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Courses - Microsoft Excel 102
Description: Using Microsoft Excel
Running Time: 79 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Excel 101 strongly recommended
We use Excel XP in this course, but the lessons are valid for all versions of Excel from 95 to 2003. There are cosmetic changes in Excel 2007. Order before 3/24/2019 to get a FREE upgrade to our 2007 version when released!

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This class picks up where Excel 101 leaves off and covers many more features of this powerful spreadsheet program including AutoFill, creating a calendar, sorting data, and the big one: creating professional-quality charts and graphs!

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We begin by learning more about AutoFill, a very powerful feature of Excel. We'll see how you can use AutoFill to create lists of the days of the week, months of the year, number series, date sequences, and more.

We'll create a calendar using AutoFill that you can print out and use to plan your day. In doing so, we'll teach you about zoom ratios, neat tricks with resizing columns, and the Format Painter.

We will also spend time learning how to make cool borders to give your spreadsheets that professional touch.

You will learn how to use the Format Cells feature to gain even more control over the look and feel of your data.

Next, we'll build a sheet to track commissions for sales reps. We'll learn a lot of techniques such as how to use the currency style, increase and decrease decimal points, and more.

We'll learn about the quick-and-dirty AutoSum feature.

We'll then show you several ways to sort data in your spreadsheets. You will learn the proper way to sort data so as not to scramble your information.

We'll teach you how to sort your data by any column in a range of cells.

You will also learn how to sort based on multiple columns (last name, then first name, for example).

After sorting, we'll spend a great deal of time building charts. We'll build a simple 2D column chart, teach you how to manipulate it, change colors, axes labels, and other features.

We'll then make a more complex 3D column chart. We'll go through more of the charting options, such as gridlines, axes labels, data labels, and so on.

We'll teach you how to create fill effects, gradients, textures, and patterns in your charts.

We'll show you how to rotate your 3D charts, and adjust elevation and perspective.

We spend a lot of time learning how to build quality charts!

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After building a 3D column chart, we'll take you through creating a 3D pie chart. We'll show you how to add data labels, leader lines, and other features. You'll learn how to rotate your pie chart, separate the pie slices, and make other advanced adjustments.

This is a great course for someone who knows a little Excel, but wants to learn more... AutoFill is a very powerful timesaver. Knowing how to sort data properly is essential. Every business user should know how to create effective charts.


 Click here for the Teacher's Outline

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Student Interaction: Microsoft Excel 102

Richard on 1/1/2007:  This class picks up where Excel 101 leaves off and covers many more features of this powerful spreadsheet program including AutoFill, creating a calendar, sorting data, and the big one: creating professional-quality charts and graphs!
Richard Karlin on 11/13/2007: I don't understand how I can type in additional sales reps. How do I add more sales reps?
Richard Rost on 11/14/2007: You can add as many sales reps as you want while creating this page. Just type them in as I did. Now, if you want to add more sales reps after the last one, but BEFORE the Sales Totals row, then you have to either move that row down, or insert some blank rows above the Totals row. We covered that in the previous lesson.
Christy Young on 1/18/2008: I have just completed Excel 102 and went to www.599cd.com/test and can not find the test for 102. Can you please help me to find it so I may take the test?
Richard Rost on 1/23/2008: Not all of the tests for our courses are available yet. We're working hard to make sure they get online as soon as possible.
 jacqueline on 5/9/2008: how do you copy a formula from one worksheet to antoher worksheet?
KRISTI on 5/20/2008: I am trying the Excel 102 tutorial in the Theater and only received "intro"... nothing futher?
Richard Rost on 5/24/2008: Jacqueline, just use COPY and PASTE (ctrl-c and ctrl-v) to copy ANYTHING from one worksheet to another.
Richard Rost on 5/24/2008: Kristi, the Excel 102 tutorial is not a free tutorial. Until you purchase it, you will only be able to preview the first and last lessons. You can buy it on our Order Page.
Maks Kelemina on 9/13/2008: I was waiting for chart lessons.Did not know, how to select multiple colums.My charts were never legeble. Thanks!
Maks Kelemina on 9/13/2008: I try to apply this lesson in MS Works but selection of two colums does not work. After selecting first colum,holding Ctrl key, then selecting another colum, it highlights that colum but disselect the first,what am I doing wrong?
Richard Rost on 9/17/2008: Maks, I'm not sure about WORKS. I haven't used it in many years. That's how it's done in Excel (and just about every program with similar behavior too). You click on the first ITEM and then hold the CTRL (Control) key down, and click on the next item. I'm afraid I'd have to see what you're doing in order to offer you a suggestion.
 Mildred Gordon on 10/5/2008: Thank you for helping me with autofill. I thoughtI understood autofill, but now I understand that there is more to autofill then I known.
Charles Phinney on 4/7/2009: I downloaded this class to learn charting. I could chart in the older version of Excel but we now have the newer version and there is no wizard. It is entirely different. I don't know if this will help me
Richard Rost on 4/7/2009: Charles, you are correct that building charts in Excel 2007 is very different from previous versions. The good news is that you really don't need a wizard. All of the commands are laid out in front of you. I will be covering it in an upcoming lesson.
Herbert Kaufman on 4/24/2010: How can you change the date on an existing statement?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Herbert, I don't understand your question. Can you please elaborate?

MINH TONG on 12/30/2012: Thank you Richard so much. The instructions are short, clear, to the point. I like it so much. I am going to take the test later.

Reply from Richard Rost:



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