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Courses - Digital Photography 101

Teacher's Outline



Lesson 1. Digital Photography Terms, Benefits
What is Digital Photography
What is a pixel
What is a bitmap image
What is a vector image
What is resolution
What is a megapixel
How many megapixels do I need
Benefits of digital photography
Drawbacks of digital photography

Lesson 2. Typical Camera Features
LCD viewfinder
Optical viewfinder
Ready light
Flash button
Zoom button
Delete button
Menu button
Control buttons
Review button
Viewfinder window
Flash unit
Self timer light
Light sensor
Wrist strap attachment
Accessory door
Power port
Tripod socket
Docking station socket
Battery compartment
Shudder button
Mode dial
Camera picture modes
Memory types
Inserting memory
How much memory do I need
Inserting your batteries

Lesson 3. Taking Pictures
Turning your camera on
The AUTO setting
Setting your date and time
Using the control button
Onscreen menu navigation
Using the MENU button
Menu items
Deactivating the date stamp
Using the setup menu
Turning LiveView on
Taking a good picture
Using Focus Lock
Reviewing your pictures
Deleting your pictures
Using the different flash modes
Using your zoom features
Digital v. optical zoom

Lesson 4. Copying Images to your PC
Direct connections
Docking ports
Wireless connections
Using a digital media memory card
Locating your memory card in Windows
Browsing your pictures on your card
Using the Windows Picture & Fax Viewer
Using the Thumbnail View
Creating a new folder on your desktop
Selecting all your images
Copying the images from your card to your folder
Deleting the images off your card
Burning your images folder to a CD-R

Lesson 5. Basic Photo Editing with Paint
Opening Windows Paint
Loading your picture
Resizing an image with Stretch/Skew
Cropping an image
Selecting a portion of an image
Moving your selection
Using the magnifying glass tool to zoom
Removing Red Eye with the pencil tool
Using the eyedropper to pick up a color
Using the rectangle tool
Drawing an opaque rectangle with background color
Adding text to your image with the text tool
Changing the font, font size
Saving your newly edited image

Lesson 6. Simple Page Layout with Microsoft Word
Loading Word
Inserting a picture into your Word document
Zooming in and out
Resizing your images
Formatting your images so they "float" over the text
Turning on the Pictures toolbar
Using the features of the pictures toolbar
Changing color images to black & white
Editing brightness and contrast
Cropping your pictures
Rotating your pictures
Adding a border to your pictures
Printing your pictures

Lesson 7. Tips & Tricks
Miscellaneous tips and tricks for digital photography

Lesson 8. Review



Access - index
Excel - index
Word - index
Windows - index
PowerPoint - index
Photoshop - index
Visual Basic - index
ASP - index
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