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Access Beginner Level 2

Beginner Microsoft Access Tutorial - 1 Hour, 23 Minutes
This Microsoft Access video tutorial picks up where Level 1 left off. This class focuses primarily on building and formatting Forms in Access. You will learn:
  - Setup a Trusted Location
  - Working in Form Design View
  - Manually Adding Fields
  - Manipulating Form Objects
Lining up Objects on The Grid
  - Formatting Your Form
  - Using Themes, Fonts, & Colors
  - Working in Layout View
- Using Overlapping Windows

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If you would like a preview of what's covered in this class,
click here to watch the first lesson of this course (free of charge), or scroll down for more information.


Access Beginner Level 2
Description: Access Beginner Level 2
Versions: Valid for Access 2007 thru 2016
Pre-Requisites: Access Beginner Level 1
Running Time: 1 Hour, 23 Minutes
Cost: $9.99

This class picks up where Level 1 left off. We will focus on designing and formatting forms from scratch. In the previous class, we built a simple form using the Access automatic form builder. In today's class, we'll learn how to design a form from the ground up. This will allow us to take full advantage of the power of Access form design.


We will begin by downloading the database from the last class. We'll talk about the security warning that comes up when you run the database, and what it means. I'll show you how to set up a Trusted Location - a folder on your desktop where you can run databases without having to see that warning every time.


We'll spend the majority of this class learning how to build forms from scratch. Sure, Access can instantly build a simple form for you, but understanding how to build forms yourself from the ground up will help you to unlock the true potential of building powerful, professional databases.


You will learn how to manually add fields to your forms, working with the Field List.


You will learn how to manipulate the different objects on your form, including labels, text boxes, and check boxes. You'll see how to move, resize, and delete them. You'll learn how to work with them in groups, and edit some of their properties, such as changing the text on a label.


You'll learn about The Grid, which is the set of dots on the background of a form that Access uses to keep your objects lined up all nice and neat.


You will learn how to apply different formatting techniques to your forms. You'll see how to change the foreground and background colors of the controls on your form, and background color of the form itself. You'll learn how to work with different fonts, line styles, borders, shadowing, effects, and much more. All of this will allow you to make professional-looking, unique forms for your Access databases.



We'll learn about Themes and how you can use them to instantly change the look and feel of a form. You'll learn the difference between Standard colors and Theme colors. We'll discuss how Themes can make your database have a consistent look and feel.



You will learn how to work with Layout View - a hybrid between Form View and Design View. Layout View allows you can make some changes to the layout of your form while being able to see the data in it.



Finally, I'll take some time to answer questions from students that were posted in my online Access forums related to this class. Some of the questions include: What is an LACCDB file? How can I switch from a tabbed to an overlapping window interface? How to I pin commonly used databases to the Recent Files list? Can I add data from two tables to a form? Can I change the background color of a checkbox?



This is the perfect class for anyone who is new to Microsoft Access and wants to learn how to build forms from scratch. Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this class is for you, please contact me.


Complete Outline - Access Beginner Level 2

00. Introduction (10:10)

01. Getting Started (12:26)
Download sample database
UNZIP the database file
Enable Content button
Setting up a TRUSTED location
Database Shortcut on Desktop
Quick Review of Level 1

02. Form Design 1 (12:13)
Building forms from scratch
Form design
Add existing fields
Field list
Switch to Form View
Switch to Design View
Adding fields to form
Deleting a field
Click and drag method
Add by double-click method
Add multiple fields
Shift-click method
Ctrl-click method
Move text box without label
Move label without text box
Delete just the label
Resize text box or label
Edit the text of a label

03. Form Design 2 (12:52)
The Grid dots
Sizing objects on the Grid
Select multiple objects
Resize, move multiple objects
Close the Field List
Resize the Form itself
Save form
04. Form Formatting 1 (10:17)
Change Form background color
Textbox background color
Label foreground color
Select using the rulerbar
Layout View
Align Left, Center, Right
Ctrl-Click to select objects

05. Form Formatting 2 (8:42)
Standard Color vs Theme Color
More Colors
Full Color Palette
Shape Outline
Line Color
Line Thickness
Line Type
Property Sheet Overview
Special Effect Property
Change Font

06. Questions From Students (10:26)
What is an LACCDB File?
Show Hidden Windows Files
Overlapping Windows vs. Tabs
Pin Recent Database Files
Add data from 2 tables to a form
Change check box background color

07. Review (6:01)


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Student Interaction: Access 2010 Beginner 2

