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Courses - Microsoft Excel 101
Description: Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Running Time: 72 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Windows 101 recommended
Windows 102 or Windows 110 recommended
Word 101 helpful
We use Excel XP in this course, but the lessons are valid for all versions of Excel from 95 to 2003. There are cosmetic changes in Excel 2007. Order before 3/24/2019 to get a FREE upgrade to our 2007 version when released!

 Click here for the Teacher's Outline
This is the perfect class for anyone who knows nothing about Excel, or has used Excel for a little while, but needs to learn how to do more. We will take you from knowing nothing to building a full fledged spreadsheet with functions in about an hour.

We will cover many topics including Excel basics, the parts of the screen, entering and editing data, formatting your sheet, working with math calculations, functions such as SUM and AVERAGE, cut, copy, and paste, AutoFill basics, saving and loading your sheets, and finally printing your sheet.

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First, we show you how to start Microsoft Excel, and go over the different parts of the screen: the title bar, the tool bars, the menu bar, the spreadsheet area, and so on. We'll also talk about the parts of a spreadsheet, such as columns, rows, cells, ranges, sheet tabs, etc.

(Note that these are screen shots from the actual course - and from the optional printable handbook that you can get to follow along with!)

Then, we'll teach you how to customize Excel to make it a little easier to use. We'll turn the task pane off, and fix your toolbars so they're easy to work with.

In lesson three, we'll show you how to enter data into a spreadsheet. This is covered in the demo lesson that's available to watch free here on the web site. We'll show you how to enter data into rows and columns.

Lesson four covers editing data with both the keyboard and mouse. We'll teach you how to edit data in place right on the spreadsheet and how to use the formula bar to edit data as well. We'll go over some shortcut keyboard tricks that will help you edit data in your sheets as well. We'll teach you how to delete data from cells, and then we'll show you how to undo mistakes, to get back that data!

In lesson five, we'll spend some time making our spreadsheet look professional. We'll go over fonts, font sizes, bold, italics, underlining, column alignment, foreground and background colors, and so on. We'll also show you a cool trick for making your columns automatically resize themselves to the exact width they need to be to fit the data in them.

Before we can learn advanced features like functions, we have to show you how to do basic math calculations. So, we'll show you the proper way to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and so on in your spreadsheets. We'll also go over the order of operations. Remember that from high school math?

In lesson seven, we'll show you your first function. We'll spend some time talking about exactly what functions are, and how they work.

Then, we'll teach you how to use the SUM function to add up whole columns of numbers in a snap. We'll also cover the AVERAGE function in detail. We'll show you some shortcut tricks for entering your functions without having to type in cell ranges. We'll also cover the functions MAX, MIN, and COUNT.

Our courses are very hands-on with real world examples. We'll take what we've learned about functions and sum up the sales for our sales rep sheet we started earlier.

We'll spend some time going over cut, copy, and paste in Excel. We'll show you also how to copy large amounts of data and automatically update your functions using a great feature called AutoFill. AutoFill will save you hours of time from copying and pasting similar data in your spreadsheets.

Next we'll show you how to properly save your workbook to disk, and then how to load it back up again. We'll also cover some options for printing your spreadsheets.


This is the perfect beginner lesson for anyone who needs to learn the basics of Excel. We'll get you up to speed with how Excel works, and you'll be creating your own spreadsheets, complete with functions and profession-looking formats, in about an hour.



 Click here for the Teacher's Outline

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Student Interaction: Microsoft Excel 101

Richard on 1/1/2007:  This is the perfect class for anyone who knows nothing about Excel, or has used Excel for a little while, but needs to learn how to do more. We will take you from knowing nothing to building a full fledged spreadsheet with functions in about an hour.
 Mary on 11/4/2007: i cant find the excel in my programs
 sarah on 11/5/2007: I am using microsoft works Spread sheet and I am trying to do the Average from excel 101
its not working. It says this function is unavailable. Please help

