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Courses - Microsoft PowerPoint 101
Description: Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
Running Time: 101 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Windows 101 recommended
Windows 102 or Windows 110 recommended
Word 101 helpful
We use PowerPoint 2003 in this course, but the lessons are valid for all versions of PowerPoint from 95 to 2003. There are cosmetic changes in PowerPoint 2007. Order before 3/28/2019 to get a FREE upgrade to our 2007 version when released!

 Click here for the Teacher's Outline
This is the perfect class for anyone who knows nothing about PowerPoint, or has used PowerPoint for building real simple presentations, but needs to learn how to do more. We will take you from knowing nothing to building a full fledged presentation from scratch (without the wizards) in about an hour.

First, we show you how to start Microsoft PowerPoint, and go over the different parts of the screen: the title bar, the tool bars, the menu bar, the slide area, and so on. We'll also talk about slide sorter, the outline view, the notes area, etc.

Unlike a lot of PowerPoint courses, we're not going to spend a lot of time going through the AutoContent wizard - a tool that lets you build presentations quickly, but they look like "cookie cutter" presentations. We are going to run through building a quick presentation with the wizard, but that's all. We'll go through changing the design template, and making some other basic cosmetic changes.

We'll show you how to edit the components of a slide: editing text, formatting text, changing colors, moving text boxes, resizing objects, and so on. We'll show you how to navigate through your slideshow, and teach you some quick tricks for editing text. We'll show you how to delete slides, add new slides, and move slides around. We'll teach you how to make web and email hyperlinks inside your slideshow. We'll cover saving and loading your presentation to/from disk.

Next we get into the heart of building a presentation from scratch using the outline view. This is my preferred way to build a presentation. We'll show you how to get all of your ideas out first, and then worry about formatting your slides. We'll talk about outlines in detail, show you how to promote and demote levels within an outline, and edit slide data accordingly.

In lesson five, we'll cover editing your home-made slides. This is the free demo lesson we have included here on the web site. Visit our Demo section to check it out. We'll apply a design template to our blank presentation, we'll adjust the bullets and other text, and show you how to make other changes.

We'll teach you how to add graphics, clipart, drawing objects, and images to your slides. We'll show you how to insert clipart from the Microsoft Office collection into your slides, and how to use the clipart manager. We'll show you how to resize, move, rotate, and adjust these images.

We'll teach you about the drawing and pictures toolbars. We'll add text boxes, lines, boxes, and more to our slides. We'll also cover banners, callouts, and more.

In lesson eight we'll teach you how to organize your slides, and teach you how to give your presentation. We'll spend some time in the slide sorter, moving slides and groups of slides around to arrange our slideshow. We'll give you tips for presenting, and show you some tricks for navigating through your slideshow like a pro in front of your audience. We'll also show you how to print your slides.



 Click here for the Teacher's Outline

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Student Interaction: PowerPoint 101

Richard on 1/1/2007:  This is the perfect class for anyone who knows nothing about PowerPoint, or has used PowerPoint for building real simple presentations, but needs to learn how to do more. We will take you from knowing nothing to building a full fledged presentation from scratch (without the wizards) in about an hour.
 MC Avery on 1/8/2008: Hi Rick - I was trying to watch the free demo in Powerpoint 101 but it's not letting me go on to the next lesson (Lesson 2). I though the demo was free. Do I need to order this course first?
Richard Rost on 1/8/2008: Mary, in the DEMO version, you should only be able to view lessons 1, 2, and 9. However, YOU purchased this course way back in 2003. I'll email you your passwords. :)
Lewis Fifield on 3/30/2008: Hi Richard:

I am using Windows Vista and Power Point 2007.

There is a difference, do you the updated version for the above

Richard Rost on 4/1/2008: Powerpoint 2007 is significantly different from Powerpoint XP (2002) which is what I use in my PP101 class. I am planning an updated PP2007 version which should be out by summer. Anyone who purchased (or will purchase) my current PP101 or PP102 courses after November 2007 will get a free upgrade.
Kirk Reynolds on 5/25/2008: Hey Richard, did you realize that you several times during the PowerPoint 101 you call it FrontPage 101. I have to think about it because I have just taken the Frontpage Course. It is good to know that you make mistakes too. Ha! Ha!
Richard Rost on 6/3/2008: Kirk, I did not know this - and you're the first person in the five YEARS since that was recorded to say something! Can you give me a lesson number and time index so I can find it and possibly fix it?
 Bill Furness on 2/16/2009: HI Richard

