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Courses - Internet 101
Description: Introduction to The Internet
Running Time: 62 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Windows 101 recommended
Windows 102 or Windows 110 recommended
We will be using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 in this class.
In the 21st Century, if you haven't heard of the Internet, you must have been living in a cave since the early 1990s. The Internet has changed not only the way we use computers, but the way in which business is conducted, and indeed the way we live our lives.

Since you're reading this Web page, you obviously have access to the Internet, and you're familiar with the basic principals of how to browse around on the World Wide Web. However, in our series of Internet courses, we'll teach you all of the Ins and Outs of the Web. Plus, we'll show you all about using Email, online chats, file downloads, virus protection, and more. We'll show you how to download and install our favorite utilities direct from the authors' web sites. We'll teach you how to upgrade and maintain your software, right over the Web.

You will learn how to join and read newsgroups, subscribe to mailing lists, use powerful search engines to find information, and even find people. We'll teach you how to buy and sell online, and how to participate in auctions. You'll even learn how to set up a basic web site of your own (We have more in-depth Web design courses under our Microsoft FrontPage topics).

We will show you our tips and tricks, favorite useful Web sites, and how to keep your kids safe online. You'll also learn how to protect your privacy and your computer while on the Internet.

In this first course, Internet 101, we teach you all about how the Internet works. You will learn how to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse the Web. You'll learn how to search for information online, how to download files, and how to bookmark your favorite sites.

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Student Interaction: Internet 101

Richard on 1/1/2007:  In this first course, Internet 101, we teach you all about how the Internet works. You will learn how to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse the Web. You'll learn how to search for information online, how to download files, and how to bookmark your favorite sites.
Richard Rost on 10/12/2007: I was just looking over this lesson, and it's interesting to see how much these search engines have changed since 2002 when I recorded this!
Anonymous on 11/7/2007: Starts out very explanatory.
Richard Rost on 11/8/2007: Yep, that's why this is "Introduction to the Internet." Ha ha ha. The first lesson is all about the history of the Internet, how it works, different types of networks, different uses for the Internet, internet connection types, etc. It's funny because I'm looking over this lesson now for the first time in years... and it's been five years since I recorded it... and it's funny to see how much stuff has changed. Back when I recorded this, for example, broadband (high speed) Internet was still very rare, and the vast majority of people used dialup access and online services like AOL and CompuServe. Would you say I should skip this lesson in the next version of this course? When I used to teach this class in my classroom, people used to seem real interested in all of this information.

Oh, and at the end of the video, I mention a "list of Internet providers," because finding a good ISP used to be hard! Now, obviously, if you're reading this, you have access to the Internet. If, however, you're still having a hard time finding a good Internet connection, just do a search on your favorite search engine for local Internet providers. If you can afford it, go broadband (DSL, cable, fiber).

Adelaide Smith on 6/12/2008: This is an awesome course. I've been looking for something like this for so long. I've spent many dollars and lost many strands of hair. Well done!!!
Susan Sheldon on 11/4/2008: Not true. When it was just text as it was when I first started using it, we could get to Newsgroups better and without cost. In fact there are many reasons I liked it better.
Richard Rost on 11/7/2008: Susan, you're right - some things like Newsgroups used to be better "back in the old days" of the Internet. If you HAD access to the Internet via school or work, it was free or low cost. However if you didn't have access, it was EXPENSIVE to get connected!
 Omar Terrazas on 1/3/2009: I can't see any of my courses using the regular Windows Media setting. Only Flash option works. Why ? How can I run the videos using Windows media or another player (ie: DivX)
Richard Rost on 1/20/2009: Omar, if Windows Media Video is not working for you, my suggestion is to download and install the latest version of the Windows Media Player. I have four different machines here running different operating systems (Windows Vista, XP, and 2000) and they all play the WMV videos just fine - but they all have the most up-to-date players.
 MOHAMMAD OBAIDULLAH on 5/25/2011: what is virus? and how to check?
A Lucas on 9/30/2011: I was a slow learner, not anymore.
SuzanneBrown on 9/6/2012: how do I make the video full screen

Reply from Richard Rost:

That all depends on how you're watching it. If you're watching online in the Theater (which I recommend) there's a FULL SCREEN button in the bottom right corner of the video window. If you're using the offline player then it's up to whatever video software you're using.

guy perreault on 2/20/2013: I am very impressed with the clarity of your course.

Reply from Richard Rost:


sharafat on 3/11/2015: i Need for this kind of tutorials alot

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