Richard on 2/19/2012:  This Microsoft Access video tutorial picks up where Level 1 left off. This class focuses primarily on building and formatting Forms in Access. You will learn: - Setup a Trusted Location - Working in Form Design View - Manually Adding Fields - Manipulating Form Objects - Lining up Objects on The Grid - Formatting Your Form - Using Themes, Fonts, & Colors - Working in Layout View - Using Overlapping Windows Click here for more information on Access 2010 Beginner Level 2, including a course outline, sample videos, and more.
Richard on 2/19/2012: Now that you're finished with this class, please take a few short minutes to complete our STUDENT SURVEY and let us know what you thought of the lessons!
Selby Halfpenny on 2/21/2012: Dear Richard, I am building your WorkOrder Seminar at the moment. It is great - Richard, many thanks.Following along and building your DB, students learn so much more if they follow along, Have been doing that. It is all the 'little things here and there' that really make the average DB a great DB. Many thanks and all the best for 2012. Cannot wait for your VBA lessons, but all lessons are excellent. Regards Selby P.S. Cannot wait for your Access Book to be published - Selby
Richard on 2/21/2012: If you're planning on working with JUST ONE database file, you really don't NEED to set up a TRUSTED LOCATION. Once you click on the "Enable Content" button, Access marks that specific database file as TRUSTED. You'll never again see the security warning message for that database unless you rename it or move it to a different folder. The reason why I show you how to set up a Trusted Location this soon is because I personally work with lots of different database files, and it's a pain to have to "Enable Content" on them every time I create a new one.
 Harold on 2/22/2012: Hi..The video in lesson 1..Getting Started ends just as you begin telling us how to disable the security warning for trusted accounts. Additionally, the video will not run in the video player from your website so I'm using the one from the internet browser.
Alex Hedley on 2/22/2012: Hi Harold,
Try downloading the video again from within the player.
Sometimes if it doesn't download fully/correctly it won't play all the way through, a re-download will solve this problem.

Mariea on 2/23/2012: Every lesson in this course, including the Review portion, was cut short (clipped)so some important information was not given.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes, I see that. I didn't notice it before. For some reason the timer is running too fast, cutting off the end of the video. While I'm investigating the cause of this, try switching over to the WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER (in the Settings box). That seems to work OK.

 AReaves on 2/24/2012: I was watching beginner 2:1 and it cut off before explaining how to change security settings.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes, there was a problem with the videos initially. It has been fixed now. Try watching them again.

Mariea on 2/24/2012: Hi Folks,

For some reason, even though I have Access 2010 (from Microsoft Office Professional 2010), I cannot click on a field in Form Design's Table/Field list and then shift-click another field (to include all the fields in between) so as to be able to drag several fields at once to my form. I have many years of working with 'Shift, Shift-Click' (contiguous selection) and 'Shift, Ctrl-Click' (non-contiguous selection) so I know I am doing it right. BUT in this case, it just goes directly to the field I shift-clicked and selects only that one.

Another thing: I have noticed that sometimes I can select a group of boxes by just touching each of them, and then at another time I have to completely enclose all desired boxes in order to select them.

What could be wrong with my application? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program but it doesn't seem to help. Any thoughts on this?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I've noticed sometimes that the SHIFT-click or CTRL-click tricks only seem to work once you've already added at least one control to the form. I think this may be a BUG in Access. Give it a try. Add ONE field, and then try to add more fields using the SHIFT-click method.

As far as selecting controls goes, I've never encountered that problem. Just touching the controls has always worked for me. Other applications (like CorelDraw) force you to completely enclose the objects.

 Bonnie on 3/6/2012: Richard, I am working in Access 2007. My gridlines are like a graph paper, with lines every centimeter (I am working in metric.) I do NOT have the fine dots that your demo shows -- is this a feature only in Access 2010 or is there a way for me to choose this format? Thanks for a really clear and helpful course.

Bonnie on 3/7/2012: As I try to use CTRL-click in my form designer itself, it will not highlight more than one box, but SHIFT-click will act like I expect CTRL click to do: hightlighting those I choose that are not contiguous. In choosing from the field list both key combos work as I am used to them working. Somewhat different behavior that what Mariea experienced, but also strange! Bonnie
BRANDON NEWHOUSE on 3/24/2012: I have found lessons 1,2 and 4(so far) are having problems with the videos. I try and "rewind" certain parts but if you do it will freeze up. 1 and 4 only have sound and the video is the opening frame and if you try and fastforward/advance the video also freezes. I tried both in windows player and realplayer as well as nn the 599cd online player. Lesson 3 does not give me this problem. I also bought your 2003 version and they didn't do this. What do you suggest?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I just purchased new software for creating Flash videos out of my original recordings. I'm going to be recompiling the videos soon. Hopefully this problem will go away. Stay tuned.

kamar asuni lawal on 4/2/2012: hello richard, i dont why i cant forward the video when viewing

Reply from Richard Rost:

You should be able to jump to any spot in the video by clicking on the bar below the window.

 Missy on 4/6/2012: Access 2010-Beginner 2- Forms: Following your directions I've created a form I love, is there a way to copy and paste the form design to use for a different table?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Sure. If all of your fields are named the same, you can just copy and paste the form itself (click on it in the Navigation Pane, press Ctrl-C to copy, then Ctrl-V to paste it). Open it up in Design View, then open the Property Sheet (Design Tab > Tools Section > Property Sheet). On the Data Tab, find the RECORD SOURCE property (on the top). Change that to the other table. If any of the fields are named differently, you have to change the CONTROL SOURCE property of those fields to match. That's all you have to do. We'll spend more time with form properties in upcoming classes.

