Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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Word 2007 Basic Level 1
Beginner Microsoft Word Tutorial - 76 Minutes

Are you new to Microsoft Word 2007? This video tutorial will teach you all of the basics of how to use Word. You will learn:
Word2007   - The Word 2007 Interface & The Ribbon
  - Entering & Editing Text
  - Basic Spelling & Grammar Checking
  - Formatting Text (Font, Colors, etc.)
  - Using the Clipboard: Cut, Copy, and Paste
  - Saving & Loading Files
  - Printing & Emailing Documents
Word 2007
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If you would like a preview of what's covered in this class,
click here to watch the introduction and first three lessons of this course (free of charge), or scroll down for more information.



Word 2007 Basic Level 1
Description: Word 2007 Basic Level 1
Versions: Microsoft Office Word 2007
Pre-Requisites: Windows Vista 101 strongly recommended
Running Time: 76 Minutes
Cost: $5.99

This course is for the novice user who has little or no experience with Microsoft Word. We will begin by learning about the parts of the Word interface, including the new Ribbon. We'll learn about all of the different components of Word, including the Quick Access Toolbar, Status Bar, Zoom controls, and so on.

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial


You will learn how to properly and efficiently type text in Word. We'll be writing a business letter in this class. You'll learn about word wrap, backspace, delete, spell-check-on-the-fly, indenting, and more.

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial


Next you will learn how to edit your document. We split large paragraphs up, and merge smaller ones. We'll learn about the non-printable characters (the paragraph and tab symbols, for example). You'll learn what a Hard Return is.

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial


We will next learn how to create a bulleted list, add words to our custom spell-check dictionary, and put a closing on our letter.

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial


You'll see how to add a TO and FROM address on your letter, insert line breaks, horizontal lines, and what the difference is between "ignore" and "ignore all" in the spell checker.

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial


We'll learn how to format text properly. You'll learn how to select text with your mouse, use the floating mini-toolbar, set bold and italics, text align right and center, and how to change fonts and font sizes.

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial


Of course, we'll learn about changing our text color too!

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial 


Next we'll learn about one of the most useful features in Word called the clipboard. We'll learn how to cut, copy, and paste text. We'll also learn how to undo mistakes. 

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial 


You will learn how to save your documents to your computer's hard drive so you can load them up later. You'll also see how to save your document with a different filename, so you can make copies of them.

Save Load Documents 


Finally, you'll learn how to print your documents, set different printer options, perform a quick print, print preview, and send your documents via email

Quick Print 


Again, this is the perfect class for anyone who is new to Microsoft Word 2007. If you have little or no experience with word processing, or you just want to get familiar with how Word 2007 works, this class is for you. You should have some basic knowledge of Windows beforehand, but we'll teach you everything you need to know to use Word to make simple documents. 

Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this class is for you, please contact me.


Complete Outline - Word 2007 Basic 1

0. Introduction (8:44)
Topics Covered
Version Used
Who is This Class For?
How to Learn

1. Word Interface 1 (4:07)
Starting Word
Parts of the Word Interface
Ribbon Changes with Window Size
Title Bar
Maximize, Minimize, Restore Down
Close Button
Office Button

2. Word Interface 2 (4:07)
The Ribbon
Ribbon Tabs, Groups, Buttons
Help Popup Menus for Each Command
Command Buttons
Drop-Down Menus
Command Button Groups
Dialog Box Launcher Buttons

3. Word Interface 3 (4:30)
Quick Access Toolbar
Status Bar
Views Buttons
Zoom Controls
Scroll Bars
Document Area
Mouse Pointer
Insertion Point (Cursor)
Moving the Cursor

4. Entering Text 1 (4:28)
Writing a Business Letter
Spell Check on the Fly
Ignore Misspelling
Word Wrap
Correct a Misspelling
Spelling Suggestions
Press ENTER only at end of Paragraph

5. Entering Text 2 (4:48)
Tab Key to Indent Paragraph
Wrong Word Form: to, too, two
Grammar Check on the Fly
Backspace v. Delete Key
Keyboard Shortcut: END Key

6. Editing Text 1 (4:22)
Splitting a Large Paragraph
Show Hide Paragraph Symbols
Hard Return
Making Two Paragraphs into One
7. Editing Text 2 (3:39)
Creating a Bulleted List
Adding Words to Custom Dictionary
Letter Closing

8. Editing Text 3 (4:42)
To & From Addresses at Top of Letter
Insert Blank Lines at Top of Document
Up and Down Arrow Keys
Inserting a Line Break with Shift-Enter
Return Address
Insert a Horizontal Line with -----
Spelling Ignore v. Ignore All

9. Formatting Text (7:39)
Select Text with the Mouse
Floating Mini Toolbar
Bold Text using Mini Toolbar
Bold Text using the Ribbon
Align Text Right
Center Text
Changing the Font with the Ribbon
Live Preview
Changing the Font using Mini Toolbar
Changing the Font Size
Grow Font and Shrink Font Buttons
Changing the Font Color

