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Courses - Active Server Pages 303
Description: Advanced ASP 303
Running Time: 80 minutes
Pre-Requisites: ASP 302
We use Standard ASP on a Windows Server. We also use Microsoft FrontPage 2003 for our Web editor. You can use any server or Web editor compatible with ASP.

 Click here for the Teacher's Outline

Major topics covered in this class:

  • User Logon
  • Securing Your Site
  • Create a Search Form
  • Dropdown Boxes
  • Menubar & Header for Your Site

We will begin this class by discussing web site security. What do you need to do on your ASP pages to prevent authorized use? We will add a User table to our database, and set up user accounts.

You will learn how to set up each sensitive page (such as a page on which data can be altered) so that someone needs to be logged in to access it. We'll track that information in Session variables.

Next, we will create a search form, so that your users can query your database. They will be able to search by First Name, Last Name, Customer Since, etc. You will learn how to perform a Wildcard search using SQL statements.

Your search results will be displayed in a table similar to our customer list, showing all of the returned records:

You will next learn how ASP handles dropdown boxes with static options. We'll pick a state from a list of states and you'll see how to store that information in the table. We'll learn the difference between the stored value and the displayed value - so that we can store "PA" but show "Pennsylvania" in the box, for example.

Finally, we'll create a proper site header for our web, complete with navigation hyperlinks and user logon information.

I'll also show you how to display "one-time" system messages to your users when specific events happen.

We're getting closer to being able to design a full web site with ASP. Now we know how to secure our pages, create a search form, a navigation bar, and handle dropdown boxes.


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 Click here for the Teacher's Outline

Student Interaction: Active Server Pages 303

Richard on 8/20/2008:  ASP 303 covers User Logon, Securing Your Site, Create a Search Form, Dropdown Boxes, Menubar & Header for Your Site. See the complete outline here: /site/courselist/asp/asp303/
Roberta Joudrey on 1/5/2009: I have a field in my database that contains maybe 200 words. I have set up my search box for that field and when I search for one word it finds all of the records that contain that word. I would like to know how to refine the results by searching for two or more words from that field.
Richard Rost on 1/20/2009: Roberta, that's going to just require a bit more work with your WHERE clause. You could make two or three text boxes on your search form and just say:

"WHERE FirstName LIKE %" & Field1 & "% AND FirstName LIKE %" Field2 & "%"

This will let you find all FirstNames that have BOTH search field 1 and 2 in them.

Audrey Palmer on 7/22/2010: how to download all the files used in this course?
Audrey Palmer on 7/22/2010: will this scenario for using username as a session variable work if you have multiple users, using the same username?


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