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Windows 8 Beginner Level 1

Beginner Microsoft Windows Tutorial - 2 Hours, 52 Minutes
Do you need to learn Windows 8? Whether you've recently purchased a new PC with Windows 8 on it, or you have a little experience with older versions of Windows, or you just want to see what the new features of Windows 8 are, this class is for you.
  - History & Versions of Windows
  - What's New in Windows 8
  - The New Start Menu
  - Windows Modern Interface
  - Apps & Programs

  - Configuring Windows 8
  - PC Settings, Control Panel
  - Customizing Windows 8
  - Virus Scan, Firewall, Security

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If you would like a preview of what's covered in this class,
click here to watch the first lesson of this course (free of charge), or scroll down for more information.


Windows 8 Beginner Level 1
Description: Windows 8 Beginner Level 1
Versions: Windows 8
Pre-Requisites: Working knowledge of computers is required. If you don't know how to use a computer at all, need help using the keyboard and mouse, or want to learn about the parts of a computer, then you should start with our Windows 101 class.
Running Time: 2 Hours, 52 Minutes
Cost: $5.99

This course is for the novice user who has little or no experience with Windows 8, or an experienced Windows user who wants to learn about the NEW features in Windows 8. You should know how to use a keyboard and mouse, and how to work with windows (maximize, minimize, etc.) If not, then you should start with our Windows 101 beginner class.

We will begin by briefly learning about the history of Windows, the different editions of Windows 8, the extra features that are available in Windows 8 Professional, and the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.


Next, we'll go into the new features of Windows 8. We'll learn about what's been added and enhanced. We'll also see what some of the missing features are (things that were in earlier versions that have been removed). We'll discuss whether or not you should upgrade your older computers to Windows 8, whether you should buy a PC, laptop, or tablet, and we'll discuss the REAL upgrade specs for Windows 8.


We will then take a more detailed look at the new Metro (or Modern) user interface that comes with Windows 8. We'll talk about click vs. tap terminology, learn about the Lock Screen, and how to log on to Windows. We'll dive deep into the new Start Menu and learn about Tiles, Live Tiles, and Apps. We'll learn how to find the All Apps screen. You'll learn how to pin apps to the Start Menu (and unpin them again). We'll learn about the Charms Bar, signing out of Windows, and shutting your computer down.


We will next learn about the classic Windows Desktop and what changes have been made to it in Windows 8. You'll learn how to work with a window, icons, shortcuts, the TaskBar, Notification Area, and more. You'll find out what happened to the Start Button from previous versions of Windows. You'll see how to use WordPad to write a simple letter, save a file to your hard drive, and then load it back up again. You'll learn about the Windows Key and some shortcuts related to it. You'll learn how to pin programs to your TaskBar (and unpin them again).


You will learn about the difference between classic Windows programs (or Desktop Applications) and the new Windows 8 Apps. We'll go through all of the included popular apps that come with Windows. You'll learn how to create a Microsoft Account and log on to the Windows Store to download more apps and games (like Solitaire).



We will then run through many of the popular Apps that come with Windows 8, including: Internet Explorer, the People App, Mail, connecting Windows Mail to Gmail and other services, Calendar, Maps, Photos, News, Sports, Weather, Bing, Travel, Music, WordPad, File Explorer, the Recycle Bin, SkyDrive, Calculator, and Notepad.


Next we'll learn how to configure Windows. We'll walk through most of the popular beginner configuration options, such as the PC Settings, Lock Screen, Start Screen, change password, setting up a Guest / Kids account, search options, changing the date & time, privacy settings, synching your settings with a Microsoft account, and modifying your Windows Update.


We'll walk through some of the common options in the Control Panel. You'll see how to change your display settings, resolution, mouse control settings, pointer options, and more. You'll learn about Windows Defender and how to use it to stay virus free. You'll learn a little bit about Windows Firewall and what it does.  You'll learn how to customize your desktop using themes and colors, and set up a screen saver.



Finally, I'll take you through some of my own personal customizations. I'll show you how to get the Start Button back using a 3rd-party utility called Classic Shell. I'll teach you how to download files and install applications. Then we'll customize the TaskBar to give it the classic Windows XP look and feel which I really prefer. I'll show you some other programs that you should download, like Google Chrome, WinAmp, and VLC Media Player.


