Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.
-Nelson Mandela
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My Customer Service Policy

Help placing your order, getting your courses to work, and topics of this nature are always FREE. Some other types of help are not always free. Please read my Customer Service Policy if you have any questions.

Check the FAQs First

Chances are, your question has probably been answered before. We post answers to all of the popular questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page. To find your answer right away, try looking there first.

This Form is for Sales & Customer Service

Please DO use this form if you need customer service or sales help. Use this form if you...

  • have questions about your account
  • are having trouble accessing your courses
  • can't get your videos to play on your PC
  • have questions about which classes you need to learn how to do something
  • want to know what topics a particular class covers
  • need help deciding what classes are right for you
  • would like a quote on custom training packages
  • want to leave us feedback or other general comments

This Form is NOT for Technical Questions

This form is for customer service and sales help. Do NOT use this form if you...

  • need help with your Access database
  • want to know how to do something in Excel
  • require assistance setting up your Web page
  • have any other technical computer question

If you need this kind of help, we do want to help you, but you need to submit your question on our TechHelp page. The customer service folks cannot answer technical questions. They can only tell you which tutorial your question might be answered in. Beyond that, they'll just forward you to the TechHelp page.

If you have a problem...
Remember this form is NOT for technical questions. If you need help with your Access database or your Excel project, then use the TechHelp form.
If you're having problems logging on to your account, watching videos in the Theater, or downloading your lesson files, then YES, this is the right form to use. If you're having these kinds of problems, please BE SPECIFIC. We need to know exactly WHAT you're doing, and exactly WHAT is happening. If you're getting an ERROR message, we need to know what it is (copy and paste the exact error message you can). Tell us which page on our site is giving you the problem (copy and paste the URL if you can). If it's a problem in the Theater, please tell us specifically WHICH lesson you're watching. The more information you give us up front, the easier it will be for us to help you.
If you just tell us "I can't download." Then we're just going to have to ask you all of these questions anyway, which will further delay you getting help. Which file are you trying to download?  Is an error popping up? If so, what's the error? What page is it on? And so on.

Again, BE SPECIFIC. We want to help you get online and watch your courses as quickly as possible. Help US to help YOU. Thanks!
CatPlease Smile Before Writing
I will do everything in my power to help you and make sure your needs are met, and I will do so in the most professional, respectful, and courteous manner I possibly can. I simply ask the same from you in return. Rude emails will be forwarded directly to my cats for use in their litter boxes. So smile. :)  -Richard
  For the fastest response, please make sure to enter your
email address EXACTLY as it appears on your account

Your Email:  

Your Name:  


Email Richard Rost



Can Your PC Play Video?  

Yes    No
  We ask if you can play videos because sometimes our customer service reps will send you a CUSTOM VIDEO message instead of normal email. It's much faster for us than typing everything, especially if we have to explain HOW to do something. If you are unable to watch video on your computer, select NO above.

Are you a human?
To prevent spam-bots, please type in the word you see to the left:


If you don't want to use this customer service form and would rather contact me directly through email,  you may send your inquiry to However, please keep in mind that I can sometimes go days or even weeks without checking my "regular" email, whereas the customer service inbox is checked every business day. I recommend you only use regular email if you have to send me an attachment. In this case, you should ALSO drop me a note using the form above to tell me you've sent me an email. In any case, technical questions (like help with an Access database) MUST go through the TechHelp form. If you send me a database to look at without going through the TechHelp form, it will not get looked at.


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