 Missy on 4/6/2012: Access 2010 - Forms - How do you have all first letters of each word in a form to capitalize automatically?

Reply from Richard Rost:

It won't happen automatically. You have to type them that way yourself. CustomerServiceF, for example.

Gaby on 4/8/2012: Your beginner training covers 1 query but I need to create an employee database and possibly a nurse licensing database for those employees and somehow query them together to track expiration dates and make sure they get new licenses when expired. I'm having difficulty in creating the queries from 2 different tables. Could you give a quick help on this?

Reply from Richard Rost:

By "query them together" do you mean MERGE the data from two tables into one set of records? If so, you need a UNION query, which is a little more advanced. I probably won't be covering that until the EXPERT series... but I've already covered it in my Access 2003 classes. It works almost exactly the same. I covered it in Access 223. If you REALLY want to learn about queries, I also have a 3-class series called the SQL Seminar. I cover everything there is to know about queries in SQL. UNION queries are covered in Part 1.

 Alfred Daniels on 4/13/2012: Richard, I have Access 2010 (trial version) and Access 2007 on my home computer. I have Access 2003 at work. Can I take work databases home to work on and not lose any data? Do you think your 2010 training is best for my situation?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Access 2007 and 2010 can work with 2003 databases, just don't CONVERT them or else you won't be able to take them back to work. You should learn whichever version you'll be working with the most. If work is definitely going to stick with 2003 for the time being, then that's what you should learn. My 2010 lessons are BETTER, however as of right now I have many MORE 2003 lessons.

Bruce Reynolds on 4/22/2012: Topic: Custom color for Fill/Back Color

Question: It does not appear that Access 2010 will not allow you to specify a custom Fill/Back Color. Can one change the Fill/Back Color using Access VBA?

Thank you,

Bruce on 4/24/2012: You can actually specify custom back fill colors in the format section. I figured it out about 10 minutes after I sent the original post.
 Hop Lam on 6/11/2012: after I logon the theater and opne the Beginner 2 section and taking too long to loading... Do not know why?? need help.

Reply from Richard Rost:

I just posted about this in the 599CD NEWS. Basically, the new video player is downloading the ENTIRE video before it starts playing. I'm fixing it now. Should have it worked out by tomorrow.

Abid  Dar on 6/17/2012: i have just re-started Beginners lesson 2 but have lost video action .But the sound is okay .What do I do to gert the video action again

Reply from Richard Rost:

See this page: Video Player Help

 Ashok on 6/22/2012: At 03.39 (Access 2010 Beginner 2, Lesson 3- Form Design 2 ) the zoom function is applied in the design view while building a form. How to do that?

Reply from Richard Rost:

That's just some video recording trickery. It's not an Access zoom feature. I literally "zoomed in" the recording. Not to be confused with the Access Shift-F2 ZOOM feature.

  on 6/27/2012: Video 6 @ 6 mins in . . .Thanks for the help here with Tabs View, now that I've been working a while with Access sometimes on my Desktop (nice size monitor) & sometimes on my Laptop I prefer tabs on the smaller screen of the laptop, but like overlapping windows on my Desktop
Pat Hoffmann

 Malcolm on 7/11/2012: Hi Richard!
I am using Access 2010, and for some reason, in design view, my grid view shows the squares, but no small dots to lock my controls to. i have searched form properties for a way to change, but no luck. Please help

Reply from Richard Rost:

Check the Grid X and Grid Y properties of the form. If they're set higher than 24, the dots will disappear.

MALCOLM on 7/12/2012: set to 10 but still nothing, I even set them to 1 .... That was the first thing I tried.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Right-click on any of the section bands (Form Header, Form Footer, or Default). Turn on the GRID setting. This has apparently been there since Access 2000 (the earliest version I still have in use) and I've never known about it. See, even I learn new things every day!

Sam Finlay on 7/14/2012: Hi malcolm.
I had the same problem a while ago. apparently its to do with your computers regional settings. go to Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, Regional Options (Customise Button)Numbers Tab. Change the meaasurement system from Metric to U.S.

  on 7/23/2012: Samuel From NY
How come I cannot save a form when i make a change

Reply from Richard Rost:

You should be able to. What's happening? Are you getting an error message? I need more info.

 Wanda on 7/30/2012: Hi Rick,
When I try to create a Trusted Location using your instructions I get an error message saying "The remote or network path is not allowed by your current security settings" and won't let me complete the process. Where do I go from here?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Are you trying to create a trusted location on a NETWORK drive? If so, make sure you check the "Allow trusted locations on my network (not recommended)" box.

Wanda W on 7/30/2012: I am having the same problem with no grid dots, and I have tried everything listed here, changing regional settings to US and adjusting the X and Y properties of the form (it was set at 10, tried 1 to 23 and no difference, do I need to refresh screen afterwards? I still have no dots. Any suggestions?

Reply from Richard Rost:

If you've tried EVERYTHING listed in this thread, I have no other ideas. Try rebooting your PC, reinstalling Access, etc.