Again, this is the perfect class for anyone who is new to Windows 8. Whether you have a little experience with older versions of Windows, or you just want to see what the new features of Windows 8 are, this class is for you. Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this class is for you, please contact me.


Complete Outline - Windows 8 Beginner Level 1

00. Intro (8:24)

01. About Windows 8 (11:29)
What is Windows
History of Windows Versions
Different Editions of Windows 8
Extra Features in Windows 8 Professional
32 vs. 64 Bit Windows

02. What's New in Windows 8 (16:24)
New Features
Enhanced Features
What's Missing from Windows 8
Should You Upgrade?
PC, Laptop, or Tablet?
Upgrade Specs for Windows 8

03. The Start Menu (15:01)
Click vs. Tap Terminology
Lock Screen
Logging On
Start Menu
Live Tiles
Run an App
Close an App
All Apps
Unpin From Start
Pin To Start
Resize Tiles
Move Tiles
Pinch to Zoom
Zoomed Out Tile View
Charms Bar Overview
Sign Out
Shut Down Computer

04. The Desktop (10:36)
Windows Desktop
A "Window"
Icons & Shortcuts
Notification Area
Where's the Start Button?
Maximize, Minimize, Restore
Move, Resize Windows
Snap to Sides
ALT-F4 to Close Program
Open WordPad
Find App by Typing Name
The Windows Key
Pin to TaskBar
Unpin from TaskBar

05. Apps & Programs (20:30)
Difference Between App Types
Rundown of Included Apps
Pin Common Programs
Windows Store
Search For Apps
Download Solitaire
Local vs. Microsoft Account
Setup Microsoft Account
Verify Email Address
Open App List
Swipe in from Left

06. Useful Apps 1 (13:50)
Internet Explorer Desktop
Internet Explorer App
Browse the Web
Address Bar
People App
Mail App
Setting up a Gmail Account
Connecting Gmail to Mail App
Reading Mail
Sending Mail
Responding to Mail

07. Useful Apps 2 (17:24)
Create Appointment
Maps App
Photo App
Save a Picture from Web
Turn Off Live Tiles
News App
Custom Sections
Pick News Sources
Sports App
Weather App
Use Your Location
Bing App
Travel App
Music App
Search For an Artist
Set up an XBox Account

08. Useful Apps 3 (10:20)
Typing a Letter
Saving to Documents Folder
Loading from Documents Folder
File Explorer
Documents Library
Deleting a Document
Recycle Bin
Upload a Document

09. Configuring Windows 1 (10:22)
Change PC Settings
Lock Screen
Start Screen
Account Picture
Change Password
Add a User
Set up a Kids Account
Switch User
Search Options
Date & Time, Time Zone
Wireless, Airplane Mode
Sync Your Settings
Windows Update

10. Configuring Windows 2 (17:01)
Control Panel
Date & Time
Internet Time Servers
Display Size
Mouse Settings
Left-Handed Mouse Settings
Pointer Options
Windows Defender
Background Virus Scanning
Windows Firewall
Windows Update
Don't Automatically Update
Desktop > Personalize
Desktop Icon Settings
Desktop Background
Windows Themes
Screen Savers

11. Custom Changes (17:28)
Rick's Personal Preferences
Get Your Start Button Back
Classic Shell
Downloading Files
Changes to Keyboard Shortcuts
Change TaskBar
QuickLaunch Toolbar
Create a Shortcut Folder
Lock the TaskBar
Other Recommended Programs
Google Chrome
VLC Media Player

12. Review (3:07)


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Student Interaction: Windows 8 Beginner 1

Richard on 1/25/2013:  Do you need to learn Windows 8? Whether you've recently purchased a new PC with Windows 8 on it, or you have a little experience with older versions of Windows, or you just want to see what the new features of Windows 8 are, this class is for you.   - History & Versions of Windows   - What's New in Windows 8   - The New Start Menu   - Windows Modern Interface   - Apps & Programs   - Configuring Windows 8   - PC Settings, Control Panel   - Customizing Windows 8   - Virus Scan, Firewall, Security Click here for more information on Windows 8 Beginner Level 1, including a course outline, sample videos, and more.
Steve Cousins on 1/30/2013: Hey Richard,