10. Using the Clipboard (5:59)
Cut, Copy, and Paste
Copy Text to the Clipboard
Paste Text from the Clipboard
Difference Between Cut and Copy
Undo and Redo

11. Saving & Loading (8:08)
Saving Your Document
Save Button on Quick Access Toolbar
Close Word and Reopen Your Document
Recent Documents List
Open Button
Favorite Links - Documents
Select and Type Over Text
Save As a Copy

12. Printing & Emailing (7:52)
Office > Print
Print Dialog Box
Selecting Your Printer
Page Range: All, Current Page, 1-10
Number of Copies
Quick Print
Print Preview
Send Document via Email

13. Review (3:12)
Review Topics
What's Next?



Student Interaction: Word 2007 Basic 1

Richard on 1/1/2009:  This is the first beginner class for the Microsoft Word novice. You will learn the Word 2007 Interface & The Ribbon, Entering & Editing Text, Basic Spelling & Grammar Checking, Formatting Text (Fonts, Colors, etc.), Using the Clipboard (Cut, Copy, Paste), Saving & Loading Files, Printing & Emailing Documents
 Lynn Robbins on 8/9/2009: I thoroughly enjoyed Word 2007
Basic 1
I always learn things; enjoyed 2007 Format. I thought content and speed appropriate. LOOK forward to level 2.
Good Job

Hazel Holford on 8/15/2009: As usual I find you to be a great Teacher and one can tell that a lot of thought and work have gone into your courses.Now I can start using my laptop which has word 2007. Thank you Mr R. Rost
Augusto Bernal on 8/19/2009: Congratulations Mr. Rost
This and all other courses I have taken from you are so easy to understand that you make it simple to learn from you. Keep the good work

Brian Gregory on 9/9/2009: I agree with all the previous comments.
Enjoyed the video and thought the first part, describing the ribbon interface,(which is new for word 2007) (and at first looks very daunting) was explained very well making it easy to use and understand. ...Thanks...

Evelyn McElwain on 6/4/2010: How do you delete a document from the saved list?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Right-click on it and select "remove from list."

Sylvia Burger on 9/25/2010: What a relief to find a clear explanation to Word2007- which I have hated prior to this lesson. Perhaps when I am done I will no longer be so frustrated with this version of Word.. Thank you.
 Bev on 1/2/2011: I just started on lesson 1 of Microsoft Word 2007. Is there anyway to make the screen larger?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Our videos are displayed in a small window so that you can have them open side-by-side with the program that you're learning. For example, you should have Microsoft Word open while you're watching our videos so you can follow along with the examples in the lesson.

However, if you want to watch the videos FULL SCREEN, then click on the checkbox at the top of our Video Player software that says, "EXTERNAL." This will then cause our videos to play in Windows Media Player. You can then resize, move, or maximize our videos to full screen if you'd like.

Sorry, but if you're watching our videos online in the 599CD Theater, there is currently no way to resize the videos. You must use our Video Player software, or download the videos manually and play them in Windows Media Player.

Alex Hedley on 1/2/2011: Hi Bev,

If you just double click on the video screen whilst in the Amicron Player the video will go to Full Screen Mode just as if you'd pressed the full screen mode if you played it externally in WMP like Richard suggested,

Double Click again or Press Esc to return to normal,


Andrea Wells on 1/4/2011: I LOVE IT
Joyceline Vedasto on 1/12/2011: how do I merge letters?

Reply from Richard Rost:

If by "merge letters" you mean you want to perform a MAIL MERGE (taking the same letter and sending it to a bunch of people) then I haven't covered that for Word 2007 yet. I do cover it in my Word 201 course for Word 2003, but it's a little different. I'll be getting to Mail Merge for Word 2010 very soon - which is very similar.

Lilly Philpot on 2/23/2011: In lesson 9 the basic Formatting Text, the screen does not advance from 01 to 07:40

Reply from Richard Rost:

It looks fine for me. Is anyone else having this issue? Perhaps you just need to reload the lesson. Are you watching it online or did you download it?

jay owen on 4/4/2011: how do you book mark a session so I can come back to that session later?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I don't understand your question. What do you mean by "bookmark a session?"

 rafaqat on 6/14/2011: very nice way to learn word..
Amanda Kaminski on 11/3/2011: Can the user activate close captioning for this training product?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Sorry, no. Closed captioning isn't available.