I've been checking out you learning tutorials for Access and Power Point.
I think you have a great touch for teaching software.
I just wanted to know if you are able to maximize the video screen to full screen with the paid training videos.
Thanks Bill

Richard Rost on 2/18/2009: Bill, you can maximize the videos by checking the EXTERNAL button in my video player. That will run them in your full Windows Media Player program.
 Larry Kuhl on 2/18/2009: I have 2007 Microsoft software and I can't find the wizard. Is this irrelevant?
Richard Rost on 2/19/2009: Larry, this tutorial covers PowerPoint 2003. I'll be coming out with a 2007 version soon. Yes, the wizards are different.
Robert  Grieves on 3/20/2009: Excellent tutorial! I'm now, again, one step smarter. 'Can't teach an old dog new tricks?
....599CD can! I (an old dog) am living proof! Again, Thanks Mr. Rost.

Robert  Grieves on 9/16/2009: I'm sure you must get very tired of hearing how explicit and user friendly your tutorials are. Who could ask for more? Price, content, knowledge base, one fantastic package! Thanks again! You're the best!
Richard Rost on 9/17/2009: Robert, oh no... I never get tired of compliments. :) Thanks.
NUR MOHAMED on 2/13/2012: Dear Richard Rost,

Thank you so much for the wonderful and easy-to-understand method you employ teaching your courses. I am really enjoying the courses I have recently purchased and once I grasp them, I will not hesitate to pursue more courses. All I can say for now is I wish I had known about your courses years before but it is never too late.

jenny fernandez on 1/30/2013: Hi, Do you have a more updated lesson on basic powerpoint. This one I am watching has the old interface. It's just a lot easier following if we have the same one. Thanks for your time! Jenny
Alex Hedley on 1/31/2013: Hi Jenny,
There isn't a video out for PP2010 yet, they are available for Pre-order and it is on the list for the Production Schedule
But there is no release date as of yet,

Depending on time they might even be the 2013 version just depends on how popular it is and how high it is on the list.

Rubens Dorival on 3/28/2013: thank you very much MR Richard
RICHARD AYAIM on 7/31/2013: I really enjoyed this class. This is a real EYE OPENER. I like the dexterity which which you teach. You make these computer knowledge look very SIMPLE. In fact, I like the way you demistify these concepts. Do you have POWERPOINT 2007 & 2010 ready? i need them.

Reply from Richard Rost:

I'm skipping over 2007 and 2010. I'll be releasing a PP 2013 lesson very soon. Thank you for the compliments.

RICHARD A on 8/2/2013: Is POWERPOINT 2013 going to be the same as PP 2007 & 2010? Are the features similar or different? Are you going to offer the opportunity to UPGRADE the PP 2010 to PP 2013?
When are you releasing it. I am already on the WAITING LIST expectant of PP 2010 I ordered. Am I going to see PP 2013 in lieu of PP 2010. Any clarifications?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I'm skipping over 2007 and 2010. The next PP lessons will be in 2013. If you've purchased my older 2003 lessons, you'll get a free upgrade. From what I can tell, the basic interface of PP is pretty much the same. The only upgrades have been minor.

Sara Sherman on 11/21/2013: Hi, I have powerpoint 2010. I can't find the wizard. Was it removed from powerpoint 2010?

Alex Hedley on 11/23/2013: If this is the same as the AutoContent Wizard then it was removed in 2007.

MS Article

You can use Templates instead.


Verna Campbell on 8/10/2014: I really need an update PowerPiont like 2010.

Reply from Richard Rost:

An update for PowerPoint 2013 is currently in the works.

Verna Campbell on 8/11/2014: I agree with Jenny;please update to 2010 and email me, thanks

Reply from Richard Rost:

An update to PowerPoint 2013 is coming real soon. Oddly enough, I was reviewing my 2003 lessons the other day, and PP hasn't really changed that much. The old lessons are still pretty good.

sawsan mahgoub on 10/20/2015: I have power point 2010 I can not follow you. what can I do?. Thanks,

Reply from Alex Hedley:

MS changed the UI in Office 2007 and up.

John Shields on 2/25/2018: I have Powerpoint 2016 and am unable to follow your video. I also cannot maximize the video screen, as I could do in your other courses. Help, please.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

The pp videos are rather old now, prob using office 2003.
Rich is hoping to update the rest of his office series to the new Ribbon version soon.

Which browser are you using?
They all use the same player so if you can maximise one course you should be able to maximise another. Which one does work?


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