Richard Rost on 11/6/2007: If you don't see "Microsoft Excel" listed anywhere on your Start menu, you might need to reinstall it. You can try searching for "EXCEL.EXE" with a Windows Search, but if you simply reinstall the program, it will recreate any shortcuts for you.
Richard Rost on 11/6/2007: Sarah, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Works are two completely different programs. Now, I haven't used Works in a VERY long time, but I don't believe Works uses the AVERAGE function. I think Works uses AVG as it's averaging function. Works is OK for casual spreadsheet users, but if you really want to build serious spreadsheets, you need to upgrade to Excel.
 K on 11/28/2007: If I want a hard copy or CD of this Excel 101 to 104, do I have to pay $9+ for each lesson or can they all be burned on one CD?
Richard Rost on 11/28/2007: ALL of our Excel courses (101 through 232 as of this time) fit one ONE single CD. The shipping and handling we charge is PER ORDER, not per lesson. So no matter how many courses you order, the shipping charge is the same.
Linda  Brown on 3/21/2008: This was a great class. It was easy to understand and I have a very good grasp of the beginning functions of Excel 101 now that I have viewed the video. Thanks!
Richard Rost on 3/25/2008: Why, thank you very much Linda. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
 Eleene Loch on 6/22/2008: I just completed the Microsoft Excel-101 the old one. Now I have just viewed 599CD theater. What a thrill to see this It is so exciting view. I have not used any of that which I have used in the past but decided that I needed to do that instead of e-mail. Thank you
 Rahmatullah aka on 7/12/2008: I would like to say that, learning hear is great and most effective, the lesson are effecint, thanks to the instructore in making such lessons.
Bart Smith on 7/16/2008: I have used Excell for several years. I am a novice with a computerat best. I just finished the 101 course, should have studied this lesson long ago. This lesson has shown me several steps & eaiser methods of doing my work. thanks going ton reveiw the lesson once more!
Charles Marinaro on 8/10/2008: real good class, even for someone who's used excel.
Charles Marinaro on 10/23/2008: how do you enter a percentage amount in a range of cells?
Richard Rost on 10/25/2008: Charles, you want to fill a whole range of cells with the same percentage value? If so, type it in once and then AutoFill it across and down. If you want to apply it as a format to block of cells, just highlight them all and hit the % button.
Arthur Firlik on 1/10/2009: This and excellent way for the novice to learn. The instructor is clear and concise. I am very happy with the course.
 Brainy Rizal on 1/11/2009: Great Lesson! I really enjoyed it. Very clear instructions and explanation.
Thank you!!

 Barry on 2/14/2009: Great easy to understand and move on. I spent money on books & CD's nothing like this. This is "GREAT"
Freddy Rosero on 5/4/2009: Good stuff, I like it.
Ronald Springs on 6/20/2009: A great course. I've used it quite often in the past. Now I'm back learning even more. It sure beats the other software that I've heard friends talk about. It has really helped me a lot.
Lynn Robbins on 7/21/2009: This was my introduction to spreadsheets;
I t was outstanding
Wish I had done it long ago.
Your instructional ability is superb.

lori aubin on 9/7/2009: Hi Richard,

This is a great refresher, how can I make the lines visible when I print the spreadsheet?

Richard Rost on 9/8/2009: File > Page Setup > Sheet Tab > Print GRIDLINES
 Brenda Whiteman on 3/28/2010: This is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for your thorough explanations. I think this is the most effective way to learn. Thank you very much!

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thank you for your kind words, Brenda. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

 Lynn Robbins on 7/20/2010: I found Excel 101 to be well done and very understandable. It makes the program fun to use

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks very much for the compliments

 Sylvia Coleman on 9/22/2010: Hi Richard,

Yes, I agree with Brenda's comments. I'm an older adult who's not quite as fast as the younger set. Your tutorials are just the right pace for me. Thank you. I do have a question though. Here at home I have MS 2003. I'm sure that most offices in 2010 have at least the 2007 version. Will I be lost if I don't purchase MS2007 or will the updates not be too overwhelming? Thank you for your time.

 Sanni Tajudeen on 10/26/2010: Wow!!! i really enjoy this turtorial lesson and i love it so much i wouldn't mind if i can get more of it.thanks Mr Amicron.

Reply from Richard Rost:

You're very welcome. Of course, you can get ALL of it on my Order Page. :)

Silvana Kemble on 3/10/2011: My tool bar does not look like what you have on your lesson I have excel 2007 why does it look different?

Reply from Richard Rost:

This lesson is for Excel 2000-2003. If you have Excel 2007, you need my Excel 2007 lessons.

John Joseph Burns on 3/22/2015: You either do NOT own this course, OR you have been timed out due to inactivity OR you just recently ordered this course. See below. -----------------Why do I keep getting this?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Which browser are you using?
Can you logout out then can you clear your cookies and cache, restart the browser then log back in.
See this WalkThru for further instructions if that doesn't work.


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