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Courses - Microsoft Windows Vista 102
Description: Windows Vista 102 - Using Vista
Running Time: 83 minutes
Pre-Requisite: Windows Vista 101
This is the continuation of our Windows Vista 101 course. Picking up where Vista 101 left off, we'll first learn how to customize Windows: setting the system clock, changing time and date, Windows appearance, and custom backgrounds.


We'll discuss the User Account Control - what it is, what it does, and why it's needed for some users.


I'll also show you how to turn on the "Classic" Windows Start Menu and make your folders and windows have that Classic Windows look and feel... if you're homesick for Windows XP or 2000.


Next we'll learn about the Windows Sidebar and some of the Gadgets. You'll see how to turn the Sidebar on.


I'll show you how to turn gadgets off, move gadgets up or down, work with gadget options and styles, and activate other gadgets. We'll take a look at the CPU meter to gauge processor and memory usage. I'll show you the Notes gadget which adds a notepad to your desktop.


I'll show you the Weather gadget. You'll see how to do in and change your location. I'm in Buffalo NY.


I'll show you how you can go online to Microsoft's Web Site to download even more gadgets for your sidebar. I'll teach you how to make your gadgets stay on top of other windows automatically (sidebar properties). I'll show you how you can detatch the gadgets from the sidebar and put them anywhere on your desktop.


Next, we'll learn how to write a letter using Windows Vista's built-in word processor called WordPad. You'll learn how to write a basic business letter, save your letter to your hard drive, open your letter, delete it, print it, and get it out of the recycle bin.


I'll show you where Windows Vista stores your files by default - in your Documents folder.


Next we'll talk about copying files and deleting files. I'll show you how to undelete your files out of the Recycle Bin, or permanently delete them by emptying the recycle bin.


Next we'll talk about the new Windows Vista Search feature and how we can use it to find just about anything on our computer from documents to programs.


In the next lesson, we'll learn about how to get on the World Wide Web using Microsoft Internet Explorer. You'll learn all about hyperlinks, the back and forward buttons, URLs, saving favorites, installing plugins like the Adobe Flash Player, how to watch videos on YouTube, how to search for information on Google, and much more.


Next we'll learn how to use Windows Mail to send and receive email. You'll learn how to set up an email account, send email, receive email, delete mail, and so on. You'll also learn how to send an email attachment, and what to watch out for when someone else sends you an attachment.



  Teacher's Outline

00. Introduction (2:59)

01. Customizing Windows (14:12)
System Clock
Changing Time & Date
Windows Appearance
Custom Background
Classic Start Menu
Classic Windows Folders
User Account Control

02. Sidebar (9:21)
Windows Sidebar
Turning the Sidebar On
Turning a Gadget Off
Moving a Gadget
Gadget Options
CPU Meter
Notes Gadget
The Weather Gadget
Changing Your Location
Getting More Gadgets Online
Keep the Sidebar on Top of Other Windows
Detaching Gadgets from the Sidebar
Turning the Sidebar Off

03. Using Wordpad (18:09)
Writing a Letter
Saving & Opening a File
Deleting a File
Recycle Bin
Printing Your Letter
Selecting Text
Changing Fonts
Font Size
Bold, Italics, Underline
Changing Font Color
Center, Left Justify, Right Justify
Print Preview
Opening the Recycle Bin
Undeleting a File from the Recycle Bin
Right-Click, Restore a File
Emptying the Recycle Bin - Secure Delete
How Often Should You Empty the Recycle Bin?