J on 8/1/2012: Hi Richard.
I can look at my customers in two ways: by company and by contact person. I can have up to 10 contact persons with different interests per company I do business with. Is it advisable to make a separate table and a separate form for companies and contact persons, and combine them in some way later?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes, absolutely. You would definitely want separate tables for COMPANIES and CONTACTS if you have that many people you deal with at a company. Relating multiple tables together is something that I'll be spending a GREAT deal of time with in the Access Expert series. If you want to learn about it right now, see my Access 201 class. It's for Access 2003, but all of the concepts are exactly the same.

Rosemarie Weir on 8/3/2012: Tab Order of the form:
Does the tabbing following the order of field creation...or is there a specific property to ensure the tabs go down the column?

Reply from Richard Rost:

The Tab Order is initially based on the order in which the fields are added to the form. You can change it using the TAB ORDER button on the Ribbon.

 Misty Majewski on 8/7/2012: What lesson shows how to use the switchboard. I want to find a why to have that on desktop and have one click access to switchboard.

Reply from Richard Rost:

I personally don't like the Switchboard - and Microsoft changed it to "Navigation Forms" in Access 2010. I'll be covering them soon - probably Access 6 or 7 which should be out soon. I like making my OWN forms for menus which is real easy to do. I showed how to do that in Access 103 and I'll be covering it in Access 6.

Themes in Access 2010 on 10/16/2012: Where did you find the Themes in Access 2010? I do not see it anywhere.
vannak on 11/5/2012: Richard,

How long did it take you to be an expert with MS-Office products? Just curious, your videos are better than among the others I have viewed. I'm on Level 2, I've learn a lot. I'm going to take my times to watch all your videos. Good job!

Reply from Richard Rost:

I've been a computer nerd all my life. I started on a Radio Shack (Tandy) CoCo back in the 80s. I've been nerding it up since then... so I really couldn't tell you how long it took ME to become an expert. I think "computers" is just one of those skills that I picked up as a child and it became second nature to me... like riding a bicycle.

Chrissy on 11/20/2012: Thanks for a great tutorial you have made the lessons very easy to follow. I'm learning Access 2010- in your tutorial Beginner 2 lesson 4 04.06 you use a ruler to select and format cells my version does not display a ruler is there a place where I can turn it on? There are no dots on the grid in my version of your PCResaleCustomer database where would I find to option to turn them on?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Right-click on the background of the form and on the menu that pops up you'll see options to turn on the RULER and GRID.

Christine Kapembe on 11/23/2012: Hello,

I dont seem to find themes in Access 2007.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Theme colors in Access 2007 are limited. You don't have the editing options that you have in Access 2010. See this post on the Blog for details.

elijah l. dulon on 1/10/2013: i have learned so much watching your tutorials.. thank you so much..

Reply from Richard Rost:

You're very welcome.

Rafael Franco on 2/13/2013: Hi richard i have a question im creating the form but i have 3 tables when i try to put information from the 3 tables a Specify Relationship windows pop up with the first 2 tables i got no problem but with the third it sends an error that says type mismatch can you tell why?
James Stephens on 3/11/2013: Hi Rick,

Loving the course so far, very clear and VERY helpful.(Using Access 2010)I have a trivial view issue in design view on forms. My Access won't let me select text boxes/labels by clicking and dragging (Using Access 2010)as well as the grid not showing the dots you have on your videos. I looked for a view function on options to calibrate this but I couldn't see anything. Any words of wisdom?

Thank you!

James Stephens

Reply from Richard Rost:

See this thread in the forums.

Hamza Khan on 3/13/2013: How do you modify the toolbars on the Ribbon ? I can't see the theme toolbar?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I haven't covered modifying the Ribbon yet, but it's under File > Access Options.

Benita Love on 4/3/2013: How do you activate the grid in access 2010.

Reply from Richard Rost:

See this thread.

Dan O on 4/15/2013: Sure did the trick .. set to 5 and hey presto .. there they are!

Dan Oppelaar on 4/15/2013: Your view has little dots to line the text boxes up with .. my screen just shows the lines without the dots ..? How do I get the dots to show?

Reply from Richard Rost:

OK, I posted a tip video to answer this question once and for all: GRID LINES V. DOTS.

Julia K on 4/15/2013: Hello!
I have same problem with grid dots. I don't have them. I've tried every step that was suggested here except for changing Metric to US 'cause we use metric sys in Europe. I've googled it and haven't found any usefull information on this question.

Reply from Richard Rost:

See the new GRID DOTS tip.

David Krongelb on 4/26/2013: If I have a date field, how can I "phrase" a query to give me, say, all of the records between 01/01/2009 and 01/01/2013?
Also, if I run a delete query, and come up with 100 dupes, must I delete them one at a time, or is there a way to go through the list and highlight all of the ones to be deleted?

Reply from Richard Rost:

David, for your first question, use the BETWEEN keyword, such as:

BETWEEN #1/1/09# AND #1/1/13#

This is covered in Access Beginner 3 (the next class).