This is great and I like how you have give a overview of the changes through the version of Windows to todays Win8. I'll be order some cd's for my some of my staff and friends as this will be a great overview of what to expect in the changes from previous version which like you I hope Microsoft puts back the start button as I already see a major load of question about that alone when we start to deploy Win8 which I hope is a ways out as I just got my copy today to start testing on one of my home PC. That's where I do a lot of my testing and learning as it makes it easier and without messing up my office PC's which are running older Application and now with Apps that's going to be a big change alone to handle. Be sending you something soon and thanks again for all your great work. God Bless...Steve

Garry Smith on 1/31/2013: love the classic shell
Cathy Jachym on 2/9/2013: do I need to buy additional antivirus software for windows 8?
Patty on 2/10/2013: Love Google too. Just got a Motorola Razr HD. Great with Google calendar, email,search. thanks for "Rick's Picks" info.
Cathy on 2/11/2013: Just finished the Windows 8 course - OUTSTANDING!! Recommend to anyone who wants to just dive in - great customization in the tutorial - love the start button and desktop options! Make your transition to 8 fun not frustrating - order it now!

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks, Cathy.

Al McKillop on 2/11/2013: clearly presented &very informative
Doris Rosenhaus on 2/21/2013: Help! It seems that one cannot downgrade to Windows 7! I just bought a new computer, with Win 8 of course, and tried to install Win 7. Impossible. Hoping my son (a nerd) can help me.


Reply from Richard Rost:

The only way you can do this is to REFORMAT the drive and install a FRESH copy of Windows 7. However, I wouldn't go that far. Once you go through the tricks in my Windows 8 class, you can make it look and function pretty much like Windows 7 did. You almost NEVER have to see the new Start Menu and Tiles.

Under the hood, Windows 8 really is MUCH better (functionally) than any previous version of Windows was. I don't recommend downgrading.

Doris Rosenhaus on 3/2/2013: Am enjoying your Win 8 class, though I admit I dislike Win 8, period.

The USB 3.0 port on my new computer will not read my flash drive from my older XP machine. Is there a special flash drive for a USB 3.0? Confusing.

Thank you,

Reply from Richard Rost:

USB 3 is supposed to be fully backward compatible with older versions. I'd have to see it to tell you why it won't read. Are you sure the port is good?

guy perreault on 3/2/2013: I would like to know if we still have acces to the start menu windows8 in the left corner once we import the window 7 button? (ref. custom changes)
Thank you and have a nice day.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes. I like to hit WIN-C to bring up the Charms Bar and then click on the Start Button icon right in the middle of it. I almost never use the Start Menu though, personally.

Paul Wade on 3/9/2013: I've been disabled since 2000 and I am a CPA by profession. The point is that I've been out of the loop for some time and needed to upgrade my computer of 12 years. I now have a Windows 8 computer and making every effort to learn or relearn the systems. Now, lets set me aside. I watched the Windows 8 series of 12 videos taught by Richard Rost. In my 30 years as a CPA I've taken more than 2,000 hours of continuing education courses. Nothing I took as a CPA was not as straight forward, well thought out and conducted in both a professional and a personal manner.I highly recommend the 599CD as a learning tool. Its that good! Paul, OK

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks, Paul! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

babeki bababeki on 3/18/2013: Hi Richard,I'm very happy with the overview of the all course with out it could not know what to do or where to start,very good idea and i hope i will need more course in near future you are a talent person.There is few point i did get it but i will look the video again and question will be ask but in meantime i would like to know how can i put the recycle bin in my desk top.
Also i did install kaspersky internet security on my new laptop with window 8
buy going throughout course 10 you are talking about window defender, do i need kaspesky ?or window defender is enough.
This is the message in my laptop "window defender has been turn off isn't monitoring your laptop " how can i turn it on?

Thisame problem with firewell i'm getting this message "these setting are being managed by vendor application kaspersky inetnet security 2013 "please advise what to do.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Defender is enough. You don't really need a 3rd-party virus program.

carlton witmore on 3/28/2013: I had to download google crome to take mywriting lab and since then the computer always goes to desktop mode. I had print problems 1st fix went to print spooler and deselected and selected the printer the next time had to download a driver tool now it would like me to purchace updates. is this common and is there an esier solotion. can't seem to clear printer errors. I didn't see this on a video but was wondering.

