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Courses - Microsoft Excel 224 - PivotTables Part 2
Description: Intermediate Microsoft Excel - PivotTables 2
Running Time: 84 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Excel 223 strongly recommended
We use Excel XP in this course, but the lessons are valid for all versions of Excel from 95 to 2003. There are cosmetic changes in Excel 2007. Order before 3/24/2019 to get a FREE upgrade to our 2007 version when released!

This class was just recently completed. The full outline will be posted here shortly. Excel 224 is the second of our two-part series on PivotTables. It covers:

  • Grouping Data
  • Drill to Detail
  • Grouping Dates Together (months, quarters, etc.)
  • Grouping Numeric Values
  • Subtotals
  • Subdetails
  • Advanced Field Settings
  • Formatting PivotTables
  • Copying PivotTable Data
  • PivotTable Options
  • Calculated Fields
  • Calculated Items
  • Base Fields & Items
  • Running Totals
  • Showing Data as a Percentage of Previous Data
  • Example: Employee Costs using IF, VLOOKUP, and a PivotTable
  • Much More




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Student Interaction: Microsoft Excel 224

Richard on 1/1/2007:  This is part 2 of the PivotTables series.
Denise Nichols on 2/23/2008: I have followed the instructions exactly however when I right click on the Date field and select Group and Show Detail option / Group I get the following error message - "Cannot group that selection." What can the problem be?
Richard Rost on 2/28/2008: Denise, without seeing exactly what you're doing, I really can't say what the problem is. What time-index in the video are you getting to when you get this problem? I'll see if I can recreate it. Since nobody else has complained here about this (and I know several thousand people have taken this class) it's got to be something you're doing different... but don't worry, we'll figure it out.
Ro on 10/4/2008: HI Richard,

I am experiencing the same problem as Denise. When I create the Pivot table on my own I am getting the "Cannot group that selection" error as well. If I use the data set that you created, I don't have that problem. Have you figured this one out? thanks!! Ro

Richard Rost on 10/5/2008: Ro, send me your sheet and I'll take a look at what you're doing. I can't re-create the problem on my end.
Finlay Milroy on 11/11/2008: Richard: were you able to work Denise's problem out? I get the same "Cannot group that selection." message in both Excel 2003 and 2007. Excel 224, Lesson 02, minute 2:59. I right click on Date header, then click Groupand Show Detail in 2003 and Group in 2007 (there is no Group and Show Detail intermediate selection in 2007)and I get the error message in both cases. Any ideas?

 Ellen on 4/23/2009: When I try to group dates I, too, get error message "Cannot group that selection." I have Office 2007.
Russ Bleil on 8/1/2009: Richard
I'm having the exact same problem, getting the same message. I've tried everything but with no success. Need your help.


  on 4/30/2012: I have a question. In Excel 220,222,223 and 224 I can only view and listen to the intro and review. When I click on anything else I am prompted to purchase the program which I have already done. Please help. Thank you.

Reply from Richard Rost:

It's possible you were TIMED OUT. If you don't click on anything for 20 minutes, the web site will automatically log you out. Just click on the LOGON button and reload the course.


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