A DELETE QUERY will wipe out the records without giving you a chance to review them IF you run the query. If you want to be able to go through and pick them one at a time, then you'll have to just set up your criteria in a normal query and scroll through the list. There is also a FIND DUPLICATES query, but I'm not a big fan of it.

David Krongelb on 4/30/2013: Thanks for the answer, Richard, but take it one step further please. Once I can see 100 "pairs" of records after the query, I know I can mark one in each pair, one at a time, hit "delete", verify it, and then move on. But can I click on one in the first pair, then hold it while I click the next, and the next. As with field attributes and moving them, there is a Shift+click and sometimes there's a control+click. So the question is, how can I hold them and not have to hit delete and "Y" each and every time? Or can't I?

While I'm at it, my zipcode field (Imported from a dbase) is 10 bytes with the full zip. Is there a way I can split it to two fields, 5 + 4 once it's already in Access? In Foxpro, I could export Left(zip,5)+" "+substr(zip,7,4) and get it split into a csv or sdf file. But can I do it in Access?
P.S. I'm in the middle of Level 2 and plan to keep going. Thanks. You're a good teacher.
david krongelb

Reply from Richard Rost:

Nope. Sorry. You can't CTRL-click specific records in a table or form. There are some more advanced tricks you could pull to automatically delete the duplicates, but it would be easier to explain them to you once you have a little more Access under your belt. You could use a DCOUNT function to determine how many there are, then use DMAX to delete the higher of the two. Again... much more advanced.

Yes, there are also LEFT, MID, and RIGHT functions in Access. You would basically create two new fields in your table (ZIP and ZIP4) and then with an UPDATE QUERY set ZIP to Left(ZipCode,5) and ZIP4 to Right(ZipCode,4). SEE THIS.

Srinath Nandyal on 6/10/2013: Richard
Around 10:13 elapsed time, you show us how to modify name label (first, Last). I tried to write First space Last space Name. There appeared a small green traingle at the left top corner of the box and says "&" may not be placed appropriately. What does this Imply?


Reply from Richard Rost:

That's just a label. You should be able to put anything you want in there. Stay away from & symbols for now. They have a special meaning which I explain in a future lesson.

Srinath Nandyal on 6/14/2013: Richard
Your response [more...], I am unable to open. When I look at other responses, the word "more" in response to my question, is located below your name and when I try to click on it to expand, nothing happens.


Reply from Richard Rost:

Interesting. Try this page.

Tracy Wilson on 6/17/2013: Hi Rick,
How do I reveal the small dots on the grid? I can only see the gridlines.

Reply from Richard Rost:

When in doubt, use the search box up and to the right: GRID DOTS

Julie Martin-Beaulieu on 8/3/2013: I have created a form for a table but when I enter data into either, it doesn't populate the other one. Are they supposed to be linked in this way?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes. Make sure your form's RECORD SOURCE property is set to the name of the table.

Jon Hollis-Brown on 9/10/2013: I have Access from MS Office 365 Home Premium. When I go into the form design view I only see the lines of the grid and not the dotted background. Is this normal or can I activate the dotted background?

Reply from Richard Rost:

See this: Grid Lines v Dots

Thomas Sharp on 10/30/2013: Hi, I see that you said you zoomed into the video which made the dots on the form appear more numerous, but just to clarify it is normal to have squares with dots in that are only 4x4 and not the 25x25 approx that I see on the video. I think it would be easier to place objects with more dots. Thanks!
Alonzo Dock on 11/21/2013: After I create my form I enter data into it but when I hit the tab key it jump sometime to a different field instead of the next field on the form.
Alex Hedley on 11/23/2013: Hi Alonzo,

Beginner Level 8 talks about Tab Order.

Alonzo D on 11/23/2013: What should I do to go to the next field on the form after I hit the tab key
David Preston on 12/24/2013: great tutorial. When working in design view (or others), any way to zoom in (similar to the excel or word). On my monitor, I have a lot of extra space and the design area is too small. Could change the resolution of the screen but this seems suboptimal. tx

Reply from Richard Rost:

Nope. Sorry. That's one thing I'd like to see added to Access too.

vannak hou on 1/4/2014: Hey Rick,

Where is the sample file for Access 2010 #2? Is that the same file or the same link for Access 2010 #1?

Tiziano F on 1/30/2014: Dear Richard, compliments for the high quality of your lessons.
I haven't yet seen the size change of a "yes/not" box.
How can I do it?
Regards. Tiziano

Reply from Richard Rost:

You really can't do it with the built-in checkbox.

Trudy Houston on 3/18/2014: Is there a setting so that you can double click to open an object on the left side of the screen? I can't seem to double click on it to get it to open.

Reply from Richard Rost:

I don't understand the question. Can you elaborate, please?

Trudy H on 3/18/2014: The problem seemed to have fixed itself. Thanks for replying so quickly.

Michael Paylor on 3/19/2014: Hi Richard. I'm enjoying your courses. I'm building a customer database of around 250 customers. In my Form that I built, I see the data fine but how do I do a search? Say I want to bring up the data on "John Doe" in my Form. How do I do that without scrolling through the data? Thanks! Mike

Reply from Richard Rost:

Use the FIND & REPLACE feature. I cover that in Beginner Level 4.