Reply from Richard Rost:

You have a program that says it's a printer driver and it's asking you to purchase updates? That sounds fishy to me. Printer companies don't usually charge for driver updates. There are a lot of SCAM programs out there that give false reports of viruses on your PC, or report fake "problems" and then offer to sell you the solution. You might have one of those.

Lynn Dorris on 3/31/2013: This is great. Very well done. Beats getting it out of books and it's faster too
Rubens Dorival on 4/5/2013: Hi Rick.
what is a difrence between windows 7 and windows vista

Reply from Richard Rost:

They're just different versions of Windows. Vista was a train wreck (lots of problems). Windows 7 is my favorite to date. Windows 8 has a lot of great enhancements under the hood, but I hate the new Modern interface.

Mike Bent on 4/16/2013: I have used computers since 1969. I am transitioning from Windows XP and this course is making the transition smoother and faster than I thought it would. I am looking forward to Level 2.

Reply from Richard Rost:

You're very welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Brian D on 5/25/2013: HI Richard
Many thanks, you are a talented teacher. I recently purchased a new computer & Windows 8 left me flummoxed. then thankfully i found your website and was saved. I am actually quite enjoying win 8 (I know i should not say that).I still have issues of course & am waiting for the "BLUE" upgrade before I look for a start button.In some ways that has helped . I just watch your lessons.I look forward to your next lessons. once again many thanks



Reply from Richard Rost:

Thank you, Brian.

brian on 5/30/2013: Hell, is there any way possible i can install linux fedora with window 8, everyone online believe it is nearly impossible. If it is possible, how should i go about installing linux under windows 8

Reply from Richard Rost:

I can't help you with this one. My Linux experience is limited.

Alex Hedley on 5/31/2013: Do you have a virtual machine?
You could use
And install the os on that

Or partition and dual boot

Kevin Wratt on 8/17/2013: Hi, Richard, I have just reviewed your Win 8 Lessons - fantastic, very well presented, and very clear easily followed.
Thanks very much, I have just setup Win8 on an ex XP computer for a couple who are in their 70's and have referred your lessons to them. Thanks from the land of the Kiwi - NZ

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed.

Tom Lehmann on 8/26/2013: Hi Richard,
I just finished your tutorial for windows 8. Wow, I went from major dislike of windows 8 to loving it after your course. I wish it was built into my machine when I bought it or an App.
Thanks so much I will keep you in mind on other training. Also I lived in Buffalo until I was 18 so I know how you feel about winter. I now live in Florida. Tom

Reply from Richard Rost:

Thanks, Tom. Yes, once you configure Windows 8 to NOT look like Windows 8 anymore, it really is a great OS. I know what you mean about Florida. The wife and I are thinking about it ourselves. :)

ann gatcomb on 10/5/2013: I was ready to give up and I came across your class. YOU have a new follower forever Good instructions easy to follow and understand .......
MUBEEZI MICAH on 10/12/2013: Dear Richard,
I just bought an HP envy 4-1117nr. It had Windows 8 pre-installed. Everything worked OK to set up my account. I even activated my Norton anti virus. Upon restart, it tells me my password is incorrect. I am locked out now.
I have done a google search with no real helpful solution although many people have encountered the same problem.
What can I do?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Make sure CAPS LOCK isn't on - or perhaps it was when you entered your password the first time.

Beyond that, you might just have to reboot into system recovery mode and reinstall Windows. Sucks, but that's what happens when your password doesn't work. Sorry I don't have a better solution for you.

Mubeezi M on 10/14/2013: Dear Richard,

Thank you for your advice. I think there is a bug here.
The same password doesn't work on the first attempt and it works when you try to enter it again. I have created 2 more accounts on he computer after signing in (I am using it now).
One thing to note is that when I was setting up the laptop for the first time, I selected a keyboard of "United Kingdom", I also used "Express Settings" when I was configuring my account. With the express settings, a LOCAL account was created.
I hope someone else can reproduce this problem.