04. Windows Search (4:36)
Why is Windows Vista Search Better
How Windows Searches Inside Documents
Search for Programs
Background Indexing
Search the Internet
Search Boxes in Folders

05. Internet Explorer (14:10)
Visiting a Web Page
Back and Forward Buttons
Adding a Favorite
Searching the Web
Popular Plugins
What is Microsoft Phishing Filter
Adobe Flash Player
Information Toolbar
Playing Videos
List of Safe Plugins
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Real Player
Quicktime Player

06. Windows Mail (18:57)
Setting up an Email Account
Sending Email
Receiving Email
Dealing with Attachments
Creating Contacts
Mail Servers
Different Mail Folders
Inbox, Outbox, Sent Mail, Deleted Items
Windows Junk Mail Filter

09. Review (2:26)


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Student Interaction: Windows Vista 102

Richard on 1/1/2008:  Windows Vista 102 picks up where 101 left off. You'll learn how to customize Windows, use the Sidebar and Gadgets, write a letter in WordPad, work with Files, use Windows Search, Internet Explorer, and Windows Mail.
Gary Ward on 1/26/2008: I have 2 email addresses that I"m trying to put into windows mail. This is why I ordered this class. It didn't answer my question as to why one of the address keeps giving me an error message. I've followed your instructions but I keep getting the message invalid user/password error 0x800ccc90/error number ox800ccc92. whether you answer this question or not, I'm going to buy more of your courses because your answered questions I couldn't get out of several books. If you have another video beyond vista 102 please inform me. If not, where do I go to solve this problem? thank you Gary Ward
Richard Rost on 2/2/2008: Gary, I did a Google Search on the error message, and I found several problems and solutions listed - any one of them could be related to your problem - but they almost all have to do with the fact that you might just have the wrong username and/or password. Check with your ISP and make sure you have the right address and settings. Here's the search I used: Google Search
Susan Sheldon on 10/28/2008: Richard, I really enjoyed the Windows Vista classes. I have had trouble with it not doing Multitasking well. Your class has helped me appreciate its nuances better. And as always you may the class enjoyable.
Thank you,


Richard Rost on 4/1/2009: David, the menu items change depending on what program you're using. I'll be covering more in-depth topics in upcoming lessons.
William (Bill) Turner on 9/6/2009: Hi Rick.
Have just switched from XP to Vista and have listened to your Vista 102 lessons. Found them interesting but could noit understand the Windows mail lecture. Have always used Yahoo to get my email and still do. Quite satisfied with them and more or less know how to manage things. Do not want to change as at 89 find it too difficult to learn new procedures. Should I open up an account with Windows mail and type in my yahoo email address and password? Thanks Bill Turner.
PS Please don't waste any time in preparing the next Windows Vista course.

Richard Rost on 9/7/2009: Bill, that's fine. If you use Yahoo mail or GMail or any of those other free web-based email services, then you might never use Windows Mail or Outlook. If that lesson doesn't apply to you, just ignore it. Personally, I don't use Yahoo mail, so I don't know if you can download your mail into Windows Mail from Yahoo. I know you CAN do it from GMail. Look for settings in Yahoo to download "POP" mail. That's what you'll use for the server address in Windows Mail.

I probably will NOT be making any more Windows Vista lessons since Windows 7 is so close to release. I'll probably focus on Windows 7 when it comes out.

seymour smith on 2/23/2010: WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE ON VISTA BESIDE VISTA 102

Reply from Richard Rost:

As of right now, I only have Windows Vista 101 and 102. I will probably NOT be making any more Vista classes, as I will be focusing on Windows 7 in the near future. The good news is that MOST of the features in Windows 7 are almost the same in Vista, and I'll try to point out the differences. So if you're looking for more advanced Windows training that will work with both Vista and Windows 7, hang in there.

Seymour Smith on 3/12/2010: when are you going to have visa 103?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Seymour, I'm probably NOT going to make a Windows Vista 103, but I am going to make several Windows 7 courses. The good news is that once you're beyond the BASIC basics (101 and 102) then Vista and Windows 7 are really very similar - and I will point out the differences. Windows 7 Levels 1 and 2 will be just like Windows Vista 101 and 102. Level 3 will be all new material.

Lynn Dorris on 3/28/2013: I need more on windows 7 apps

Reply from Richard Rost:

I won't be making any more Windows 7 lessons, but look for more Windows 8 lessons in the near future.

Charlotte K on 12/26/2013: I really enjoyed this class and have learned a lot. You explain everything and it is very easy to understand.

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