If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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WalkThru - Theater Notes

Windows PC Users

The default player for our videos is the FLASH player. This is the same video player technology used by many popular sites, including YouTube. If you are able to watch videos on YouTube, then you shouldn't have any problems watching them on our site. You must have Adobe Flash Player installed in order to use this player. Flash comes pre-installed in some newer browsers.

If you want to change to a different player, you can. All of our videos are also available in Windows Media Player. Some newer browsers can also play HTML5 video directly. You can change the player type in the Settings window. We do recommend you stick with the Flash player whenever possible.

You can also manually download each of the video files. Make sure your Player is set to Flash. Then set the Download Mode to Yes. Instead of playing the video file in your browser, the site will give you a link to manually download the MP4 video file which you can then play in whatever video player you like.

Generally the built-in Windows Media Player will play MP4 files on most PCs, so you'll have nothing further to download. If your PC doesn't like our files, we strongly recommend you download and install the VLC Media Player. It's a free, open-source video player that works beautifully on most systems. There are versions available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and more.

Android Users

The default Android player on my personal phone and tablet plays our MP4 video files just fine. I can load up the Online Theater on my tablet and watch whatever I want. However, I do also recommend the MX Player which does a great job on a wide range of video formats. Note that I can use the Online Theater just fine with my Android devices. No need to download anything.

iPad / iPhone Users

We don't officially support Apple products. I'm not an Apple person myself, so I don't have any Apple products to test my videos on. However, based on information from my other students, and my faithful assistant Alex, I'm told that the latest version of my Online Theater works just fine on the iPad. He has put together a step-by-step WalkThru for iOS users. Click here for instructions.

Enjoy! If you have any questions, please contact customer support.


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