Fred Gordon on 10/20/2013: I have upgraded to 8.1 and am having trouble finding "user" option under settings to change my there a 8.1 video out yet?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Fred, I have not installed 8.1 yet. I've read that there are a lot of bugs with it, and I'm going to be busy with Access tutorials for the next couple of weeks. I plan to dive into 8.1 in November.

lwm on 10/24/2013: I used the Windows 8 tutorial on Youtube and found it very helpful. Far superior to the useless tutorials produced by Mocrosoft. I ordered the downloaded version, the handbook, and I gave your website address to a couple co workers. Great job! thank you
Robert Maddox on 1/9/2014: For many years I have been using Symantic Norton Internet & Utilities allowing it to scan & repair PC each night. Sounds like Windows 8 Defender is a good product. However, will Windows 8 also scan, defrag, clean & repair registry, etc. on a pre-scheduled basis?
James Gray on 2/21/2014: Rick,

How do I go about taking my contacts from my IPhone to the Mail App? I have had trouble trying to back up all my contacts(over 250) from my phone. I would also like to upload them to my adroid phone but haven't found a way to do that.

Wallace Coflin on 3/14/2014: hi rick
this is the first time i have really enjoyed lessons. i can actually Understand the work your way of handling a lesson is relaxing to listen to. I look forwaqrd to the odther lessons.

Wallace( whitey)

Peggie Sutterer on 3/24/2014: You commented back in October 13 you were going to be working on windows 8.1 what is up with that? I just got new computer upgraded the installed 8 to 8.1.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Still in the works. Finishing up an Access Seminar right now. Windows 8.1 will be coming as soon as I can - lots of demand for it, so it's high on the priority list.

Betty Lang on 5/2/2014: Really like the old xp start,so thanx so much for showing how to get it! Still have my old windows lessons on a disk-from 9 or 10 years ago,but the language has changed a lot,so your new lessons are just great.Am going to download shell tonight!
Betty Lang on 5/3/2014: The course was just great!Love classic shell and my new 'old' start menu! Can't wait for the next course.
Sharon on 5/21/2014: The best course I have EVER taken!!! There was not one thing that I did not understand after you explained it. I want some more!!!!
Thank you sooooo much!

peter tacon on 6/12/2014: Windows 8 level 1 was a great introductory course . When do you intend to go to the next level?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Very soon. I'm working on some new Office 2013 lessons right now. Windows 8 Level 2 should be out soon. I'll let everyone know when it's available. It's actually #2 on the Waiting List right now.

Zachary Pope on 7/31/2014: What about Windows ME (Mistake Edition) Who was it geared towards and what was Microsoft thinking?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Let's not talk about that version. :)

peter on 11/28/2014: When i got my new computer i purchased windows 8 level 1. I upgraded to windows 8.1 and i wanted to know if that lesson will suffice because i would like to get lesson 2 when it becomes available.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Rich is in the middle or updating the Windows classes to be 8.1 ready

James Ray on 1/25/2015: Lesson 3 06:31 - Help, when I right click on the background of the Start screen I don't get "All Apps". What I get is "Name Groups". And when I swipe up, I get "Customize". So What am I doing wrong?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

I'm a Mac user or Win7 on my Laptop, can anyone else help?

SIMPLICE ZIRIGA on 2/20/2015: when I am in the MAP App in window8 I do not have the icons you have for the training. I have Add a pin, Traffic, My location and Pin to start at the bottom and at the top just MAP and FAVORITES. Why my window 8 is different than yours?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Could you be on the newer version, 8.1?
I'm still behind the times and on Win7 so can't check

Simplice on 2/21/2015: You are right I use window 8.1.
musa Tanko Abdullahi on 10/19/2015: I have appreciated this video and I learn a lot on it
Doris Rosenhaus on 10/20/2015: Will the Classic Shell work for Windows 10?
Thank you,

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Did they not bring back the start menu in 8.1?

Doris Rosenhaus on 10/20/2015: Is a Windows 10 tutorial coming SOON?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Hopefully there should be one in the near future.

Charlotte K on 12/13/2015: I up graded from windows 7 to windows 10.Would the windows 8 lesson help me with windows 10?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There are a number of changes in Win10 that would need covered again.


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