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Courses - Microsoft Windows 102
Description: Using Your Computer
Versions: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000
Pre-Requisites: Windows 101
Running Time: 51 minutes
Free Demo: Lesson #4: Starting a Program
If you are using any version of Windows prior to Windows XP this is the next course to take following Windows 101. It is a good "next step" class for students who have little or no computer experience.

First, we teach you how to get your system up and running, and how to log on to Windows. Then we learn about the Windows Desktop and all of the different icons on the desktop. We teach you how to properly start a program using both the keyboard and the mouse. Navigating the Windows Start Menu can be very challenging for new computer users, so we take plenty of time to teach you how to do it properly.

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Next, we have some fun playing Solitaire. We teach you how to play the game properly, and how to use Solitaire to practice your mouse skills. We use Solitaire to teach you how to click, double-click, and click-n-drag. We learn about the parts of a window, and how to move, resize, close, maximize, minimize, and restore windows. We teach you how to use the window control menu.

We teach you about the different types of window menus, and their components, such as text boxes, command buttons, option groups, check boxes, and so on. We'll look at how Help Systems work in Windows applications. Then, we'll take you into WordPad, a basic word processor that comes with Windows. We'll spend some time creating in a business letter.

We'll teach you how to edit text, make changes to your letter, save your letter to disk, print your letter, and more. Finally, we'll show you how to properly shut down your computer, and log out of Windows.


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Student Interaction: Microsoft Windows 102

Richard on 1/1/2007:  This course will teach you how the use the desktop, how to properly use the mouse by playing Solitaire, how to write a business letter in WordPad, and more.
Jean-Paul Leclerc on 8/8/2008: Very good
Allen Kingsley on 5/7/2010: I'm using Vista; the class in Window's 98. Any differences?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yeah, the interface is much different. You should take my Windows VISTA 101 and 102 classes. This Windows 102 class is for the older versions of Windows (XP and before).

Lynelle Snyder on 7/6/2010: How do I write a letter on a black page on Vista

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