JB  on 1/6/2012: Sir:where you say I'll find the Office button in the upper Let corner, I only see the Firefox symbol and believe if I were using IE that I would see the symbol for it. I need to know how to make Word2007 stay on Times New Roman 12 font since that is what most publishers demand manuscripts be written in, Thank you. BTW - you have a very pleasant and clear voice. I am enjoying these lessons, but why are you showing me size 11 font when I've asked for size 12? That's one of my problems. After I set it to TNR 12, it slips bake to calibri 11 as soon as I move my cursor away from the setting part of the ribbon.
Thanks, teacher,

 tutorjb1 on 1/7/2012: Dear Mr. Rost,
I have the same question. I need to shut down now and would like to come back to this point easily as I had to dig through my Sent folder at Yahoo! to find your great lesson again.
Thank you very much. I think that's what NOEMAIL means by "bookmark."

 tutorjb1 on 1/14/2012: Richard: You've talked about a Tab Key, but I can't find one on my Toshiba SatelliteL305 laptop. Why is that? I suppose I could just hit the Space bar like on a typewriter, but an editor told me that publishers preferred block paragraphs with no indentions so it doesn't matter. I'd still like to know where the Tab key is on this computer. I've read for years online and in _Consumer nReports_ magazine that Toshiba makes the best Windows computers. I can only use one hand to type and the ergonomics on this laptop are great. I wouldn't want to have to use a different keyboard.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Every computer made in the last 20 to 30 years that I've seen has a TAB key. It's usually directly to the left of the "Q" key.

 tutorjb1 on 1/14/2012: Thank, Richard. I was looking for a key that SAID Tab on it. Mine just has a couple arrows on it and I've used it many times when I
thought to to fill out forms, but didn't know you could indent a specific number of spaces with it. BTW - You have a great sense of humor. Keeps me alert during the later parts of lessons when they really start to get tough.

 tutorjb1 on 1/14/2012: Dear Professor,
It was Jay Owen, not NOEMAIL asking about bookmarking your lessons on Word. I figured out how to "pause" them, but have forgotten what I did now. I think if you could explain how to pause them so people can take a break or do other things then come back and pick up where they left off that it would help a lot of your students. You can count on the highest rating and best comment I can think of when I finish listening to your Word lesson. I think I lost it the first time because I rated your answer before I'd finished because it was gone when I got back. Many experts' answers are short enough(too short) to fit on the one page so can be rated immediately, but yours are so wonderfully thorough, I don't want to risk asking the same thing just because I didn't read far enough the first time.
Thank you,

maribeth on 8/29/2012: I watched this in youtube yesterday and its really informative lesson. I might go on level 2 because I really want to know more on this.

Reply from Richard Rost:

You should be able to order it now. We were offline since yesterday at about 4pm.

Doris on 9/3/2012: will Basic 1 in word 2010 be out SOON?

thank yhou,


Reply from Richard Rost:

No. I will probably NOT be upgrading my Word 2007 Basic classes to Word 2010 because they would be almost IDENTICAL which would be a waste of time for ME to record and for YOU to watch. I will likely be making some EXPERT-level Word courses which will pick up where Word Basic 5 left off. I will also be releasing Word 2013 Beginner classes when that is officially released.

Anonymous on 1/30/2013: very nice teaching!
Thank you.

Alfred Garcia on 2/22/2013: I am really enjooooooooying these lessons. Thank you
Chris on 11/6/2013: Hello Richard,
I have opened my Windows 7 and see that the status bar isn't noted on the bottom of the screen. Is there a way in which I can open this?

Thank you,

Pamela Lord on 6/9/2014: I wanted to know when you were going to have Word Expert Level 1-5. I have taken Beginner Word 1-5. Also Mr. Richard Rost I need your expert opinion on what type of professional Printer I should buy for my Toshiba Windows Labtop computer. I bought the 365 Office program for Office, Home and Student; which gives me the Interface for
Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note. I can type my book learning notes into documents and add art advertising titles and headings. Also I need to know if you repair computers if there is a need? What is a good printer you would recommend for my Toshiba Labtop? I have produced professional Learning Documents and want to print out excellent copies of such and my business letters. Thank you for all your kindness; and I love your classes. Sincere thanks, Pamela Lord

Reply from Richard Rost:

Hi Pamela. I hope to have some new Word 2013 classes out VERY soon. I'm probably going to re-record Beginner 1-5 because there are some differences from 2007 to 2013. Then I've got about 5 Expert classes planned.

As far as printers go, I've always liked HP for inkjet and Lexmark for laser. If you want super-high-quality business prints, go for color laser. If you want inexpensive, lower-volume printing, go for inkjet. If you plan on printing PHOTOS, get a photo-quality inkjet. I couldn't tell you which is the best printer on the market now. Check the review sites. When I'm in the market, I just do a little research to see what the current best [insert device here] is.

Patricia on 8/16/2015: Hello Have enjoyed your word and excel courses very much. Is
your mail merge word course available?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

See this blog post.
Word 201 is an old course but covers it.
There's this Tip.

MUHAMMAD HAMZA on 9/9/2015: 1.how to change characters from small to capital letters 2. how to use table

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There is a Change Case button in the Ribbon now you can use to swap the characters.

You can look through the full Course List here.

kabir on 11/21/2015: thanks for this web site it really helping site, I love it
Theresa Wilkerson on 9/13/2016: I was definitely learning from the class and so excited to move forward. Lesson 4 won't let me see it because of wrong password and its not.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Are you trying to watch this offline?


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