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Please Note
The classes listed below are for Photoshop 7 which is a few years old. As of today I have no plans to upgrade it any time soon. If you're still using PS7 these lessons will work great for you. If not, you will find the interface has changed. If you're interested in updated PS lessons, contact me and let me know. If enough people ask, I'll make new ones. Photoshop used to be one of my biggest sellers, but sales dropped off after a few years, which is why I stopped updating them.

Courses - Adobe Photoshop

If you're looking for Adobe Photoshop training, you've come to the right place. Our instructor, Richard Rost, has been teaching Photoshop for many years.

Yes, our courses are valid for Photoshop Elements as well. Most of the material (especially in the basics courses) is the same in both versions.

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 Photoshop 101 $1
 Introduction to Photoshop
       Getting started, Opening Images, Creating New Images,
   Editing Images, Text & Layers, Editing Small Details
 Photoshop 102 $1
 Using Photoshop 1
       Cropping, Color Management, Dodge, Sponge, Unsharp,
   Selections, Transformations, Magic Wand, Eraser, more.
 Photoshop 103 $5.99
 Using Photoshop 2
       Working with Layers, adding Text Layers, Text Effects,
   Using Masks to isolate parts of images, Artistic Effects
 Photoshop 201 $12.99
 Intermediate Photoshop 1
       Restoring damaged photos. Clone stamp, pattern stamp,
   Healing Brush, Patch Tool, Remove Red Eye, more.
 Photoshop 202 $19.99
 Intermediate Photoshop 2
       Hand-drawing using the Brush tool, brush options,
   Advanced Colors, dodge, burn, smudge, landscapes, etc.
 Photoshop 203 $19.99
 Intermediate Photoshop 3
       Creating Paths from Selections, by Hand, Editing Paths,
   Using the Pen Tools, Filling & Stroking, Path Tools
 Photoshop 204 $19.99
 Intermediate Photoshop 4: Filters 1
       Sharpen, Blur, Artistic Filters, Brush Strokes Filters, Adding
   Fake Motion, Neon Glow, Sponge, Watercolor, lots more.
 Photoshop 205 $24.99
 Intermediate Photoshop 5: Filters 2
       Sketch Filters, Distort, Pixelate, Noise (Add, Remove),
   Render, Stylize, Texture, Lens Flare, Lighting Effects, etc.
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