Steven Malicki on 4/21/2014: I created my own form by watching the great lessons, but I have one problem.
I have one textbox that is selected as short text in my field table lets me type in that text box without seeing what I am typing.
The information shows on the table.

Lois Fiala on 4/23/2014: Richard, Am on BegLevel 2. Following along w/form when I drew FName over from fields I got a funny looking tiny icon. It was an error msg of some sort. All seemed well so deleted it. Shouldn't have as now I'm curious but don't remember it. Secondly when I did Ctrl+S to save the form it kicked me out of the database. Opened DB and it was there but what? Appreciate help... love class!
Joe Beniacar on 5/11/2014: Hi Richard,
Is it possible to print out what a Form looks like in Design view?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Nope. As far as I can tell, you can only screen capture it and print that.

ryan Chung on 6/6/2014: Hi Richard,
Why when i make my table, and i try tabbing or pressing enter to go to the different fields it jumps to random fields?
Does it Tab according to when i inserted my fields or where the filds are in my table?

Reply from Richard Rost:

You need to adjust your TAB ORDER.

ryan c on 6/9/2014: Thx sorry you explained this in later lessons I just saw it thx again

Reply from Richard Rost:

No problem.

Joseph Soderberg on 7/10/2014: Hi, I am trying to print out a report for each customer on a full sheet of paper rather than a label. Also, I want to specify which customers I want to print. Also, can things be added to a report that aren't in a table (names and logos)? Thanks Joe
Jim Ewin on 7/20/2014: In Access Lesson 2 Beginner 2 in for design view. How do I turn on my gridlines. I have the square blocks but no dots???


Susan Holbrook on 7/23/2014: Can the automatic number ing be set to startt from 100?


Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes. You can create your own COUNTER.

Kevin Behan on 7/27/2014: I think it actually does snap to grid in Access 2013, am I correct?

Reply from Richard Rost:


Jafar Abdalla on 8/17/2014: Hi,how can I add default values in the textboxes?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Open up the properties for the textbox and set the DEFAULT VALUE property. You can do it in the form or the table field. That's coming up in the next class (Level 3).

Marcia Lewis on 8/24/2014: I have built 2 data bases for work and have made forms. What level of lessons will teach me how to fill basic data on multiple forms to be ready to print? For example, I have quarterly reports on all my patients. I want to designate which patients need a report and then print those forms filled out with demographics. Can I skip or do I need to take these courses in order? Thank you

Reply from Richard Rost:

Hi Marcia. First, when you PRINT something you want to use REPORTS, not FORMS (specific Access terms).

If you want to select a group of records to print, you can do this with a QUERY and then use that QUERY to feed a REPORT. For example, if you want to print all customers from New York, you can make a query with a CRITERIA of State="NY". Query criteria are covered in Access Beginner Level 5.

If you want to manually select specific records to print, I recommend adding a field to your table called "ToBePrinted" or whatever you want, and then just make that your query criteria (ToBePrinted=TRUE).

Yes, you CAN skip classes, but I STRONGLY recommend you watch them in order. There may be material you don't think you need in some of them, but they're really designed to be watched in order. Each class builds on the lessons that come before it.

Louise Bosi on 9/2/2014: Hello,
I am taking your courses and had a question regarding the information. Once I create the database, can I import my clients (600 of them) easily into the database?

Reply from Richard Rost:

That depends on how your client data is currently stored. If it's in a program like Excel and the columns each represent a field that can be imported into Access, then it should be easy. I cover this in Access Expert Level 20.

Kaitlin Ryan on 9/11/2014: In video 6, you discuss changing views between tabed and overlapping windows. If I change the view in a database that is used by other users, will their view be affected as well? (i.e. if I open the database and change the overlapping windows to tabs, will everyone start seeing tabs as well?)

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes. This is a setting for the DATABASE FILE itself.

Nana on 9/12/2014: Hi Richard,
Do you have tutorials regarding customizing report templates?

I built a query that requires a report to be generated from it. I'll be changing the criteria in the query bi-weekly, so I want to generate a new report, with the same formatting, each time I update the query.


Reply from Richard Rost:

You only need to create a new report if you change the DESIGN or LAYOUT of the report. Otherwise you just run the same report with different query criteria.

BIRUNGI HAJARA on 9/22/2014: Thank you very much,you are adding alot to the learning Zone keep it up dear.
Flemming Kaergaard on 9/23/2014: Hello,
Can i ask what you would recommend to create a workable contract in Access that refers to certain tables, and where data about the contract will be saved in a customer table

Reply from Rick Rost:

Hi Flemming. I don't know exactly what you need to store in your contract, but you probably need a customer table and a contract table (to store the contract fields). This would be a simple one-to-many relationship, and is covered in my Access Expert 1 and 2 classes. I see you already have Expert 1 that covers the basics of relationships. Keep going with Expert 2 and that will answer more questions.

