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Courses - Microsoft Windows 101
Description: Introduction to Computers
Versions: Applicable to all PC users
Pre-Requisites: None
Running Time: 51 minutes
Free Demo: Lesson #4: Hardware, Part 1
This is the perfect beginner course for the student who needs to learn how to use a computer from step one. If you have never used a computer before, or have very limited working knowledge of a computer, this is the course for you.

We assume nothing in this course. We start out by going over some basic definitions. We discuss the difference between hardware and software. We teach you what most of the popular computer industry terms mean (like megabytes, gigabytes, and so on). We talk about all the different kinds of computer components, like hard drives, memory, and motherboards.

We talk about keyboards, what all of the keys on the keyboard do, and how to use them properly. We go over topics such as how to properly hold a mouse, how to click, double-click, and click-n-drag.

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We talk about software, the different kinds of software applications that are available. We discuss ergonomics, and how to prevent workplace injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. We discuss some of the caveats - what to do and not to do to your computer! We also teach you how to properly shut your computer down.

If you are an absolute computer novice, or you have been using a computer for a little while and would like to learn more about the inner workings of a PC, plus pick up some tips and tricks for proper computer usage, then this course is for you.


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Student Interaction: Microsoft Windows 101

Richard on 1/1/2007:  This is the perfect beginner course for the student who needs to learn how to use a computer from step one. If you have never used a computer before, or have very limited working knowledge of a computer, this is the course for you.
Bob Broce on 5/4/2008: I just want to coment on your CD's. Thay are very simple and easy to understand. Yhank you very much!.
 Cheryl Read on 1/3/2009: I love this website it is great!
MARTIN TOUSSAINT on 6/30/2010: I am more or less a beginner and i am impress thus far
 El Gordo on 10/30/2010: Very simple and esasy to understand . Keep it that way. Thank you
 Patrick Groff on 11/1/2010: When I click onto 599CD all I get is a black frame.

Reply from Richard Rost:

It's probably an issue with your Windows Media Player. Try using the Theater and switching to the Flash player (option in the bottom-left corner).

Doris on 11/5/2012: Any chance you will have a course on Windows 8? It is a hurricane change.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yep. It's in planning.

Doris R on 11/7/2012: Thanks mucho. Sooner the better.


Charlotte Knipper on 12/21/2013: Very simple and easy to understand. Will recommend your courses to my friends.
Thank You,

Jerry Fordyce on 12/25/2013: Sure glad Richard learn how to use a microphone before he got to Win8. Jerry
Ian Hesketh on 12/25/2014: Good to refresh. Did get tutorial some time ago but recently purchased new computer with 8.1.
peter on 1/25/2015: number 8 cant even see the key board keys
no good what so ever

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Hi Peter
This is quite an old course so there might be differences
What keyboard can't you see?

Marilyn Mazyck on 2/16/2015: thank you the class was very informative and I have learned a lot of valuable information on protecting my computer which is an investment.
rejoice on 11/25/2015: thank you so much the lesson was so simple and straight foward.
Ram Nepal on 2/24/2016: what you are sending cd or I need to learn through video

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You can watch online in the theater or order them on cd to be posted to you

Anne on 1/26/2017: Hello Richard,
Some of my alphanumeric keys are not function properly, every time I press SHIFT to have a question mark, it will show ; for double quotation. I set my keyboard in English not French. Can you show me how to fix them, Thank you

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Have you changed your Language & Region in the Control Panel?

Nathan Neo Kollie on 1/28/2017: I am very glad to be part of this unique program


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