel solution, etc. then this is certainly something I can help you with. I can either build it myself or have one of my associate consultants work with you. We do this all the time.

Now, before you let my rates scare you, keep in mind that I am willing to negotiate a fair price IF your project is something that I can turn into a 599CD video tutorial. In fact, my Imaging, Calendar, Security, and Work Order Seminars all started out as custom projects for clients. They received a significant discount on the development work, and I designed a product I could resell. Now, I can't promise that I'll be able to do this for you, but feel free to describe your project and your needs, and I'll let you know.

Consulting Rates

I do offer consulting on an as-needed basis. If you need support or help with a project, I can provide assistance via email, instant messenger, phone, Webcam, or in person... Whatever works best for you.

Junior Consultants Rate
Offline Support $29 / hour
Live Support $39 / hour
In-Person Training or Support $49 / hour
In-Person Training or Support $299 / day
Priority Support add $30
Associate Consultants Rate
Offline Support $79 / hour
Live Support $149 / hour
In-Person Training or Support $199 / hour
In-Person Training or Support $1499 / day
Priority Support add $50
Richard Rost Rate
Offline Support $249 / hour
Live Support $299 / hour
In-Person Training or Support $399 / hour
In-Person Training or Support $2999 / day
Priority Support add $500


Offline Support is anything that I can do on my own time. Generally the way that it works is you email me your questions, requirements, details, etc. and I will get back to you with either a detailed email or a custom video response. This is my preferred method of consulting, and it works well for most of my clients.

Live Support involves a real-time interaction at a scheduled time. This can be a phone call, online chat, instant messenger conversation, Google Hangout, Remote Windows Assistance, or webcam session, and so on. If it involves a live connection between us, then I bill at my higher rate.

In-Person Training or Support involves me travelling to your location to provide consulting, training, or other support. You are, of course, responsible for my additional travel expenses (hotel, flight, rental car if needed, etc.) if you're outside of the Cape Coral / Fort Myers, Florida area. A per-day engagement involves 8 hours of my time, generally 9am until 1pm, an hour break for lunch, then 2pm until 6pm. These fees are negotiable based on the project, of course. Contact me for details.

Since I'm extremely busy, I also have a couple of other Associate Consultants that assist me with projects and support. I bill them out at a lower rate than I charge for my own time. Of course, I fully stand behind their work.

Also, at any given time, I usually have at least one Junior Consultant who is essentially a "consultant-in-training," usually with Microsoft Access. These are usually people who are very good with Access, but have limited experience as consultants - or I just haven't fully trained them yet. They're real good at database design fundamentals, but they might not be totally proficient with advanced topics like VBA programming. If you're willing to work with one of my Junior Consultants, I'll give you a significantly discounted rate. Plus, if there's something that you need help with that they don't know how to do, I'll teach them how to do it, and they'll teach you in return. Win / win / win. 

The typical time for a response is generally a couple of business days, depending on the complexity of your request and how many other clients are in front of you. Priority Support is available. This means I will move you to the top of the support list. If I cannot get to you by the following business day, I will not charge you the additional fee. Depending on the time of year and my personal workload, my associate consultants are usually MUCH faster at providing assistance. I'll forward your help request to them first if I'm unable to help you right away myself.

Sending Me Files

If you have a database, spreadsheet, web site, or other files you need help with and you need to send them to me, remove as much extraneous data from them as possible, ZIP them up, and email them to amicron@gmail.com. I will ONLY look at file submissions if they're for PAID support or accompanied by a PAID TechHelp form submission. Sorry, I just don't have the time to look at everyone's databases for free. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

Be sure to include instructions on exactly what you need done. Don't assume that I know anything about your business. Most of the time I spend helping clients is figuring out what their terms mean. The database design is easy. Understanding your business might not be so easy. Pretend you're talking to a 2nd grader when explaining your problem. Include screen shots if possible.

Keep in mind that it's almost always faster, easier, and cheaper for me to show you how to build something from scratch than it is for me to figure out what you've built so far and to fix it or add to it.

Insiders' Circle

If you anticipate needing regular help with Microsoft Access, or any of the other programs I teach, then you should consider joining my Access Insiders' Circle. This is an elite club that gets priority support for their problems. In fact, many of my current Access seminars came about as support requests from my Insider students.

Services Provided

Click here for a complete list of services I can provide. Generally, my focus is on computer training, Microsoft Access database development, web-based database solutions (eCommerce), and other software design. Sure, I can help you with your Excel spreadsheets and Word documents too, if that's what you need. I can help you with any of the topics I teach.

Keep in mind that I work with several other consultants. You'll find services like PC repair and networking on that list. I generally don't do anything that involves a screwdriver, so for the "basic" computer services, upgrades, repairs, etc., I might send a trusted colleague to assist you.

Service Contracts

If you would like to engage my services for a longer-term contract, my rates are negotiable based on the type and duration of the project. Please contact me for details.

On-Site Training & Speaking

If you would like to hire me to teach or speak in front of your group, I do provide this service as well. Please contact me with additional information (location, topics, number of students, etc.) and I can provide you with a quote.


If you have any additional questions about what support options are available, and what's right for you, please contact me.

Please keep in mind that my primary focus is on developing new tutorials for my web site. Unless you're willing to pay for priority attention, please don't expect me to drop everything to work on your project. Yes, I love to help people as much as I can, but I've got a web site to run. :)



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