Diane MacKay on 10/12/2014: I need to create a form that is specific to "Jobs Production Tracking" and can become a report for weekly printing to put on my boss's desk. Got suggestions how to start? Thanks for your help.

Reply from Alexander Hedley:

Hi Diane,
Just create a Table with the relevant Fields.
Base a Form on that Table.
Create a Report based on that Table.

Philip Mayhew on 10/17/2014: I'm running Windows 8.1Pro 64bit. I have Office Professional 2010. I am unable to zoom in on the grid in design view. I've tried shift + f2, F2, Ctrl +f2 but so far no luck. Has anybody else had this problem?
Jackie Appleby on 11/24/2014: I can't see the grid dots either. My x & y properties are set to 10?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Jackie have you seen the FREE TIPby Rich on Grid Dots?

Duncan Mfolwe on 12/2/2014: I do not see any "Grid Dots" on by background in Design View. How do I turn them on?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Check out this tip.

Yesenia Torres on 1/17/2015: How do I download my video courses with Safari?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There's a download mode in the Theatre you can click of follow these instructions.

Julio Perez on 1/27/2015: When creating a form, how do we make the screen smaller to adjust to the information on the screen and not all the empty space.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

I'm not sure I understand the question
Do you want to fit the content into the form?

Julio P on 1/27/2015: the db I am creating only has 4 buttons per form, so when you open the form you see all this etra blank space. How can we make the form open just in the size we want it to show? Sort of like setting up a print area in excel.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Lesson 6 explains the difference between Overlapping Windows and Tabbed.
I'd guess you have tabs at the minute.
You can change this in File | Options, Current Database

Kevin on 2/2/2015: Just a suggestion: I find the format of the comments section confusing. The lines seem like they should group related comments, but instead separate your response from the relevant comment.

Instead of this:
Question 1
Answer 1
Question 2a
Question 2b
Answer 2

It seems from a design and flow perspective that the following might be better:

Question 1
Answer 1
Question 2a
Question 2b
Answer 2

As I say, just a suggestion. It might just be me and my personal preference.

Sue Hepler on 2/8/2015: In form design, how do I set the order for the user to tab from one field to another? I want to set the order when the tab key gets hit making it easier for the user to tab from one field to another.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

In Design View of the Form go to the right under the Tools section, there is a Tab Order Button, click that, you can the re-arrange the order or click 'Auto Order'

Beginner Level 8 shows Tab Order.

Or see this Free Tip.

Jafar Abdalla on 2/22/2015: Hi, can we have placeholders on the textfields?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There aren't placeholders like you can have in a webpage.

There are a few ways but they can get complicated.
One option is an input mask, this can help somewhat.
You could place a label above the Textbox then have an OnGotFocus which hides it, OnLostFocus if no value is in the Textbook show it again, otherwise stay hidden since you now have a value.

Jeffery Giocondo on 3/3/2015: In developing a List Box, I see that the box doesn't drop down and instead I can scroll through the options. How do I make it so that there is a drop down box instead of scrolling through?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

How about using a ComboBox?

Anonymous on 3/5/2015: Have you recorded an Access 2013 set of courses yet? I have trouble doing things like trusted folders in MS windows 8.1. It is very different in windows 8.1 (I think) I still can't do it. When you do update will I have to buy the 8.1/ 2013 classes?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

The Beginner Level 1 was re-recorded in Access 2013, the others weren't using 2013 until Expert 4.

See this MS Article for Trusted Locations in Office 2013.

The FREE Upgrades is explained in this Blog Article.

Molly B on 3/25/2015: This is probably for a more advanced course, but could you point me in the direction of how to create a form where I can view both the form for an individual order as well as a list from the table of all orders for the year. A split form, I guess, but I only need a couple columns from the table to be visible, and preferably on the right side of the screen instead of the bottom. Does that make sense?? Thanks!

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Beginner Level 1 shows a split form.
I don't tend to use them, there is a button which auto builds them on the ribbon.
Select you Table then click the button
You can then Design View and remove any extra fields

Julie Mendez on 4/28/2015: Hi Richard, If I'm going to build a database, is there a limit on how many things I can put on the table? I have at least 45 things that I need to collect data, but my question is that possible?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Depending on what you are making, you might want to normalise the data.

file size: 2GB
Number of characters in a table name 64
Number of characters in a field name 64
Number of fields in a table 255

Julie M on 4/29/2015: So if the number of fields 255 in a table, then I can create queries on any information?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

255 is the max number of fields allowed in a Table.
I doubt you'd ever reach that in a Table or Query.

BRIAN SHULTS on 5/12/2015: Access 2010 Beginner 2 Video: 6 Time 5:50 apprx.
When in Overlapping view, I resize my open tables for viewing and save but when closed and reopened I have to resize again. Can you help me fix this

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Which version of Access are you using?
Do you have many programs open at the same time?
Have you tried backing up the db and doing a compact/repair?

BRIAN S on 5/13/2015: I am using Access 2013 and am usually viewing 2 or 3 windows at a time. I do have a couple Excel programs open all day to do my work. I do a compact repair each time I close the database.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Try closing everything down and just having this one Access db open and try that.

