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Access Expert Level 31

Expert Microsoft Access Tutorial - 1 Hour, 15 Minutes
Access Expert 31 focuses on Charts & Graphs. Topics include:
access cd   - Charting Basics
  - Chart Components
Formatting Charts
  - Multiple Data Series Charts
  - 3D Charts
  - Forecasting with Trendlines
  - Pie Charts
  - Creating a Chart Dashboard
  - Chart Reports
Lots more

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If you would like a preview of what's covered in this class,
click here to watch the first and last lessons of this course (free of charge), or scroll down for more information.


Access Expert Level 31
Description: Access Expert Level 31
Versions: Recorded with Access 2016. Most of the material should work with all versions of Access. The majority of the topics covered in today's class go all the way back to the first versions of Access.
Pre-Requisites: Access Expert Level 30 strongly recommended, as you should watch all of my classes in order. However, if you're skipping around, you should have at least completed the Beginner series and the first 3 or 4 levels of the Expert series where I start to cover functions.
Running Time: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes
Cost: $26.99

This class is all about charts and graphs, what they do, why they're useful, and how to build them. We'll learn about the different parts of a chart, such as the axes, gridlines, legend, and title. We'll see how to incorporate charts into our Access forms and reports.



We will learn lots of different chart formatting techniques, how to customize the individual components of a chart, and how to fix chart distortion problems.



We'll learn how to build many different kinds of charts, including 3D column charts with multiple data series.

3d chart


You will learn how to build Pie Charts, and create data labels and leader lines.

pie chart


Next we will begin building a Dashboard form for our database. We'll start by setting up some support queries, such as sales by rep for the previous 30 days.



Then we'll construct the Dashboard form so you can see all of the important information from your database summarized on one form.



This is the 31st class in the Access Expert series. If you're serious about building quality databases with Access, and you have any interest in charts, don't miss out on this course. Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this class is for you, please contact me.


Complete Outline - Access Expert Level 31

00. Intro (4:55)

01. Charts 1 (11:22)
What is a Chart
Why are Charts Useful
Chart Area
Data Series
Data Points
Chart Axes
Horizontal X Axis
Vertical Y Axis
Chart Title & Legend
Chart Gridlines
Create a Sales Chart
Chart Wizard
Add Chart to Form
Chart Types

02. Charts 2 (10:52)
Chart Formatting Options
Chart Datasheet
Components Dropdown
Edit Chart Title
Format Data Series
Change Colors
Fixing Distortion
Clip, Stretch, Zoom

03. Charts 3 (10:40)
Transparent Chart Background
Multiple Data Series
Preview Chart Button
3-D Column Chart
3-D View & Effects
Elevation, Rotation
04. Charts 4 (12:03)
Data Series Shape
Data Labels, Value
Gap Width, Depth
Chart Depth
Format Walls, Floor
Aggregating Data
Add Trendline
Pie Charts
Angle of First Slice
Data Labels
Leader Lines

05. Charts 5 (9:28)
Review PCResale Database
Sales by Rep previous 30 days
Chart Dashboard
Setup Queries

06. Charts 6 (11:13)
Build Dashboard
Chart in a Report

07. Review (4:49)


Keywords: Charts & Graphs, microsoft access tutorial, microsoft access tutorial, microsoft access training, bar, line, pie, 3D, formatting

Student Interaction: Microsoft Access Expert 31

Richard on 3/9/2016:  Microsoft Access Expert 31Access Expert 31 focuses on everything you wanted to know about charts and graphs in Access. Learn how to build, format and work with lots of different types of charts. Build a dashboard form for your Access database.��Topics include: - Charting Basics - Chart Components - Formatting Charts - Multiple Data Series Charts - 3D Charts - Forecasting with Trendlines - Pie Charts - Creating a Chart Dashboard - Chart Reports - Lots more Click here for more information on Access Expert Level 31, including a course outline, sample videos, and more. This course was recorded using Access 2016, but most of the topics covered are valid for all versions of Access. This class follows Expert Level 30. The next class in the series is Expert Level 32.
Ray White on 3/9/2016: What happen to the first video?
it got cut off short at the end.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Do you get the Access Learning Zone image at the end?

Ray White on 3/9/2016: I'm sorry never mind last message my bad.
Robert Stockey on 3/10/2016: The commentary in Charts 1 in Access2013 Expert 31 cuts out before the section is completed, Will this be fixed?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Do you get the Access Learning Zone image at the end?

Rose torres on 3/10/2016: I don't know where I should pickup my access. I took graduate level access class, level 2 for my business Ed degree in 2004, then as a teacher, I self taught excel level 1 and 2 to help CO teach algebra to 8th graders. I was an IBM mainframe db1 and db2 programmer for 6 years until 1991 so I have data base concepts down. I've also took sql1 online last year from Univ of calf at irvine. So..I don't know where I should begin.
Finally do you also offer SQL reporting CDs?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There is a seminar series on SQL
For SQL Reporting are you meaning SSRS?

rakesh kumar on 3/11/2016: its fabulous site. thank you so much.
Robert S on 3/11/2016: yes, but part I of graphs did not finish

Reply from Alex Hedley:

It's likely to have picked up straight on the next video, Rich seems to record in one go and cut the videos at the end, it appears to roll straight on for me.

Brian on 3/12/2016: Is it possible to make a gantt chart in access, yes I know I could export the data to excel but the problem with that is I would have to remake my chart every time as the data changes and I dont want to do that.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Why not use a link instead of export then you can refresh the data.
You could try chart or charts methods but in Access instead of a HTA

Hisham Ali Kandeel on 4/3/2016: too much good
Richard Lanoue on 5/15/2016: Will you show us how to export data to an Excell Spreadsheet? Some clients have vendors where they do mailings and need to have it in an excel spreadsheet... I want to have that option...

Reply from Alex Hedley:

I've written up a full seminar on the subject, exporting data objects of all types to other access databases or excel/text files, it'll hopefully be released soon.

Joni Moore on 5/18/2016: My supervisor uses a laptop and I use a PC to use our Access Database. For some reason, every time I pull up the charts I've created, they look great as you described in Lesson 2, but when he pulls up the same charts with the same date range, it doesn't display the whole chart. It cuts off the right side. I tried changing the charts to Zoom mode thinking that would solve the problem. But now, mine still look great, but when he pulls up the same data, it not only still cuts off the right side, he also now is not able to view the bottom categories. Any ideas why this might be happening?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Are they different sized monitors, Access doesn't have responsive forms.
You can add scroll bars though


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