Is this happening on every database or just this one?

BRIAN S on 5/13/2015: I closed everything on my computer except this link and my only database and still lost my resizing when closed and reopening tables.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

If you change the location does it save that postioning?

BRIAN S on 5/14/2015: When I open the window again it is back to full screen no matter what size or position it is in when saved.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Sounds like it has changed to Tabbed Documents, go to Access options and check there.

BRIAN S on 5/14/2015: Current Database / Document Window Options/ Overlapping Windows selected. The windows do overlap properly while open but size and position are lost when saved, closed, and then reopened.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

My only other suggestion is checking windows updates, if they are up to date a repair on office, then maybe uninstall reinstall.

Ian Jemmett on 5/23/2015: I'm using 2013. I only have the gridlines in Design View, not the dots. Is that how it should be? I think the gridlines are closer together than the solid lines on the Design View screen in your video. I wondered if I would get the dots if I zoomed out, but I don't have that option. Thanks

Reply from Alex Hedley:

This Tip may help.

Anonymous on 5/24/2015: Thanks. The tip was really helpful. Ian
Ed Acklin on 6/10/2015: Is there a MS Access Program for Apple computers?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Not from MS.
There is one called FileMaker Pro

There are some mdb/accdb viewers available but none I've found are very could.

There are MSSQL Browsers which are good though.

Sarah Dalling on 6/29/2015: Hi Richard! I'm creating a new form and deleted a label that I want to bring back. I thought you'd mentioned you could bring a label back, but I can't find that part of the video. Can you help?? Thank you so much!

Reply from Richard Rost:

Once you delete it, if you can't UNDO it, then it's gone. Sorry. :(

Brian Merrick on 8/16/2015: Can you make a form from multiple tables? And what table do you use as a control source?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

That's what a Query is for.

Brian on 8/20/2015: Ok, great thanks!
Rafael Gonzalez on 9/1/2015: when i finished with the formatting,I went to custom view and what i picked up somewhere along the line #name? with a green little arrow at the left rt corner on many coloms or rows. How can i fix that,or must it be done over from tables.In addition when i started access there is many access items that were started, but need to be cleared or erased.selecting and deleating did not work.;( not frustaed only learning.:)

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Sounds like you have changed the Record Source of the Form.
Make sure this is still the Table/Query you need.

Valerie Flock on 9/1/2015: How did you zoom in?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Shift + F2
If not, it's probably the video recorder that is zooming

Andy Cain on 9/10/2015: I have Access 2013... thought I signed up for tutorial for 2013.. this talks about 2010 and 2003.. did I get the correct course????

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Beginner 2 is recorded using 2010 but there aren't many differences so you should be fine following along, I think it's Expert 4 where Rich moves to 2013.

jose acevedo on 10/26/2015: keep the good work
Heather Hudson on 11/12/2015: stupid question - why does my form not have the dots in the grid? Having trouble linig up text boxes.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

See this Tip.

Rajiv Dass on 11/28/2015: For windows 10 "pressing and releasing" the "Alt" key does not open file edit menu (1:25)?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Can you right click and show the menu.
Are you pressing the alt on the lhs or rhs of the keyboard?

Rafael Gonzalez on 1/13/2016: How does one correct an item to get rid of the
Geen triangle that comes up on the left hand corner.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

The Green Triangle should have a little drop down beside it, click on it and follow the fix issue steps

Scott Shirley on 1/30/2016: A field in my table whose type is set to Hyperlink will no longer accept urls from sites that I try to drag and drop with the mouse, only if I cut and paste it - way slow! Any suggestions? (Drag and drop works fine with all other MS Apps.)

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Does it just show the 🚫sign when you try?

Scott S on 1/31/2016: No, but the fields on the form seem to "shudder".

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Does it work via a form?

Scott S on 2/2/2016: No, I can't drag the URL into the field on a table or in a form. Would reloading Windows / Office help?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

It might be a bug in Office, check for updates or try a reinstall

simon b on 2/4/2016: if this problem continues you could create another text field in your table, copy across the hyperlinks as text and then delete the hyperlink field. use the code below to activate the URls stored as text.

Dim WebSite as String
WebSite = "http://www............."
Application.FollowHyperlink WebSite

Modi on 3/18/2016: Hi Richard, as you mentioned early that forms and queries do not store date, but tables, so when I modified some of the field names while designing form does not affect the table design I have made, help me please I do not understand that.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You aren't modifying the Table you are modifying the CONTROL on the FORM, you are binding a CONTROL to link it to a Field in your Table, if you change this and it doesn't exist as a Field it won't work or the CONTROL's name is just different to the underlying RecordSource.

Greg Maus on 5/19/2016: I noticed the "Themes" dropdown button is not usable for me (greyed out). In fact, the "Colors" and "Fonts" dropdowns on the Themes ribbon are also greyed out. Do you think there might be missing files I have to download to use these features? I'm using Access 2010 on a company laptop.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Are you using a runtime version of access or is it licensed?


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